Mark Hamilton – World Changing Insights / Integrated Thinking

Mark Hamilton tells us more about insights and integrated thinking.

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  1. Ignatius Akaruru says:

    Hi to All,
    I wish to give my sincere apology to all, as since my last email, my life went through some very bitter divorce and family break up and follow by on 17 September 2013 with a divorce settlement at court. I lost my way as it took me away from what I was doing then. Now my life is back and I remarried to a very beautiful and loving Chinese lady, it very nice to have a partner that show love, compassion, support. I am so happy that I was able to find this again. God Bless to All and to Mark Hamilton.

  2. Rosa Lerblance says:

    World changing Insights -Integrated Thinking. I didn’t realize I was learning
    world changing insights until one night on the Friday night call I realized I was
    seeing puzzles pictures and putting the puzzles pieces together. It feels good
    to know what integrated mentality is all about. I am so grateful I didn’t give
    up on NEO-TECH/NEOTHINK. I live a happy peaceful life with lots of
    pure love. Thank you FRW MH AND FAMILY for your patience with me.

  3. Karen Lorraine Venn says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for getting me into Integrated Thinking, because that’s helping me with all my projects, I’m currently doing; also, it’s helping me integrate more as well as learning more about myself I didn’t know

  4. Juanita Heckel says:

    Taking a closer look at what values Neothink has brought into my life, I am feeling like the wealthiest person on the planet today. I cannot understand how anyone, who has been introduced by letter, or a member, not see that Value! When we understand the real value of that Human touch. I am always in my CREATIVE DRIVEN MIND! Thank you Mark Hamilton

  5. Pete Zerger says:

    Integrated thinking is not easy at first, but becomes easier over time.

  6. When I received the mini book I could not help but read it all. I was changing my way of thinking right at that same time. I needed something to shed the negativity from my family and friends. You see I was changing course from working for the man to net-work marketing. The concept of introducing a product to society that went against the traditional way of medicine. At that time my mother was under-going many treatments of lung cancer, a real fight for life. The Litature arrived in May, which gave me time to absorb the material for the strength I needed to get through that period of time. With great passion I read and absorb. I love to read and my nine year old grand-daughter is the same in that respect. The wisdom that Mark Hamilton has brought into my life. I share what is possible with society at their present level, in belief that they will become that person they were meant to be. Making a difference in the lives of many, I came to understand that the change had to come from within. Gratitude to you Mark Hamilton

    • Patricia C. Meek says:

      Just now found your post… is good and so depth sorry about your mom had going through oh dear… Wish she still here at right time the Health the best Core Care could have save her life.. Send my love to you and your Mom, Wink! I agree with you Mark Hamilton really work very hard and effort to save thousands and k people life but it will coming soon that be so excite for all of thosand of k people’s life, I like to see many and many face with smiling, happily life, Wink! P3Charm

  7. Jane says:

    Would you please contact me, I have some questions. Also, can you post a picture of yourself? Do you have an office?

  8. Please contact me Mark Hamilton i’ve some importent information for you and i have some importent knowledgeble question to ask you. maybe we could meet man to man sometime. i have no computer at home and the only way you could contact me is by the letters or a phone call. Thank you manybe we can work together to make a change of reality of this world.

    Thank you again…

    sincerely David Williner

  9. Connecting all the dots, and integrating concepts, leads one to Value Creation!

  10. Dagolivera says:

    Thinking in pictures, seeing in pictures, snapping list into your MINI-DAY schedule. Don’t forget the FRIDAY-NIGHT ESSENCE.
    We need our mind conceptulized or thought in concepts, not percepts.
    NEO-THINK mentality, use CONCEPTS was developed by pulling together PERCEPTS (i.e. simple events or thoughts you percived throught your five sences) that CONCEPT was developed by pulling together PERCETS through a COMMON DENOMINATOR.

