Focus On The Value

Mark Hamilton explain the importance of focusing on the value.

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  1. Rosa Lerblance says:

    Focus on the Value Focus on the value reminds me of what the member is
    going to get out of my conversation with the member. I need to express
    myself with integrated mentality so as to stay connected to the knowledge
    and not forget what I’ve been taught. THANK YOU FRW MH AND FAMILY.

  2. Karen Lorraine Venn says:

    Teaching values are important, because, like in your literature we are all Value-Creators, creating values for society
    Thanks Mark Hamilton

  3. Luiza Nogueirra says:

    Thank you Neothink Society .My life is better and I am a better person because of you. Neothink Society brings great value

  4. Juanita Heckel says:

    When I attend a Neothink meeting or event………… The VALUE is beyond what I could ever have Imagined, in my Wildest Dreams… It is the most exciting journey, I would not miss it for all the TEA in China! And it just keeps getting more EXCITING!
    Who can get this kind of stimulation and Value. I hope YOU get Invited to join Neothink……..

  5. Pete Zerger says:

    Value comes from creation — not from governments or other worldly institutions.

  6. Nothing but true value of one self. is the greatest gift to share with the world that bring joyful feeling in one life, All my life I bin sharing with friend and family people from all walks of life when I do so I feel good about my self, so after I read Mark Hamilton great Literature the Neothink Society it’s bring joyfulness and bring Great Value to me and my family and friends . You see I am a value creator my skill is woodworking all my life I bin creating value furniture, kitchen cabinet, custom craft made work from wood. can you help me share my value to the Society member. here is sample of my work thank you God man Mark Hamilton .

  7. There are many things all of us think of as valuable. Out of those values there is one that we focus on, (in a given space in time). At present I am focused on achieving and preserving optimum health, physically, mentally, spiritually and economically. Life-offering-value-exchange salutes you all.

  8. Clinton Logan says:

    The mini -day. A balance of intergration, A schedule to rapidly move you through integrated tasks. Neothink, power thinking ability ,to move through goals and dreams. deciding what is best for you . company capture setting up the company and mini companies Tracking reports for replication, progress and performance. Know your entire company from the entry level to the CEO. Neocheaters leadership positions with little knowledge very forceful with things easily done,just to feel in charge. We learn more from are failures than from are successes for we have to correct are mistakes caused by misconseptions false knowledge or wishful thinking.Example the Constitution and the prime Law!!

    • Yes Clinton,because after all a alphabet gains value and or meaning as other alphabets are added to it.

      And anyway you look you at the end result of grouping alphabets,the value sum of “C”-“O”-“N”is “CON”!

      And con means con.
      My weigh in, or theory wether partially completely exact.
      Mr.Marshall Silver,talks about his disdain for so called “higher learning”institutes,but not for authentic learning institutes.

      Mr.Carter G.Woodson,wrote a book called the MIS-EDUCATION OF THE NEGRO,surely the man was bought and paid for because mis-education of nearly an entire species has taken place and not just one segment of the sum species.Thank you Mr. Hamilton,”classic class warfare issues”,of old.

      And this was obviously done {this enlightenment/education rebellion},to impose false authority on the majority of the population since of old, to {1}bout for immortality on the unknowing backs of others who must be seen and accounted as fodder to facilitate this animalist ambition*{and since animal is only a portion of the target species’ composition and not the sum**,the destiny of the target species weighs in*** with “PRO-SCIENCE”via”PRO-STATUTEs**** to balance and eradicate the “con”science from the “bout for unearned Xclusive power”or{CON-STATUTEs*****}which in time will undo itself.
      *Animalist ambition;the GODMANANLMAL^ is a magestic creature that must nullify its’animal self from infantility and aright its’self like true magic of another creature, the butterfly,and enter the chamber GODMAN^ ,having learned that GODMANANI-MAL^ is counter productive to the national species.
      **The sum composition;GODMANANI^.minus ani-mal-e+_{minus}man=GOD the fruition or sum.

      ***Destinial weight;air has weight,even nothingness has weight via the circuit called math-matics,Destiny out weighs all.And “destiny”is the PRO-PORTION of purpose,,essence and or even the mightiest chamber of living- spirit- being {wether phisical or asphisical }through which all things are “co”-nected,attached or are extentions from. This entity has no authority to block a challenge, it can only register such as illegitimate motion of premature/ immature notion.

      ****PROSCIENTIOUSNESS;proactive vs.conscience/disactive.Proscient breeds what destiny endows.

      *****CONanything =fraud.FRAUD!
      ^Omits “female”and tells of violence long done to them,and us.

      {2}This was a “REBELLION”against Prime Law.

