Mark Hamilton Introduces The Twelve Visions Party

Mark Hamilton Introduces the Twelve Visions Party.
There is no audio until Mark begins speaking.

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  1. terry swanson says:

    thank you mark hamilton and neothink for bring the neothink books to life.

  2. Pete Zerger says:

    The Purpose of Human Life is to Prosper and Live Happily. !!!

  3. Pete Zerger says:

    Te Prime Law will not only establish a rational, service-based government at local, state, and federal levels, but will also help reinstate rational-based family life into the fabric of society as well. !!! pez

  4. Kay Samalin says:

    Make all the people rich including the poor. To do this we must remove the rule of man and put the Prime Law into the Constitution. We will have a government that will protect us from force and we will live a life of health, wealth and happiness.

  5. Will Blanc says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for all of your years of hard work. You have shown to all of us the way to achieve our goals. The TWELVE VISIONS PARTY will move forward, guided by The Prime Law, in spite of the fact that ALL man is flaw filled. This is due to the love in your heart and the honesty that will never be compromised as you mentor each of us who read, understand and live by your brilliant works.

  6. Don Vaillette says:

    Thank You Mark. The 12 Vision Party and the Prime law is the only way to go. The Neo-Cheaters are killing humanity.

  7. Chris says:

    Dear Mark,
    We are all flaw-filled and imperfect. I’m reading
    a couple of books from you and Dr. Wallace.
    Reading knowledge that you never new about,
    can be very fun and exciting. Neo-Tech, Neo-Cheat,
    Neo-Think and Neo-Tech II: Reference Encyclopedia.
    GO, mark and Dr. Wallace, Go!

  8. Naida Disla says:

    Hello Mr. Mark Hamilton,

    I am so grateful for the opportunity to see what you envision for our loving country and the world. I am looking forward to the Twelve Vision Party taking over and depoliticizing our country of the use of force. The Neothink Society has my support and I will do my part to ensure we continue moving forward.



  10. RICK FROM NEW YORK says:


  11. Chris says:

    Mark introduces the TVP,
    Mark said it in the video, I’m scare, afraid, have fears, flaw-filled,
    imperfect. But when he got the Prime Law, everything changed.
    You should not control the laws, the Prime Law, should control you.

    People should watch this very important video, maybe
    they will stop putting Mark down. Go, Mark, Go.

  12. Will Blanc says:

    The TWELVE VISIONS PARTY is not your traditional political party. This is the political party that will deliver, to each one of us, the life we were meant to live. The TWELVE VISIONS PARTY National Platform, THE TWELVE VISIONS PARTY National Bylaws, and The TWELVE VISIONS PARTY Contract will allow each and every person (The minority of one) to be of good health, have abundant wealth, live in peace and find and keep love in their hearts. Thank you Marr Hamilton for your amazing insights iy your written word.

  13. Luiza Nogueirra says:

    Make ALL The People Rich Including the Poor. I support the Twelve Vision Party. Thank you Mark for TVP and the Prime Law

  14. Just says:

    Just as pure honesty (Neotech) is taken the world wealth so will the twelve vision party and the Prime law will take control and correct the dishonest governments of the world, how? because it is the universal law. Thanks to Mark Hamilton for seen what the founding fathers missed.

  15. Dawud Mustafa says:

    I believe for the first time in my life that the prime law that will govern TVP is the answer that will correct the problem of America first and then the rest of the world . Thanks Mark Hamilton for your vision and creation the TVP.

  16. Juanita Heckel says:

    A Twelve Visions World, Happy and creative…… Living The Life We Are Meant To Live!
    One simple obvious integration “The Prime Law” Imagine a life of total abundance!

    I am so grateful to be on this journey towards ending the rule of man. Thank you Mark Hamilton for giving us visionaries a REAL purpose a REAL solution to end poverty forever.

  17. Rosa Lerblance says:

    Mr. Hamilton says the Prime Law is the Twelve Visions Party. How true. We can’t
    have one without the other. The AC doesn’t know like we know how wonderful our
    country will be when the Prime Law goes into effect. Everything will change and
    everyone will see how beautiful our world will be. Peace and Happiness will
    rule our country. The AC will love the change and they all will say we should have
    done this change long ago. THANK YOU FRW MH AND FAMILY.

  18. Karen Lorraine Venn says:

    We need the Twelve Visions Party, badly; otherwise, this country’s gonna end up like Greece, or worse. However, if we put the TVP in place, then act The Prime Law, into an Amendment, we’re gonna see a rise in happiness again; & also, remember why our for Fathers created this country in the 1st place, as well as have value-creators, such as: Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, James J. Hill, among others

  19. Michael Sholty says:

    The more simple a statement, the more simple the concept. It is my believe that the Prime Law was well thought out and stands alone as a better conduct of society. Mr. Hamilton has the right idea on how humans should live together.

  20. Pete Zerger says:

    The TVP can create the platform to mitigate against flaw-filled man (which includes everyone), and move the world toward prosperity for everyone.

  21. keith hall says:

    I have received my 1216 page manuscript and I want to know how to start making money.

    • Will Blanc says:

      Read it, absorb it, study it, learn it, know it, dig into it and most of all LIVE IT! Do these things and you will attain money and more. It is not a get rich quick scheme you must work hard at it, but you will achieve your goals.

  22. Rod Souza says:

    WOW! I have never read nor heard anything so simple yet so profound and I am definitely looking forward learning more. I have always known there was something beyond what I could yet imagine that would someday come into my life and conscious and I believe this is it. Thank you Mark for bringing reality and truth back into the light. This will be an incredible and exciting journey for sure and I am ready to start walkin.
    Blessings, Rod

  23. Andrew Harris says:

    Hi Mark, I am too one with your Twelve Visions and agree hundred percent with your political party. I have a plan to promote a program designed to promote the liberty and welbeing for all Americans. And your ideas I would like to use to help advance its membership. My program aims for to improve the Human spirituality as well as its condition with a political agenda, such as yours The Twelve Visions Party. I would like to make part of our mission to amend the U.S. Constitution the Prime Law. How do I get your permission?

  24. Fawn Linschoten says:

    I am curious how perversion would be prevented and what kind of consequences would prevent a leader from making changes once in office? And would it be the government funding the jails? Then would the prime law be broken?

