Mark Hamilton Reveals a 3000-Year-Old Secret

Mark Hamilton makes a 3000-Year-Old Secret public. This is a must see video. 15 minutes in length.

Held Back for 3000 Years
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  1. Steve says:

    The reality is:

    That We can Make everyone rich including the poor ……….

    The Neothink Society,The Twelve Visions Party, The Prime Law, The Great Replacement Program, Unleashing The Geniuses of Society will get us on the right path…

    Thank you Mark Hamilton, Neothink Society, The Twelve Visions Party

  2. Kay Samalin says:

    Let’s banish initiatory force from governing bodies by putting the Prime Law into the Constitution. A law that protects all the people including the poor. It will put people’s prosperity into a new dimension.

  3. Juanita Heckel says:

    Forever happiness is living by the Prime Law……………..The Universe is calling out to us …… Thank you Mark Hamilton… for shedding light on what is the solution for mankind.

  4. Mary Grassel says:

    We must continue to work toward riding our country and the world of the rule of man. We need to get the Prime Law into place soon. Our government needs to be rid of initatory force. We need a protection only government. Thank you, Mark Hamilton and Dr. Wallace for giving us the tools to move this forward.

  5. Kay Samalin says:

    Follow Mark Hamilton’s 3000 Year Old Secret so we can all begin our journey to a Neothink shift in our world. There are many people waiting for the answers. When we are using the Neothink tools to a higher mentality we will take everyone with us. Our Neothink vibrations will reach out to all the world.

    • Joan Raymer says:

      Just take a look at the failure of leadership in our government and then you
      will see the need more than any previous time for the prime law and the TVP.
      Thank you FRW and MH!

  6. Kay Samalin says:

    There are many countries working together to remove the chaos and wars. Now is the time for us to move the TVP forward so we can take big steps to put the Prime Law into the Constitution and join in the movement of uniting the world in health, wealth and prosperity.

  7. Mary Grassel says:

    The Prime Law, The 3000 year ols secret is our country’s salvation. We must embrace it. Tell the world about it. Help people understand that we must get rid of the rule of man. Thank you Mark Hamilton and Dr. Frank R. Wallace for revealing this.

  8. William J Kyle says:

    the Prime Law is what every one should lead their lives by. this would be a honest and loving world if the whole world adopted this idea,

  9. Kay Samalin says:

    Earth’s final war is underway and Neothink Society will end the war with the Prime Law and all the people will become rich including the poor. Thank you Mark Hamilton for putting together the literature with the necessary tools so this can be done.

  10. Kay Samalin says:

    We the people will awaken to the understanding that we are ruled by elite, lazy parasites and we will place the Prime Law into the Constitution and have the freedom we were meant to have. We will become value creators.
    Thank you Mark Hamilton for giving us the tools to bring us and all of the world onto the path to the C of U.

  11. Patti Barnes says:

    Isn’t it strange that for 3000 years, humans did not see the real truth of man and his ac naive ways until 33 years ago when one man decided to investigate the selfishness of mankind and the why of the ways of man is what it is. Without the teachings of Frank Wallace and then of his son, Mark Hamilton,we couldn’t know of the ac. When putting together all of the integrations of both of these men, and putting the new laws of man into print and videos so we can better see how to become better people. The prime law is the one and only real truth to follow in order to sustain us as humans. It will stop the ac almost in its tracks. We must all band together as one to serve that purpose.

  12. Mary Grassel says:

    Love is the key to prosparity and happiness. Thank you Mark Hamilton for all your writings. You have opened my eyes to the neocheaters that Dr. Wallas told us about, too. I continue to study your literature.

  13. Kay Samalin says:

    The rule of man is inherent in all countries throughout the history of man. We must remove the rule of man by putting the Prime Law into our Constitution. It is then that we can create values that will rise us up and take us on the road to the Civilization of the Universe. Isn’t it wonderful to have that mentality shift to look forward to?

  14. Barbara says:

    The Twelve Visions Party gets down to the nuts and bolts of saving all of us through the Prime Law of Protection and theProtection-Only Budget , we never seen anything like this Twelve -Visions World……Twelve Visions Party is a savior of our future and of our children and grandchildren future…
    Thank You Mr Mark Hamilton for reveal of 3000 year old secret , for Prime Law for Twelve visions Party and Thank You , for Neothink Society..
    Thank You to Dr. Frank R Wallace Neo-Tech

  15. Joshua D Rudolph says:

    I want to thank Mark Hamilton for sending me the books. I read them when I get a chance . You are changing my life, for the better. I still have something to change in my life.

  16. Kay Samalin says:

    I see my future as a future of prosperity and a value creator. This is coming to me as I embrace the tools given to us by Mark Hamilton.

  17. Mary Grassel says:

    Without initatory force we would have a protection only government, The Prime Law is the answer. We could get rid of the neocheaters, career politicans and other mistics. We could have the life we were meant to live. Thank you Mark Hamilton and Dr. Frank R. Wallace for all your writings.

  18. Steve says:


    When The Prime Law removes man from creating, interpreting, and executing law, something amazing happens: the heavy ruling class of man comes off society.

    I know this sounds heavy HA, HA,…….. But Think about it, Yes, Power Think it and draw your own conclusion……..

  19. Steve says:

    May I impose and ask one last question (for now)

    Do you believe we should all prosper and live happily?

    I say yes

    What do you say?

    Well…… This is also what the Twelve Visions Party is about, The Prime Law, The 3000 Year Old Secret guarantees those conditions in our life………

  20. Steve says:

    Let me ask you another question?

    Do you feel the conditions for you to prosper and live happily exist today?

    I say no

    What do you say?

    Well…. This is what The Twelve Visions Party is about, The Prime Law, the 3000 Year Old Secret guarantees those conditions in your life.

  21. Steve says:

    Let me ask you a question?

    Would you support a law that guarantees the conditions for you and me to prosper and live happily?

    I say Yes……..

    What do you say?

    Well: this is what the Twelve Visions Party is about, The Prime Law, the 3000 Year Old Secret guarantees this…….

  22. Kay Samalin says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for revealing the 3000 year old secret. We are living in a wonderful time as we move into the mental shift that is coming so we can add the Prime Law to our Constitution.

  23. Kay Samalin says:

    The Universe wants us to be the best we can be. Putting the Prime Law into the Constitution will open the gates to the world of love and peace and we will achieve being the best we can be.

  24. Steve says:

    If it is to be, it is up to me

    I am in charge of my life

    I am a Value Creator, I am a Self-Leader

    Thank you Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society, The Twelve Visions Party

  25. Barbara says:

    Thank You for your dedication and. hard work, revieal of the 3000 year old secret,Prime Law, Twelve Visions Party, and Neothink Society…
    Thank You Mr Mark Hamilton over and over again….

  26. Mary Grassel says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton and Dr. Frank R. Wallace for all the insights you have given me. I know that the most important things in life are pure love and pure honesty. If everyone practiced these we would be in the C of U now. We would have the Prime Law in place now.

  27. Mary Grassel says:

    Every time I see this mess, (the political stuff) on T,v. I long for the Prime Law to be in place now. Thank you Mark Hamilton for the Prime Law.

  28. Patti Barnes says:

    How has humankind survived all these thousands of years? It is miraculous that we have. It has never been easy. We all have suffered. The new world that we are about to enter will be like the garden of Eden in a way. I wish it were here now. By clinging to the prime law and being the new changed person that you are will be one of the biggest leaps to a more perfect world. With the help from our mentors and especially Mark Hamilton we will stay on track to become the best people hat has ever walked this earth. Show much love and understanding, help others into Neothink and mentor them, too

  29. Pete Zerger says:

    I cannot refute anything said in this 15-minute video.
    Does that make it accurate?
    Not necessarily.

    However, when one looks at – and listens to – this apparent circus we call ELECTIONS, would it not be prudent to take it upon ourselves to explore other options and alternatives?

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for the insights. !!!

  30. Kay Samalin says:

    Mark Hamilton says the countries who use the rule of man are the most oppressed countries. Also the more rights and recognition women have the more prosperous the country is. The less rights the woman has the more impoverished the country is.

  31. Kay Samalin says:

    Make all the people rich including the poor. When I hear that it makes me excited. I truly believe that will be fulfilled. I find the thought of it exciting.

    • Dawud Mustafa says:

      The question was ask, is the twelve visions party about going back to our founding father, original concept. Mark say the answer is NO: we are about making civilization leap into an entirely new dimension of NO initiatory force. That force that protect the ruling class and their political agendas. The forefather check and balance in America government body came close to perfect, but what was missing is the Prime Law. With Mark twelve vision party the Prime Law will be Amendment to the Constitution, this will cause a paradigm never known in our world. Thanks to Mark Hamilton for his vision.

  32. Charlie Moore says:

    I am going to talk about some observations that I saw in the news that hardly anyone spoke about and these news items barely made a noise to anyone’s ears.

    The first one is about Cold Fusion. Now I know nothing about Cold Fusion but from what I can understand it is a certain type of nuclear reaction that occurs at or near room temperature. Scientists all over the world have attested to it’s possibility, and possible reality of cold fusion and the tremendous implications it can have for clean energy.

    Many scientists have confirmed its reality, and many remain very skeptical.

    If cold fusion is real, it would change our entire planet. If cold fusion in not real, it is extremely clear that scientists are very close to figuring it out, as it continues to be heavily studied all around the world by major institutions and universities.

    There is much more that I could say about cold fusion but I am making just a observation here and if you would like to find out more there is plenty of info on the internet. Before I go any further here is anyone familiar with the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951, which imposes secrecy orders on certain patent application that contain what the government defines as sensitive information and in 2010 there were over five thousand inventions that were under secrecy orders. The current list of technology that is used to screen patent applications for possible restriction, under the invention secrecy act in not publicity available and has been denied under the Freedom of Information act.

    Why I bring this up is that any patent filed with the words Cold Fusion, is denied. So here is the observation, here is something that could help save our planet, save everyone a lot of money, make our lives better and yet we are denied. What other inventions do we not know about? When the biggest companies in the world own the media industry, we do not hear of these things. Should we even have a Invention Secrecy Act? Do you ever think about how powerful the governments in this world are? This is why we call this world the anti-civilization, it is always against life. Imagine a world, working together to really see if cold fusion would work, Imagine how many years we could have had cold fusion?

    I have another story that I saw, which I thought was very odd. The President came out and said that he was going to kill an American in Pakistan, who he suspects is a terrorist. At first glance it seems like ok the man is a terrorist and he should die. Then I started to think and I said to myself why would he make this public when he didn’t have to? The real target is not the American in Pakistan, the real target is you.

    Think about this even if this American is a terrorist he is a US citizen, is he not entitled to due process, a lawyer and a trial under our constitution. Yes he is just like we are. So if the president is telling us that he is going to kill an American in Pakistan, then what is going to stop him if he thinks that we are a terrorist or a threat to this country? Are we just numb to the news anymore, or has the media and the government dumbed us down so much that we don’t even think about anything anymore. His actions are actions of a king not a President. Our constitution is nothing but a piece of paper anymore. Our freedoms are no more, what freedoms do we have left? The biggest question I think is why are we not doing anything, why are we not contacting our congressman or senators, or better yet why are we not protesting in the streets, why do we just sit back and let it all be?

    In summary, have we learned unknowingly, helplessness? Do we feel that we can’t do anything about what the government does? Is that how you feel? Is this our new paradigm? Is this our new future letting them destroy our country? Is this the future that we want to leave our kids?

    Just a side note to finish this. For every drone that the President orders, 48 to 49 out of 50 people who die are innocent people. That is like the police is going to raid a home on you block and instead of attacking the one house they take out the whole block. This in not America anymore.

    One more example of what the government does to us. This is about my favorite agency the FDA.

    So most of us knows that the FDA does not have our best interest at heart. I remember reading FRW and he said that the FDA is responsible for more deaths than anyone else in human history, when I first read that I was unsure if that was true and today I have no doubt it is very true.

    All 3 issues that I talked about are unrelated or are they? Put the pieces of the puzzle together. Our government is corrupt, too big and really is a socialist party. This is why we need the TVP. This is our only hope. It is up to us to take back our country and our world.

  33. Rosa Lerblance says:

    Thank You Mr. Hamilton for the 3,000 year old secret. It will make everyone
    rich in knowledge and also in life. Everyone needs to hear read and use the
    tools in Neothink literature. The information you give is very valuable and
    necessary in order to live Happy Healthy and Rich. Thank You for revealing
    the 3000 Year old Secret.

  34. Kay Samalin says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for bringing the 3000 year old secret to us. We will use this secret to take us into a Neothink mentality and on to the Civilization of the Universe where everyone will be wealthy including the poor.
    Again thank you.

  35. Barbara says:

    Thank You Mark Hamlton, your message is so clear… We all been lied to by rule of man, as a result they created poverty / stagnation… Prime Law is the secret that been kept from all of us for 3000 years..
    Thank You Mark Hamilton
    Thank you Dr Frank R Wallace
    Thank You Neothink Society…

    • Joan Raymer says:

      Everyday we are deceived and lied to in our present broken political system. It
      is time for us to move forward with renewed energy into our new earth where
      honesty, love and prosperity for all will reign. Thank you MH for The 3000 Year
      old Secret. We must never forget about the reality of what is possible for all of us!

  36. Pete Zerger says:

    The Prime Law and Protection Only Budget will deliver health, wealth, and prosperity to everyone. !!!

  37. Steve says:

    Everybody has the right to prosper and live happily, There are no exceptions…………

    Thank you Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society, The Twelve Visions Party

    Thank you: The Prime Law

  38. Juanita Heckel says:

    The road to the future looks much better with the Prime Law paving the way! Thank you Mark Hamilton for shedding light on ending the rule of man and launching the wealth of mankind!

  39. Kay Samalin says:

    Make all the people rich including the poor. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. We are now as I write these words on our way into that world. I don’t know how long it will take. I do know we are in an upward movement that will take us to the life that is revealed in the 3000 year old secret.

    Mark Hamilton has given us the tools to make this possible.

  40. Will Blanc says:

    The 3000 year old secret is the Prime Law Amendment. This will be a life changer for all Americans. The fundamental of protection will be coming to a neighborhood near you. THANK YOU MARK HAMILTON.

  41. Will Blanc says:

    The 3000 year old secret is the prime law. When this becomes an ammendment to the US Constitution America will be free to soar. Then we will live the life we were meant to live with pure love and honesty. We will no longer need to follow the irresponsible leaders who run this country, because we will become our own selfleader. We will be striving to reach the inner light of consciousness.

  42. Kay Samalin says:

    We the Neothink society will remove the ruling class and uplift each person to God-Man awareness. Mark Hamilton has put together marvelous tools for us the use that will raise us up to a new level. We will live by the Prime Law and remove initiatory from our lives.

  43. Barbara says:

    Thank You Mr Mark Hamilton for 3000 year old secret,,the flawless Prime. Law of Protection and the Twelve Visions Party .. The Party to make the people rich, including the poor…Thank You Mark for your vision and your dad too Dr Frank R Wallace – Neo Tech…
    Thank You Neothink Society…

  44. Pete Zerger says:

    (S)elections happen every four years. So do The Summer Olympics. What’s the difference?

    One recognizes CHAMPIONS, while the other recognizes insanity. Perhaps it’s time for something different.

  45. Pete Zerger says:

    Make everyone rich including the poor.
    This is not rhetoric. It will happen with a protection only budget, under-girded by The Prime Law.

  46. Charlie Moore says:


    I am going to talk about some observations that I saw in the news that hardly anyone spoke about and these news items barely made a noise to anyone’s ears.

    The first one is about Cold Fusion. Now I know nothing about Cold Fusion but from what I can understand it is a certain type of nuclear reaction that occurs at or near room temperature. Scientists all over the world have attested to it’s possibility, and possible reality of cold fusion and the tremendous implications it can have for clean energy.

    Many scientists have confirmed its reality, and many remain very skeptical.

    If cold fusion is real, it would change our entire planet. If cold fusion in not real, it is extremely clear that scientists are very close to figuring it out, as it continues to be heavily studied all around the world by major institutions and universities.

    There is much more that I could say about cold fusion but I am making just a observation here and if you would like to find out more there is plenty of info on the internet. Before I go any further here is anyone familiar with the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951, which imposes secrecy orders on certain patent application that contain what the government defines as sensitive information and in 2010 there were over five thousand inventions that were under secrecy orders. The current list of technology that is used to screen patent applications for possible restriction, under the invention secrecy act in not publicity available and has been denied under the Freedom of Information act.

    Why I bring this up is that any patent filed with the words Cold Fusion, is denied. So here is the observation, here is something that could help save our planet, save everyone a lot of money, make our lives better and yet we are denied. What other inventions do we not know about? When the biggest companies in the world own the media industry, we do not hear of these things. Should we even have a Invention Secrecy Act? Do you ever think about how powerful the governments in this world are? This is why we call this world the anti-civilization, it is always against life. Imagine a world, working together to really see if cold fusion would work, Imagine how many years we could have had cold fusion?

    I have another story that I saw, which I thought was very odd. The President came out and said that he was going to kill an American in Pakistan, who he suspects is a terrorist. At first glance it seems like ok the man is a terrorist and he should die. Then I started to think and I said to myself why would he make this public when he didn’t have to? The real target is not the American in Pakistan, the real target is you.