  9. Dagolivera says:

    The greatest FORCE of NEOTHINK are: BIOLOGICAL INMORTALITY and SEXUALLY ACTIVE INDEFINITELY. The “Neothinkers” looking young, living young and staying young.
    Thanks Mark Hamilton.

  10. John Mager says:

    Value – the Inner workings of a thing that connects it to someone, commonly this is done on a deep emotional level. This is where a person is open to belief. It is a place where the doubting outer mind does not often go. So it is where you touch the inner child, and this inner working of neothink & T.V.P. is what you touch the inner child with.
    This is value…able.
    Good Job Mark.

  11. Mark McConney says:

    Rereading again my Heirloom packages makes me appreciate the value of knowledge everytime I read I gain new insights

  12. Dagolivera says:

    Open the door to KNOWLEDGE, focus on the VALUE, i.e. READ the Heirloom many time trying to assimilate hiden knowledge, deeping in it. Moreover, decoding CLUES.
    Now I could understand ESSENCE of LIFE – i.e. values.
    Thank you Mark Hamilton, my best mentor.

  13. Liz Szarka says:

    What values do we find in Mark Hamilton, his literature, his Neothink Society, and his Twelve Visions Party? Clearly and simply this – the greatest value gained among the myriad of values gained, is that we shake off the mysticism or the belief that: forces which are outside of our control have shaped our lives. True and lasting happiness can only be possible when we take 100% responsibility for what happens in our lives and then make changes in our lives accordingly.

  14. Gregory Klatt says:

    Values are a result of Creating, Neo-Think.

  15. Mickey Baker says:

    Our(Life)Is Value!Let`s Make it Wonderful,Greater,Peaceful,Healthy,Wealth!

  16. Pat Stanfill says:

    How value in addicting? Lets see…….. I now do not accept listening to lies……..I do not accept any form of abuse……….I love listening to people with values……I read more than I ever have in my life as I want to learn everything I can about every thing in the future… every area that we know about. I love the TVP as it is the key to our C of U. Thank you Mark Hamilton for being a big part of our future. Pat

  17. Marcia says:

    Seeing Through The Eyes Of A Child

    To see Mark Hamilton and his ingenius creations is like seeing through the eyes of a child.
    The world seems much brighter through Mark Hamilton,his Prime Literatures, his Neothink Society and Twelve Visions Party(TVP). Sometimes it take a child or the child within us to remind us how important good values are. As adults grow older we tend to lose the ability to see through the eyes of a child. Children like to create. Creation is love. Love unites. Today the higher authorities who run our government has created a stagnant world by destroying the good values of our people. Destruction is hate. Hate divides. Mark Hamilton and his ingenius creations are helping people all over the world to once again see through the eyes of a child. Mark Hamilton is the unifier of the world and brings together all people of all classes. Together we stand united, divided we fall! I’d like to ask YOU to stand united with Mark Hamilton, and I and millions of other value-driven Neothink members who are also seeing through the eyes of a child, yet in an extraordinary way and this new, extraordinary way is called”Neothink”. Mark Hamilton is Author of Prime Literatures and The Founder Of The Neothink Society and The twelve Visions Party. Got to and and and

  18. Maria C Rodriguez says:

    There’s no enough money to buy the value that Mark Hamilton has gave us his literature. This literature is very valuable for The Neothink members. And I hope that many people has access to this valuable books.

  19. tyrone burch says:

    Concentrating on the values will only bring the financial success.

  20. Focus on the value means study NEO-TECH literature(Cassandra,s secrets)

  21. Lisa Newton says:

    The value here is so self-evident, and it is so addicting because there is nothing else out there like it. No other “product” gives people so much worth, such value, as this does since this literally adds to the deepest enjoyment of their lives, of themselves, of their loved ones…it even teaches them how to remember, or rediscover within themselves that deepest excitement which marked them as children, literally bursting with joy over this or that new reality which they found gave them boundless joy…all your Friday Night Essence really means is rediscovering your own deepest truth about who you are and what sends your excitement off the charts. When we were kids, there was no ‘thinking’ about what we liked to do or loved to learn yet more about–we just felt the feeling, and very naturally pursued it into whatever gave us more of that feeling, whether it was collecting stamps or baseball cards, animals, sports, playing with a camera, doing math, playing with dress-up, playing music, making cookies, it didn’t matter…we didn’t question it–if it made us feel good–we wanted more of it. The value here is teaching people to once again do exactly the same as we did originally–notice our feelings, and pursue those that expand our hearts, that make us feel excited and good and happy.

