Mark Hamilton – Conceiving The Superpuzzle

Mark Hamilton discusses conceiving the supperpuzzle. The first book of the trilogy.

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  1. Rosa Lerblance says:

    Conceiving the Super Puzzle was the beginning of my journey with the
    trilogy books. By reading Miss Annabelle story I saw the puzzle pictures
    and slowly started to put the puzzles pieces together forming the puzzle
    picture. It is the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. In the process of
    getting to know Miss Annabelle I found a friend mentor and my idol for
    life. It has been a hard up hill battle for me to acquire the integrated
    knowledge but very much well worth it. I would do it again.
    Thank You Mark Hamilton FRW and Family.

  2. Barbara says:

    Thank You Mark Hamilton for 3000 year old secret and your vision to change this country and the world, so we can live the life we meant to live …….Thank You Neothink Society. Love to all…

  3. Karen Lorraine Venn says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton, for writing such a great book; I can’t wait to read it again & again. Such great work

  4. Barbara says:

    How true ,Pete. Magnificent!!!!!!

  5. Pete Zerger says:

    Nothing happens without conception.

  6. Robert Holmes says:

    Thanks, Mark Hamilton for your thirty-six or more literatures they are truly amazing.

  7. carmenbartow says:

    my hope is that someday I make womderful value for the word.

  8. carmenbartow says:

    By reading Miss Annabelle’s I learnd to love and to forgive mostly i cried it was ingredible gift to me . Thank you Mr Hamilton

  9. Michael says:

    Is the book, Conceiving the Superpuzzle, the same as the book, The Nouveau Tech Package of Miss Annabelle’s Secrets?

  10. Charles Riley says:

    I am thankful to Mark Hamilton for the entire Miss Annabelle story. It really outlines the fact that we all have the ability to bring about a real paradise on Earth. It shows so clearly how we can all live an exhilarating life creating values for each other. And I also just love how it shows that we can mature to the point of reaching out into the universe to help other beings eventually.

  11. Dan Bride says:

    I DONT KNOW HOW MANY TIMES Ive read the Miss Annabell more than the suggested 5 readings to go levels? deeper. But its most likely since Zon its been a favorite to go back to. I really like where Miss A. says she believes in a creator closer to her own concisness and she believes in a God and Creator go back and listen to the lecture again she says. And i recieved spelling B grats in junior high on stage so excuse my current spelling. Thanks Mark the book has really released a lot of emotions layers of onions peeled away as i like to put it. Love Dan

  12. Robert says:

    I have read Miss Annabelles’ Secrets Three times and what a beautiful concept from the Civilization of the Universe and the kids in there are just awsome! I got a good taste of that Neothink World and just love it! Thanks Mark you really are a genius my friend!

    • Dagolivera says:

      Great Post Robert. Miss Annabelles’ Secrets open my eyes to Superpuzzle. Amazing writing by Mark Hamilton. Thank you Mark.

  13. margaret hawkins says:

    mark,I have had the three heirloom books for the last two and a half years, read each one as I ordered them, and put them down, at the time I thought they were just a good story reading, had no idea they were really talking about the future,until I read miss anabelle’s story,and things started to click. Even though I read her story,I had no one to talk to or get in touch with to really get a good understanding, until now that Iam getting into neothink society ,I appreciate looking forward to my new life as a future neothinker. Just have patience with this 66 year old neothinker . m

    • Dagolivera says:

      Great comment. Keep going Margaret, is the only way to evolve into the next level, in the Civilization of Universe. Read, and read well the Heirlooms to find the next dimension.

  14. Dagolivera says:

    The tenth and eleventh Vision into the Herloom showed us that the PUZZLE PICTURE created in it, eventually caused a PEACEFUL POLITICAL REVOLUTION that eliminated the ruling class.
    Thank you, Mark for open our eyes to your Vision.