    Think about this even if this American is a terrorist he is a US citizen, is he not entitled to due process, a lawyer and a trial under our constitution. Yes he is just like we are. So if the president is telling us that he is going to kill an American in Pakistan, then what is going to stop him if he thinks that we are a terrorist or a threat to this country? Are we just numb to the news anymore, or has the media and the government dumbed us down so much that we don’t even think about anything anymore. His actions are actions of a king not a President. Our constitution is nothing but a piece of paper anymore. Our freedoms are no more, what freedoms do we have left? The biggest question I think is why are we not doing anything, why are we not contacting our congressman or senators, or better yet why are we not protesting in the streets, why do we just sit back and let it all be?

    In summary, have we learned unknowingly, helplessness? Do we feel that we can’t do anything about what the government does? Is that how you feel? Is this our new paradigm? Is this our new future letting them destroy our country? Is this the future that we want to leave our kids?

    Just a side note to finish this. For every drone that the President orders, 48 to 49 out of 50 people who die are innocent people. That is like the police is going to raid a home on you block and instead of attacking the one house they take out the whole block. This in not America anymore.

    One more example of what the government does to us. This is about my favorite agency the FDA.

    So most of us knows that the FDA does not have our best interest at heart. I remember reading FRW and he said that the FDA is responsible for more deaths than anyone else in human history, when I first read that I was unsure if that was true and today I have no doubt it is very true.

    All 3 issues that I talked about are unrelated or are they? Put the pieces of the puzzle together. Our government is corrupt, too big and really is a socialist party. This is why we need the TVP. This is our only hope. It is up to us to take back our country and our world.

  47. Charlie Moore says:

    TVP Workshop

    Real Universal Health
    Mark talks about his Twelfth Vision and it show him that the early part of the 21st Century, doctors were less and less able to handle certain infectious diseases that that we gaining resistance to antibiotics. The main reason for this was the blocking of progress in the medical field by the FDA.
    Every disease known to mankind is already resistant to antibiotics of one form or another. Several diseases once thought to be nearly eradicated are back and on the rise: malaria, cholera, measles, tuberculosis, even bubonic plague. Even staph and strep and become harder to treat. The antidote to the threatening human catastrophes is: super rapidly evolving technologies. The problem with this promising new technology in the early 21st century, however, is that it is not super rapidly advancing, not fast enough… not until the removal of the FDA.
    Mark witnessed during the 12th vision that the looming medical catastrophes helped us see the reality and depoliticize the medical industry. Two things happened at once, record amounts of private research funds went toward medical research and a record number of entrepreneurial geniuses went into medical research.
    When America embraced the Twelve Visions Party, three benefits surfaced: Near perfect health for the young, the old and for those in their prime, Millionaire like wealth for ordinary people, including the poor and exciting jobs of the mind for nearly everyone, which release nearly everyone’s human potential.
    So what do we do now to get to where we are in the 12 Visions World.
    We have to be disruptive.
    We live in an age of disruption – and that’s a good thing.
    Industries will be transformed. Major companies will fall.
    Old systems will collapse as entrepreneurs figure out how to optimize and reinvent inefficient businesses, products, and services to provide consumers (us) with all things better, faster and cheaper.
    According to the Olin School of Business, 40% of today’s Fortune 500 companies will be gone in the next 10 years.
    Neothink and the TVP and every one of us has to disruptive every day. We must take action and live our essence. We must get the work out. Do you think Donald Trump is disruptive? Let’s take that 10 times that force, which is what we need to do.

  48. Barbara says:

    Thank You , Mr Mark Hamilton for reveal of 3000 year old secret … The Twelve Visions Party with its Prime Law Is The Answer to ALL our problems…So Mr and Mrs America please join us , The Seven Immediate Effects of the Twelve Visions Party:
    First and foremost , the immediate effect of the Twelve Vision Party( T VP) will be the end of poverty….
    The second , stunning effect of the T V P will be. rapid eradication of many diseases.
    The third welcomed, effect of the. T V P will be the eradication of terrorism and crime…
    The forth,needed effect of the T V P is minimizing unemployment…
    The fifth effect of the T V P would be greatly improved quality of life….
    The sixth of T V P would be the superior quality of education in a Twelve Visions World….
    The seventh effect of the T. V P it will quickly stop A M E R I C A fall into insolvent bankruptcy……

    • Joan Raymer says:

      The Twelve Visions Party is different than both political parties in that it is the party NOT of the ruling class and their man-made agenda laws; the Twelve Visions Party is the party of the non-ruling class and it’s natural prime law of protection. Thank you FRW and MH!

  49. Kay Samalin says:

    We are on our way to lift ourselves to a new mentality. We will go into a world of the greatest wealth and riches ever known to mankind. We will follow Mark Hamilton’s 3000 year secret revealed here.

  50. Steve says:

    Socrates stated: Society and its citizens must live by its rule of law.

    But the law must be flawless law

    That flawless law is The Prime Law.

    Thank you Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society, The Twelve Visions Party

  51. Steve says:

    The Prime Law digs deep down to the basic fundamental of law and government.

    And removes flaw-filled man. Eliminating mysticism, illusions, dishonesty etc…..

    Thank you Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society, The Twelve Visions Party

  52. Steve says:

    Remember, Remember Remember:

    We are backed by Reality, Not by Illusions

    Illusions are creations, Not Reality

    Reality is….. What is…….. What Really Is

    Thank you Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society, The Twelve Visions Party

  53. Steve says:

    Food For Thought…..

    The words of Dr. Frank R. Wallace from The Manuscript Pax Neo-Tech

    The only valid justification and function of any government is to protect the rights to life, property, and contract of each individual citizen by objective law and protective force nothing more, nothing less

    Thank you Dr. Frank R. Wallace, Neo-Tech

    Thank you Mark Hamilton, Neothink, The Twelve Visions Party

  54. Barbara says:

    The Prime Law of Protection and Protection -Only Budget will end politicization and regulation of our lives and businesses…. By removing the bogus purpose of Goverment, specifically regulatory programs for the ” social good”,The Twelve Visions Party removes the massive and improper Goverment control over. Our lives and businesses….
    Thank You, Mark Hamilton
    Thank You Twelve VisionsParty
    Thank You Neothink Society…

  55. Steve says:

    With initiatory force permanently out of the equation of government due to the
    Prime -Law Amendment, man can hold no ruling power, no rule of man power.

    The Prime Law……….

    Thank you Mark Hamilton, The Neothink Society, The Twelve Visions Party

  56. Barbara says:

    Thank You Mr Mark Hamilton for 3000year old secret , Prime Law. Twelve Visions Party and Neothink Society……

  57. Chris says:

    Dear Mark,
    People sound like that they are slowly turning
    toward Donald Trump, but religions, are trying
    to make a comeback. I hope that he will keep
    both (Government and religions) out of the
    white house.
    Also, in your video where you bring people
    into TVP, one of them is Jesus. If you look at
    the head pieces of both Jesus and the Statue
    of liberty, Is the Statue of Liberty,
    in fact, Jesus in secret??
    If so, the torch means “Neothink,”
    The book means “Prime Law.”
    If so, did I just do something?

  58. Steve says:

    Please note:

    The Prime Law make The Twelve Visions Party unique.

    It causes law and government to leap to a new dimension never entered before.

    A new dimension where the rule of man becomes impossible.

    Thank You Mark Hamilton, The Twelve Visions Party, The Neothink Society

  59. Steve says:

    It is very important to realize:

    The Prime Law Amendment to the Constitution will bring Wealth, Health, Safety to all including The Poor, The Elderly, The Underprivileged.

    Replace The Rule of Man with The Prime Law………..

    Thank You Mark Hamilton, The Twelve Visions Party, The Neothink Society

  60. Barbara says:

    The Twelve Vision Party will eradicate the social disease, the rule of man, through the Prime Law Amendment and Protection – OnlyBudget.
    The Twelve Visions Party is different than both political party’s in that it is the party NOT of the ruling class and their man -made agenda laws;the Twelve Visions Party is the party of NON-ruling class and it’s natural Prime Law of Protection….
    Thank You Mark Hamilton
    Thank You Neothink Society..

  61. Barbara says:

    Thank You Mark Hamilton for reveal this 3000 year old secret . In all civilizations throughout history, the more powerful and imposing the rule of man , the more tyrannical and poor the society…If we do not eradicate the fundamental ingredient that nourishes the rule of man , we will steadily sink into poverty and eventually into tyranny.. That fundamental ingredient is initiatory force….
    The Prime Law as an amendment to the U.S. Constitution would purify America’s freedom and lead all of us to a prosperity no civilization of the world have ever seen before… Thank you Mark Hamilton
    Thank You Twelve Vision Party( TVP)
    Thank You Neothink Society…

  62. Steve says:

    Only one type of force is necessary among humankind, and that is : self -defense force.

    Initiatory Force must be eliminated…

    Thank you Mark Hamilton, The Twelve Visions Party, The Neothink Society

  63. Steve says:

    Once The Twelve Visions Party is in office the government will be a protection only service and everything that protection involves such as justice, courts, police, prisons, national defense.

    Thank you Mark Hamilton, The Twelve Visions Party, The Neothink Society

  64. Charlie Moore says:

    I don’t think anyone has any idea how much life would be better if the Prime Law was in effect. Seeing everyday how much worse it gets.

  65. Barbara says:

    The Twelve Visions Party with its Prime Law takes us into another dimension never known on Earth in which initiatory force does not exist in the governing body….This new dimension will end poverty,hunger,even disease…. The Twelve Visions(TVP) with its Prime Law is the answer to all our problems……
    Thank You Mark Hamilton
    Thank You Neothink Society…

  66. Judith Curless says:

    Have we had enough yet, fellow Americans? Does the current political race make it obvious that the two-party political system is completely failing us? Want to learn why and how we got into this mess? Read Mark Hamilton’s epic tale of where it all began thousands of years ago and the long trail of deceit that has led us to this current moment in American politics (and the world). Learn of the plan to bring real change that would be so simple to implement once enough people realize that it’s even a possibility!

    If you do not have Mark’s book “The Three Thousand Year Old Secret” in your library of political information, you’re missing a great opportunity to advance and move forward toward a positive outcome in the future. I am so grateful for this life-changing work and cannot express enough how much it will benefit anyone who will check it out! The numbers of people are growing daily who can never go back now to the old ways of looking at the current situation after reading the solutions. Join us.

    Peace in our time … no more war! Bring it on, Twelve Visions Party! Thank you.

    • Joan Raymer says:

      The Prime Law tells us: the Federal Government will be reduced to protection against physical aggression or imminent threat only. The Federal Budget has been wrongly used to rule over society through publicizing our lives and our businesses. Thanks MH!

  67. Barbara says:

    The Twelve Visions for You
    The Twelve Visions Party
    Vision One
    Become the PersonYou Were Meant to Be
    Vision Two:
    Live the Life You Were Meant to Live
    Feel Extraordinary Every Day
    Vision Four:
    Slow Down Aging Permanently
    Vision Five:
    Land the Job of Your Dreams
    Vision Six:
    Build the Business of Your Passions
    Vision Seven:
    Experience the Love of Your Life
    Vision Eight:
    Have the Body You Always Envied
    Vision Nine:
    Become a Genius of Society
    Vision Ten
    Have Everything You Ever Wanted (via the free-to-soar geniuses and super technologies)
    Vision Eleven:
    Ride A Prosperity Wave to Riches ( via falling prices and soaring buying power)
    Vision Twelve:
    Enjoy Nearly Perfect Health (via soaring medical technologies and falling prices)…

  68. Steve says:

    Look around, do you not think we are living in a Catastrophic Era.

    Hasn’t there been enough killing, hatred, terrorism etc.

    It is time for The Twelve Visions Party and The Prime Law…..

    Thank you Mark Hamilton, Neothink

  69. Barbara says:

    Prime Law is the answer to it all, and the Prime Law will bring UniversalWealth for the first time on our planet ….WOW!!imagine…Thank you Mark Hamilton and Thank You Neothink Society….

  70. Chris says:

    Dear Mark,
    I need HELP?? Jesus is part of your society??
    Is the Statue of Liberty, not a woman, but of
    Jesus, going out to be put on the cross??
    Look at the head piece?? What would happen
    if the Statue of Liberty, was lied to us, for over
    200 years.
    What if the Statue of Liberty, was not
    a woman, but, Jesus, in secret, from the people??

  71. Dawud Mustafa says:

    We just celebrated independent day in the USA , I celebrated the 4th of July in the traditional way until I received my ,what I call my independent letter from Mark the invitation into the society but since I became a Neothinker I no longer do any thing in the traditional way, on the day I receive my letter from Mark I consider that letter my independent day so when I’am on any neothink mentor call I’am in the C of U and that in it self is independence and disconnection from the A/C. Thanks to you Mark Hamilton.

  72. Harry Dolgin says:

    Harry Dolgin
    I recite the Prime Law every night before bedtime. I look forward to it replacing the rule of man. Until that time though, I need to discover my FNE, develop it ,and hopefully, make a good living with. That is what all our Neothinkers must do. This will lend credibility to our cause and enable us to be able to reach the masses

  73. Charlie Moore says:

    Could we use the Prime Law today? It is needed more than ever. We must talk action now. We cannot afford to sit back any longer.

  74. Vicente San Martin Jr says:

    Mark Hamilton you gave me a New Life and for that i can say thank you Not much will be said about the Prime Law but to each his own

  75. Chris says:

    Dear Mark,
    I have your book: Wealth, Health, Peace/3,000.
    No one gets it, but it should be simple, Put the
    Prime Law in the Constitution. If the budget
    is $1 Trillion, 500 Billion per year, since (1945).
    (I will have to go through the book again).
    You have to cut out $1 Trillion from the budget.
    Outlaw taxes, Cut all bills in half, not once, but
    second time (that is “TWO” times). Cut all prices
    not once, but second time (That is “TWO” times).
    $300 Billion for: Military, Veterans Pensions,
    Local Police, The Courts, The Prisons.
    $200 Billion, to pay off and pay down
    the National Debt. That is: $(12) Trillion,
    (500) Billion in debt, since (1945).
    And that will take 75 years to do that.
    And you must put The “PEOPLE MONEY”
    back on the “GOLD STANDARD”, because the
    government took us off the Gold Standard, in (1934).
    Go, Mark, Go!

  76. Will Blanc says:

    Lets get America the protection it deserves. Our political leaders need to stop meddling in the affairs of other countries and sticking their nose where it don’t belong, so we can quit making enemies around the world. Let’s bring our troops home so that they can protect Americans from terrorists and so they can be in less hazardous situations. Secondly let us keep our Second Ammendment rights so that we can back up our soldiers. The Prime Law will do all of this and more. Thank you Mark Hamilton for creating this potential amendment to our Constitution . Only a visionary such as yourself could have conceived and written such a crucial piece of work for the bright future of mankind.

  77. Juanita Heckel says:

    The one needed law to end poverty. The one valid purpose of government is to protect its people……..End the rule of man and launch the WEALTH of mankind! Thank you (MH) for sharing the knowledge of the 3000 year old secret.

  78. Chris says:

    Dear Mark,
    First, Happy 4 of July, the founding 4 fathers and
    George Washington. In the book: Outcompete
    God and Government. Revelation decoded:
    Chapter 13, verse 18, it said 666 Neo-cheaters.
    Does anyone know exactly, who they are???
    Knowledge is very powerful. The books, videos
    and The Prime Law are very important
    to the people. Go, Mark, Go!

  79. Steve says:

    Happy 4th of July

    Remembering our Fore Fathers.

    Would they be proud of our country today? Hmmm

  80. Mary Grassel says:

    Thank you, Mark Hamilton for your wonderful writings. I study your works every day, Dr. Wallace’s also. Love is the most important thing.

  81. Joshua Rudolph says:

    I think if we all work at this we can get the T.V.P. going in the right direction.

  82. Steve says:

    It Is Time To Again Post The Prime Law:

    The Prime Law

    (The Fundamental of Protection)


    *The purpose of human life is to prosper and live happily.

    *The function of government is to provide the conditions that let individuals fulfill that purpose.

    *The Prime Law guarantees those conditions by forbidding the use of initiatory force, fraud, or coercion by any person or group against any individual, property, or contract.

    Article 1

    No person, group of persons, or government shall initiate force, threat of force, or fraud against any individual’s self, property, or contract.

    Article 2

    Force is morally-and-legally justified only for protection from those who violate Article 1.

    Article 3

    No exceptions shall exist for Articles 1 and 2.

    *The Prime Law is the fundamental, natural law of protection (that directs all decisions and actions of the Twelve Visions Party) and is not open to amendment or change.

    Thank you, Mark Hamilton

    Thank you, Neothink Society

  83. Steve says:

    Let me be perfectly clear………

    The Twelve Visions Party presents and supports the Prime Law….. The Flawless Prime Law.

    Yes, we need to evolve from the rule of flaw-filled man to rule of flawless law.

    Thank you, Mark Hamilton

    Thank you, Neothink Society

  84. Steve says:


    It is time, yes it is time, to end politicization and regulation of our live and businesses by instituting The Prime Law of Protection and The Protection-Only Budget…

    Thank you, Mark Hamilton

    Thank you, Neothink Society

  85. Harry Dolgin says:

    Harry Dolgin
    A world without initiatory force, wow!, what a concept? The Prime Law is a universal law that will kick out all politicians and Neocheaters from the governing body, and replace them with fully integrated, honest businessmen. Great job, Mark Hamilton, I recite the Prime Law every night before I go to sleep

  86. Juanita Heckel says:

    How simple can it be? The only purpose of government is to protect its people! So grateful to you Mark Hamilton….. Time to bring this to life! Make All The People Rich, Including The Poor! Remove the power base government once and for all!