  25. Kenneth Townsend says:

    Last night I dreamt of you and me living in a world that is truly free!
    I dreamt of us together becoming the people we were meant to be!
    I dreamt of us living a prosperous, loving, harmonious life with so much to give!
    I knew this was the life that we were all meant to live!
    Those geniuses of society really did set us free!
    As we walked hand-in-hand in this beautiful safe world it was plain and simple and easy to see those geniuses worked hard so everyone could be free!
    No burden of life holding us back!
    The Twelve Visions Party got us on track!
    The Prime Law removed those cost prohibitive regulations that kept us all suppressed!
    One simple law removed them all, it was so simple, and everyone was impressed!
    Thank you Twelve Visions Party for this wonderful, happy, peaceful world you have brought for all to enjoy!
    Now everyone’s living like a millionaire, with so much abundance everywhere!
    This is the world we were all meant to live in with our family and loved ones!
    Elect Jill Reed President of the United States and you will see!
    You will become the person you were meant to be!
    Living the wealthy, healthy life you were meant to live!
    Make a Difference, Vote for Life, Elect Jill Reed

  26. Willis J Rusell says:

    Mr Hamilton I truely am sorry to hear of your biological fathers death. I lost mine about 25 years ago.

  27. The twelve visions party is a good start to get the people to go in and vote.
    Afterwords, implement it in the US Constitution by votes in the house of representents. There you have it all that is to be done is in black and white. I am not a us citizen but I will help anyone who need my support. The bottom line is to bring back the child of the past in all who did not read the books yet! Go TVP and The Prime Law!

  28. Join-in with Mark Hamilton, and the Twelve Visions Party! Visit Get to know the New TVP Candidates!

  29. Kevin Strickland says:

    l never thought life could be what it is today, and without neothink it would not be. So thanks to the builders of this great, solid fondatint of witch l stand now. Sincerely, T.V.P.

  30. Kenneth Townsend says:

    Politicians, judges, bureaucrats who are driven to rule over America by force are stealing from the American people their children and grandchildren these bureaucrats are spending money they haven’t earned on social good programs that make them look better for reelection purposes. Most Americans can’t see through this illusion and don’t understand that our government is spending money they don’t have on bureaucratic welfare programs that actually hurt the American people, keeping them in a suppressed class causing their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren to be slaves to a system that is designed to keep them as slaves, to keep the poor, poor and to keep the suppressed class, suppressed!

    Yes they are blatantly stealing the American peoples hard-earned tax dollars while living a lavish lifestyle getting richer and richer while the American people struggle living paycheck to paycheck trying to come up with enough to pay their electric bill so they can have light or pay their water bill so they can take a bath or just enough money to feed their children while they go hungry. The American people are struggling to survive from paycheck to paycheck, day to day, week to week, month to month while politicians and bureaucrats are spending their hard-earned money on programs that cause the American people to sink deeper and deeper into the government trap!

    Yes the government trap: a man who has a family, wife and children to feed and shelter, yet he loses his job then his home now he needs government assistance to survive he needs food stamps to feed his family then has to take them into a homeless shelter where they are split up women and children on one side and men on the other side. This situation never needs to happen, you see by removing the bureaucratic regulations that keep Americans suppressed and in poverty he no longer needs food stamps, he gets a great job buys the home of his dreams and now he and his family have more opportunities, better education, excellent healthcare and are living happy lives together in their home.

    Write-in Jill Reed as president of the United States in 2012 and write-in Tom Cary as vice president of the United States and you will be preventing politicians and bureaucrats from stealing from the American people!

    Kenneth Townsend

    • Kenneth Townsend says:

      The title of the above post is “Do Not Steal”

    • Kevin Strickland says:

      Kenny l totally agree with what you said in your powerfull message. And you know there is one more thing, these preachers of thes baptist churches [ect;] posioning these inocent peoples mine of what he think because l know he know theres no GOD out there, he’s within. Just another way to surp value, BICAMERIAL. T.V.P.

  31. Kenneth Townsend says:

    I am a Neothink® Society member and Chairman of the Twelve Visions Party® of Oregon. The conditions to prosper and happily in the United States are steadily declining. My work with the Twelve Visions Party® has shown me the Twelve Visions Party® has all the answers that will prevent this country from falling into insolvent bankruptcy! Electing Jill Reed as president of the United States and, Tom Cary as vice president of the United States is the first step towards turning the United States into a prosperous nation where everyone can live happily.

    With Jill Reed and Tom Cary’s Protection Only Budget the amount Americans pay in taxes will be cut in half immediately raising the standard of living for all Americans. By cutting everything out of the national budget that has nothing to do with protecting the people from initiatory force, threat of force and fraud government will be taken to a new dimension unlike any other government that has ever been known throughout the history of the world! The first immediate effect of the Twelve Visions Party® will be the end of poverty as we know it today. The Twelve Visions Party® is the only political movement in the history of the world where the rule of man will not exist, where poverty will not exist and the reason for that is The Prime Law! The Prime Law will remove the rule of man and never again will a ruling-class be in control of our government, or in control of you!

    This process of getting the protection only budget passed and getting the Prime Law as an amendment to the United States Constitution will lift everyone’s standard of living to that of millionaires. Just like in the computer industry in the 90s where prices fell to fractions of what they were just a few years earlier to the point where ordinary people, members of the non-ruling class were able to buy computers that just a few years earlier only millionaires could afford. This same phenomenon that happened with the computer industry in the 90s can happen in all industries with a get out of the way government, a protection only government a New Dimension of government whose sole purpose is to protect the people from Initiatory Force, Threat of Force and Fraud!

    The Prime Law is the single most important thing I have ever read perhaps even the single most important thing that has ever been written as it protects everyone equally without prejudice from initiatory force, threat of force and fraud! The founding fathers of this country fought a war to remove a ruling class government from overtaxing and over regulating the American people. We don’t have to fight a war we have the Prime Law which will protect Americans from forced income taxes and bureaucratic regulations that have nothing to do with protection. Imagine living in America with a service-based protection only government, a get out of the way government where everyone has pure freedom and anyone who wants a job can get one!

    America without forced income taxes, inheritance taxes, capital gains taxes, corporate taxes and without tariffs would be free from bureaucratic regulations free to build their business, get the job of their dreams. Without the bureaucratic regulations that are suppressing the American people the medical industry will be free to eliminate many of the diseases that are affecting our elderly and our children! American people free from a ruling class government will have more opportunities as the construction industry will once again be booming; new homes will be built at fractions of today’s costs.

    A government focused on protection will eradicate terrorism and crime! Americans living in a Twelve Visions world protected by the Prime Law will be the safest people in the world! Join me in writing in Jill Reed for president of the United States and Tom Cary for vice president of the United States so all of us can prosper and live happily in the wealthiest, healthiest, safest society ever known!

    Kenneth Townsend

    There are seven immediate effects of the Twelve Visions Party®. Go now to http// and read these very important seven immediate effects of the Twelve Visions Party®!
    Write in Jill Reed for president of the United States!
    Write in Tom Cary for vice president of the United States!