  15. John Mager says:

    thanks for bring forth the concept of the super puzzle. It brings for the idea of the Zons., and how there are only more advanced versions of ourselves. Which bring forth the next logical thought to this process, who and what we really are. Instead of the veiled illusion of the limited small version that is placed upon us by the outer world, and the “forces” the thrive on the harnessing and manipulation of our true selves, the inner power. That which we are programed for early childhood on, to deny. May the inner light of knowledge & the flame of freedom fill us all, may we realize the inner truth of these teachings. Conceive the SuperPuzzle.

  16. Liz Szarka says:

    Over the years, many have claimed that they would not know where to begin in repairing that which is wrong, disfunctional, and corrupt in this country….The trilogy of books by Mark Hamilton, is that first beginning step and the Superpuzzle is a simple, yet thorough, must read that opens the minds people from all walk of life – people tired of those corrupt of the elite class that have all but devastated this country. It can be repaired, and the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party are the way to do it….

  17. 25 January 2000 (Y2K)
    Eleven years ago in Moscow, Russia, at the age of eleven just weeks after the Y2K conspiracy during the Bill Clinton administration, I have leaped into a dimension of consciousness in which humanity and the world has never seen before, at a young age I could not figure out what this dimension was, and what types of powers this dimension possessed, so I occasionally questioned myself on how to live in this dimension with all its benefits, and will I be able to experience the full potential of this dimension, however in this dimension, I have experienced joy and happiness which most toddlers today experience. This euphoria and eagerness to one day become a famous person and value creator who does wonderfull things for humanity lasted only for the whole of the year 2000 (Y2K). Those dreams gradually dissipated as I gave into mysticism during the following year 2001, which is the year George W Bush officially Came into office, and the same year the 9/11 attacks at the World Trade Center in New York City occurred. Years after, it became too late to realize that I have broken my vow in kindergarten when I told my teacher that”when I grow up, I’ll do great things for the world and become a millionaire!”. Eleven Years is quite a long time to forget about your purpose in life. Your individual role on planet earth.
    The menatal Dimension state which I mentioned earlier is known today as Neothink, which is the next evolutionary leap of the human mind, and at eleven(11) years of age, I have experienced this first hand without actually realizing it as Neothink, but during that time I felt that I was experiencing something which the anti-civilization world never had experienced, during that same time I have envisioned a world of Peace, in which I am most influential with strong international relations experience. Looking back from eleven years from today, I have realized that I have experienced Neothink for the whole year of 2000(Y2K) because I have that same exact feeling today January 25th of this year 2011, eleven years ago I have also envisioned a world of great Wealth and Health without knowing the common denominators to achieve these goals, my last Vision which is very common to some Visionaries today was having a world free from diseases and all of them would be cured with the right technology/medical advancements. When I talked about curing all disease in school, during that year a girl named Juwairia from Pakistan thought that I was “crazy” since this is something out of the ordinary- out of the daily thoughts/routine ruts of ordinary stagnant people, she also told me that “I am a disease and I should be cured”, immediately after her statement I thought to myself that if we can cure all diseases, then we could also cure aging itself and live longer life spans. Eleven years later I have noticed that all those visions I had are part of the U.S Twelve Visions Party platform, and realizing today that I have envisioned the 11th and 12th Visions of The TVP Experiencing a prosperity wave to Riches( Via falling prices and soaring buying power) –Vision 11 and Enjoying nearly perfect Health ( Via soaring medical technologies and falling prices) Vision 12 Eleven Years ago.
    These visions were in my mind in a different form, such as the eleventh vision for example would be in my own terms at the time , having a world in which everybody could afford everything, such as video games, clothing, food, jewelry, and cars. My second vision which is vision twelve of the U.S-TVP 12th vision was curing all diseases, which will automatically lead to curing aging and cellular degeneration. For those of you who are in the United States should really reason carefully and vote for the Twelve Visions Party in November 2012, because this is a life saving phenomenon discovered by a man who dedicated most of his life to enable people live the life they were meant to live, by firstly eradicating the rule of man replacing it with the flawless Prime Law and annexing it as an amendment to the U.S constitution. For the most part in my young life I did not take this stuff seriously, but as time went by I Iater came across on the internet and found the TVP of the United States at , and was quite surprised and amazed of what I thought of Eleven years ago was not just childhood utopia but the stark reality of how human life on earth should be.
    -Dr.Almas Nambabi

  18. Adam Huntley says:

    It is a SUPER superpuzzle….That book sets the stage for a glorious day when we are not suppressed any longer. It brings so much truth to the timely saying, “There is POWER in books!” This book and the other two making up this trilogy has created power and conviction in me. Thank you especially for this creation, Mark!