  87. Mary Grassel says:

    I am not able to post on wickippedia because my tablet wont let me finish my posts but so far I can post here. Each individual has the inalienable right to his or her own mind, body, and earned property regardless of those benefits that naturally accrue to others and society. No one can rightfully own or morally take any portion of another individual’s life or earned property. Dr. Wallace speaka of this in the 87th. Atvantage. Thank you Dr. Wallace.

  88. Juanita Heckel says:

    Imagine living in neighborhoods safer than Disneyland! This is just a tidbit of what the Prime Law will bring to our nation. Thank you Mark Hamilton,……… for bringing us the vision of mankind living in total peace on earth!

  89. I recently came across Charlie Moore on Linked-in and my old Neothink memories rekindled. The insightful works of Mark Hamilton and Frank R Wallace coupled with enthusiastice clubhouses and the guiding hand of Steve Fagan on many calls played a significant role in my business success.
    Working on my “mini-day” routine increased productivity, identifying neocheaters hurled me past time consuming people with nowhere desire. So many literary works to challenge the mind while moving me toward the life I was created to live.
    In a world where nearly 55 million people are about to vote for a serial liar, psychopathic and incompetent national leader having left a trail of death in their wake signals loud and clear that the age of Neothink is upon us… or my God help us.
    Now, I can talk about how these works and experiences moved me to business success or unparalleled happiness with my 2 beautiful young adult children but it will mean absolutely nothing if you don’t truly clear your mind of what you “think” you know and take Neothink for a test drive. You will not be disappointed!

  90. Jason Andre Cross says:

    The 3000 year old secret, the prime law, will elevate man and promote pure love and pure honesty. Man is flawed and the implementation of the prime law eradicates flaw-filled man and removes man from the equation and gets us to adhere and work towards a higher standard.

    The 3000 year old secret will bring happiness and restore the dignity of the average man because all men will live richly including the poor.

    The 3000 year old secret not only will get man to be creative and more of a contributor to society; once it takes effect, but will go a long way in reducing, if not completely eliminating debt and providing a budget surplus. Dishonesty, personal agendas and mysticisms will be a thing of the past and we will enter a new paradigm; that will be the civilization of the universe.

    I look forward enjoying that with my immediate family and my neothink family.

  91. Steve says:

    Be take note:

    When America embraces the Twelve Visions Party, the party for depoliticizing America, three benefits will surface:

    1. Near-Perfect health for the young , the old, and for those in their prime.

    2. Millionaire – like wealth for ordinary people, including the poor.

    3. Exciting creative jobs for nearly everyone, which releases nearly everyone’s human potential….. Their Friday Night Essence……

    Thank you, Mark Hamilton

    Thank you, Neothink Society

    • Joan Raymer says:

      In our Twelve Visions World we will have depoliticized our medical industry and biological immortality will be the new reality.

  92. Steve says:

    The Twelve Visions Party contributes to taking civilization into that brand new dimension never known on Earth. A dimension that will allow all people to experience unlimited wealth, unlimited prosperity and unlimited happiness.

    It is time to banish initiatory force…….

    It is now time for The Prime Law

    Thank you, Mark Hamilton

    Thank you, Neothink Society

    Thank you, The Twelve Visions Party

  93. Kenneth L Miles says:

    I have none Mark Hamilton sense I was a teen-ager and I have learn a lot from him I believe in his cause, because what he has done is making this world better and believe me it’s working, Moving Forward. Mark.

  94. Mary Grassel says:

    Mark Hamilton is a writer, a teacher, a Mentor. I thank you, Mark for your Videos and your books. Mark does not lead me, I walk with him because I know he is right. I have learned a lot from him. I am glad to be a member of the Neothink Society.

  95. Naida Disla says:

    I am so glad I saw this video, it truly gave me some meaning and I am so looking forward to more moving forward.

  96. Steve says:

    I am Becoming The Person I am Suppose To Be, Actually Today I am The Person I am Suppose To Be


    Living The Life I Should Be Living…. Yes, Living My Life, Taking Control Of My Life

    I am Honored and Glad To Be A Member Of The Neothink Society

    Thank you Mark Hamilton, Neothink

  97. Pete Zerger says:

    The PRIME LAW is elegantly simple, yet profound in the implication’s it will have on humanity as it spreads across the globe. !!!

  98. Mary Grassel says:

    The purpose of each individual human life is to prosper and live happily. Anyone can achieve that when free of force, fraud, or coercion by others. Thank you Dr. Wallace & Mark Hamilton for the Prime Law that will protect us. Forbiding initiatory force and coercion is the only political law compatibal with the prosparity and happiness of human beings.

  99. eva says:

    Mark Hamilton Thank you for being you.
    The Primer literature has impacted my life in such a positive way.
    A new way of thinking , a greater way of experiencing life

  100. Chris says:

    Dear Mark,
    I have the book: Outcompete God and Government:
    In the book, you have two Bibles: The Bible Decoded:
    I read all Twenty-One chapters, of John. I also read in
    two days, all Twenty-Two chapters, of Revelation.
    It was amazing to read, people should read the different
    between the Propagandized bible and the real gospel decoded.
    People need to “SEE” with there own mind and eyes, what
    Religions do to them and there freedoms.
    This country does need The Prime Law. Go, Mark, Go!
    Thank you for your time.

  101. Raymond Roberts says:

    I want to thank you Mr. Mark Hamilton as I have just watched some of your instructional videos and I enjoyed each one. Thank you…thank you…thank you.
    There is very important information in each regarding the Rule of Man and the Prime Law.
    I also want to thank you for sharing your great and wonderful knowledge with our members. Your information brought back memories for me which filled me with great excitement and happiness. Thanks for keeping me Neo-Think-ing

  102. Juanita Heckel says:

    The only movement that will end poverty. Having a world that is full of abundance and thriving for all mankind! So grateful to you Mark Hamilton for your video of the 3000 year old secret!

  103. Dawud Mustafa says:

    Mark says, The neotech philosophy is the widest integration of any other ideal system it is fully integration honesty. With neotech new knowledge is beyond the conscious mind only because of time, the time needed to accumulate facts and information for integrations required to fill any understanding gap. Unlimited knowledge, therefore, is separated from us only by time. Likewise, our own consciousness today and the most knowledgeable consciousness in the universe are both equally capable of understanding anything-even a knowledge a billion years ahead of all current knowledge. only time separates us from our cosmos cousins and all knowledge.

  104. Kay Samalin says:

    Rule of Man is responsible for poverty, supression and tyranny. How do we get out of having to follow the Rule of Man and stop government from pushing their agendas on us? We must set up a world living under the Prime Law which will take us into the next dimension lifting us into wealth, health and happiness.

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for Neothink.

  105. Steve says:


    The Trap is unintegrated knowledge in the form of specialized tasks….

    The outcome is:

    Integrated Knowledge, The ticket to unlimited wealth and unlimited happiness.

    Thank you, Neothink Society

    Thank you, Mark Hamilton

  106. Steve says:


    When America embraces the Twelve Visions Party the party for depoliticizing America, then three benefits will surface:

    1. Near-perfect health for the young, the old, and for those in their prime

    2. Millionaire – like wealth for ordinary people, including the poor.

    3. Exciting creative jobs for nearly everyone, which released nearly everyone’s human potential

    Thank you Mark Hamilton

  107. Charlie Moore says:

    The Prime Law is the most important Law in the history of mankind.

  108. Kay Samalin says:

    The valid purpose of government is to protect its people from those who violate them by using initiatory force against them. Our government has moved beyond its purpose and has expanded its agenda which is crippling us. We must take hold of the tools Neo-Tech/Neothink offers us and become mystic free value creators so we can eliminate the value destroyers,.

  109. Mark Hamilton, after being a Neothink Member for almost eight years, I have Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally/Energy-In-Motion GROWN in leaps and bounds and it’s all because of YOUR LITERATURE, Frank R. Wallace’s literature and all the available Teleconferences—It seems like I have been in college these past years.

    Saying THANK YOU just doesn’t seem enough to show you my appreciation, but I’ll say it anyway—THANK YOU MARK HAMILTON FOR YOU BEING WHO YOU ARE!!!

  110. Chris says:

    Dear Mark,
    I’m reading some of your books right now, the one
    book that I’m reading is: 3000 year old secret: Let me talk to you.
    In the book, you talk about the national debt, the budget, cutting taxes
    and “MONEY” for protection only.
    Why don’t you make a video and tell them?? Maybe, you could start
    people talking about “THEIR MONEY”. If it failures, blame me for
    talking to you about it.
    I would enjoy a reply on this question?
    Thank you for your time. Go, Mark, go.

  111. Rockney Ing says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton, for taking my suggestion to include contract rights in the Constitution of the Universe, and to change the name to The Prime Law. I appreciate it when I can contribute something of value to the ’cause’. Good job on the video, too.

  112. Barbara says:

    Mr Mark Hamilton thank you for your loving heart for all of us on this planet earth….I know thank you is not enough… Thank You Neothink Society…

  113. Barbara says:

    Thank You MrMark Hamilton for reveille this 3000 year old secret …. Thank you for Prime law and Neothink Society..

  114. Barbarao says:

    Twelve Visions Party is very simple,free all victims by replacing then rule of flawed men with the rule of flawless law,The Prime Law… The Prime Law is t he fundamental law of protection and is the cornerstone of a protection-only Twelve Visions Goverment….Thank You Mark Hamilton Thank You Neothink Society..

  115. Pete Zerger says:

    “Man is addicted to the lash”. –Ayn Rand

    Wouldn’t freedom and prosperity and health and wealth be a welcome and exciting world to wake up in? THE PRIME LAW shows the way. !!!

  116. Kay Samalin says:

    Mark Hamilton said that the rulers have waged war and even starved their own people to keep the secret from being known and that is the 3000 year old secret. And isn’t that what they are doing today? We must all work together using the tools Neo-Tech/Neothink teaches so we can eliminate man-made law.

  117. Michael Sholty says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for th Prime Law, also for all your writings. I use your giudance in my small farm to complete my managing decisions. I am in need of the Prime Law as I have contracts signed and one of which is in danger of fraud. In the A C the law will drag the legation out for several years.

  118. Steve says:

    There are two fundamental objectives in life:

    1. To improve one’s life, virtuously selfish movement

    2. To improve the world one lives in, virtuously selfless movement

    Directed by these two fundamental objectives in life rose the two Movements:

    The Neothink Movement

    The Twelve Visions Party Movement

    Thank you Mark Hamilton

  119. Juanita Heckel says:

    The Twelve Visions World is the only way to live!! Thank you Mark Hamilton.. Life just keeps getting better and better, living by the Prime Law!

  120. Barbara says:

    The Twelve Visions. Party is very simple,free all victims by replacing theruleof man with the rule of flawless law, the PRIME LAW….Prime. Law is the fundamental. Law of protection and is the cornerstone of a protection- only Twelve Visions Goverment.Thank You Mark Hamilton for this secret and Neothink Society..

    • Joan Raymer says:

      Undreamt of Wealth, Health, Safety to all including The Poor, The Elderly, the Underprivilaged. Thank you Mark for telling us how this is possible!

  121. Charlie Moore says:

    Imagine a world with no initiatory force, the freedom that we would have. A world of no regulations. A peaceful world. Thank you Mark Hamilton.

    • James zeallor from phila hi Charlie we need to fill the executive branch inner mind space with this learned documented knowledge also get these advanced tech buildings going that will effect the numbers mark Hamilton digger fagan are the main platforms

  122. Charlie Moore says:

    As long as we live under the Rule of Man, we will never be free. Mark Hamilton Thank You for the Prime Law.

  123. Steve says:

    From The words of Mark Hamilton:

    Remember: Reason as the guiding voice of humanity no longer lives. If it did, we would not be headed in the irrational direction that our country is headed……

    Very, Very Reals Words…….. The Reality

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for stating it like is Really, Really Is….. The Reality.

    It is time for all to wake up to The Reality: Reason is Dead

    Thank you Neothink Society…….

  124. Pete Zerger says:

    The Prime Law –The Fundamental of Protection = The way out of the quagmire. !!! pez

  125. Barbara says:

    Awesome, Thank You Mark for this beautiful Prime Law a new future without initiatory force…

  126. Steve says:

    In this world that is full of hate and pain. We must move the world into a mentality shift. The Neothink Mentality shift.
    We need a world of Pure Love and Pure Honesty, Pure Love in our Hearts and Pure Honesty on our lips.
    We learn to create the mentality shift with the help of the writings in the Prime Literature.
    Thank you Mark Hamilton for your writings,
    Thank you Neothink Society

  127. William J Kyle says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton, and you are so right we have been followers for so long and have been programed to obey with out questioning any thing in our lives. I believe that the rule of man is only for the few who have power over the many. I follow the prime law . I want to thank the neo think society and the Twelve Vision Party for changing my life completely

    I Love you

  128. Joshua D Rudolph says:

    I want you to know mark that all you do. I am very great full for.

  129. Mary Grassel says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for all your books and Dr. Wallaces too. So much help for my life. You have given me the courage to live as I was meant to live. I am glad to be a member of the Neothink Society and to live with intigrated honesty.

  130. Kay Samalin says:

    Government should lead a nation for protection only. That is the one valid purpose for a government. We have a government that is constantly using initiatory force on us. It is time to put the Prime Law into the Constitution and deny the government its practice of using initiatory force on us.
    Let us thank Mark Hamilton for the creation of the Prime Law.

  131. Barbara says:

    Thank You Mr Mark Hamilton and Thank You Dr Frank R Wallace for your writings and mentoring it is changing my life for the better also Thank You to all of our mentors for there hard work so all of us can change this country and the world…Thank You Neothink Society……We can do this !!!

  132. Dawud Mustafa says:

    I see every indication of the upper class trying to send the world back into the dark ages I see it in politic see it in religion, in Hollywood moves, examples like: Waterworld, Eli, all kind of fiction with a hidden massages, that will decline society back into the dark ages, I see the same pattern when the christian converted Roman to christianity which started the decline and finally the beginning of the 1000 year dark age for the whole world. What was able pull the world out of that condition? the answer was new knowledge which cause a new birth the Renaissance. That is what we are seen today new knowledge from Mark Hamilton revealing the 3000 thousand old secret the prime law. for the first time this will create heaven on earth for Conscious life like other advance Civilization in the Universe. Thanks to Mark Hamilton for this knowledge.

  133. Kay Samalin says:

    The more rule of man laws a nation has the greater the poverty and chaos. Look at Venzuela. We need the Prime Law the Fundamental of Protection in our Constitution to protect us from the rule of man. Come and join Mark Hamilton in creating a world of natural law.

  134. Barbara says:

    ThankYou Mr MarkHamilton for all you do …

  135. Doug Grayson says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton. We are at a time in history where the prime law is the only thing that will keep us from self destructing as human’s. We must do away with the rule of man before it is to late. I want to thank you for putting this up for all to see. I am proud to be one of your students.

  136. Kay Samalin says:

    Rule of Man is used to force the population into obedience.
    We must replace the Rule of Man with the Twelve Visions Party’s Prime Law.

  137. Mary Grassel says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for this 3,000 year old secret. The Prime Law is wonderful. The answer to so many problems. Thanks for helping me understand.

  138. Pete Zerger says:

    You can believe the politicians, the talking heads on television, the religious leaders, etc. etc. etc. . . . . . .Or, you can believe in Yourself.

    No one can stop an idea whose time has come — TVP anyone?

  139. Pete Zerger says:

    The PRIME LAW AMENDMENT is the basis for a just, rational society —
    In America first, and then across the globe. !!!

  140. Mary Grassel says:

    Love you Mark Hamilton for all of your writings. You have helped me so much.

  141. Mary Grassel says:

    I’m looking forward to having the Prime Law as the beginning of our Constitution.

  142. Barbara says:

    MrMark Hamilton thank you for your insight……..And thank you for identifying the root cause…..It is 3000 years overdue……..

  143. Juanita Heckel says:

    So we are flaw-filled humans, throughout history man has found a rule, holding back our freedoms. Now with the 3000 year old secret unveiled, time to ring the REAL Liberty BELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Twelve Vision Party, The only movement that will make all the people rich, including the poor!
    Thank- you Mark Hamilton

  144. Barbara says:

    Thank You Mr Mark Hamilton for unveil 3000 year old to a new mentality

    Thank You Mr Mark Hamilton for unveil 3000 year old secret to a new mentality….The FLALESS Prime Law Natural Law removes the Flawed-Filled man and lifts. all of us into a world of wealth , health and prosperity we never seen before… Thank You Neothink Society Love to all……

  145. Pete Zerger says:

    This is powerful.
    It seems simplistic at first glance.
    Yet, it seems possible and doable upon further examination .

  146. Kay Samalin says:

    Mark Hamilton is telling us to remove the rule of man we must remove the fundamental ingredient that nourish the rule of man. That ingredient is initiatory force. Come and join Neothink and work with us the remove initiatory force.