  32. Jill Reed says:

    Mark Hamilton has brought us the solution to living as a free society. That is to remove ruling man sitting atop of society. How can this happen? One law, the Prime Law of Protection will be adopted as an amendment to the U. S. Constitution so that each individual can prosper and live happily. This simple political paradigm shift will lift each individual up to the life of millionaire status. To introduce the Prime Law, I ask you:

    •Do you believe you should prosper and live happily?
    The Twelve Vision Party® believes the purpose of human life is to prosper and live happily.

    •Do you feel the conditions for you to prosper and live happily exist today?

    We believe the function of government is to provide the conditions that let each individual in America fulfill that purpose.

    •Would you support a law that guarantees the conditions for you to prosper and live happily?

    This is what the Twelve Vision Party® is about. The Prime Law®, the three-thousand-year-old-secret, guarantees those conditions in your life.

    Please check out our website at or

    The Twelve Visions Party – Make All The People Rich Including the Poor. To learn more read Mark Hamilton’s latest writing “The 3000 Year-Old-Secret. Grab your copy while you can still find the book, by calling 800-480-2336.

    Jill Reed
    Reed/Cary 2012

    • William J Kyle says:

      that is really great jill, i understand and will follow your advise and move the TVP forward, that was great jill

      You have a Beautiful day

    • Kenneth Townsend says:

      Yes Jill Reed the Next President of the United States!

      Jill Reed/Tom Cary with the Prime Law will bring Pure Freedom to ALL Americans!

    • Kevin Strickland says:

      Absolutely, Ms Reed do your thang . Miss President

    • Dagolivera says:

      Only tvp. open the door to a new and much powerful way of using the mind called Neo-Think, with this tool life can evolve into abiding prosperity, wealth and happinness. Thank you, Next President of The United States – Jill Reed.

  33. Please contact me Mark Hamilton i’ve some importent information for you and i have some importent knowledgeble question to ask you. maybe we could meet man to man sometime. i have no computer at home and the only way you could contact me is by the letters or a phone call. Thank you manybe we can work together to make a change of reality of this world.

    Thank you again…

    sincerely David Williner

  34. Stephen Lanzel says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton, your insight is a life changing experience, that will change the U. S. for the better, an the planet we live on. This country needs the twelve vision party. I’m not a republican or a democrat, an lately I haven’t like the parties they been throwing. This is a must have, for everyone, to live the life they were meant to live, will take the primary law. I have been slow getting started due to the struggles in my life, but you, Mark have made that change. I deeply appreciate it. I’m glad I took you up on your invitation. Your mentor ship is priceless.

  35. Alan Cleal says:

    Political parties have for many years been able to exploit the public via its innocent yet outdated collective desire to be led by an external authority. However when people reject this falsehood, the resulting empowerment rewards them with both greatly increased freedom and prosperity.

  36. i want participate at meting in ontario on march 19 and dont know hoo to contact please give me the information I need thank you Ersilio Sinisi

  37. Thankful am I to have the great opportunity to read some of the most meaningful thoughts from people who hold the same value-concepts as I. The “Prime Law” and “Twelve Visions Party” are my daily focus and I want to see their realization soon. Thanks to Mark for so compassionate attitude to share these two values with the World. I have experienced “coersive-force” from dedicated beings, and I might say, with increasing intensity for nearly a decade now. So I really want to experience The “C-of-U” with everyone, very soon.

  38. Zon says:

    Hello Neothinkers,

    I am under the impression that your “Twelve Visions Party” is trying to introduce the Prime Law into the current Constitution of USA…

    My Questions,comments and suggestions are as follows:

    Question # 1
    Does the Prime Law itself include Language Based “Force” ?

    Comment # 1
    That is like putting an “anti-virus” program into a computer that is filled with many many viruses…
    The US Constitution has many amendments, loop holes, and trickery by the use of wording of language…

    (example1: Mark Hamilton vs MARK HAMILTON are two separate names creating a loop hole)

    (example2: Amendment 13 – Slavery Abolished. Ratified 12/6/1865.
    1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

    The loop here is involuntary servitude is mentioned, but voluntary slavery, and/or its current wording and meaning of it …’employment’ is the trickery of language
    The next loop is the “whereof the party” can be taken and twisted into separate meanings based on direction of which the “party” is to the reference thereof

    Suggestion #1:
    Place the Prime Law into a new computer with new programs

    Which are “Language Based immunity” from trickery of Language towards and from itself
    Where language itself cannot be used against itself

    Suggestion #2

    I should be allowed to freely live with nature:
    1. without having to use money (medium of exchange) required to work with someone else labor used for someone else
    4 anyone’s labor working for me
    5 use of any labor that is not of my own (horses,cows,dogs,automobile,machinery,and/or etc)

    P.S. Keep up the wonderful efforts to create your MasterMind “Puzzle” Plan of Utopia

    • Dagolivera says:

      Hi,nice to meet you, ZON.
      The point is DISCONNECT (i.e. depoliticize) the wole World, of ancorrectible ANTICIVILIZATION and MYSTICISM age (since 3000 years ago), shift to T.V.P..
      Furthermore, NEO-THINK it isn’t an “UTOPIA”, like your “IMPRESSION”, NEO-THINK is a NEW PHILOSOPHY tool to overwhelm mysticisms, with HONEST, POSITIVITY and ENTHUSIASM.
      I recommend you read THE HEIRLOOM better.
      Thanks for your comment which was very appreciated.

  39. Nice Integration of values that may be produced/created, by someone eliminating
    the use of Initiatory Force, with the Prime Law.

  40. Adam Lohr says:

    I mean this was a billiant idea.. But I like how its in action as I type. Like I dont have to worry about it. It makes perfect sense and it practical.