    • Dagolivera says:

      Yes, there are an amazing books, Adam. And the perfect trilogy are: Neo-Tech, Neo-Think and Twelve Vison Party. Thank you Adam.

  19. Gregory Klatt says:

    The first book printed that tells a story of a Twelve Visions World. A World of Wealth, Health, Peace for all of Mankind, even the Poor. The First Book that tells a story of- a coming Future.

    • Patrick Benedict Rasmusson says:

      You see some of the riots that are taking place on the other side of the Globe? It is difficult to foresee yet there is a probability of that taking place in the USA on a wide spread basis as well. The thing with EGPYT and the uprising that had taken place over there is a direct result of the citizens pretty much fed up with being broke abd the government not attending to their needs, or ripping them off so to speak. here in America, we do have somewhat of a set of government systems that help citizens when in the need of financial help. Most citizens can’t find these areas or don’t believe in them or don’t know how to do the research in locating the helpful areas, yet the areas America offers to American’s isn’t of making anyone rich or wealthy. They offer only enough to keep the common citizen grounded yet so many citizens still get turned away (or… then, there wouldn’t be any poverty rate what so ever). The rioting took place in Egypt and other countries as a direct result of hatred of the governments problems of not being so fair with the citizens, or, again, ripping them off. Saddam Hussein ripped off his own people. Look at him in Iraq. He had gold door knobs on every one of his palaces and his citizens swept dirt floors that were of mud. here in America even the homeless shelters have flooring that isn’t of mud. If you can look into the future somewhat it would be a good idea to think about the attitudes and the feelings and emotions expressed by those in those other countries that are of very real anger and of people that are in poverty or low income. I do believe people in America could do better with the money that they have by better thoughtful investments instead of wasting it like at gambling casinos, which had made a significant dent in making America very poor of the middle income and poverty level. The common citizen has these beliefs with the casinos that one day they are going to strike it rich and end up going broke and into worse family and financial situations. Everyone is accountable for their own actions, yet when those businesses falsely lure in people to waste their money with little to no return at all, then just look at America’s economy and look at how they advertise casinos and gambling everywhere. What happens is an alter type of senerio that takes place, they end up blaming the government for their own actions and thoughts of thinking they are going to get rich from wasting their hard earned money at a casino or even buying these scratch off tickets. If the amount of money calculated could be tallyed up of money wasted on lottery tickets and casino money spent there or even money spent on scratch off tickets on a National whole basis, that total amount of wasted money could pay off the National debt twice. That is a cold hard fact. And what is worse, is there isn’t anything out there to wake those up from the damage that is being damaged by such places and etc. It is difficult to ingest, yet the government itself is very familure with the fact that each and every american finds an easier way out to make things take place for their selves so they can live the life they were meant to live. And… to call it as it is is the facts that were just written about. Disapline of each and every common man and woman in todays time must understand that money has a value as does time and to apply it to life to make a better life by investments, (investments that are intended to create profit), are most important in leading into a prosperous life. Currently around me, no where in a hundred mile radius can I find one man or woman that is willing to honestly life with investment thoughts as a prime focus, honest true investments that are earned from creation values, and from time thinking and planning. That even includes my own family. They would rather complain about everything in prices and even gas prices, just like everyone elese on tthe planet, yet when does anyone ever take the time out for a Friday Night Essense? Really? Taking some portion of time out to invest time into a better future is a reasonable concept for anyone to understand. After you get home from your nine to five job, take a half hour out of the evening to plan investment ideas for yourself and your loved ones if they can’t do it for their self. Too, in the same token that is a great deal of weight to pull, and it is even worse on those way up in the top of the financial system to try to keep everyone a float with the common known realities that falsely mislead each and every person out there, this is from foods that cause obesity, to chemicals in household cleaners that cause lung problems, to even the nicely pictured bill boards showing people getting rich from casino gambeling yet there might only be one winner of maybe a thousand dollars a moth of the literal millions that take in bi annually. Citizens need to re-think as does each and every government. Life isn’t supposed to be like this. We are supposed to be human beings that build to create wealths for each other not take wealths away because of some wicked weirdism that only wishes doom on others. Everything I ahd ever once worked on was a value creating idea. And!!!!! You would be very surprized at how compelled I felt at just giving some of those billion dollar concepts away to America and other areas of the globe so there would be sustainable ideas for some sense of a future. We need to turn to a science perspective and a math perspective at times. If the numbers don’t add up, it is time to turn into another direction of thought for the good of oneself and for the good of still yet our earth.