  147. Dawud Mustafa says:

    Mark Hamilton vision of TVP and the Prime Law will create the twelve vision world which is just one of the puzzle piece to reach the final goal of biology immortality and Mark creation of the Neothink society is another piece of the puzzle that will make the vision a reality. Thanks to Mark Hamilton for revealing the 3000 year old secret (The Prime Law).

  148. Mary Grassel says:

    Thank you Mark HAMILTON for your message of hope to all of us. The Prime Law will set us free from the parasitical elete. I thank you Liz Szarka also for your post and Buzz McCulloch for yours. I agree with both.

  149. Will Blanc says:

    The Prime Law is awesome for the human race in the 21st century. Humans are flaw filled, easily influenced, corupt (especially where they are granted or assume power) and have their own agendas. This rule of law will be flawless and will govern flaw filled man to the greatest achievements this world has ever known. Thank you Mark Hamilton!

  150. Will Blanc says:

    Thank you for opening our eyes to the lies and deceit that our leaders control us with. A force backed government will never allow us as Americans to prosper. Thank you for this neothink literature. The prime law amendment to the US Constitution will put everyone in a position to live the life they were meant to live. Living in a world with optimum health, wealth, peace and love will be everyone’s pleasure. Thank you Mark Hamilton for the Prime Law.

  151. Barbara says:

    Twelve Vision Party, Prime Law and the Protection. Only Budget will change our life’s forever….Thank you Mr Mark. Hamilton for your vision and love for mankind and Thank You Neothink Society..

  152. Kay Samalin says:

    The rule of man must be replaced by natural law. This will be done by using Neo-Tech and Neothink by all the people. Using the Prime Law will make all the people rich including the poor.

  153. Christopher Moyns says:

    The sooner the Prime Law is in place the better. Rule of Man are using our own money and technology against us.

  154. Will Blanc says:

    Thank you for opening our eyes to the lies and deceit that our leaders control us with. A force backed government will never allow us as Americans to prosper. Thank you for this neothink literature.5

  155. Barbara says:

    Thank You Mark Hamilton for reveling this 3000 year old secret it’s very powerful. See it over and over again and listen and. visulaze it it will enlighten and uplift you….Everytime I. view this video I integrate more knowledge and the need for the Prime Law as eternal protector of Wealth , Health, and Peace for all……..Thank You

  156. Kay Samalin says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for giving us the Prime Law. The Prime Law will lift all of us into a world of wealth and prosperity never seen before. We will remove the disease rule of man.

  157. eva says:

    I am grateful for all that I have learned from neo tech and Neothink. Thank you Mark Hamilton for all that you are doing for mankind.
    I see differently with a heart and mind full of love and determination to live life fully,
    No followers, no leaders, a world of limitless possibilities.

  158. Mcquade Eberspacher says:

    The prime law is the ultimate natural law that will bring all of us into prosperity unlike anything we have ever seen ,where government will back off, Which is how the U.S. became so prosperious by letting humans do what they do best, Create. Thank you mark for saving my life and the lives of many others around the globe .

  159. Chris says:

    Mark has an amazing video, we are all flawed-filled imperfect people. I would be happy if I could find and do my FNE. Something is deep inside me, that would love to come out, to fulfill my TWELVE VISIONS. I know I’m a neo-cheater, but, when I listen to you people on calls, internet calls, read your books.
    something powerful wants to come out. “What?” I don’t know. You people give out Inspiration, Motivation and Stimulation. You also talk about Open-Ended Growth Creativity. You give people knowledge that they need.
    Don’t ever let them, take down that video, of the 3000-year old secret.
    This is a very powerful, piece of knowledge, that we all need, for all countries.
    Thank you for your time. Go, Mark, Go!! And don’t ever stop!!

  160. louis spatejr says:

    thanks for mh and family and neothink

  161. To Everybody who reads this: What is needed and desired by all Neothink Members is the Twelve Visions Party for our US and States’ Governments AND while we are waiting for our perfect moment to be the “IT”, then I think Donald Trump will be better than any of the other Presidential Candidate.

    Mr Mark Hamilton, I thank you for all your foresight for providing all the opportunities for the Neothink Twelve Visions Party making this land we preside on a perfect place for our freedom and prosperity.

  162. Steve says:

    Two Movements: A Unification……

    The Neothink Society Movement for the Betterment of the Individual

    and (Unifying with)

    The Twelve Visions Party Movement for the Betterment of Society

    Thank you, Mark Hamilton

  163. Steve says:

    On This Memorial Day Weekend it is crucial to realize that it it time for The Prime Law to become an amendment to the United States Constitution.

    It is time to replace Flawed-Filled Man with the Flawless Prime Law.

    Let’s stop the blood shed and mass chaos under the rule of Flawed-Filled Man.

    Thank you Neothink Society

    Thank you, Mark Hamilton

  164. Barbara says:

    Thank You Mark Hamilton for this wonderful 3000year old secret and its clarity for all to see…The Prime Law is the very essence of ” Justice For All” The Twelve Vision Party is the key and Neothink Society….Thank You . m

  165. eva says:

    Thank you MARK; The literature has and continues to enable me to improve my life as well as the lives of others.
    After reading “The 3000 yr old secret” , I No Longer Describe My Live as COMFORTABLY NUMB. I am In Love With My and continually improve all areas with the Neothink Literature.

  166. Rosa Lerblance says:

    The 3000 Year old Secret It is time for the Prime Law to be in place. It is overdue!!!
    Everything will fall in place when it does. THANK YOU FRW MH AND FAMILY

  167. Juanita Heckel says:

    The Neothink journey is full of many self discoveries.. Being of pioneer spirit, I have traveled over some dusty paths, trail blazing is in my DNA……. I am in Love with the Prime Law!! I will continue working towards ending the Rule of Man, and Launching the Wealth of mankind!
    I am living my dreams thanks to Mark Hamilton

  168. David Hughes says:

    Thank You Mark Hamilton, your father and all of the mentors. I’ve been reading, following along on the phone calls and sometimes entering in on the phone calls. Today after listening to the 3000 year old secret dialog, it was the first glimpse of what it could be like if the TVP and Prime Law were in place in our government and how sweet and nice that could be. I always thought it would be but today I could see a glimpse of the reality of life with it in place. What a blessing it is and I appreciate you all.
    Thank You All
    David Hughes from San Jose…

  169. Pete Zerger says:

    Initiatory force is so ingrained in the rulers and in the people that it seems to be natural and unavoidable — that is — until the PRIME LAW becomes the fundamental of protection. !!!

  170. Mary Grassel says:

    The Prime Law is the answer to our government problems. We must get it in place.

  171. Charlie Moore says:

    Everyday I think about what the Prime Law could do for mankind. So we must let mankind know about the Prime Law.

  172. Steve says:

    Everyone has the right to prosper and live happily, That is right….. Everyone

    There are no exceptions.

    Thank you Mark Hamilton…….. Thank You Twelve Visions Party, Thank You Neothink Society………… A Most Valuable, Valid Society of Value Creators

  173. Michael Sholty says:

    Having read the PRIME LAW and the bylaws of the T V P I am starting the process to find the steps to find Mr. Mark Hamilton’s instructions to a State Executive Committee. I will go to the bylaws again to find the website that Mr. Hamilton gave to us in the above. I am tring to keep abreast of the calls to hear of any changes.

  174. Juanita Heckel says:

    What is the results that the PRIME LAW will bring, Universal Wealth for the first time on our planet! Can you imagine the flavor then? Just one ingredient and explosion of wealth, how BEAUTIFUL!

  175. Juanita Heckel says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for being so courageous in bringing this to the public. So many lives lost because of this 3000 year old secret being kept from us. (PRIME LAW) It truly is a exciting time to be ALIVE!

    • Joan Raymer says:

      Mark, thank you for The 3000 Year Old Secret and for giving me a vision of
      The life I am meant to live.

  176. Charlie Moore says:


    Thank You for the Prime Law. It is 3,000 years overdue.

  177. Steve says:

    It is very crucial that we replace the rule of flaw-filled man with the rule of the flawless Prime law.

    Thank you Mark Hamilton, Neothink

    • Arthur Emmons says:

      I agree Steve we need to move forward w- the Prime Law & have a social change for many so that we can create Value for our human society & for the betterment of man kind as Mark Hamilton has prepare us in his manuscripts,

      Thank you Mark Hamilton & all of the Neo Tech members.

      & of course Coach Faben have an amazing Day.

  178. Karen Lorraine Venn says:

    I love this book & plan to read it again, after I finish reading PAX Neo-Tech; this book is a great read, as well as watching the video, due to it’s great points.
    I agree we’re flawed & we need The Prime Law, TVP in order to become great again; I live & breathe The Prime Law, since it makes sense & probably needed to be in our Constitution in the beginning of our United States; & it means, to me anyway, actual freedom, from what we have today. Because I’d love, love, Love to be off of my Dad’s Social Security, forever; & yes, continue on the road to happiness, wonderment & joy. Also, I’d love to be able to afford to live on my own & this program will help me do that, which it has already

  179. Jill Reed says:

    The solution has been the same for centuries. Human Beings (consciousness) have the ability to create or stagnate. We must be part of the solution. It was our childhood dream to end poverty and to prosper and live happily. Why do adults follow the same responsibilities for years, instead of going into deeper levels of knowledge and going onto a happy prosperous life. This video addresses this age old question and gives us the solution. It is a cause and effect world. One is either the cause (help us end poverty) or is the effect. Be The Person You Were Meant To Be — move into helping build this #grassroots movement to live your dream.

  180. Robert Holmes says:

    People’s behaviors are very predictable, in which they have no idea how predictable and controllable they are. Our behaviors directly descends from our nature’s original design of our human’s brain. The orginal design can be understood by observing our behavior and our structure of our society throughout an one thousand five hundreds years period. If we could send ourselves back to the time of that one thousand five hundred years ago, we as modern people would be seem by our ancestors to be weird or seeing as weird. To us they would be seem to be in a trance, walking around seemingly to be without a soul. And functioning automatically and systematically to their surroundings world. Which sometimes they would be hearing and acting to imaginary voices of their gods. Or be waiting for directions from their oracles or God-Kings. Who would hullucinated the voices from the higher God for the rest of the crowd. These strange people around the modern person would have no sense of self or they would be merely empty shell of automatons with no internal thoughts. Today’s scientists have learned that humans had a completely different mentality between three thousand and one thousand five hundred years ago. They did not have the linguistic tools that would separate them from the world around them and to think internally as we do today which they had no inner mind space. No thoughts and no judgments which they went through their lives only reacting as other animals do.

    • Andrew Young says:

      I love the insight Robert, As you know here in Tucson, I see it here too. Ever since i became a member and read the literature over and over again. Life is different for me. Never want to go back to the old way. Love to hear from you again brother.

  181. Chris says:

    It a great video! But, it needs to go so “National”. It horrible to see Hillary Clinton running for president of the U.S.
    We need the Prime Law to save our country, or we won’t have one anymore.
    I would like to know who is running for TVP for 2016?
    I would like to know how to vote for that person?
    I would like to know when to vote for that person?
    I would like some kind of information to my questions?
    Also, do you have enough people to have a chance to vote
    for who ever is running?
    The best of happiness for you people, for 2016.
    May you have a great chance to do something.

  182. Daniel Gonzalez says:

    In this great video Mark Hamilton talking about how to protect individual rights through the abolition of all initiatory force. Many thanks for this creation Mr. Mark Hamilton.
    Daniel Gonzalez.

  183. Jany L. Anderson says:

    The prime law is a great tool ! Mr Mark Hamilton
    Is providing to all of us and now to the world. The prime law can make any
    Person realize that we can have the power of making decision for the benefit of our own life and our love ones, we understand the Prime Law , we can show the road of living better with independent manners by using the responsible statements of the prime law.

  184. Kay Samalin says:

    I have been reading Mark Hamilton’s books since the late 80’s. Each book is a treasure to me containing mental tools to carry us into a bright new world. A world where all the people will be rich including the poor.

    Mark Hamilton says in his video “to open the flight into riches we must close our fall into poverty.” The 3000 Year Old Secret teaches us how to do this. This book is one of the most important books. I love what it teaches us and I make every effort to put the content into action.

    Thank you Mark Hamilton.

    Kay Samalin

  185. Steve Fagan says:

    I have been searching and searching for years and thought it was me wondering that there is a problem with government, something was off kilter. I could see it and feel it.

    But I just could not get it.

    Now after viewing the 3000 Year Old Secret it all makes sense to me and I feel energized and exhilarated that there is a real chance for a productive/effective government change.

    We have been living in a contradiction allowing flawed-filled man to rule over us.

    No person has the right to rule over another, and Prime Law will see that this never happens again.

    We should be a government of service not power. A protection only government.

    MY sincerest thank you to Mark Hamilton for bringing the 3000 year old secret to our attention.

    I will see to it that this site is viewed by many, many people and will even speak about the content of the video.

    Steve Fagan

    My eyes are open, I am excited, extremely hopeful and encouraged to see that what is stated in this video becomes the reality it should be.

    The Prime Law: You have my vote……..

  186. tracy cuevas says:

    i perchased two books,but i really would like to talk to a real person,i tried the phone no one calls back, i dont have much money i get ssi, i really just want the truth? signed i dont know what to do!

    • phillip madewell says:

      the truth is there do u watch the news and look at what are government is doing now the theory of this new man kind is in play they just need more people behind them to support it as like you id like to talk to someone inside but maybe they need our support i do believe the theory tho just watch the news we the people need to take a stand

  187. Kenneth Townsend says:

    When the threat of nuclear and biological warfare on this planet has been eliminated, at that moment we have Peace!
    The Prime Law!
    Elect Jill Reed President of the United States and Eradicate terrorism and crime!

  188. Alan Cleal says:

    “Greater than the tread of mighty armies is an idea whose time has come”.

    Victor Hugo

  189. Kenneth Townsend says:

    Thank You Mark Hamilton for bringing us the Prime Law! This Prime Law as an amendment to the U.S. Constitution will bring Pure Freedom to all Americans! Imagine living in a world where everyone is Wealthy, and Poverty is non existent, there are Jobs for everyone, the quality of life for Everyone has Greatly increased, no more crime and terrorism, and there are cures for many of the diseases that cripple us.

    Jill Reed as President of the United States and Tom Cary as Vice President will bring amazing prosperity to all Americans. YOU no longer have to Vote for the lesser of two evils, YOU have a choice, Make a difference Elect Reed/Cary in 2012 and bring America back from the brink of bankruptcy with the Protection only budget, cut Taxes by 50% and keep that money in your pocket.

    Make ALL the People Wealthy, Including the POOR!

    End the rule-of-man to Launch the Wealth of Mankind!

    Elect Reed/Cary and really make a difference!

  190. upkar sachdeva says:

    Dear Mark Hamilton, how did you find out 3000 years old secret, the prime law. It is wonderful. Eradicating rule of man on earth will be a great service to all mankind. Why should one man rule over other? It really is a disease. We really need to go into next dimention. Lets make the Prime Law a constitution. The Prime Law, the fundamenal of protection. The purpose of human life is to prosper and live happily. The function of government is to provide the conditions that let individuals fulfill that purpose.Through Prime Law we can achieve this goal. Its a natural law of protection. Thank you Mark Hamilton.

  191. Alix Salve says:

    Simple but awesome!…can be done. Self-discipline a must for everyone with just one vision in life. Mankind lives in a wonderful society at peace with everyone prosperity everywhere and love for the highest good of all. Needs a restructuring of mind to attain that dimension where initiatory force is absent in the governing body. Mark, you embodied the Cosmic Law. Thank you!

  192. Henryka says:

    Thank you Mr Mark The prime low make me Freedom,safe my house for the fraud,becos gowermen wanna still my hous.I em nau sayfty I has a Sikret society,I wana live the live were born to be.I create happy live,healthy end rech .Henryka

  193. Alan Cleal says:

    Neothink pierces the fog of dishonesty created by the parasitical elite class, akin to a life protecting lighthouse atop potentially lethal rocks.

  194. Nicole Poulet says:

    Thank you Mr. Hamilton for sharing such nugget of knowledge. Who on earth would not agree with you on the rule of man? We are all seeing how, on a worldwide scale, some men in governments rule with greed and have very little regards for Society as a whole let alone the poor. I feel that it is purposefully imposed in order to destabilise the world. In the meantime let us hope that this chaos will stop to make way for THE PRIME LAW. Our generation and the next generations will depend on it to prosper and enjoy life with love instead of fear.
    Most people are aware and dissatisfied with the present times. It will be up to all of us to ensure that THE PRIME LAW is put into action and the time is right now.
    Mark Hamilton let us all take note of what you say. Thanks again.
    With appreciation,

  195. Mark thanks for your video on the 3000 year old secret. This lets people know that the rule of man is the beast. The PRIME LAW is the weapon that kills the beast. We are being set free!

  196. Gene Wheeler says:

    Our Future in Politics with the Twelve Visions Party; the Last Party; Will Make ALL People Rich, Including the Poor & Elderly!! …with the Prime Law Amendment & Protection, Only Budget!!

    • Gene Wheeler says:

      We the People are only one vote away from total, prosperity in every area in life! VOTE: in whatever way your state requires you to vote; selecting a Candidate from the Ballad (or) actually writing-in, the Candidate’s name on the Ballad. And we will happily, do the rest because we know that any honest, Candidate armed with the Prime Law will remove all non-valid aspects of government; which is everything that does not have to do with protecting its citizens and their property and more…!!!