  41. Liz Szarka says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for that one simple, but so important basic – the instituion of “No iniatory force” – that had been overlooked even by our founding fathers in making the Constitution. I love your concept of The Prime Law and long to see it brought fully into operation in this country. In support of the Twelve Visions Party, Liz Szarka

  42. Mark McConney says:

    I have just begun listening to your videos . I find the discission of the Prime Law and the TVP interesting and fascinating many of the comments I read are very thought provoking Keep up the good Mark love mark

  43. Julette says:

    Greeting’s to You Mark
    When I listen to the Nug’s that I now so Privilege to listen to and obsorbe. I come to realize that there will be no need of fear, fear is for those who cannot see beyon what is! It perfectly clear that you are the Man of the hour and beyond Infinity. You are the Head of TVP! Your Vision is Our Vision: This is the light to the end of the Tunnell and beyond. The Time of the Rule of MAN is a thing of the (PASS) It has lost it’s cause and effect. Now is the time for the Prime Law to become the Prime Law of Our Society:
    Thank You

    • Patrick Benedict rasmusson says:

      I can only work with the best in the world Mr Hamilton. I know you’ll read this. Do know there is a risk with a Writer’s fourm called “My Writer’s Circle”. There is a writer on that fourm or a few that had corrupted information and had manipulated what was intentfully to be honest and true. They had created some lies. You need to know this, I don’t this it is the owner of that intranet fourm, as a gut feeling, yet do feel there are some persons that are damaging on that writer’s fourm called “”. I am going to cancel anything they send to me from this point forward.
      Truth to Neo-Tech Society,

  44. Adam Huntley says:

    I have observed how it is so easy to speak from opinions. The flaws are right there visibly noticed, apparent and the flaws in me can hinder my success in life. Learning is very valuable for me in being better every day. The process and developement of the Twelve Visions Party is beautiful! The Prime Law guarantees a prosperous and happy life without the flaws getting in the way. Thank you so much Mark! With love.

  45. Erik Greiner says:

    I like what I hear. I have thoughts that I need to organize about all of this, if I only had the time and money to make it happen now. I’m a slave to the establishment but with your help, I hope to break free… by the end of this year. I will work at it.

  46. kirk remmers says:

    Thank you Mark for your introduction of TVP and the PRIME LAW I know in time we Neothinkers will be capable of making great changes in the A.C that will help to bring about the twelve vision world of peace, prosperity, knowledge and understanding.

  47. True words Mark. I believe our forfathers had the idea (or Vision) & wanted to integrate prime law into our constitution but couldn’t because what they had already accomplished back then was extreem not only by thought but also by action. Man moved in small steps because that was all his “Mantal DNA” would permit, but now his “mantal DNA” is more advanced & continues to advance, so his thinking also expands to higher levels of thought & visions. Prime Law should be introduced more not only through books but also through movies to awaken more quickly the sleeping population.

  48. Muriel says:

    After reading the materials I have from Mark Hamilton I have often wondered, how exactly are we to rid the world of power hungry, egotistical individuals that deprive the world of the Neothink ideas? The liberating ideas of the TVP give hope to those who are oppressed. How can we on an individual platform begin to change the thinking of those we meet everyday?

  49. Gregory Klatt says:

    The absence of the Prime Law was obvious, I know that now. Everyone is just caught up in the Mysticism of this Anticivilization( as I was) to see the obvious. Now with the Twelve Visions Party, those who are caught up in the Mysticism can be awakened to the obvious-that the Prime Law is needed so everyone can Live Happy Creative Lives, Wealth, Health, Peace. Even the Poor.

  50. cynthia says:

    thanks Mark for sharing TVP.


  51. Great Introduction for the Twelve Visions Party!
    I think that the Prime Law, and Fully Integrated Honesty, should be the Basis
    for the Great Leadership of the Twelve Visions Leaders, as a Personal Insight.

  52. Charles Riley says:

    Thanks again Mark Hamilton for this video and its priceless information. I am enjoying having discussions about the TVP with people that I meet on the buses and subways in my daily travels here in New York City. The button that I wear on my coat which says “Twelve Visions Party Genius, “, really draws a lot of attention. I purchased this button from my Clubhouse in New Jersey, and that along with the integration from this video about the TVP has opened up the opportunity for me to discuss our TVP with many people, both young and older. Many have expressed interest by expressing to me that “We need something new”, or in similar words, and then they usually write down the website address so they can check it out for themselves which is what I encourage them to do.
    I also signed up for the mentoring program and am awaiting acceptance into that so I can be trained to do more.
    Thank you.
    Charles Riley

  53. Marcia says:

    There’s no other polical party that can do what The twelve Visions Party(TVP) can do which is to “End the rule of man to launch the wealth of mankind”-Mark Hamilton
    There’s no other law that can do what The Prime Law can do which is to remove the use of initiatory force only for protection.
    For the first time in history, Industries throughout many areas of life, all through out the world will finally have real FREEDOM to create values which greatly benefits society. Throughout all of earths history the freedom to create has always been restricted through initiatory force by none other than the ruling-class. TVP brings an integrated business of protection-only. No other polical party can appreciate the supreme value which is the value of HUMAN LIFE and that is to do everything in it’s power to preserve human life…HOW?….through protection…. We need THE PRIME LAW AMENDMENT!!!

  54. Daniel G. says:

    Prime Law is the great MORAL to protect and preserve the SUPREME VALUE in the Universe of human life. Nowadays, is the MOST IMPORTANT TOOL to fix America and the rest of the World.
    MARK you are an excelent writer, and the MOST INCREDIBLE MENOR, Thank you for everythin.

  55. Russ Creamer says:

    No fear in this Twelve Visions Party. Just lots of courage. Every honest person wants and needs this wonderful Super Society which we will have soon!

  56. Ruth says:

    Now is the time for all we as the Human race to see the truth in what the Prim -Law

    Means, as the true declaration given by Mr. Hamilton.

    We all must in deed get this deep in our lives, for friends and family to see.

  57. Ruth says:

    Yes the Prim Law is the Fundamental of Protection that can and will remove the

    Use of initiatory force fraud or coercion, that will up hold the Twelve-vision World

    Of health-Wealth – Peace thanks to Mark- Hamilton our great Visionary, and founder

    Of the twelve-vision-Party.

  58. David K. Longoria says:

    The “Prime Law” will help put the words “greed and destruction” out of circulation.

  59. Alfred Sequeira says:

    How true that power corrupts. Dishonesty prevails in man’s Ego. Our pillars of society are crumbling. Leaders from all areas of our society have succumb to decisions driven by power and Ego corrupting all good intentions. We are at the crossroad where Mark Hamiton’s Prime Law in the Twelve Visions Party can be a positive change in eliminating our corrupted tendencies. There has never been a better time for this kind of change filtering into society positive decisions removed of Man’s Ego.

  60. Curtis Tyler says:

    Your Wish Is Your Command!
    As we implement the Prime Law into our lies and into the environment we as a society will have achieve an accomplishment where we once voted republic or democratic every mid term or every four years, (Stop). Then success is guaranteed. The Prime Law.

  61. Max.T.Frank says:

    Thank you,Mark.Hamilton yes,with the Prime law we will all create good thing in the light,not in the darkness anymore,it’s time for everything to thrift under the true light.we are desighn to be that.