      • alisa says:

        How right you are! I wish I had woken up to this fact 20 years ago- but better late than never. The key is financial education- sorrily lacking in the school systems of the world. God bless Mark & all the others who are sharing their knowledge with the rest of us.

      • Dagolivera says:

        Hi Patrick, interesting post. In addition to your post, we need to turn into the Twelve Visions. Mark Hamilton demostrate why protection of citizens is the only legitimate purpose of government and is the essence of law,the Prime Law, the Fundamantal of Protection. And the Twelve Vision Party, whith Jill Reed(Presidential Candidate) and Tom Cary (Vice-President). Check-up and read very weel,thank you.

  20. Marcia says:

    We all (Neothink Society Memebers)
    are an important puzzle piece
    in this superpuzzle .
    I’m NTW Marcia and I’m proud to be
    a piece to this beautiful superpuzzle
    so beautifully conceived by Visionary Mark Hamilton
    who is the most beloved Author of Neothink Literatures
    like “Trilogy Superpuzzle” and he is also the founder
    of The Neothink Society and The Twelve Visions Party.

  21. Conceiving the supper puzzle is one of the adventures ever had, It spelled out real situation in life and given us the real images of the twelve visions party, After reading the supper puzzle, It moved me to be of my self. The supper puzzle need to be a movie. Miss Annabella secrets.

  22. tyrone burch says:

    Mark Hamilton has paved the way for the future by conceiving the superpuzzle. Now it is time for the neo-think society to integrate with Marks vision and become the self leaders we were meant to be.

  23. Daniel González says:

    MAGNIFICENT ! Thank you Mark.

  24. Maria C Rodriguez says:

    Every time I come back to read The Trilogy, I do enjoy it more and more!.
    When I receive The First Book , I did not figure out how amazing this literature is.
    Guess what? The miracle started, by changing my life for ever. I thruly believe
    that every one who reads Mark Hamilton Trilogy, they life will change for the better.

  25. This is my favourite part of the synergy. This is the part when your Mysticism gets thrased with lazer like precision.

  26. Pat Stanfill says:

    Mark, It is so strange how the Universe works. All of my life I have worked puzzles and at the time I was working them I would alway think about everything and would solve pieces of my life and would think about how sad it will be if I am finished and am missing one or two pieces. That does not make a complete picture. It is the same with the Super Puzzle. It will take all of us to complete the puzzle. After it is complete, what a beautiful world we will live in. Remember, the world belongs to all of us, not just a few.

  27. Lisa Newton says:

    This particular video is only 13 seconds long–much too short! I loved the original teaching/mentoring video it came from, though. Maybe add more into this one? You have changed my life, Mark.

  28. Richard Crookshank says:

    No one on earth cares eccept us, we will snap the pieces together, it’s or job,the vision is needed to save everyone.

  29. Clinton Logan says:

    This is the most insperational story I have ever read It gave me a persistance to seek out A lot of unheard of things I started invisioning all the possible ways to help and create super groups. I imagined how these groups could help each other to give them all there dreams. Figure you have doctors layers computer techs carpenters and so on all at each others becon call to help the other succseed. building large corporate empires scientist and physicist working on stemcell reasearch revercing the aging process and creating all kinds of free energy for all the people of the world. No more holding back progress we should have a million times better technology than anything seen today and the people would love each other because of all the great things they have done together . ECT

  30. Anita Blanchard says:

    Whe I read your books, I was working at a good job, but it kept me away from home 10-16 hours a day and I got frustrated because “I worked too many hours and unable to apply what I was reading.” In a few months after reading Miss Annabelle, my conditions at work changed unexpectedly and I am now retired and am so happy because Life is Fun knowing that I am a Value Creator. Your work filled in ‘the blanks’ I had not yet figured out!