  11. John Mager says:

    The clear and precise path of following integrated thinking and the places it lead consciousness to step into, is a direct leap forward for humanity, when this is enacted with correct action. The integrated thinking itself leads to the precision of the action that should be taking. This may be the preamble to a new paradigm. It’s so very cool, when you get it. Thanks again Mark.
    John Mager

  12. Robert Cosentino says:

    Dear Mark, All your logic makes so much sence. Removing the ruling class.The love we all have for the conscience mind. And so many other concepts in your teaching. Thankyou from my heart Robert

  13. brenda says:

    Thank you so much for the nuggets ,and I love the vidios,most of all the 3000 year old secret,I think that I have tried to live by it all of my life.will make it a part of my life to help others understand as well, I love you mark hamilton

  14. Liz Szarka says:

    World changing insights combined with integrated thinking, both founded in, on and around honesty, are to found in Mark Hamilton’s writings and within his Neothink Society and Twelve Visions Party. One need only take an honest look at these principles and at him-/herself to see that real changes are possible and that there is no other purely honest solution to finding individual happiness, wealth, health and peace worldwide….We need all develope integrated thinking and value creation….

  15. Claire Racine says:

    Neothink. A new way of thinking.
    You will learn to think and look at the world now. Not as it has been in the past.
    Learn from the past, but also know that what has been, can be changed by you now in the present.
    Integrated thinking is always positive, beneficial and creative.
    Integrative thinking creates values today to bring greater value
    to tomorrow.
    Look at what is now, and create ways to make it better for self, family, groups you
    are a part of, and for all mankind.
    Accentuate positive values, eliminate negative consequences and focus upon
    creating value everyday.
    It will change your life!

  16. Bryan cox says:

    I have the same question as Angala how did you find me ? I want to thank you (MH)

  17. Gregory Klatt says:

    It’s about using the Brain in a different way.

  18. Angela says:

    Hi I don’t have a comment I have a question. How did you come to choose me for Neothink?

    • greens says:

      That’s the unimportant part some people get hung up on. The answer would require an in-depth explanation of direct mail marketing. The important thing is the information you now have, and what you will do with it. Will you take it to the next level? Will you too, become an integrated thinker? A self-leader? A success? Or, will you dive deep into the depths of the direct mail marketing business model, and miss the opportunities at hand? The choice is yours.

  19. Mickey Baker says:


  20. Marcia says:

    You’re a solid rock no doubt! (Neothink)
    your knowledgeable foundation
    brings conscious mortal(s) out
    to a new civilization (cofu)
    This ulysses journey feels great!
    Neothink my mind-space
    God mentality state
    Neothink that mind-space
    God mentality state
    Neothink my mind-space
    God mentality state/for the love of mankind
    Neothink that mind-space
    God mentality state/for the love of mand
    Neo neo neo
    Neo Neothink/for the love of Godman
    Neo neo neo
    Neo Neothink/for the love of Godman!

  21. Pat Stanfill says:

    Intergrated thinking is bringing values to our world constantly. Each one of us is a piece of the superpuzzle bringing our C of U closer as each piece is put into place. We need each and every one of you to have a completed superpuzzle. I only feel that I will do everything that I can to make our world the very best. I want to see all of my family forever. Think carefully about what I am talking about as it holds a powerful meaning. Love, Wealth, Honesty and Health to all. Pat

  22. Richard Crookshank says:

    New members really don’t have a clue, our job is to help all new members understand that which they have never seen before.

  23. michael hallahan says:

    i am just blown away by all of this.i am so looking forward to see were the tvp will go next.i really want to be part of this movement and to spread the word for the tvp.also to show and lead by example.Mark this has put fire in me i can bot explain but i can feel this is so right for me.thxs mike hallahan

  24. Annie Greenhouse says:

    I want to thank you for the information and it have helped me a lot. I find myaelf speaking and doing things positively. I am able learning to manage better. I hope that I can get my Greeting Card business going one day. I will keeping going until I succeed. Again thanks for everything.