  197. DARBY says:


  198. with tvp one can keep hope alive.things will get greater later thanks mr.mark hamilton

  199. with twelvevision/party tvp we can keep hope will get greater .thanks to mr.mark hamilton

  200. Alan Cleal says:

    Even in a relatively free democratic country the rule of man is still pervasive. The populace is still controlled and exploited by the ruling class as they are in tyrannical nations, albeit at a more subtle level. The pernicious taxation and regulatory policies of modern western governments have resulted in a loss of competitiveness, leading to declining standards of living for countless people. Such policies are always touted as being for the social good, for example to fund a stream of entitlement programmes and to justify destructive foreign wars. Throughout history women have often suffered to the greatest extent via the rule of man. Culminating for example in the deaths of many thousands of innocents in Europe during the Dark Ages.

  201. Rita Marie says:

    OMG!! Mark, a new breakthrough here!!
    I recently replied back to Lisa… I wrote a very long message..
    It was positive but very serious, I felt good but exauted after
    writting it. This got me thinking of how hard you’ve been working
    all these years through your writings..
    Well I wrote two sentences that says it all Mark…
    I have no copyright on it..
    you can use it…
    here goes..
    here it is:

    Have you noticed that all Gov, Fed Reserves, Old news secret societies
    Vatican etc.. are now all ugly looking??
    Have you noticed that all NTs are extremely good looking??

    There you have it Mark… your message is evident..
    Actually.. we can write a pocket book with only these two lines ..
    Make it a best seller, call it “The Evidence has Been Revealed”…lol
    lol… Hope I got you laughing…. if not I’m laughing for both of us…lol…..
    OMG…. I’m so
    Hey.. why not create a NT laugh-in centre .. life is suposed to be good
    for us … life is supose to be fun.. right?

    Oh..My daughter Eve-Alexandra 11 claims that our cat Amigo is a NT Cat
    She’s right you know… have you ever listened to a cat’s purr….. it’s vibrational purr
    gets you aligned with source energy.. try it..
    Hey… why not have a NeoThink Pet Site.. for kids of course…
    NT kids would pile up….
    Do you think this is what “Neo Pet Toys” had in mind???
    Ah man.. why not create a NT Pet Dating site… a pet dating site
    YES!!! this would fly….hum…this may risk getting P&G off ok.. someone else can create this one.

    Actually this brings me to a true story here….
    I was a product developer for 30 years.. finally was getting
    global demand with my new formulations…. At the time
    I honestly believed that I would capture .003% market
    share of the 42 billion dollar or so industry…
    Ah… those blooming sweet days….
    A large Corp… warned me I could not do it without them.
    Oh well ..this little girly became very determined to make it
    on her own….. without the control from the big corp s…..
    I was eventually wiped out by Sept o9… I give myself
    a lot of credit though…. took them 30 years to bring me
    down .. a lesson well learned… actually.. many lessons
    well learned…lol .. everytime they’d get me down i’d
    get up and developed new products…. then slaped down
    again then up again with new product.. and down again
    up and down .. up again and down again….lol
    After 30 years all the little lessons became a great big
    lesson well learned… my lesson was this…
    after I had became a great creator as I believed I was..
    I then created my own destruction through becoming
    a great competitor… even though I never yet had created
    the great riches that I always wanted…… but I do miss
    so much my little Jag
    I’ve never had a good ending by being a competitor.
    Perhaps others can but not me…
    I now rather have fun in creating silly little fun thingnys.
    Ok… it’s funny how we think we know exactly what we want..
    As I look at our tiny tini little apartment here, I can’t help feeling
    that I may just go back to my big projects…. I know for a fact that
    I will never become a competitor again….
    I came here to live in abundance and I do miss my little jaggy
    so much and the home with all those rooms…
    Ah… lets just have fun… but our cat does miss his sushi..
    he’s a 15 year old maincoon cat… they can live late into their
    30s.. see told you he’s a NT Kitty…
    Ok… let’s get stupidly funny…..have fun … and live in abundance
    Ah yes another breakthough “LET”S GET HAPPY” lol
    man.. we’re clever
    Ok… I don’t mean to keep this short but got to go….
    Hey Mark.. did I get you laughing …just a bit… tini little bit
    Always remember this most important message I’ll ever
    reveale to myself

    We are Good Looking
    We will Always be Good Looking
    We chose to come here to be Good Looking
    And We are Living in a Good Looking World
    And our new world long as our NT Amigo comes along..
    we’ll be even better good lookin

    Ok… sorry to keep this short
    Love ya
    Rita Marie

    • patty says:

      Thank you Rita
      I have a neothink dog. His name is NeoZon. He is six months old He is a KyiLeo. I have never seen anything like these dogs. I befriended a lady who is 80 years old and have been lucky to run across these dogs. For almost five years I have been freely care giving, I think she has only seen her daughter twice a year and the girl lives five miles away. All Fran waants is to live out her life with her dogs and all Lila says is it is time to give up her dogs. It is a long story. We have two puppies that are one week old today. I want to see them go to Neothink homes. I would love to give one to Marks son but I just started this journey. I read the books and just got a computer a week ago also. I would love to have a Neothink pet store lol. Thank you for this inspiration.

      • frank e d'angelo says:

        Me and my son who are N.T have been searching for a a new friend .I know it’s a long shot . because we live in Honolulu.but it would be so nice to get that furry friend.My 15yd son has a amazing way with animal’s i,ve seem him get wid birds to land in his hand,amazing anough a bird flew to me to.

  202. StevenB says:

    Pure Freedom is Limitless

    The true nature of man is non-conformist.

    However, for over a hundred generations man — contrary to his true nature — has been increasingly conditioned by ruling class elites to conform. The height of conformity is initiatory force and threat of force. It’s used to enslave men, women and children. When done on an individual level it’s an injustice. When done to a global population an anti-civilization has been created.

    Like a mafia that forces a man to pay for protection or have his legs broken, governments force people to pay for its protection or be put in jail. Jail is the politically correct term for cage. Taxation is the politically correct term for theft. In other words, government gives the illusion of protection while doing the opposite. Actions speak louder than words. Enslaving a man doesn’t protect him.

    Conscious man’s best means of self-preservation and protection is his creation-driven essence. Man creates and produces more than he consumes. Otherwise slavery would be impossible. Second, as man increases his understanding of the laws of nature he increasingly controls nature to more effectively and efficiently preserve and protect conscious man – himself and others.

    The true nature of conscious man is that he is a self-governing, non-conformist, essence-driven creator of values. He lives a creation driven life. He could be creating a new musical ensemble, building a house, knitting a sweater, working a farm, creating a cure for human death, creating a new way to detect life on other planets and etc.

    There will always be an endless array of values yet to be created that benefit him and others. Sometimes he creates values for his benefit and sometimes he realizes value in creating values that benefit others. Creating values for his children’s benefit is one way. Doing business – a voluntary trader of values — is another.

    Conscious man doesn’t conform to the laws of nature. He has no choice but to live with the consequences of them. Thus he is driven to gain ever greater understanding and control of the laws of nature.

    It’s his limitless freedom he is chasing after. He will chase it to the ends of the Universe in order to control the laws of the Universe for the benefit of all conscious beings living therein.

    Just as no man-made law can stop a bullet, no initiatory force or threat of force by humans against humans can create peace or freedom. For man to live by his true nature he honors his fellow man the first premise of freedom and civility: the freedom to decline to associate/engage with anyone he chooses.

    Initiatory force and threat of force certainly cannot create or cause worldwide peace for all individuals and worldwide freedom for all individuals. If there is any doubt, you need only ask a victim of initiatory force if he is experiencing worldwide peace and freedom, let alone peace and freedom in his personal “world”.

    Any person that uses initiatory force or threat of force against another man has enslaved him. Thus denying him from acting on his true nature and attaches to himself a much greater liability owed to his enslaved victim. Plus, the aggressor has earned himself an EXTREME CAUTION label that he is mentally deficient.

    The innocent can know with certainty there has been a ruling class elite handing down commands for those beneath them to reject their true nature in order to serve mentally deficient masters.

    A wise man gives the benefit of doubt that his aggressor has yet to read this communiqué. Having read, herein he may begin to learn and live by his true nature. Your life is much too short and precious for anything less.

    In closing, it is with much love and peace that I wish for each and all of you to experience limitless pure freedom and abundance of all things good that will come from it. You deserve to live the life you were meant to live.

  203. Hi, Mark Hamilton great day to you. My name is Patrick Jonas thank you and your father Dr Wallace and the rest of your family to looking out for me I greatly appreciate all the effort and time you and your hold family put out for me and the rest of the world. It grieve me that such time a curd. form the past three years things not moving too great for me . you see I work a nine to five job doing the thing I like to do my skill trade which is “wood work” I build custom furniture and kitchen cabinet / carpenter and much more . Over these so call boss or business man three years ago us to paid not to shabby today the pay lest than half the use to paid. right now I am back up with my meager billing. please give me two weeks more from this date 09/16/2011 greatly appreciate. Thank you and Dr Wallace for this rare opportunity to receive priceless Pax Neo-Tech one of the greatest book. right now I would like to take this time out to show you my activity to see my envision GO to my website and please give me your feed back, thank you God man

  204. Mack says:

    Mark… wow! Very inspirational.

  205. Hi Mr, Mark Hamilton thank you for my heirloom package one take me strate to the essence of my self the true value of me breaking my job into smooth physical movement giving me totally control and iron grip Over Ne-teoch movements Diagram which bring me to heirloom tow. to picture that Superpuzzle the way to break from those destructive forces of nature is to create even greater NEOTHINK or SUPERSOCIETY STIMULATIONS the outdo those spiral of death anticivilization stimulations. developing supresociety. just simple be play full enjoy Self-Investment Wealth-building jobs. the wealth building job are dynamite! they con grow without limits and depend on one but yourself! and it’s all so simple! Why doesn’t every business do this! where know the answers. right now I’m playing seeing strate true to the essence . thank you Mark Hamilton Gog man.

  206. Paula Zahratka says:

    Whooo Hooo Way to go Mark Hamilton. GOD BLESS you. I got your letter in mail and I would love to join your society. I’ve been wishing and dreaming to belong for a very long time! PAULA Z

  207. Thank to Mr. Hamilton, and Dr Wallace For this awesome breakthrough and the relive the 3000 years secret, thank you all. I hope my fellow Brother and Sister con see the truth and rice to the call. People need to stop bringing down one another. For example you see your brother or sister are striving in life then you start to think bad about your bother and sister that is not right instead of thinking like that think the opposite by thinking this way you will benefit in self-esteem. You will have more ideas more motivation. You see when one help one another they are helping their self and helping the environment and the Universe we are not to blame the system design to keep use like this and you the people need to do some thing about it! Over four hundred years we been in slave all our life now is the time to see what has been hidden from us. This secret MUST be heard by all the peoples of planet earth! I am talking about the basically honest men, women, and children on planet earth today! This video needs to be viewed not just once, not just twice, yes, not even three times only. let use make a better environment just start to think value for us all, make your self become high-value for the the world.

  208. Dagolivera says:

    Mark Hamilton discovered the key to power over life, which every human being seeks, but so few attain. Thank you my mentor.
    Apprentice Dagolivera.

  209. Russ Creamer says:

    With the Prime Law in place the prosperity explosion stays in place. Thanks Mark. This is awsome.

  210. Michael Gifford says:


    • Hi, Mark Hamilton great day to you. My name is Patrick Jonas I was born in Kingston Jamaica and now live in the United state. Of recent I became a member Of The Neothink Society this is my member number NCOXXXXXXX , however I’m not a writer but I must say sense I started to read your revolution story Of Revealing the 3000-Year-Old Secret, Everything you point out is so mouth dropping their are no words to describe the experience. With that Said I am a regular working person, my problem is sense I study Nouveau Tech Secrets I realize that the Secrets was all inside me thanks to you and the members The Secret Society to wake me up now every thing is revealing to me. I am winning Over sees lotto and can not collect them because I can not register to received my money. My salary is paid check to paid check and what the system Is asking me for is more than I can Come up with. what should I do ??? I feel like a fish out of water. I will continue my reading and studying now I am running my company with out a company out of my home.

  211. Stephen Lanzel says:

    Thank you Mr. Hamilton, for reveling this 3000 year old secret. This is worth more then anyone can image. Hard to believe it 3000 years old, but not hard, to believe. Very powerful, very well said, Mark. The video must be seen over an over again, most enlighten, uplifting, it will move your heart. It did mine, an I’m sure it will to others. Just listen, then listen again. Thank you, ever so much, Mark. The concept of a nation, for it’s people, to live happily, peacefully, and be free, of poverty is a new dimension. Thank you again and again Mark Hamilton truly amazing.

  212. Mack says:

    Everytime I view this video, I get more more out of it!

  213. Michael Todovich says:

    I need to talk with Mr. Hamilton either via email or on the telephone as soon as practical. I have an Invitation that expires this Friday 6/10/2011 however, I need to speak with Mr. Hamilton before opting to accept the invitation.

    Please email to me a contact email for Mr. Hamilton or a telephone number at which he can be reached.


  214. Dagolivera says:

    Mark Hamilton, thank you, over and over , again.
    Apprentice Dagolivera.

  215. This secret MUST be heard by all the peoples of planet earth! I am talking about the basically honest men, women, and children on planet earth today! This video needs to be viewed not just once, not just twice, hey, not even three times only. No, rather this video must be categorically viewed as many times as one can view it. The more individual minds absorb this information, the closer We are to living the wealthy, healthy, peaceful life We all have the right to live! Forever Live The Prime Law! I cannot say it enough, view, view, VIEW this video over and over and over and over and over again. The more times you view it, the more integrated You become, the more knowledgeable You become and the more freer You will feel. The more one views this video, the more opportunities one will see for the joyous expansion which is what You really want anyway. I see the need for this secret being told to America and the rest of planet earths people! I see the necessity for generating a massive, worldwide support of the invincible Prime Law as the eternal protector of Universal Wealth, Health, Peace. For more information on the Prime Law and how YOU can personally get the world out to as many people as possible visit,, and This stand for Twelve Visions Party National Committee.

  216. Dagolivera says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for unveil 3000 years old to the NEW MENTALITY GENERATION.
    The Prime Law removes man and his endless opinions, self agendas and religious illusions. Is the only way to transform ordinary people-like me- will become very wealthy.
    On the other hand, the discover of Bicameral Mentality, for Dr. Frank R. Wallace and Mark Hamilton is realy amazing. The Bicameral man lived in the HERE-and-NOW whith no sense of the future or selft-control. Even so NEOTHINK MENTALITY will be cure aging and death.

  217. Dagolivera says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for unveil 3000 years old to the NEW MENTALITY GENERATION.
    The Prime Law removes man and his endless opinions, self agendas and religious illusions. Is the only way to transform ordinary people-like me- will become very wealthy.
    On the other hand, the discover of Bicameral Mentality, for Dr. Frank R. Wallace and Mark Hamilton is realy amazing. The Bicameral man lived in the HERE-and-NOW whith no sense of the future or selft-control. Even so NEOTHINK MENTALITY will be cure aging and death (Vision Fourth- immortality).
    Jesus Christ was the very man leading the BICAMERAL PEASANTS out of the BICAMERAL MENTALITY.

  218. upkar sachdeva says:

    Prime Law is great. I am still reading nuggets. 90 has been read.I had my share with the rule of man when I was growing up. Now I will be aware for the younger people. Thank You Mark Hamilton for educating me.

  219. Adam Lohr says:

    wow people wonder whats wrong with the world.. Its a dangerous planet F-in planet. Thanks Mark, for revealing this one! If you havn’t watched it. Do so.

  220. jeffrey strong says:

    I remember reading this prime law in one of the Neothink books…and i still agree with it today,but I only see it happening after a shift occurs on our planet,to heal itself,and the shift will wipe out a lot of tyrants. So i personally think we should be saving our water and food,clothing…for a hard time to come…a doom,that will last up to two years. How will anyone grow food when there is volcanic ash in the atmosphere for 19 months?

  221. Steven B says:

    “Here’s what we can do to change the world, right now, to a better ride. Take all that money that we spend on weapons and defense each year, and instead spend it feeding, clothing and educating the poor of the world, which it would many times over, not one human being excluded, and we could explore space, together, both inner and outer, forever, in peace.” – Bill Hicks

    The rulers chose war. But they can only get there if we act as subjects and fight their wars for them. Here’s what we can do to change that. Draw a line in the sand.

    When there was just one person there was no need for government. But then came others and someone suggested that we create a government. Joe asked, why create a government? Is it so we can create wars against people in other communities? Mary replied, no, we create governments to protect ourselves from each other. Josephine quipped: but Mary, do we really need to protect ourselves from each other or is it government we need to protect against. If that’s the case perhaps we shouldn’t create governments in the first place.

    It’s too late.

    Every state supreme court and the U. S. Supreme Court have ruled that government has no duty to protect anyone. That’s a fact. Absolutely true; government has no duty to protect you, me or anyone.