    • steve frank says:

      Hey, I noticed your great comment on getting into the light and out of the dark. Are you related to me? ………..Steve Frank

  62. April Bozone says:

    This is the MOST AMAZING idea that I’ve heard anyone come up with YET! This will FINALLY straighten out ANYONE who has the idea of wanting to “Rule The World”, like so many others in the past. I have a “feeling” that this is what may be going on now. I won’t mention it here, but it just seems that certain people from a certain country are trying to suppress the people here in this country, from practicing their beliefs while the “others” stop New York traffic to “pray” in the streets. But I will stop there. Don’t want to ruffle anyone’s feathers. But if we could unite the entire world with this TVP plan, then there’d be no more war, no more poverty, no more hungry people, and no more power-hungry crazies that want to “Rule The World”. But I’m sure that’s gonna take some time though. I hope that happens in my lifetime, I’d like to see it.

  63. I continue to share your living messages of this future of real change.

  64. michael greiff says:

    Having read the Neothink package, listened to the words by Mr Hamilton, and feeling my own inner voice, I find that It’s time to open the door and become the person that I was meant to be and live the life I was meant to live…… I have a dream, a most beautiful dream with Value creations… so I ask, What can I do? How can I serve?

    A gathering of friends,

    • sherman says:


      It’s always good to hear someone ask; what can I do to help? Michael when you were a little child, playing all by yourself, you were actually playing an adult game of your future. Go back to those moments when you wanted to be alone. You were at the beginning of your black hole, your third eye. Did you ever feel like you could just leave your body and go places? Did you ever make up games to play, yes and today those games are about to become the essence of your present involvement and future involvement in bringing about a transformation throough many transitions that will see an end (peacefully)( The cheaters will not recognize the moves being locked into non=-value systems) to the ways that worked for as long as they would be allowed to work. Every thing must and will evolve.

      That Black Hole (Carl Sagan: collects all the information in the universe for procreation of another universe much like a woman giving birth and all the information about genetic make-up of both parents downloaded into that new being)
      has always and will always contain all the knowledge you will need to make the necessary transitions into a bright and brilliant future. Meditate or concentrate on your Black Hole (it’s a little above and between your eyebrows) and as you learn to relax the God image within you (Godman) will give you the peace needed to develop and discipline self. You will gradually become selfless. Once you have reached this point your childhood solitary play will deveop into your adult play and your will be on the road to what you will be doing to help.

  65. Mickey Baker says:

    New BreakThroughs in Science are on the way!CuringAgingAndDeath!Live,Happily(Free)!Forever!

    • sherman says:

      Hello Mickey,
      In 1975, I received 3rd and 4th degree burns over 60 % of my body from my forehead to my pelvic area. I was admitted with a temperature of 119 degrees (is there a degree symbol for typing, otta be) and they said I would be dead before morning. I looked at the admitting nurse, who was very compassionate, and told her that I would be okay. You see, this wasn’t the first time I had had a high fever.
      When I was very young, third grade, I got the flue mama put me to bed when I got home from school and filled me with stewed plums with lemon and rock candy and some other herbs. I sweated so much so that she had to change the blankets, quilts and sheets three times all during the night. Morning arrived and my fever had broken.
      But, mama had me to stay at home in bed. I was at home all alone most of the day. I did not dare go outside although it was springtime. I sat in bed listening to the birds and decided I would see if I could whistle like them. I lay down on my back and closed my eyes and tried to immitate the sounds. The next thing I knew, I could not move and all of a sudden I was no longer in the bed, but outside flying with the birds. I felt so good I wanted to stay there all day. Well, I couldn’t. My sisters and brothers were coming home from school and mama got home from cooking at the school cafeteria and asked my sister Arlene to check on me and see if I was okay. Arlene was a twin and I enjoyed getting the better of her because she would do things just to make you look bad if she could. So, when she went to check on me she found my body on the bed and she could not get me to answer or move. You see, I was still out of my body and was being a total scamp. I wanted to make sure that from that time on I would always have the upper hand, being a year younger than my twin sisters. She ran out of the room to get mama. I heard her tell mama that I was not breathing and she could not get me to move. Mama came into the bedroom and leaned over my body. I knew it was time for me to return to my body and did. Mama spoke softly to me and asked me to wake up and stop doing what I was doing, that I was scaring people.
      Lying on an ice mattressed cervical bed, I listened to a non-compassionate nurse tell another employee that I would be dead before morning. There was no way I could live with a temperature that high. She left the room and I had to use the toilet so I got up folley cath and all and went to the restroom. She returned, furious. “You’re suppose to use the bedpan, you could hurt yourself.” Why should it bother her, I thought, she’s already sent me to an early grave. I got back into bed and decided to meditate to rid myself of the pain. Three years prior I had received some books that shed light on that body leaving thing. I was transcending without knowing it. Let me shorten the story. Before that morning I left my body and stayed out of it until daylight. One of my cousins came to see me and this same non-compassionate nurse told her to get out the black suits. I would not last to see the morning. I eased up behind that cousin and told her that she had better not call my mother and tell her nothing, I would be okay.
      That morning I awoke, and used the call cord for the nurses desk. That old nurse came in and was not happy to see me alive and almost smiling. She began to bathe me roughly and I protested very, very, loud when she dug the cloth into the right side of my neck causing a chunck of flesh to fall away. I began to bleed profusely. The compassionate nurse came in and relieved her of the duty and me of the torment.
      When the time came for me to be debreeded, I instructed the doctor that I was going to transcend to deal with the pain; Dr. Kateed was Hindu and understood. Other physicians said I would be in treatment 90 days at the least. I was out of the burn unit at Cook County, an attempted eardrum replacement surgery at ear, eye, nose and throat unit in 28 days and back home with no real visible signs of scar tissue or keloids.
      I have had two more high temp sagas since. In 1990, 117 degrees and in 2000 122degrees. It recently dawned upon me as I watched a documentary on Carl Sagan and the Black Hole that the same black hole configuration appeared between my eyes when I controlled my breathing and meditated. When brother Sagan said that time stopped in the Black Hole, I wanted to jump through the screen and plead for him to take another look. Everything goes into infinity. No matter what it is it is life. Life never ends. It’s just our limited understanding that has been made limited by the Constantinian type of control that was allowed and required for a period of time so that we will obtain the degrees necessary for us to graduate from this giant university called life on earth. Time cannot stop, and thus, niether can life. It depends on values. All the universes out there procreated themselves with values. What is seen as death in a quality of life without values and thus is the digression alone the scale of evolution. This is what Darwin could not see because his time was not the time for such a revealation. Everything keeps pace with time. Every living human is a universe unto himself but he must become selfless to enjoy that longevity, creating values that he will have to stay around for to implement because it is his duty and no other can accomplish the installation of those values but the value creator. I will always thank our Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother for giving me the opportunity to grow and meet and get to know Mark and his mini-day/ mini-company wisdom. There was a time when human life went well beyond 600 years and Enoch has values of such that he never new the low side of life where decay overtakes the mind. Physicists will understand it one day when they realize that we are all just students in this big old university called Life. Manmade universities like everything else is nothing but mortal reflections of immortal graduations to the next stage, whether moving forward of digressing along the path of evolution.