  25. ANSELM EFFIONG says:


  26. Lisa Newton says:

    Integrated Thinking…without it, there would be no society, no houses or planes or books or culture or creations of any kind, I suspect. But the type of integrated thinking you speak of here is a leap forward, it is more than–if I take that stick, I can bash down a whole bunch of bananas…it is more than–if I work really hard, I can make money to buy a car and date that girl I like or go to that great new movie. No, it is more like–I look around me and I see all the stuff I’m “supposed” to see, but I also see beneath it to the underpinnings, to the wizard behind the curtain, to the truth within myself that has been pushed around and held down all my life–and yet, using this new way of seeing, this new brand of thinking, I am able to put together in an aligned fashion all of the disparate pieces of me, in order to recreate myself in a fashion that would actually scare the ‘Powers That Be,’ if they knew. This integrated thinking, once we get it spread far and wide enough to create a “100th Monkey Effect,” has the power to disband the current abusive power structure and finally allow a more progressive, Life-Oriented reality to ensue. Wow, that is powerful!

    • Lila Bennett says:

      Lisa, You put things so clearly and integratedly…Membership in this Society has allowed me the knowledge and experience gained through exorcising my “mysticisms” and come, like you, to see what is behind appearances or illusions common to all humans, because of the suppression we have been under since birth of each…I now can see me the most clearly of all the years of my life, because of this new thinking process and clearing out of reality to what truly “IS”!!! Love, Lila

  27. neville stieler says:

    thank you mark for the emails of nuggets. i read as many as possible and i think i miss some, but i read every day. as a new apprentice on level 1, i can,t wait for the world to change with the prime law in power, and the sooner the better. i,m not an educated man , and i don,t have a business to run , but in my heart i know you are on the right track to eradicate the rule of man. neville.

  28. Gregory Klatt says:

    Thats understandable Mark Hamilton. New Members want to know about Integrated Thinking and it’s Natural that they want to know How it works, How it’s done. And it’s up to us to tell them.

  29. Intergrated thinking is the way of life, Essence of life is value creating, Power thinking is power of life, To this dimension requires the PRIME LAW to eradicate the rule of man. They are the caurse and effect to let this wonderful changes happen to mankind, Today i can assure you all that TVP is on time to save us all from DANGER. As we all know, every two thousand years happens to be revolution on this planet. Nothing can stop idea systerm whose time has come, One of the neothink literature(THE BOOK) made it clear after 2001, That is scientific prove of two thousand years changes. Mark you are LORD, thanks for your brain sweart.(power thinking) RIGHT GUY.

  30. Daniel González says:

    Integrated Thinking means CREATE and BUILD. It is the only way we don’t wait for our leaders or external authorities to made opportunities for us, for they work against ourself.
    Integrated Thinking is our thrive and own chance.
    I am proud you are my Mentor THANK YOU, MARK.

  31. What does integrated thinking via these world changing insights lead to? That is more than I will type here but I will give You a tasty nugget anyway. It leads to total freedom TO CREATE what THE COSMOS needs.

    • Patrick & Terri Rasmusson says:

      To Create What the Cosmos Needs… huh? Great insight. you seem to be inspired just like everyone else which is great. Get rid of your fears. Open your mind and attribute your time to what is most valuable, which (again), TIME is the single most valuable commodity on Earth and in anyone’s life. I had watched all of the Video’s Mr Mark Hamilton had made. Truthfully I am a little behind on my own work from so much attention to so many other issues. My personal struggles are debilitating. I have a bad spine ( 3 cracked vertebra’s, three bulging disc’s, a tron upper right bicep tendon (fully detached – the muscle and tendon are actually hanging in my right arm), a right hip that doesn’t feel all that great (arthritic to some degree), have ridged hammer toe with a wart on the bottom of my foot that makes walking feel like I am walking on a rock all the time, and my left atrium in my heart fills up with blood too much according to radiology, and I have arthritis through my shoulders to my finger tips. FACT. I still appreciate Mr Mark Hamilton too. Then, I have a common trait where I really see things differently on Earth as well, just like Mr Hamilton, mine is genetic to some degree . The manuals were correct, sometimes it is a matter of just battling the weather in life. I did fall in love, and I did become Nationally recognized and had produced seemingly countless amounts of values. Many of these values where for Society and for the USA besides the Globe. I also fell in love with someone just like myself. My relationship is improving after looking at myself better, which took the world’s best QMRP to help me (she is a residential case manager, my soon to be wife and my love). She is a value creator like all others in society. We all have our own different unique ways about each and everyone of us, and I am a man that had many hills to climb outside of physical impairment, yet I never gave up and neither does my two families Terri’s or mine, or Neothink Society Members. We are a breed of our own, a class of our own, and Mr. Hamilton could probably name each of us by name I could beat. My name is Patrick by the way, and did wish to post comment that the video’s are awesome! We had watched a few at the house here a while back and did give an abundance amount of thought to consume. We support all of you and hope you support us just the same, that is one perfect thing in regards to Society, we have each other and know we back each other and never let each other down and support the one you love with every inch and every fiber of your soul. And I do just that, FACT. Disabled, physically, I am capable to over seeing my impairments and stay positively focused to still move forward and still appreciate the value of life and those who are around me. You can see the same type of testimonials in the written content of each and every last thing on the Societies pages on the net. It’s common factual knowledge, hand selected, hand picked, and very bright value producers. If I am ever able to get my shoulder, back and foot fixed medically, I am sure i could achieve so much more then I had in the past, yet I never let it get me down and always put the thought and well fare of life first. Neothink Society lives, breathes and is so essential in being a positive reality it’s beauty grips the inside of you and helps you to hold on. There is much to hold on to… no matter where you are on the planet. One thing I had been working on was getting a COLA, (Cost of Living Adjustment) for those who are in DHS services in Illinois, commonly called “Q’s”. Could use some help on that is anyone can help them which they deserve a cost of living adjustment. Too, I’m interested in the Green Tech Movement as well with all the renewables. There shouldn’t be a dichotomy between energy sectors, renewables are a common fact of this great Universe we live in. Just try to think of the creation and recreation of each and every last particle in outer space. So much every out there it is awesome and alls we have to do is collect it. Preserve your well being of your life and you will have less struggles as well, that is on a first hand account ( personal basis). Being well is very important, and at times you do have to take a little breather and let life adjust itself from the work already accomplished. We practice that in phases here at the house. Everyone sometimes needs encouragement and a little bit of a lift once in awhile to make life feel appreciated. When others do well and my soon to be wife does well and her family and mine and Society and all others I feel great, and feel so great from the attempts I made at times when I was faced with difficult situations, and never gave up. And… to have Mr. Mark Hamilton acknowledge you is a given life will be great for each… as he see’s in us all. Just be happy and know inside all of you matter, and all of you are equally valuable.
      (Please tell Mr. Mark Hamilton I do watch the video’s and they are awesome! And tell him Terri and I said to say hi to him. We sent him a Christmas card this year and was wondering if he received it in the mail? Her and I both value him as he is a great person and a profound thinker as was his father.)
      Happy New Year to all of you,
      From: Terri & Patrick in Joliet Illinois

  32. Doris Rowe says:

    Hi Mark! Just a few words to say thank you for not giving up on me. I’m slowly, but surely getting back into the swing of things. I love the videos. Keep up the good work.

  33. Happy New Year 2011 to Mark Hamilton and All Senior members of TVP and to all members of the following TVP,NTW, Neothink Secret Society. Here we are today is day one of 2011 which I last night visited a closed friend who live just a block from my home, were we enjoyed the coming of New Year 2011 with our own family’s. As for safety and security it better not to travel too far from home as it a 10 minute drive to my best mate home.