  31. Anita Blanchard says:

    Mark, I was in my early 60’s when I read your 3 books. I had been on a journey all of my life looking for truth. I was 10 years old when I KNEW that Man-Made rules existed in every church I visited. I became an independent thinker because I had been the youngest of 7 and I had so much time alone. I had been searching for the pieces of my puzzle strategically for 30 years when I read your first letter and my hands shook as I read what seemed to be the missing link for me. I am so familiar with what you write so Thank YOU! I know I have found truth …

    Whe I read your books, I was working at a good job, but it kept me away from home 10-16 hours a day and I was so frustrated because “I work too many hours and unable retire so that I could apply this technology.” My job did allow me the time between the long breaks I had during the day to read. In less than a few months after reading Miss Annabelle, my conditions at work changed unexpectedly and I am now retired and so happy because Life is Fun knowing that I am a Value Creator. Your work filled in ‘the blanks’ I had not yet figured out!

  32. Russ Creamer says:

    This has became my favorite Literature! I have read this Miss Annabelle 4 times. I read right through it in no time because I liked it so good. I am reading it for the fifth time. This time is different. I plan on making a note book from this where I can go to any subject I need when I need it. This book has great teachings. Something happens when I open this book. It seems like I want to learn forever. I love this book. Thank you Mark Hanilton for your amazing Literature.

  33. Gregory Klatt says:

    Oh yes,as Miss Annabelle teaches her students and then they get ideas of a Civilization of the Universe here on Earth. Likewise when you wrote the Trilogy and now put it in motion with the TVP Movement. You Know Mark Hamilton, I find this Webpage stimulating. It makes an Apprentice Think-Neothink, right? I find it stimulating. Thank You Mark Hamilton.

  34. Robin Newwman says:

    I don’t know if there has ever been a book to compare with the supper puzzle

  35. peter simpson says:

    thanks mark its certainly a wonderful learning process and also very intresting thanks again

  36. Letha says:

    Mark, I have continued to snap together ways to better use the tools for option trading to pick trades and to get out of my trade. THANKS. I thought I needed a professional job in order to experience the 10 second miracle. I have be trading for about 7 years. But in these last 4 months right after I got my first heirloom book, is when things began to came together for me. I truly thought I would be the only to not experience the 10 second miracle. At times I feel a little psychic. WHERE were YOU when I was losing all my money?

  37. I read the entire trilogy in about 1 week. It is over 1000 pages. How did I read it so quickly? Easy! I was EMOTIONALLY enveloped in it!

  38. Joe Saldana says:

    Mark Hamilton = President of the United Planet Earth

  39. Carlos A Hernandez says:

    Thanks Mark for all the teaching.It’s time to review the superpuzzle, from the first book. A better world without Politics and Religion.

  40. jorge granados says:

    I wanna Mark Hamilton be the president of united state of america all needing a man like him.
    from COLOMBIA

    • Lila Bennett says:

      Hi Jorge, haven’t seen any of you since you returned to Colombia. Really nice to know you are still involved!…Love, Lila

  41. Snap the Big Picture together, The Twelve Visions World!

  42. Russ Creamer says:

    This is very awsome reading.

  43. Alan Cleal says:

    It is exciting to consider the achievements of Miss Annabelle’s students in her story being replicated by Mark’s apprentices in real life.

  44. Lila Bennett says:

    I do recommend reading the entire trilogy…this is riveting reading for anyone wanting to know the roots of an entire vision conceived by Mark Hamilton!

  45. Doris Tongo says:

    Thanks Mark for the dicussion .I will refresh my reading on the book of heirlooms on the superpuzzle the first book of the trilogy.

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