  66. I favour the Prime Law’s fundamental purpose of protection, against initiatory force, fraud and coercion. The current world blindly runs on those three. We all need the prime law in place to protect us against initiatory force, because it is unfair for one human being to be more powerful than another. We all need to be equaly wealthy.

    • Linda L. says:

      Yes, Doc, however your statement indicates a communistic society, and we all know that in theory that is the optimum way for all to live, but history has shown repeatedly that there is always a dictator and party, who rises to power in this form of government followed by control of the People, their lives and their freedoms.

      I do believe that the Prime Law “included” in our Republican system of government would tweak it up to become less corrupted, and afford those in government who want to govern in truth and honesty an opportunity to speak and act outwardly without fear of repercussions, which would allow the People to make more informed decisions when participating in the process.

      • sherman says:

        When you get a new pair of shoes, do you wear them inside the old pair? This system of government had its value and served the mystic mind very well. Because it is a conglameration of governments it has run its course and the value rests in the past. Holding on to the past and especially not recognizing the intricate details of past involvements in the rise and fall of empires can only lead to death and destruction. This is another element of death, the false deceiver. Life does not stagnate and it is stagnation repairs that keeps peace and value creating abilities from flourishing. Forget about all forms of government in existence today. They are dying because of the lack of values necessary for today to become many tomorrows. Your essence is flowing forward. Break that mystic hold. It has taken me a long time to break it and I must say that every time I stepped backwards, I was driven forward by fears of reality lost.

    • sherman says:

      Dr. Nambabi,
      It is a well known fact that knowledge is power. The problem rests not with one human being having more power than the next. That is a simple illlusionary mental gesture. Whether you get a degree in medicine, music, philosophy or building maintenance makes little difference. Each of these careers is dependent upon the other. True wealth comes from creative endeavors; this is the birthplace of power. You cannot possibly share everything with everybody today because the mind is a fingerprint with the need for understanding and practice of absolute truth before the road to true wealth is attained. Whereas, knowledge by itself without the creative practice of the knowledge to install values for universal selfless good has proven to be of little essence in the struggle for equality. A just weight is just what it is and if one person dedicate his life to creating values that will see a new universe began to unfold, person has earned that power and that person is not likely to see nor tolerate the abuse of that power. Not everyone is able to overcome obstacles. It is better not to have equality today. Only robots are equal. Not being equal is the common denominator that causes determination to overcome all obstacles; and, not just for self but for others who reach out for knowledge and are held back by the jealousies of dark thought just so coersion can come into play. Black people in the 60’s fought for equality resisting warnings of cultural and creative identity theft.
      In 1959, there were American military advisors in Vietnam. In that same year I watched as military vehicles rolled onto my highschool campus in Memphis, delivering military M1’s, Carbines. 45’s, Browning Automatic’s, ammunition boxes with live ammo, grenades and launchers and later Springfield 22cal. rifles. I was in the 8th grade. I became Drill Team Captain and Rifle Team Captain in my senior year.
      The course was not R.O.T.C., rather it was N.D.C.C.; the same training that was given only to children of wealthy parents, high ranking military brass and politicians. After graduation; during my first year in college I realized that only the Black schools had N.D.C.C. The war in Vietnam spread and a ton of bricks fell upon my head. It made no sense to give weapons with firing pins and live ammo to kids; young 13, 14, 15, and 16 year old children unless there was a long-term ulterior motive. Especially with the racial climate in a flux. Looking for equality we got set-up to learn how to murder with force in the guise of freedom. We were used to engineer an alibi for militant accusations that tore apart a peaceful movement towards a new government. It did not stop there, no indeed. The M14 and it’s replacement the M16 were introduced to us in 1962 and 1963. The whole episode was about heroin and opium. By 1969 J. Edgar Hoover dictated a news article in some firearms magazine. It was called the summer offensive. A plan and plot to rid the country of all so-called militants. Fred Hampton was murdered that year in Chicago and I and others left Memphis and moved to Chicago. By 1975 a documentary hit the televison screen entitled; “Snow in the Jungle. It was Jacque Cousteau an underwater sea explorer imprinting upon the minds of viewers the techniques used by the tribes in South America to route the Conquistadors. He spoke of a Catholic priest, a missionary who wittnessed the entire affair. They used cocaine paste. The soldiers smoked it, peeled off their armor and chased young naked girls into the forest and were ambushed by the men and boys of the tribe and killed. Spain removed her army. The amazing thing is, I red this very book while a student attending college. I did not understand it that well then, but when I saw the documentary years later a lot more began to make sense to me. The price you pay for trying to be equal. I wondered about the Lousiana Purchase.
      Doc, government is still in the 7th century B.C. However, there is a common denominator that has been overlooked. It is so very simple and has been on a steady growth pattern for some time. As a matter of fact it takes up more space in the business directory than any other type. I synergized it for integrated thinking. It will replace the present forms of dark age concept in government. The beautiful thing about it is that all government is looking to do is get rid of some of the burdens that are turning heads. All I am looking to do is finish what I started on the floor of my bedroom as a small child playing. This approach is power in its truest sense and I wondered for years how I would ever get it done. Well, all you guys are the brotherhood that I knew I would have to be a part of to get it done. I’ve turned away from everybody and everything else. I will not speak about it again until I have successfully completed reading all three books (I am slow with a long ways to go) and created my mini-day companies. Mark has the last puzzle pieces I needed to complete this puzzle. Doc, like bees, all people will acquire wealth and some will have the powers that others do not have simply because of evolutionary value practiced knowledge. This brotherhood can ill afford to allow just anyone to understand the intricate absolutes that drive Mark forward with his purpose in life. Therefore, everyone will not become equally wealthy any time soon and were not meant to for all things in due season.