    A thinking man from amongst the crowd spoke up – he was no Homer Simpson, that’s was for sure. He said, No poop Sherlock, They steal our money via compulsory taxation. There’s nothing voluntary about taxes, you and I pay them so that guys with guns don’t come and haul our butts off to jail — put us in cages like animals. And governments sure as hell don’t protect our freedoms as it seems that every day they’re taking away more and more of our freedoms.

    They’re lawmakers for cripes sake. They write an ever growing number of laws – trying to keep pace with the ever-growing astronomical national debt, I guess. Laws stating that you MUST DO this, and laws stating you MUST NOT do that. All of them backed by initiatory force and threat of force. Always under the threat that they’ll take away your money and or throw you in a cage if you don’t live your life as the tell you to. They don’t protect anyone. They’re the elite ruling class.

    Absolutely friggin right they don’t protect anyone. The lone exception is that they protect themselves and their ruling-class jobs – that’s the only exception and it’s for them. They invade countries and go to war using us to fight their wars. They’re not protecting us. No siree, they’re killing us. Killing us in more ways than most people can imagine. I’ll give you a glaring example of that in a moment.

    So here you go Bill, here’s the line in the sand, so to speak…

    I’m not saying to eliminate government altogether, though that would be fine with me. I’m saying to eliminate initiatory force. You all can have as much government as you’re willing to pay for. …It just can’t use initiatory force. All governments, individuals and people are prohibited from using initiatory force, threat of force and fraud. That’s just the way it has to be if you, me and we want to live in peace and freedom, allowing massive abundance to be brought forth making everyone wealthy, including the poor. You’re never going to get that from government. Government doesn’t do that. It’s not equipped to do that.

    It’s our job to create abundance. It’s our responsibility. This is surprisingly easy when government is moved out of the way. It’s downright natural occurring for humans to create massive abundance. War and initiatory force is unnatural for conscious beings that live by the rule of law. Not live by the rule of man or the rule of the jungle. Rather, live by the rule of The Prime Law.

    As George Bush senior said: “We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and future generations a new world order — a world where the rule of law, not the rule of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations.”

    Make no mistake about it; rule of the jungle is initiatory force. Stated differently, might makes right. We already have that. The new world order George Bush senior spoke about would be an extension of initiatory force – not the illumination of it.

    What is a nation? A nation is the people of a particular geographic location or region. Our particular geographic location is planet Earth. The Prime Law will reign supreme over the entire Earth populace. What is the number one rule of law that governs people? The Prime Law.

    It’s only fitting the people of the United States be the first to implement The Prime Law by making it an amendment to the United States constitution and the state constitutions. Thus perfecting the great self-governance experiment that began two hundred twenty-five years ago.

    Steven B.

  222. yasein kreai says:

    my father Mark Hamilton happy to lisen to your vido 3000 year old secret also i read it in your manuscript i understand it but how i can get it value in our country as IRAQ please tell me i need your help

  223. Tyler Walker says:

    The answer too Tyrannical rule and the end of the Parasitical Elite Class.

  224. John says:

    Im slow to go but ready to roll, Im ready for the change, lets make it happen

  225. I hope sometime soon you will allow all of us to chine -in and fix this ugly mess !! PLEASE !!!! Also, I have fallen into a bad BIND !! Could someone please contact me
    ASAP !! Sincerely, Jimmy Stella

    mobile# (615) 585- 3555

  226. Liz Szarka says:

    Mark Hamilton – Thank You so much for your insight. This 3,000 year old secret puts you and the Twelve Visions Party a cut above the rest. Many people in this country are aware of that there are deep-rooted problems here – but you are the only one out there with the vision, guts, and full awareness of honestly identifying the root cause and providing an honest, viable solution for helping to take our country and its people to the greatest heights of happiness and prosperity. Thanks again, Liz Szarka

  227. Lois D. Munkachy, Ph.D. says:

    Dear Mark,
    My sound system is now working (I bought a head-set because the old system was badly damaged). However, I’m having trouble understanding what you are saying because the video stops frequently in the middle of a word. The first video took almost 30 minutes to play because of all the stops. Maybe this is being caused by my computer.
    Is there a text I could read instead of watching the videos? If this is an option, maybe you could email the script to me. I’m a fast reader.
    Thanks for your help. I’m really anxious to receive these messages.
    Lois Munkachy

  228. Willie Jagneaux says:

    Terrific–the best I have read and heard. The true method of living. Thanks–Willie

    • Nadean Hayes says:

      I believe this is what the Mayans were speaking of, with the “end of the world in 2012″…. It meant that the world – as we knew it – would end. Our way of acting and thinking would be replaced with something never seen before. Not a forecast of physical doom, but of entering a new dimension of reality in thought and action. And the shift to the Prime Law would bring that about.

  229. Buzz McCulloch says:

    Imagine, if you will, the peoples of our country…and eventually those of our entire world…living in peace and harmony. Just imagine the prosperous nature our lives would be afforded within such a miracle. Think of the universally immense value that would be provided by a national, then world-wide uniting of positive principles. Think of how that value would be measured not only as whole, but within the “I”ness of each individual as well. Just think of the possibilities…

    “Ah,” you may say, “that would indeed be wonderful. But that is only a dream…”

    Is it? IS it “only a dream?” Personally, I think not. So, how could this dream possibly be brought to reality? CAN it be accomplished? Yes, it can – and will – through implementation of the Prime Law! In fact, there has never been a cleaner, more precisely stated “law” ever in the annals of human history. Nor has there ever been a better time period to bring it to light and utilization as the present.

    The trueness of the Prime Laws’ concept, the simplicity of its structure, and the vital importance of its idealism is what makes it so very powerful. And this…is “why” it will work. Yet, we still require the “how” in gaining its proper placement. Please allow me to explain my thoughts on this…

    First, it is through the master-mind being created by the masses who “want a better way” (the “cause”) which will provide the avenue to achieve our intentions (the “effect”). The “master-mind” itself is the result of the thoughts, desires, wants and needs of each individual combined with the same from others. Thus, the “power of the peoples.” And through this “united vision,” success will be met.

    It is easily seen this is already happening – and leads me to theorize the second point. The predictions of the 2012 “end-of-the-world” are well known; and yet are, in my opinion, the result of the various seer’s inabilities to understand what to them was an unknown – a vision of something they had never before been exposed to. Since this (what was foreseen) was such an incredibly different structure of life and existence they simply could not comprehend, it was concluded that life, and the world itself, would come to an end.

    …And so it will.

    Open your mind and Think again…of this. 2012’s year end is when we will have the opportunity to fill the seats of “power” with fresh faces, with new perspectives, and with new intent. Would it not be so unlikely that those new faces, mostly those who are elected from the new Twelve Visions Party, will have behind them the mindsets needed to immediately introduce the Prime Law – even before they “officially” take their positions? Would this also not instill into the minds of the general masses that their “want for a better way” was about to happen? Would this not then present causation of a never before experienced formation of an even greater master-mind – one which is widely united toward making SURE the Prime Law is enacted, and therefore creating a “whole new existence?”

    Should your answers be to the affirmative, then you should see how the predictions of an “end” would be true. However, it should also be seen not only as an end, but as a “new beginning” as well! Literally, it WOULD be the end to “life as we know it,” yet NOT the feared “end of the world” as predicted; as in this new beginning will come such an extremely alternate view toward life – including the way’s we interact and work WITH each other – that a whole new dimension will have been created! Thus, the reason why it could not be “seen” by the seer’s…because it has never before been done.

    There is a third point to reveal as well, and it further pertains to the “how” in accordance to the “what” can be done NOW. The Prime Law does indeed have its place to be enacted into official capacity, yet that is still to come. In truth, we are all fully aware that there will be a waiting period before this will occur. And so, in the meantime, why can we not…each of us individually…enact this law into our own personal lives NOW, and utilize this wonderful “secret” as a tool to expose the future that is to come? We can – and we should! Do so, and the personal rewards will astound you. Do so, and you will stand amazed at the influence it brings to others. Do so…and we will have the firm foundation upon which to build the home where the Prime law will be accepted and placed as the template for the world to utilize as well.

    These are my own thoughts and opinions of course. Take them as you will. As for me…I do look forward to our new beginning…

    Mark, thank you for bringing this secret to light! I am, as always, your brother in the Civilization of the Universe,
    ~ Buzz

  230. We agree with you Mark on this. I George have felt this all my life growing up but could never put the pieces of the puzzle together or into words as you just did. We enjoy your book and have benafited greatly from them. Thank you for all your dedication and hard work in bringing true wisdom to the people.

  231. Erik K. Dzordzordzi Esq. says:

    ITS great re-watching of the 3000 year old secret. It always rebounds back as to how we can take control and create better environment for all MANKIND. However bit by bit MARK HAMILTON is doing some great but just taking very little steps at a time.
    WE continue to study and to prepare ourselve to be more useful to others. have a great day

  232. Myrtle Taylor says:

    Hi Mark and thank you for all you are doing. I study your literature and my fifteen minutes mini day daily and it improves my memory. I want to go to the next demention with the prime law lets bring it on .

  233. james keegan says:

    Mark,Thank you for revealing the Prime law again.
    We must agree to this law and move it ahead of all news commentators.
    We must bring to the populations full attention to the Neothink rationale and advertise this on every air wave,magazine,post,and letter sent by every single being and entity. How? The power of Thought? Skywriting? Passing along the secret? Texting?
    We all realize now what the construct of our very nature is . Mother- Earths natural healing (Nature) is not enough. The beginning of self teaching each” child of the Universe” to be honest is our only hope to a future of full success. I get it! Thank you!

  234. Leon Dombroski says:

    Hi Mark. I was wondering when we would get the “NEW” inspirations that you mentioned were coming last fall??

  235. Julette says:

    Greeting’s to You Mark
    As I listen to Your Video I was Immerse in what you had so say. I come to realize that the Rule of man is not for Honesty or for the Protection of it’s People or the Nation, they have no intention of giving up their Guns and Fist mentality, but, You understan and know the 300-Year-Old Secret and it’s Purpose!
    The Prime Law is truly is necessary for the Restoration and growth of our Society through the world.
    Through Your word’s You gave us Empowerment Mark you are the Educator of the Nation’s throughout the World! Your Words feeds our Brain, Our Mind and Body, You provide us with Purpose for Honesty, Prosperity & Success. The World is your Plat Form and we need You there:

    Best Regards
    PS. You are the God Man for the Position:

  236. Ron says:

    As always you inspire me but I question how you are going to deal with the Dark Cabal that runs our country. For decades the American People have been asleep at the switch and let the enemy surround us with laws that bind us. Hopefully it will not take a shooting civil war to set us free, but there needs to be an alternative gathering of non-lawyers who can get us back to a Republic. Laws on the books right now need to be strickened to set us free so we can be Soveregns. Americans need to be willing to run for honest office without Corporate America butting in. The whole banking system needs reviving without the illegal IRS robbing us! Can your Party do all this and withdraw our war-like views from around the world? Can we commit the obsene amounts of money that is spent on the military, to the domestic use of our counrty? Can you dissolve the financial deffiset that strangles our nation? Force is one thing that you talk about but it seems that the controlling factor that has enslaved Man, is Money. Have you considered how to make everyone prosper without the control of money? What are you going to do about crooked Wall Street? And the corrupt Banks that steal the prosparity from the people since morgages are nothing more than bank fraud. Money is the root of it all. Are the rich willing to play on an even playing field with everyone else? Are you willing? New inventions can eliminate money and greed altogether. Free energy, replicators, computerized cities that think, and the redesign of society. Can your Party do all this? It is going to take more commited people of vision to stand up and say enough is enough. A transformation miracle of peace needs to take place in the hearts of the people and they need to see justice being done to those who have stolen our country and have enslaved us to heavy labor and taxes. Who can compromise the Pentigon to lay down their arms and practice war no more from around the world? Can you do this, Mark? I am not playing devil’s advicate here, jusy inquiring. It took two hundred years to get us into this mess, how long do you suppose it will take to fix all the problems when very few actually know who the true enemies of America are. The head of the dark serpent needs to be severed before changes can be made. Who exactly runs this country? As a last resort, the Secret Gov’t has turned on itself in order to genocide its people. Chemtrails are now being laced with phasgene gas to create upper respitory ailement and kill off the populace. The hospitals are filling up, as whole flocks of bird are falling out of the skies and fish kills are occurring around the country. This is now, how are you going to stop it? You can thank the Black Ops of the Air Force and Navy for this surprise. This isn’t only occurring in the USA but Europe and the Middle East as well. If we don’t stop them now, there won’t be anyone around to stop them and they stay in control. How do we do this? We inform the public because the managed news is not. RON

  237. Alan Yunker says:

    Hi Mark,
    I just wanted to say thank you for being persistant in getting me to this site. Though I have been trying to access a few of the sites I can only do it at the local library and there is a time limit. I’ll continue to return to this site and the secret meetings as time permits. I agree with the 3000 year old secret and I see how our scoiety takes away our freedoms every day. I’ve got to go but I’ll be back.

  238. jacob kroon says:

    I have problems with my computer. I have to get it fixed. it will take a few days!


  239. Bo Marang says:

    Imagine a game , baseball for instance, with absolutely no umpires. How do you mediate disputes and insure fairplay? On what do you base a determination without some rules and regs? How do you protect the team with smaller players against the brute force of the team with the bigger and more powerful players who will use their size to ‘win’ without regard to fairness. Its hard to imagine an economy where government is a complete spectator. There is a proper role for government the key it seems is striking an appropiate balance between promoting fairness, protection of the populace and creating an environment for econmic innovation and growth.

  240. Ruth says:

    Thank you Mark for this 3000, year old truth [A Secret] as this has truly begun great things for me,

    My continuously listening to this Video, as given me the opportunity to communicate
    so much to the realty with all that apply that the Prim Law in this beautiful creation,
    Focusing on human interests, Values, and dignity, that the Twelve -vision world is
    Thank you.

  241. hany says:

    hi mark i like to say thank you fers for your 300 -years old secret neothink
    and your greets american and i hope most of the people see thes vidoe
    thank you mark for thes apportunity

    • hany says:

      mark i like to thank you to inviting me in to your word of the neothink Society
      you are one of the greet a
      merica and at is god theing to lesn to thes vidoe
      and i like to work wihe you peleas advice ho
      thank you

  242. Charles Shore says:

    Mark, I need help immediately! I’ve just become an instant millionare and need your advice on setting up an off shore business account. Please contact me as soon as you’re able.
    My business name is Charles Shore Business Enterprise, LLC registered in the state of Fl August 9, and phone number is 352-638-8957. Call anytime!
    Thank you!

  243. Gregory Klatt says:

    The Prime Law would also end the work of the Criminal Mind. The Criminal Mind is simular to the Political Force by way of Man-Made-Law. The Criminal Mind begins when a person starts a trend of dishonesties that he can get away with and as that trend continues the person starts using Threats when someone, perhaps thats aware of his/her Dishonesties is showing signs of resisting. And unless the person is addressed of this trend soon enough, it progresses into a Criminal Mind that steals and perhaps injures someone, or worse. With the Prime Law in the Constitution then all people will be protected by the Politically Corrupt as well as the Criminal Minded. At that point the Neo-Cheaters will have to change, go Neo-Think, if they are to survive, because the old way is no longer profitable for them.

  244. cynthia says:

    Thank you for inviting me into your world Mark, also for the creation of The Neothink Society. and reveal a 3000 years Old Secret.

    thanks Mark

  245. Thomas Hamilton says:

    I could not agree with you more, it is very simple for us to understand you,but no to the rest of the world. because the rest of world will benefit when You are elected President.

    It is my firm believe that You should run for President; I don’t know how yet, but You are the only person with honesty and knowledge to achieve it

    • John Hamilton Burns says:

      Mr. Thomas Hamilton. What is in a name. Mark HAMILTON is a sudo name for the leader of Neothink, but your name is real and probably carries a genetic link to your past. Namely our namesakes. I hope that this link will connect to our past, our present, and future. I am link to one of the founding fathers of the United States Of America. Seven Generations removed from Alexander Hamilton. Could you possibly be too?

      • Thomas Hamilton says:

        Hello, John.
        I wish I was, but my generation come from Jamaica and England,but you never know I am sure we will connect in the present and into the future.

        Thanks to Mark Hamilton we are on the verge of removing those obstacle, that lead us to next level of prosperity and happiness.

        • John Hamilton Burns says:

          I have been a very busy peson as of late. My political advocacies have turned into a torrent of obstacales. I feel that I am pursuing an exersice in futility by facing my oppenents with logic. All I have ever received from them is violent rederict and deceipt. So now it will take bold moves that will move the world to the PRIME RADIANT whether our enemies like it or not. By using only the truth and offerring NEW ideas will the chain of Media lies be broken.
          First, looking at the current trends are daily staples are increasing in cost. Food Commodities , Fuel, and Clothing. How do we stop this?
          Second. The printing of money out of thin air is causing the value of the dollar to plummet. How do we stop this?
          Thrid. Our unemployement rate is really at 17% but the media’s accounting system suggests it is only 9%. It will take a 3,000,000 job per month to decrease the unemployment rate 1 percentage point. Why all these lies. How do we stop this ?
          Fourth. How can we end our dependency on foriegn oil ?
          Fifth. What can be done now to end this over regulated intervention into our businesses ?