  22. Jill Reed says:

    Thank you for the reminder to focus on the value Mark. When I do the calls I host get better and better, as I become a better listener to ensure the conversations remain content relative and that out-of-context materials enter less often. Learning to be a value creator has been the most rewarding journey I have taken. Thank you for sharing the essence of The Neothink Society with me. The essence is to lift others up! Your political movement The Twelve Visions Party is a natural evolution from a society of lifting others up to a lifted up country that will spread to other countries as well.
    Forever Grateful Hugs,
    Jill Reed

    • Russ Creamer says:

      You are adding so much to the Society. Im grateful for you. And you have a wonderful telephone voice. I love listening to you. Good Job.

    • Hi Jill. You should are a great speaker.
      I really miss being on the conference calls. I really do.
      I probably hadn’t won many things yet won the world and do know my values are very pure.
      Do you know what a sublimitation is as far as the hydocycle is concerned? It is when there is snow on the ground and when there is such an intense heat that the ice turns into water vapor ever before the sage of liquid. You like meterology? What is you line of expertise Mrs. Reed? I know you are one of the best there is, and isn’t it time to really make the globe a better place?

  23. Lila Bennett says:

    When you are focusing on the value of what you are creating, this is something you would be doing even without being paid…It is the ultimate expression of your essence, if you are reaching down and touching rock bottom values in your Self! The key is to eventually develop your passion into a business that can support you and your family’s needs–> to live on what you love to do!!! This is “grooving”, LOL.
    Love, Lila

  24. Richard Crookshank says:

    Why T.V.P or Neothink, do you really understand how you have been lied to your whole life, are you tired of working your ass off and paying more than half your paycheck to the government, just to be told you have to pay more, can you picture keeping all of your money to do what you want, when you want, with who you want, these secrets have been hidden from you on purpose, and they don’t want you to be free, they want you to be a zombie, so they can sit on there ass and suck the values that you produce so they don,t have to, do you really want change vote T.V.P and check out Neothink for the truth, hidden from you for 3000 years.

  25. Gregory Klatt says:

    Focusing on the Value as you stated Mark Hamilton does make the Value Great. And to work/play at making the Value better and greater increases the Value of, for instance Stimulation.

    • Patrick & Terri Rasmusson says:

      I had watched the 3000 year old video of Mr. mark Hamilton’s. Do you no of anyone that would be willing to buy an invention from us? it is copy righted and is in a bound book with a patent search. Can you get a hold of someone in the business alliance group and have them contact me at: ; or, then, .
      We have an invention of a garbage can for sale. we made a working proto type that does work. it un-clutters space and saves time. So we do have an invention for sale and was wondering if you could pass this along to the business alliance group to see if we can get some help for a sale to make some money. Thanks for tanking the time to read this message my friends.

      Your friends from Joliet, Illinois,
      Patrick and Terri

  26. Russ Creamer says:

    Yes, always focus on the value. That puts the horse in front of the cart and not behind.

  27. Robin Newwman says:

    As for me well I never cared much for money maybe i was affraid of corruping myself or just affraid to try. But you most certaintly inspire me to do more for myself. Thanks Mark

    • Patrick & Terri Rasmusson says:

      In regards to “You never cared that much for money”, do you know Mr. mark Hamilton is a multimillionaire, and his Dad owned DuPont Corp? Happiness is how each individual see’s his/her own life. Me? I written one time in the past, would money ultimately change my perspective on life, or more better put, ‘would money stop me from developing by the way I always had?’ The answer is no. It, money, would help me by buying the supplies and tools I need to build some of my own innovate ideas, one of which which was given to Neothink Society and the USA, the electric car, (even if they didn’t make the car exactly to the intended way it was supposed to be built), which was to create energy from it’s own motion, a common law in Newtonian physics, “anything in motion has inertia and therefore has ‘and can make’ energy”. Money wouldn’t change a persons thought process, yet it would allow more options of how anyone would live, and or develop and create. Forever inertia is a possible reality. research some of TELA’s work as I had recently in the past one month. His facts were the same as my own very real understanding of science naturally. Also, it would take money to develop a science lab to stop cellular degeneration of a humans body which requires time and money, money most importantly as if you were to study such a concept you wouldn’t have the time to be emp0lyed. The entire globe’s system was developed from the barter and trades way back in the old days and after that they developed a currency that would substantiate an equal value in trade instead of trading object for object of a consumer goods. So, money inevitably runs everything if you are dependent on the current social system from Politics all the way down to agriculture. Yet, the question is, “Can man and woman survive without money”, sorta like way back when money wasn’t every thought of? Well, think of the caveman days, humans know how to survive, yet in today’s times if they had to survive off of the land there would probably only be a handful of humans that would be able to know how to survive without money. The social dependence on money is common with everyone… even me, even you. We depend on a social convenience of those who already cultivated the ground or who already had made the clothes or who already refined the gasoline etc. Not too many think in them terms. So there is an inevitable fact we are social co dependent on each other to live from day to day, week to week and year to year. It is a system that does work if all the corruption can be worked out, and if there was more transparency in how others used everyone’s money sorta like tax that is paid from the pump to the store shelf to property tax. Unbelievable amounts of money to to the government and others employed by the government of issues that are common complaints each and every day, many of which never become solved. For example, homelessness still exists and the Government has enough money to resolve that with the amount of money they do have. The other side of the coin is we have national allies that are some times dependent on the USA for financial help, or dependent on the USA in the times of crisis and of which is only natural to help another person or Country by the perspectives of the way most think in government and even on the streets flipping hamburgers. That is a fundamental element called human nature and if you go back in time again barter and trade with the government in England for example gave the citizens protection from harm from others. Which in the Prime Laws, “if” government operated off of that one principle alone, there might not be so many citizens complaining about the government and how everyone looks at government while using their tax dollars. An expectation came in at a time long ago, and I can write it in the form of a sentence, “What is the government going to do about it?” There are many things to look at with what you written in regards to money. If everyone was rich, or if everyone owned the same amount of money there would probably be less crime. Yet in the same token, how many humans would stop working because they would all be rich? In a time like that, if that ever occurred we would probably be dependent on robots making everything, and robots climbing us to the top of the mountain instead of personal physical exertion and know how. Yet, humans are particular as some don’t want to stop working because it adds value to their life of a feeling of being appreciated for the work they had accomplished, it gives them a sense of pride. You make something someone needs and you see them enjoy it and it makes you feel better about yourself that your able to offer a made product to someone else for a personal feeling of happiness, which establishes friends as well.

      • Lila Bennett says:

        Patrick & Terri Rasmusson, I would like to correct a mistaken impression= that Mark Hamilton’s father did NOT own Dupont. He was a scientist in the lab, working on curing cancer at the time he left, because they stopped his work! Mark Hamilton’s earned money comes from his and his family’s own efforts…Love, Lila

        • Lila, I was misunderstood abt. that. Thansk for the correction. I was working on a anti cancer issue as well. take a hyperdermic needle and inject a plastic that would co-exist with the human tissue, and surround the cancer cell with plastic. Cancer feeds off of the human body and because so those that have cancer it can be solve by surrouding the cancerous cell with a plastic. Think also in micro robots that can be injected into the blood stream and it can actually cut the cancer out and or burn it out, micro-electronics is capable of that.

        • Ah, the plastic has to be synthetic, that was a word I was looking for. Inject a synthetic plastic around a cancer cell, and if the cancer cell can’t feed off of the human body’s organs or tissues then it would die off. Next, if you injected micro robotic oganisms, with mico cameras that have like little sisors to cut the part of the cancerous growth areas off of the organ or the tissue it connects itself to, then it can capture it and route it out of any bodys system, or then that would be when you inject a synthetic plastic that would co-exist with the human body around the cancerous cell and being unattached to the cancerous cell, or cells, then it would die off it would literally starve. Lypnoids as well, key. Too, thought is a big issue too, if you think, therefore you are. If you think your sick and woory about the sickness it takes energy to think which lessens the immunities, mental strength is a big habit to involve oneself in … that goes for anyone
          … Hi Mr. Hamilton

  28. Humor is deffinitely a major addition to the Eternal Value The Prime Literature brings into each of our lives. I read the literature and other books, outside of My Neothink Society, but still good books. I glean priceless values every time I read these Prime Literature Multi Generational Manuscripts. They are an excellent “past time” for Me as they are for those fully engaged and active members such as Myself. We bring to life those Prime Literature Integrations in the Neothink Workshops and Clubhouses Internationally.

  29. Mark Hamilton, his Twelve Visions Party, his Neothink Society and Neothink Literatures are rare”flawless”gems. These”valuable”gemstones are some of the most
    “precious” crown jewels of it’s kind ever!!! Thank you Mark Hamilton.

  30. The Prime Literature, is a Great Value to a member.

  31. tyrone burch says:

    that means learning to create values for self and others without the thought of a physical reward. the rewards will come as a result of you true kindness to your fellow man. Mr Hamilton is a true genius.

  32. Doris Tongo says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton. Focusing on value of the product is a great idea.

  33. Russ Creamer says:

    I found this to be very true. When I focus on the value I forget about the money. I feel better about myself.

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