  67. Claire Racine says:

    Always observing the obvious with integrated thinking removes you from the anti-civilization.
    The illusions man creates for his own benefit and to gain power and control over others
    is clearly seen for what it is. The illusions disappear like smoke and reveal the real simple truth of existence.
    The Twelve Visions Party is a stepping stone to regain and re-establish reality.
    The Prime Law is the capstone which will preserve, protect and enhance human life on the planet.
    It will very quickly unleash the new Tech Revolution and bring about the creative ability in every individual.
    The value creations resulting from this will bring unprecendented wealth, health and
    happiness for every individual life.
    It is life which we seek to protect. Because it is life which is precious and creates all good things which we desire in our lives.
    Other “political parties” rising from the anti-civilization can only exist and control the citizens through the use of initiatory force.
    The Prime Law stops initiatory force.
    The Prime Law protects man from himself and his own flaw -filled nature.
    The Prime Law will forever protect us from the rule of man and will launch the wealth of Mankind.
    Thank you Mark Hamilton, for who you are and the wonderful value you have created for all mankind.
    We will all be eternally grateful very soon.
    Unconditional Love, Claire

    • sherman says:

      My sister Claire,
      You are an inspiration of insight and I know now that I just maybe can once again find the trust in others that I got rid of so long ago to survive and stay focused on my purpose in this glorious superconsciouness we know as Life. It is a most exhilarating feeling to finally get together with people who share the same sentiments about reality. Now I feel more confident about becoming a Terra Medic. After all these years of staying focused on one solution I know it will get done with all this compassionate truth enveloping me. I thank our Heavenly Father for all of you, again.

  68. The Twelve Visions Party(the political platform) was the greatest idea to reverse and implement the overlooked obvious No-Force paradigm. With its competitive “get with it or die” nature makes it unstoppable in identifying the validity of all political( regulating ) structures… its great Mark.

    • sherman says:

      I am in full agreement. With its overwhelming flow of creative values people will finally get the opportunity to understand how to naturally extend their lives. Once I started I could see that it would take at least 15o years to accomplish my programs and since I must be completely responsible so that not one iota should fall into the wrong hands I will have to work, work, work, to create more values and maintain them also. I am surounded by geniuses. Thanks Brandon. I thank our Heavenly Father for you. Now I will start focusing on a 200 year value creating quest.

  69. Hello Mark, What a refreshing and uplifting message you have to offer. We are very excited to be part of Neothink. We have never fit in when we were younger and even through our adult years . It is now making so much sense, thanks to you and your affiliates who have the same vision and who are all working to push hard for the CoU. We are working deligently in our businesses to convey the same messages. We will keep on pushing .
    Sincerely Thank you .
    Jacques & Linda

    • Claire Racine says:

      Thank you Jacques and Linda.
      Your help is gratefully appreciated.
      We help ourselves, we help each other.
      Exactly the way it was meant to be.
      Continue creating the wonderful values only you can.
      The rewards will keep coming.

  70. Lila Bennett says:

    Mark Hamilton,

    I do so appreciate your candid remarks from your personal perspective about forming a “political” party. I also am so appreciative that you were able to find the solution that would require government to give of its best to protect the peoples. I also can breathe a sigh of relief that the Prime Law does prevent force and threat of force, and fraud against any person, property or contract and so forth…

    In every breast the freedom breath is already instilled in humans, so that humans are unable to tolerate loss of freedoms indefinitely, and if necessary, even though their spirits might be beaten down for periods, humans have the capacity for resiliance and strength to overcome most any adversity when pressed too strongly.
    The Prime Law and Twelve Visions Party will bring this new perspective to our world, which is badly in need of a new way of seeing and proceeding!!!

    Love, Lila

    • Claire Racine says:

      You always offer a fresh new perspective Lila. Thank you for that.
      Yes, we all have the ability to overcome everything.
      We are the creators. We find and implement solutions to any problems
      which are created by ourselves and others.
      The TVP and The Prime Law is the prime creation which will set and keep us all free to create and exchange our values.
      Thanks to Mark Hamilton, this will definitely be our new perspective and a new way of life for each individual here now and to come into the bright and prosperous future The TVP and the Prime Law will create.

  71. mary moore says:

    just to let you know, i’m still reading my 3rd heirloom and spending time dailygoing through the golden nuggets. i’m excited about the information you are imparting, which is a new way of seeing things and thinking for me. at age 63, i feel , although not fully understanding it all yet, i believe if i perservere, i will be able to connect the pieces to puzzle. thank you mark.

    • Claire Racine says:

      Hi Mary,
      Mark Hamilton’s Prime Literature is the key to connecting the puzzle pieces.
      You will soon realize how valuable you are as a part of the Big Picture.
      We are all a part of it. We all have something of value to contribute.
      Thank you for being here and being who you are.
      Unconditional Love,

    • Dagolivera says:

      Neo-Tech heirloom have 850 pages, but the knowleige are very succinct.
      Consequently, to capture WISDOM is must necesarly read the whole interesting book. The must important I do is read,read,read and then well read.
      Thank you Mark Hamilton, for wrote the MAGNIFICENT HEIRLOM.
      Mary, I love your comment.

  72. Thank you for being who you are. You tell/explain exactly what prime law is and it’s effect on civilization if added as an amendment to the constitution, and to be honest with you, I see your twelve visions and prime law as our new constitution and, but would be hard to enact with the bicameral population, but then again, i have to say you have started a new beautiful world within our own minds and bodies and we all have to make sure that beautiful world exists at present or near future for all civilization…to live happily wealthy forever. I sincerely thank you Mark, for your visions and i join you with those visions as i have from day one when i met you. Us Godmen will prevail for a better beautiful world filled with peace and love.

    • Claire Racine says:

      Thanks Bruce.
      And thanks for who you are and what you do.
      Together, we will soon make our Twelve Visions World a reality for all.
      Then life will always be fun again!
      Unconditional Love,

  73. Thank you for being who you are. You tell/explain exactly what prime law is and it’s effect on civilization if added as an amendment to the constitution, and to be honest with you, I see your twelve visions and prime law as our new constitution and i think you agree 100%, but would be hard to enact with the bicameral population, but then again, i have to say you have started a new beautiful world and we all have to make sure that beautiful world exists at present or near future…to live happily wealthy forever. I sincerely thank you Mark, for your visions and i join you with those visions as i have from day one when i met you. Us Godmen will prevail for a better beautiful world filled with peace and love.

  74. Pat Stanfill says:

    As a young girl a good friend of mine told me to always use the kiss system and I could never go wrong that is Keep It Simple Stupid. That was and has been very good advice. The Prime Law goes along the same lines. It is put simply but carries a very powerful meaning. It covers everything. Good for you Mark Hamilton and the TVP. Pat

    • Claire Racine says:

      Yes, that is very good advice. When you simply observe the obvious, you will get to the essence of things and find the most viable solutions.
      The Prime Law is the most viable and beneficial solution to the problems which mankind has struggled with centuries.
      It is indeed simple, powerful and best of all it is workable.
      Mark Hamilton has given it to us and it is now up to all of us to make it work
      to better our lives.

  75. Linda L. says:


    I believe the Founding Fathers did elude to and understood that the Prime Law was essential for a successful government and freedom of the People. I agree that if the Prime Law had been given more emphasis, and was included in the Constitution we would not have the problems that exist today, but even then there were factions that had different agendas that were not necessarily in the best interest of the People.