          Here is my answer. Jobs need to be created ! Our need for alternate fuels has to be proposed ! Income has to come from other sources to our municipalities ! All this can be accomplished in three years.
          This is the proposal.
          Recycling our garbage into 94% pure ethanol.
          This process is already in the manufacturing stage. Based on a population of 250,000 people, creating 190,000 tons of garbage a year, this process creates an income of $17,000,000.00 per annum.
          To set this up to cover all of the Untied States of America Millions, not hundreds of thousands, of jobs will be created.
          Our need for oil from foreign sources will become zero. This conversion is already there for you see automobiles with the tags FLEXFUEL stamped on the back of many SUV’s. E -85 is the fuel {85% ethanol 15% gasoline}.
          All this doable right now and all that is needed is the conviction to do it and it will change the world overnight. I do have a source. How many people are with me on this???

  246. Patricia C Meek says:

    Please anyone of you volunteer to help me and I am die of wanting to know, what Mark said in this video… because I not able to hear his speech. (I am Deaf-Hearing Impaired Person) Hope anyone can possible find time to write down or email me or find me facebook or skype (patriciasvisions) leave me message what Mark said with part one and part two on and on to end with great appreciate and I want to catch up to be equal with all of you, Wink ! and it will make my day if help me. thanks …

  247. David Groode says:

    Removing Initiatory Force and activating the prime law is very clear. Everything else will only create more of the same and will limit what can grow and take place in our world. The 3000 year old secret is brilliantly communicated.

  248. Mack Brown says:

    The Prime Law Is Definitely For The Cold Lad . When Approached For The Rule Of man , I Would Like To Know The Constitution Of Our Universe, The Prime law , Is Keeping Me In The Clear Sighted Approach To Where I Began . Clear – Thanks Mark Hamilton
    Neo- Nuggets .

  249. Mark Hamilton’s integration of the Prime Law, with the Twelve Visions Party, opens
    the door, to a bright new Twelve Visions World, and wide-scope-integration, reveals
    the Fully integrated Honesty, that Something More! that was always missing, for
    you to snap the Twelve Visions Party’s Puzzle, to break the Anchor of Political Parasites,
    and Depolitize America! If the Twelve Visions Party, with the Prime Law, is the Price
    of our Freedom, then, So Be It! Join the TVP.

  250. Robert Cosentino says:

    Mark, The prime law makes sence. It would make America a better place to live and a good example for the world. Thanks Mark

  251. Russ Creamer says:

    It’s time to change the world. I’m with you 100% on this.

  252. Russ Creamer says:

    I notice there are many comments on this. That’s good. People are getting involved.

  253. Michael Rethati says:

    As one of the quiet loyal readers of all three of your fathers beautiful writings and much of your writings and videos, I have also come to see much wisdom in your thought processes. May I suggest that something in the way of a basic principal of life may not have been giving the consideration needed. I, being a martial artist, have a understanding of energy on a grand scale. I have come to this idea after watching the 3000 Y O Secret. It seems to me, one has to oppose this principle if He were to follow this secret. Please contact Me if You wish, I would love to engage in conversation with You and any of the visions! With all due respect,
    Michael Rethati

  254. Coni Cochran says:

    Mark, what an inspiration you are. Thank you for the positive uplifting words, we all need them at this time.

  255. Adam Lohr says:

    Wow, amazing stuff.. I cant wait to watch this world unfold to the C of U. I believe that ridding external authorities is the first step. It truley is AMAZING what Mark and everybody from the Society of Secrets do. On to the next nugget. Thank you.

    With love and honesty,

  256. paul lewis says:

    Great. I’ve got the idea that Neothink are somewhat derived from or in connection with The Prime Law. Thank you for the knowledge and opportunity.

  257. JOIN-IN, with Mark Hamilton, and the Twelve Visions Party Movement, to
    ‘End the Rule of Man, and Launch the Wealth of Mankind’ Wealth, Health, and
    Prosperity! Join the Party!

    • Barbara Ray says:

      I do believe in the Prime Law and it has been my nature anyway. I have been promoting it myself by setting up examples for the ones I have touched. When we all learn that there is a whole new world out there then it will exist. We are at a point in the human evolution to push it to the next level. We need no Rulers of any sorts. I am ready to start developing communities so we can set up examples to the world, thus grow and have prosperity and happiness. I know that I am a citizen of the Universe, just waiting for the rest to get on board. Thank you Mark.
      Barbara Ray

      • The Gray Magickian says:

        Do what thy will Is the name of law, Love is the law, The law is for all. In this Universe I am the Star, The Deweller between two waters. I am The Gray Magickian. I am on the path of the Middle Pillar. If man kind does not open the third eye then they will not see the power that lies befor them!!!

  258. Robert F. Holmes says:

    I believe that we are the citizens of the Twelve Visions Party of Tucson, Az…..Are here in order to form a much more perfect union of people for the whole United States of America….Our politicians are not serving it citizens best interest at heart, but they are serving the most to their special interest groups….We are here to establish a much more perfect justice for all people….Which to many of our good citizens are getting great injustices from man’s made laws and regulations which really does not protect the American citizens and small businesses owners as a whole in this country….The Twelve Visions Partyare here to ensure a more domestic tranquility by providing all American citizens with common protection without the general welfare….The security of the blessings of liberty to ourselves and to our posterty…..We, the Twelve Visions Party of Tucson, Az. do ordain and do establish a charter for the state of Az. to get rid of the three thousand years old suffering of human being by forbidding these groups of people that strive in the process of using initiatory force, fraud and coercion on it citizens….America can free totally free with the Prime Law and the Protection Only Budget and we can strive as an United States of America and a Nation of Rule of Laws, instead rules of man.

  259. Simplicio Demavivas Jr says:

    I will have this in my mini-day schedule. Thanks Mark for your unconditional love.


    PS more testimonial next post.

  260. Renee Maira says:

    I am so honored to be a part of so many hopeful and brave people. It takes true compassion for Mark Hamilton and company to step up and start to un-brainwash the world and show them with true evidence that we have allowed this and we can and will be able to reverse the brainwashing with honesty and truth. It is true that un brainwashing people is hard but with the government’s help into pushing people to look past the corrupt and dishonest policy’s, and money ego controls we reach out saying this can not happen to our country~I will not allow it!! God did not create this!!! We are all god like and are stronger & SMARTER than the governmental controlled people. We have the right to stand up and speak out! No more~just let things happen quietly and watch them destroy the human race!!!! My God is bigger and smarter~ the no all of the universe.

    • Marcia says:

      Great post Renee!

      • Dagolivera says:

        Magnificent comment Renee.!!!
        The unwholesome systems of Governements,those have been contaminated with the bureaucracy,distoying us, year after year, for 3000 years, and betray with your “DEJA VU” discurs.
        The shield for us is our union around the Wold, with Neo-Tech,
        and new mentality of Neo-Think.
        The point is to end the mysticism age,shift to T.V.P.

  261. LDM says:

    Dear Mark,

    In my own words, I thank you so much for sending me these very important videos, and I’m expressing the same ideas heartily– it has already been said by these fellowmen who loves your ideals and courage– to amend the structure of the governing body that is imperfect. And to do what is best for the country, for the people, its family and its generation. As we all know, we’re all experiencing sorts of problems for many years and its hurting us ‘Economically’ and that affects everything from the top down to the bottom –not only here but globally. Although this is a broad topic to discuss hence it relates to micro and/ or macro economics, philosophy, politics, science, psychology, science, etc., these are all stated in your heirloom packages. All these ideas that is written should be adapted so we all prosper in our lives and live comfortably and happy and for the sake of our children and our children’s children. The ‘Prime Law’ is what we need!

    I also believe that everyone should read your heirloom packages, and should be introduced to younger generation (especially teens) through their schools. Relationships, broken marriages, and divorces is a high rate due to the flaw governing body and affected its society. By reading your books including “Annabelle’s Secret ” when its introduced as a mandatory course these would help them mold into the right direction. Again, thank for the videos and always look forward to watch them over and over and other related topics that are stimulating and interesting.

    • sherman yates says:

      Hello LDM,
      From little acorns big oaks grow. This is the “physician first heal thyself” factor. We can ill afford to not recognize the necessity of patience in all undertakings, especially one as serious as this one. Mandatory gestures are gestures expressing force. Mark has just awaken us to the understanding of the meaning of “worship of the God of forces”: the angry god, the jealous god, that false one who was always a lazy slug seeking to enjoy the pleasures of life at someone elses expense. The one who instructed the changing of nouns to pronouns just to produce another idol for worship; i.e. iesu changed to Jesus. ref:1936 edition Oxford English Dictionary…the letter “J”. Where it is good to have plenty of zeal in understanding it is equally as good to handle caution as a new born baby. In the late 50’s this government made discrimination illegal. At the time it seemed like a good thing to accomplish. Time, however, has proven that it was one of the lack of knowledge and insight decisions that placed true freedom of choice using wisdom on a downhill course. Discernment and discrimination have a common denominator; value searching. Who loves an indiscriminate person? answer: Those who love to force. Every since the very item necessary for value sharing (discrimination/discernment) became a criminal, the unsung bigots came out of the closets of American liberalism, united with those already established and began to use initiatory force by the tons. All sorts of drug scams, terrorist scams, money scams and judicial scams gained prominence as part of the American dream. If we are to be the first immortals then we must be able to see these underlying maneuvers and thoroughly understand that we cannot make anything (as Mark exclaimed) mandatory that will bring more harm than good to the people. Miss Annabelle, The Prime Law and the Twelve Visions Party are like better mouse traps; the world will beat a path to their doors. It’s making more and more sense to me every time I hear Mark’s instructions that all we have to do is work hard as farmers to plant these good seeds and step out the way of time so they can grow.

  262. Patricia C Meek says:

    Thank you all of you who place on comments that I can read and too bad I not able to hear a lovely Mark Hamilton’s Video of 3K-Years Secret. I trust Mark Hamilton all the way throughly… we all NT Members are Jackpot to have him as our truthful Mentor and Any of you who are hearing impaired group trust me, what I have to said on my comment about Mark Hamilton and I know some of those people. Trust me All is FACTS! Please contact me through Facebook (Patricia C. Meek) I will be very happy to grow in my group and we can working thing out together, Wink ! – Thank you…

    Patricia C. Meek

    • sherman yates says:

      Hello Pat,
      I am on the way. I was just listening to it again and knew I just had to keep listening and copying so I could share it with those who don’t have the necessary means. You are an eternal blessing.

  263. Max.T.Frank says:

    The arrival of the new law that we will use,and that will stay forever with us.
    We should celebrate this year 2010 as the the beginning of our new law,let’s raise our
    Higher Being and conecct as one,and share this Law.

  264. Charles Riley says:

    This website is great way for each of us to establish Neothink minidays.
    Excellent value!

    Thanks again.

    • sherman yates says:

      It’s helping me to learn how to play as an adult all over again. And, now I have plenty of others to play with. I don’t have to play alone anymore. I know this time I will not get discouraged. I so very, very, thankful for all the events of my experiences in this wonderful universal school we know as Life.

  265. Charles Riley says:

    Thank you Mark hamilton for this video that makes it so crystal clear as to why the “rule of man” is flawed.
    I also appreciate how you care so much for our country and our world, and that you have spent so much time and so many years to bring our paradisaical Twelve Visions World to fruition.
    I have received so much value from being one of your apprentices, and I am looking forward to the TVP mentoring program, because I want to do everything I can to assist in bringing our Twelve Visions World to our country, and then to the world.
    Also Wealth, Health And Peace is a great publication.
    Thank you.

  266. Curtis Tyler says:

    The Building Block
    As a reader of The NeoThink Mark Hamilton literature I am proud to say the Prime Law is the link to my personal building block of my many, many emotional feeling negative or positive. My thinking creates a relax atmosphere to the body. It also when applied and used one begins to understand the origin of evolution and man flawless rule, is scary. An educational process indeed. A friend to all, absolutely a building block The Prime Law.

  267. Bonnilyn Oliver says:

    Absolutely, I agree with Mr. Mark Hamilton 3000 Secret Law Video because Prime Law has been in existence since the beginning of creation… It is definitely, Mark Hamilton’s destiny to make people more aware of their knowledge, wisdom, strengths and things they can do to become more successful. What you have revealed is very truthful. Thank You… I needed to watch this video. As I continue to grow, I will definitely keep the Prime Law in mine and continue to be a creative independent thinker who will prosper and be happy in our creator world….

  268. Charles Steen says:

    Mark . 01/09/11
    Thank you for the GIFTS. They are very interesting and educational ,also for outlining your journey for a new world with all the infrastructure to soon be in place. I have viewed the 3,000 year old secret (5) five times ,as well as many of the videos and information posted there. I would like to make a comment on level(2) two meeting. Level(2) two meeting brought back many memories of my years in management, when you were narrating your experience of the (10) ten second miracle. I had a similar experience in (5) five different companies that I was brought in to ferret out their problems (!)I stayed t0 manage.
    I have enjoyed this journey with you. I am connecting to as many web cams as I can. listening and learning their format—of speech and call—and theme or subject .

    Thank you for being my mentor

    Charles Steen

    • John Hamilton Burns says:

      Charles Steen. I believe you have an experience level in which our newbies and confused youngsters can subscribe. In Mark’s faction novel he described a web network in which all were protected from the confistitory government. They could buy, trade, sell and learn without repercussions. With your experience level and management skills you can help so many,especially those who are on the verge of losing their careers and business’s because of the socialist agenda now taking place. Come forward to the business network and help yourself and the Twelve Visions Party succeed.

  269. Otha D James says:

    Hello Mark
    well i think that what you are doing is a good job i hope that i can give something to this one day we shall see.
    Ok i want to ask you a question. Last summer i was at the exit 75 in NV on I-15 and i said to you excuse me twice the 1st time you where neeling down and the second time you said i’m always in people’s way was it you. Well this may seem strange but when i 1st started reading the books i always said that “When We Meet”. Not quite sure what i was meaning but hey just thought you should know. any way i will keep on checking out my nuggets k and thanks again mark and your father for what you have gave to me and all

    otha James

  270. Superb Mark! Prior to that 15 minute release I never understood why. Consequences for policy that was created that had nothing to do with “protection”. And the consequence are force via fines, jail, prisons and physical attacks or all.. I experienced it.

  271. Ruth says:

    My thanks to Mark Hamilton for this great truth that gives me on going support

    of my integration and going foward in my owen life knowing that the Prim – Law as the

    the foundation for this great truth the 3000 year old secret, how great this will be.

    For all to see as the T.V.P. TAKE its course thanks to Mark-Hamilton Founder.
    Thank you.

  272. Lisa Newton says:

    I don’t know where this 3000 year old secret comes from, or where it’s been hiding, but it is world-shaking. It’s like what you said you’re good at in another video, Mark–it’s so simple that it should be obvious–and yet, somehow, everyone has always missed it. There is evidence that it is not new, though. Books such as, “When God Was a Woman,” etc. (I can give more references to look up if anyone’s interested), illustrate quite clearly that before ‘men’ took over, women ruled, since they were seen quite understandably back then as “magickal” beings who bled but didn’t die, and who also gave birth. There is evidence that initiatory force was not so prevalent then in many societies. However, this changed in a sadly radical way. This change occurred such a long time ago that current humans can hardly imagine such a thing nor give it much credence. And yet, in this video, you make it abundantly clear with straight-line logic that removing this one, single possibility from the ‘government tool box,’ will literally change everything. It will change reality as we know it, and in a very positive way. My only concern is that the ‘Powers That Be,’ or the PTB, as I’ll call them for simplicity’s sake, will use initiatory force in order to keep the right to use…initiatory force. Know what I mean? This, of course, is why the TVP is so very important and necessary, allowing us to use the PTB’s own current set-up against them. No Initiatory Force…what a deceptively simple idea–whose time has come!

    • John Hamilton Burns says:

      The PTB’s indeed ? When we see, on a daily basis, the lies that surround our political leaders our only resolve is that we follow, teach, and embrace the truth. This is the only force needed to despoil “The PTB’s” I see it constantly, day in and day out, destroying our way of life. We need to find the truth, confront the lie and stand for something, with emotion, then the PTB’s will surrender their quest for power and will then follow the course of truth because each day I add education of truth to my own life and open the eyes of another who then educates himself to the truth and adds another who adds another so on and so forth until all see the truth and practice it. That strong will to convince our detractors that truth is the only way will make the twelve visions party succeed.

  273. Pat Stanfill says:

    Mark Hamilton is the Bravest, most Unselfish, Greatest person I have had the pleasure to be included with. The Prime Law is the only thing standing between the Civilization of the Universe and the destruction of the new world order. All I can say is wake up world and stand up for yourselves. Be your own leader and watch a beautiful, peaceful, healthy, wealthy and love world take shape in our world. Pay attention to the TVP. Pat

    • Alfred Sequeira says:

      What an incredible value to society to rid not only the rule of man but also to remove Man’s ego from the decision making process, eliminating temptation towards corruption. Honest transparency in our Laws would prevail instead of politics to benefit special interest. Thank You Mark Hamilton for the Twelve Visions Party.

  274. domenic lonardo says:

    hello mark, i am proud to listen and learn from all you have to offer.i can not stress enough how important the three thousand year old secret is and the fundamentals of the prime law.I read the prime law aloud at least once a day either with adam, kostas, kojo, kirsten or my self..thank you your loyal student domenic lonardo..I LOVE YOU..