    I hope all of You there in United State of America had also celebrated the coming New Year 2011 with all your friends and family’s. Today is Saturday 1/01/2011 and tomorrow I am already back at work but will just monitor the area and not fully enforce it until later in the month. I am happy to see that there are numbers of people who are clearly on the top of our TVP, and those who are questioning it and had a negative view to it. I know for me personally it is very hard when you got a young daughter with a life time illness, call Rett Syndrone who is only 14 years old and can not walk, use her hands, dress herself up, bath herself, take herself to the toilet were she need full care which I and my wife and older daughter share the work load, which I usually get the bulk of the work load as my wife who is a nurse leave home early for hospital, as my older daughter who also leave home very early for her school were she is training to become a full time chef. To me it a task that I take with pride and do it with changing my work routine that fit with my disable daughter hospital treatment and appointment and I make her situation as my main task.

    Since 2008 when I join Neothink Secret Society I have look at life in a different way and as years goes by before Mark Hamilton change things around for a better system I become more interest in his work and motive to share his long time secret with the World and feel his passion and very hard work to promote and use what we already have now Technology to advance and use the internet, website, television, radio station, You Tupe, media to see what TVP is about and how it will make and give everyone the chance of becoming their own boss or become Rich like others who have been for so many years. One thing I know is that for every time you read and read and read the Prime Laws you feel it powers and how it make you do things without you knowing it why and what is happening. Dont’s worry it happen in a manner that if you have suffer or being abuse by those who miss treated you, in your work place or any government office, who had abuse their power over you, They Will know that you have become a different person as you now have the power to question them and use your own laws that protect you from their illegal practice and abuse.

    When Mark Hamilton father was still around we usually received a letter from them to what we have to buy or order next which usually take longer to get or received. Now Mark Hamilton had use what we have already got the best way of getting things out there very fast and buy it on line which cut the cost of mailing down as you can just order Books and DVD on line with out waiting too long for the good to get to you. I have also upgrade my home computer to a IMAC during the after Christmas Big Sale were things are more advance than my old computer that had serve me for the past 13 years. I will soon have my own website and will soon let all members know once I get it done or operational. Already I am looking forward to this year 2011 and have a minor set back as I just received a letter from our Consumer Affairs Justice Department who have delay my application to my business registration which I have already email them back to what they needed. Over all I can still do things and get my Business Name and registration done by the end of this coming week. As I known that all of our members will also feel the change in them and become more accountable for their action and direction in their life and future. I have listen to the new TVP Music, and I love it, to those who did it, Man job well done the video and song was beautiful and great. Well folks Welcome to the New Year 2011 listen to our TVP music and video it great it will get you going.


    Ignatius Akaruru

    • Lila Bennett says:

      Ignatius, you are a man who organizes and creates his day giving out LOVE to others, particularly your daughter! KUDOS to you for that kind of character you have developed. I, too, love the Music you are referring to! Love, Lila

  34. I am caching up on my required world changing mark !!!

  35. Matt says:

    It is a complete shame to see every commenter make the same remarks. How they are now being honest in their dealings with others and themselves. I have always known what it meant to be honest and that to be honest is always the correct path to follow. That said, what is it you hope to achieve for society? With the nations of the earth all ran by greedy banking institutions, who’s only real purpose is to oppress the people en masse, how is the stranglehold they exert over us through use of interest and reserve banking utilizing debt as currency to be destroyed? The constant debt we all must endure for our entire existence is the reason we are all subjects or slaves to those in leadership positions of power. End the federal reserve banking corporation and it shall begin the true freedoms and liberties we all are deserving of without stipulations.

  36. Isabel Cottrill says:

    I think the thing I love the most in integrated thinking is the honesty,that is a great foundation because with it comes trust,then one can go forward and there are no limits…I cant imagine how much thought,work and patience has gone into this,and is still going on…I for one am so greatful,because you have changed me and I know this planet is a lot better with you in it, Thank You, Mark Hamilton

  37. Daniel González (Dagolivera) says:

    I well-read and read, and discover every time something new and better.

    • Phath Thammeuangkhun says:

      It is because of Integrated thinking, I am now see things in a different light and different direction. Keep up a good work Mr. Hamilton and thank you for your vision.