    Although the Constitution is a masterpiece, in the wrong hands, it has become a weapon turned against the People by loop holes not protected by the Supreme Court from being used. The insight of our forefathers was genius, and makes the Constitution a living document that applies even today.

    Another major problem I see is the failure of the People to rise up, after WWII was over, to abolish the State of Emergency Act which led to the Fed. Income tax and rise of power of the IRS; and protest the National Security Act that has been in place to this day, which basically invalidates the Constitution, and leaves the People vulnerable. The Prime Law could perhaps have curtailed those events.?

    Good day.

  76. Mark, we do welcome and appreciate your great efforts to establish THE TWELVE VISIONS PARTY, Perseverance is really nothing more than acting each time you have the opportunity to act, Perseverance is continuing to do what you have already been doing, And anyone can do that, When it means everything to you, You will make the commitment to do everything it takes, And with the total commitment, you will get it done. Even though it will often be difficult and complicated in this anti-civillization, But we know , you have what it takes to get it done(THE PRIME LAW) And deep down, we know without a doubt that pushing your life forward is always your very best choice as a NEOTHINKER, You can reach inside and feel the ever-growing strength that comes from the truth of who you are MARK, You can connect that strength to everything you do to make the TVP a reallity. ZON awaits the CELEBRATION. HEAVY DO!!!

    • Claire Racine says:

      Thanks Owura.
      We are all committed to make this go right and become the reality of our lives.
      We will all do whatever it takes to make it happen.
      We are grateful to have you as part of the team.
      Let’s DO IT!
      Unconditional Love,

  77. Lisa Newton says:

    Wow, I love this video, Mark! It cuts to the chase with little preamble, shows very clearly what those founding forefathers didn’t quite grasp yet about human nature, that humans in general are weak, grasping, self-serving, often no better than chickens in a farmyard, pecking out their ‘pecking order,’ and sometimes pecking-or starving- the tiniest and weakest chickens to death. However, we are moving up as a species into a loftier emotional place, better able to divest ourselves of power in order to help improve the whole reality, to comprehend and create towards the ‘betterment of all.’ I totally appreciate that you are attempting to do so. Kudos! I also love it that you grok–understand–that in general humans managing to move away from the old bicameral mentality is still iffy, at best. We’re in a transition phase with that, and therefore still quite vulnerable. So, instilling the Prime Law is essential, and important…interesting that the Founders didn’t think of that…just too big a stretch to even comprehend back then, I guess. Also, I’m so excited that you created the TVP ‘political’ contract, to ensure that those people we elect to be instrumental in leading this monumental and historical change in the political reality of America will be held in check, both from possible outside forces attempting to pervert and twist them, and from their own possible internal weaknesses. Those things that are most obvious are often those that are missed…Yes, de is, ain’t de do?

  78. tyrone burch says:

    I am ready and totally committed to do my share to enlighten the world about the twelve visions party. I usually get people curious about the TVP when they see my 300 pin that i keep in my car on the dashboard and when people see it they always ask whats that. I reply its my affiliation to the TVP. I will soon be ordering more TVP items as this opens the door for me to engage in conversations about the TVP. And once they go to the website and see for themselves what i couldnt fully explain then i think they will get a clearer picture and realize how real it is and not just some scam.

    • Claire Racine says:

      Thanks for all you are doing for us all Tyrone.
      Have to appreciate a powerful Neothink Man!
      Unconditional Love,

  79. David says:

    Just a word to let you know that i am going through these golden nuggets.As you have said before, both parties are corrupt and out of control.If left untouched or unchecked,we would no longer have a constitution.The Prime Law is what is needed at this time.Thank you Mark,for all that you have done to help us through this period of time in our lives.

    • Claire Racine says:

      Thanks for that great integration David.
      Yes, The Prime Law is exactly what we need to
      guaranteed each individual the right to create the
      wonderful value they have to offer, so we may all live happily.
      Unconditional Love,

  80. How many times have we heard intelligent persons say: ” In an ideal world, such a thing would not happen…, a government like that would not exist…,” etcetera.
    Does an ideal world, always have to be an imaginary world, forever existing only as an idea?
    There’s got to be a starting point, and that starting point is The Twelve Visions Party!

    • Claire Racine says:

      This entire world was created from our imagination. Look around, the buildings, the roads the things you use and buy every day was once a thought in someone’s imagination.
      If they made it real and solid in this world, then we can also make the Twelve Visions World a reality here on Earth.
      Thanks for you help in making it so.
      Unconditional Love,

  81. Matt says:

    Life is like a grain of sand. When that grain of sand is floating through the water sometimes it lands on an oyster. When that oyster gets irritated it makes a beautiful pearl. Life can be strange is so many ways but if you hold on long enough you get a pearl.

  82. Richard Crookshank says:

    I am in the T.V.P mentor program, have contract signed and ready to mail, can’t wait to do my part to change this world. Thanks Mark.

  83. Charles Riley says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for this video and its information. We definitely need the Prime Law as an amendment to our constitution.
    Mark Hamilton and our Twelve Visions Party is what is needed for our country (USA) and for the world.

  84. Once The Twelve Visions Party is deeply penetrated
    into the governing body and it’s people, a miracle occurs…
    birth of a new and thee most Wealthiest, Prosperous and fullfilled Civilization Of The Universe.
    “A Blissful Twelve Visions World”

    • Marcia says:

      The Prime Law is the Rule of Flawless law, The Fundemental Of Protection and can rule any nation. “The Prime Law Amendment will be the best protection America has or ever will receive”. America is wealthier, healthier and safer in the powerful strong arms of The Flawless Prime Law. Prime Law/Prime Law Amendment, I love you too

  85. The Twelve Visions Party(TVP), will depoliticize America.

  86. Ruth says:

    As we see the down ward spiral with the Politician of this day and age their is much
    To that we understand, the Neothink Society and the Twelve -Vision-Part,founder,

    Mark Hamilton will bring the change need in America ,

  87. Ruth says:

    This is very true , because as, Mr Hamilton give the true meaning of the Prim-Law

    And what it stand for create so much more, that bring out deeper thinking and the light of the truth,will truly keep people comeing back this get better each

    Time reading the Prim-Law thank you Mark Hamilton.

    • Larry Johnson says:

      What a joy to have the Prime Law which is a natural Law that basically saids live and let live. the world has never see real freedom where each individual can soar and prosper to the full potential of his or her being. thanks Mark Hamilton.

  88. Otto Beasley says:

    This is a great web site, Mark. It will keep people coming back, wow!

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