      Phath Thammeuangkhun

  38. Ignatius Akaruru says:

    Hi Mark and All NTW and TVP and Neothink Secret Society,
    Thank you for this year hard work and to you Mark Hamilton, You are the Best that Mankind has ever come to known. From All of Us you are the King of Integrated Thinking, and TVP, NTW, Neothink Society. Since 2008 when you chose me and after my Level 3 Meeting this week it all make sense to me, why I was chosen, How you and others pick so many of Us all Over The World to make things happen for the best or better life for all who see our TVP as the only way to make our life the way it should be, as mention in our Prime Law. I always love reading our members post comment and what they are experience with our Neothink Society, TVP, NTW. It does make you feel ASAP the power of doing things in automatic mode when you can see it as it happen. It just amazing to what you see in front of you and it take you to things you never think you can do or change for the better. For me at work because I work in Law Enforcement and also a fully train Prosecutor for Local Government I now do things different when I known my management are pushing court case that I know are not true and not in the best interest of our Municipal Council I stop them and have the case withdrawn, as I remember when I was doing my training back in 2005 a retired Magistrate told us to be a very good Prosecutor or Defense Counsel you must be honest to the best of your ability and you Prosecute and Not Prosecute the people or motorist in court.

    This come to our Integrated Thinking which most of Us by now has been overcome by our Prime Laws which has point us in the right direction which has been missing for over 3000 years as we come this far but look like we have fade back into Dark Ages again. Mark Hamilton our founder of TVP, NTW, Neothink Secret Society had put more than anyone or any other Riches person that I known who have spend his own money and time and manpower to help others see the true meaning of Life and by seeing and reading our Prime Laws they will see the true meaning of Life and it course. Our Level 1 to Level 12 Meeting is our Navigator into the New World and I enjoyed every bit of it and the good thing about it you can always go back to any Level to revised what you have missed out and focus on what you are seeking. To me Mark Hamilton is our King. He had spend lot’s of his time and effort in helping Us out All Over The World, from United of America to Europe, Asia, Pacific, Polynesia, Africa, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand. It take a lot to do and Gut’s to make and deliver what you see and think is best for the World. Mark I wish you and your family’s and also to All Our Members in TVP, NTW, Neothink Society a Safe Christmas and Happy New Year 2011. I know you guys over there got White Christmas and we got Floods and wet here in Australia, all over the country. I am looking forward to new year as I know it start of my new life for change and direction to what I will do for myself and family. Keep Up the Good Work Folks.


    Ignatius Akaruru

  39. Fully Integrated Honesty, creates new visions, and values, that did not exist
    before this integration!

  40. tyrone burch says:

    Integrated thinking has allowed me to see a transformation in myself. Confidence has increased, stress has decreased, and i have a feeling of freedom that comes with integrated thinking and honesty. although i have begun to think differently i sometimes get disgusted thinking about how much i did lie, gossip and do other horrible deeds draped in mysticism. we dont realize how much negativity and mysticism really governed our lives until we began to consiouslly live with integrated thinking and honesty.

  41. Lila Bennett says:

    There are so many Members who have learned, along with myself, how integrated honesty in thinking can bring these insights and concepts of Neothinking into fruition within us, and also the applications become crystal clear through the lens of new eyes seeing into what we have learned as to how the world works now and how it is possible to change our lives with all the new knowledge divulged by Mark Hamilton to come to change the world these lives are lived in…

  42. Doris Tongo says:

    Intergrated thinking is a change for me. Let us move forward with love and grace.
    Thank you Mark Hamilton

  43. Doris Tongo says:

    Intergrated thinking is a change for me.Let us move forward with and grace.
    Thank you Mark Hamilton

  44. Maria C Rodriguez says:

    What marvelous is to see this changes in our society. I am the witness for this changes, I am the first person in line to see the changes of attitude in my self being part of The Intergrated thinking.
    Bravo Mark Hamilton I love it.

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