  275. domenic lonardo says:

    hello mark, i am proud to listen and learn from all you have to offer.i can not stress enough how inportant the three thousand year old secret is and the fundamentals of the prime law.i read them aloud at least once a day either with adam, kostas, kojo, or my self..thank you your loyal student domenic lonardo..I LOVE YOU..

  276. domenic lonardo says:

    hello mark, i would like to start with recognition with applause on the three thousand year old secret that you have so kindly presented for the world to see. I have posted this video on my face book following josh seymours lead. as mentioned in a previous comment. I am being forced by the federal goverment to summit my god givin wrights, and can not stress your honest work enough wich i loyaly follow and read daily.
    thank you for the club houses and the opportunity to be part of this historic movement. your work has inspired me to think accurate and be a self leader your loyal student…domenic lonardo…..I LOVE YOU..PS PLEASE KEEP SENDING ME THAT PARTICLE FLOW WICH I NEED AS I KNOW YOU HAVE..

  277. Linda Longfellow says:

    I agree with your concept of the Prime Law, however my question addresses the implementation, and structure of this form of government:

    Obviously we will have some form of protection in place for the country to ward off attempted incursions from those who do not have our best interests in mind. What, who, and how will that manifest?

    Who is going to interpret what a violation is against the Prime Law, and then enforce the punishment thereof? Does the citizen just go to the enforcers and report his neighbor has committed an offense against him according to the Prime Law? What if he just has a vendetta? Will we be observed in our homes and activities by some unseen “Big Brother” who will determine this, then you get hauled off to prison?

    What and who will comprise the government, as I see a potential for a strong willed person/group to step in here and take advantage and control of the population like sheep to the slaughter.

    Again, I agree with the concept, but human nature seems t0 undermine such noble attempts at brotherly love, and freedom, so I ask, how will this be implemented and structured?

    Thank you, and have a good day.

  278. Marjorie L says:

    I totally agree with the Prime Law! Now, how do get started with the necessary change. What can I do to start now.

  279. Joseph DeMatteo says:

    Gov’t should be for the people by the people;not forced to submit to corrupt indivdual laws created by certain power abusing authorities per se;If the design is put into law forGov’t to protect and serve instead of harassing and destroying per se;we would defenitely be headed the right way;So that the human race could survive,stay per se…It’s the only way,change…understand what I say It’s time to play,per se;One! Forward…

  280. tyrone burch says:

    The Prime Law should have existed long before the United States was formed. The Prime Law should have been implemented when mans conscious mind elevated out of the bicameral mentality, but that only goes to show the evolution of man. It took many years for man to evolve into the neo-think mentality and i thank Mr. Mark Hamilton for shedding light on our young, almost conscious minds. I look forward to continuing my eye opening journey of knowledge and undisputable truth.

    • Momi White says:

      actually I feel that all this way of thinking has always been. We’ve just forgotten along the way what it was to begin with. Since I’ve been introduced to Neothink, I came to realize, that I’ve been doing it subconsciously all my young years. It’s just it seems like once we grow into an adult, we forget how to do and think with a free mind and heart. I love the idea of being re-introduced into the ‘lite’ of Neothinking, because it’s sets those of us apart from the rest. We are conscious, our minds are never stopping thinkers. We just have to stop and realize that we that can master this don’t have any excuse to not adapt back into it, if and when we lost it. That’s just how I feel any ways. :o)

    • Tammy says:

      I totally agree. The Prime Law completely frees the mind of all the “static” we get from sources who wish to control us. It’s simple yet so very powerful. The truth will set us free! When people listen to and absorb a bunch of mumbo-jumbo (the drug commercials are a good example) it confuses the mind and breaks it into little compartments which equals: ZOMBIE Lot’s of walking dead out there! I choose LIFE and FREEDOM! Thank you Mark, we love you!

  281. Kerry says:


  282. William Marks says:

    I truly believe in the TVP and the Prime Law. The rule of man is societies number one disease that has suppressed and kept our nation down by keeping the individuals down. The government is supposed to protect us from outsiders initiating force against us, but who’s protecting us from them, no one. The Prime Law is the only true natural law the can protect the people from others and especially the government. The Prime Law is the only law that can protect us from those initiating force against us, and gives us our natural right back to protect our selves and our loved ones from force, without ridiculous vigilante laws. With the prime law in place a great typhoon of freedom would wash through our nation and eradicate the burden of life. Life would no longer be torture, people would no longer look at life as just another day. People would look at life as a straight rising line that would never end. Everything in life would become more beautiful. simple things like walking down the street or shopping. I love the prime law and I literally can not wait to live in the twelve visions world. I don’t want to have children until the twelve visions world exists. I don’t want my children to ever have to endure what I have in this anticivilization world. No one should have to live like this. Everyone believes that there is not enough money and wealth to go around, but nothing could be further from the truth. Right now the twelve visions world is only a dream, but it won’t be by the next presidential election, I just hope I can hold out until then.

  283. Arturo Moreno Samaniego says:

    Being a victim of initiatory force I do know what it feels to live by the tyranny of the rule of man. Oppression is the end result of the law of man. True freedom only reigns when totally honest individuals live freely and thus let everybody else live without imposing on others hidden agendas or the desire to control them. Only free individuals, only visionaries, only ideas starters like Mr. Mark Hamilton, can push mankind into a new dimension it has never experienced before. The Prime Law is the antithesis of the rule of man. The human spirit can only thrive when it is freely let to live without affecting others in any sense. Let true freedom reign. The purpose of the Prime Law is to end all forms of oppression.

    Arturo Moreno Samaniego

  284. forrest l scharf says:

    too few people develop self-control within needed to end external force

    • Dr.Almas Nambabi’s [Split- Run] The Real Evolution of Man.
      Which Dimentional-Realm are You! in?
      In my version of the split –run, I hypothetically split the evolution of the human mind into an (a1, a2) and (b1,b2) split. The (a1)and (a2) split is the Platonistic way of thinking or the right brain, and any person in that mental dimentional-realm completely follows all its ideas and ways involving and including mysticism as a whole, which most people in today’s world are stuck in . While the (b1 and b2) splits involve the Aristotlean way of thinking, the left brain which is the test and the half of the human mind with different political ideas, scientific reasoning which is also completely against mysticism.

      Split (A) The Old Testament –Mentality
      -Platonistic way of thinking-

      Split-(A1) – The Bi-cameral Age (Approximately 10000-3000 years ago).
      Bicameral man automatically reacted to the world around him 10000 years ago. He did not have the inner mind space we have today that allows him to think and make decisions, which is known as consciousness. As in all animals, he was guided via natures’ guidance system, His two-chamber brain both right-brain and left-brain (i.e. bicameral) man’s brain was so much larger than the other animals, he also evolved a primitive language to better guide himself as bicameral man with impressions, his mind spoke those impressions unlike a schizophrenic today and those impressions were far clearer, far more effective as “spoken words “ of “the gods”. The “gods” in those days must have been really hypothetically “crazy” since they only existed in the bi-cameral man’s mind and were not really visible neither is there any proven evidence that they were really gods but were actually halusogenic voices recorded inside the bi-cameral mind giving out instructions as bi-cameral man reacted to certain things in his environment (I.e. thunderstorms, hurricanes, violent weather, and even death). 3000 years ago Mysticism later played a major role in the later evolved bi-cameral man since he built pyramids, statues, colossuses, and oracles to worship and communicate with the “Gods”. Bi-cameral man also ate, hunted and killed other man for food. After several centuries of evolving to become better followers of their inbred “voices” of their “gods” the Ruling Class or Aristocrats of the early ancient civilizations at the time controlled and suppressed their citizens in their respective kingdoms since they were also worshipped as “God-Kings” creating the illusion that they were direct descendants of their “gods” as an excuse for their abuse of power to wage war and use initiatory force towards and against their own citizens-their own people. Princeton University professor Dr. Julian Jaynes revealed in his award winning manuscript about the “dawn of human consciousness” describing how the human being’s mind first evolved from a bi-cameral two-chamber brain, both left and right brains known as the bi-cameral age or the bicameral mentality of primitive man.

      Split (A2) Consciousness ( Approximately 0-33 BC to Present Day)
      The inner mind space of bi-cameral man known as human consciousness did not completely open up until the sophistication of man’s developing language 3000 years ago, and he developed the metaphor –which uses something to describe something else, Jesus Christ (Jesύ Christos) was amongst one of the first to use this method amongst his apostles as his true message was firstly spoken in metaphors which was later passed down from person to person-generation after generation via word of mouth and it was not written down later after 500 years of Jesus’ death, this later led to the misinterpretation of the bible and “missing scriptures” leading to today’s people being suppressed/depressed by the control of a Ruling Class via initiatory force. Today human beings are still plagued by their bi-cameral roots. As the inner mind space of man known as human consciousness opened up within man, he no longer needed external guidance from the voices of the “gods” or God –kings or oracles unlike primitive man. He only needed to think. But unfortunately in today’s world, most people today do not use reason the way they should. The early Persian King Hammurabi’s code was one of the first pieces of legislature created to help guide bi-cameral/conscious man, but unfortunately it also fell in the dimension of using initiatory force and threat of force and it did not forbid any form of force what so ever. A conscious person today still has those bi-cameral roots (I.e. when a person suddenly freezes and thinks unconsciously), most conscious people today give in to mysticism and meditate, perform rituals of pagan origin to communicate with the “gods” they are easily fooled and can be manipulated easily by a dominant ruling class, which later results in the loss of millions of their own lives.

      Split (B) The New- Testament Mentality
      -Aristotlean way of thinking-

      Split (B1) The Age of Reason (1215 AD started around the time of implementation of the Magna Carta to Present Day).
      A person in today’s world who reasons and thinks logically doubts mysticism and forbids guidance from external authority in his daily life- still trapped in a stagnation-rut, partially seeks external guidance from religion and government , but still doubts to keep following external authority, since this individual remains suppressed under the Ruling class in the anti- civilization, he remains controlled by regulatory bureaucrats and bureaucracies and remains threatened by them via initiatory force and threat of force, he no longer follows nature’s guidance system unlike bi-cameral man and the conscious person he does not communicate with “the gods” to solve his problems, even if these problems are above his reach, he thinks of different ways to finally solve these problems but he never gives in to the ego justice created by flaw -filled man in control of society that leaves the current world in a Nuclear-threshold. A person who thinks logically is partially free from mysticism and can oversee through various illusions created by neocheaters and flaw-filled man- who happens to be other human beings with selfish agendas making fortunes from the suppression of other human beings. A person who reasons and thinks logically can see beyond and behind these illusions while also doubting mysticism and government’s pseudo-social good programs. A person who reasons can eventually evolve to Neothink with his logical way of reasoning knowledge. Martin Luther, the founder of the Protestant church during the middle ages wrote his 95 Thesis criticizing the middle ages Catholic church and all its bogus illusions against humanity, he could reason and think logically- which allowed him to oversee evil deeds beyond illusions and sheer dishonesty during his time.

      Split (B2) The Neothink Age ( Present Day)
      Despite also being supressed under a Ruling class via initiatory force, the Neothink minded person completely roots out his/her personal mysticism, when one roots out completely their residual mysticism from their minds he/she becomes a fully-evolved Neothinker, he/she oversees every illusion and its bogus elements ever created by man.The Neothink mind is capable of thinking freely without seeking guidance from external authority.
      The Neothink mentality is very rare and has awesome power as it gains the ability to go beyond todays conscious mind by freely integrating knowledge to guide itself and snaps together puzzle like pieces to form larger and larger, perfectly integrated units to form a super unit, known as a superpuzzle which is even beyond the reach of the minds of today’s smartest people.
      A Neothinker is free from mysticism and completely removes mysticism from his/her daily life and never seeks or expect guidance from external authority, Ruling Class or regulatory bureaucrats and bureacracies. Instead of seeking external guidance from anything (i.e. god kings/ruling class) he/she literally “controls” those problems on a daily basis, the more problems he/she can solve the more integrated he/she becomes.
      A Neothinker is a fully integrated-honest person and completely forbids the use of initiatory force, fraud, coercion against any individual’s property or contract.
      The Prime Law is the answer to forbid initiatory force and threat of force in the New Pro-Civilization world known to Neothinkers as the Twelve Visions World. Writer and philosopher, Mark Hamilton was the first to benefit enormously from this phenomenal and rare mental state, he started working for a publishing company and rose to the top as CEO of that company and later he managed to start his own publishing company to carry on and manifest the millennia-old synergy of fully integrated honesty called Neothink.
      -Dr. Almas Nambabi ____________________________________________________________

      Written by Dr. Almas Nambabi, some material kindly borrowed from Mark Hamilton’s publications.

  285. Richard Crookshank says:

    What an amazing journey it’s been. Since learning how to implement wide scope accounting and integrated honesty into my life, everything is so clear now, especially how this government and all for that matter suck the very life of everyone trying to live the life they were ment to live, for instance CA passed 700 sound good adgenda laws, because they can, being a dual citizen from CANADA i know when i left 15 years ago, they to were passing bylaws everyday, its time to live, its time for the prime-law.

  286. Kathryn Benton says:

    Mark Thank You so much! Here to Weath,Health,and Peace for all.

  287. All I wish to add to your beautifully worded contribution, Mark, is that the sooner the whole world practices the Prime Law, the better.

  288. Art Runningbear says:

    Wonderful, now eliminate the bi-cameal mind to assist and push humanity to the next level. Hold prime law in your minds, it becomes a reality and is shared with others you think of my simply holding it there, even if you’re not concious of sharing it spreads very fast. Love to you, Art

  289. It only takes a spark to get a fire burning
    The spark of THE PRIME LAW

    If Mark Hamilton’s 3000 year old secret video
    has sparked a fire within your heart like it has mine
    and you’d like to help make a REAL HONEST HISTORIC DIFFERNCE, “you can”
    by joining us and becoming a member of Mark Hamilton’s Neothink Society at
    and by supporting Mark Hamilton’s Twelve Visions Party(TVP) at and
    Together we can help to HEAL THE WORLD!
    It’ gonna take a”miracle”to save the lives of the whole world and that”miracle” begins with THE PRIME LAW!!!

  290. Zuzana says:

    Dear Mark.
    My wish is to have TVP around whole world. We have to do it – change the world and make all people rich ,healthy and happy. TVP must win!!! I want to learn more my dear mentor. Love Zuzana

    • Dagolivera says:

      Finaily, TWELVE VISION PARTY, is the only Tool and the MOST IMPORTANT THING to disconnect, the whole World, of uncorrectible anticivilization; on the other hand is the ELIXIR for the 21th. Century NEW MENTALITY MAN; the NEXT DIMANSION of PRIME LAW. I love all my Brother Hood.

  291. What a”REAL”difference pure”HONESTY” makes. The Pure”HONESTY” of TVP/Prime Law will “MAKE ALL THE PEOPLE RICH INCLUDING THE POOR!”
    Now that’s a real honest difference!!

  292. Francisco Avendano says:

    Thanks Mark Hamilton for The Nouveau Tech Discovery Manuscript. Thanks for Twelve
    Visions Party and Thanks for The Prime Law.
    When I am learning, I am happy discovering the secrets in your books and videos.
    I appreciate and recognize with gratitude this SMART FUTURE POLITICAL PROYECT

  293. With so much corruption in our government The Twelve Visions Party/Prime Law will bring” HONEST”changes to our government. Our government lacks”HONESTY”. An “HONEST” change rather than just plain old ordinary change, makes a HUGH DIFFERENCE. Mark Hamilton,” I”…”I honestly can’t thank you enough”. The “HONEST”love of TVP, pulls the world magically together, not apart. “Mark”…

  294. I’ve heard many things but NEVER NOTHING like this…this beats all!
    The best secret my ears has ever heard is
    This is thee most powerful, best kept secret, in all of earth’s entire history!

    • Since reading Mark Hamilton’s multi-generational manuscripts, my mind is better able to integrate data from various sources, to arrive at conclusions in a more integrated manner. His sharing his genius with us so greatly appreciated !!!
      Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you, Mark Hamilton, for revealing to me the many things of which I am capable !!
      Having been exposed to his materials for only 1 year, I can only imagine what I will be creating, the more I learn and know,
      and apply the information Mark Hamilton shares with us. A friend in the NeoThink Society called me a Value Creator, which I so greatly appreciate. 2011 and beyond, here we come !!!

      • The Prime can accomplish what noone else in all of earth’s entire history has never thought to accomplish and that is to lift any nation and it’s people to great wealth and riches. Nullify the rule of man and initiatory force. A new Dimension the world has ne-ver known! Only The Prime law opens the door, so that value creators like you and I (society) can have”real freedom” to be the value creators that we were honestly meant to be. Now that’s the best music my ears has ever heard.

  295. Russ Creamer says:

    This will be awsome when we have a Government serving us instead of the other way around. The Government of Power will be gone forever after the Prime Law is put in place. The people will have Wealth Health, and Peace.

  296. Gregory Klatt says:

    The Prime Law being the 3000 year old Secret would bring Prosperity to this Nation. I’m unable to see it right now but I can feel it. In this Anti-Civilization right now the Government is so consumed in their Lust for Power that they wouldn’t know Objective Reality if it hit them. They are so caught up in their Subjectivity for Power I agree that they will do any thing to stay in Power. I was once caught up in my own Subjectivity of my own making and I’ve come to call it ISP, meaning Internal Subjective Programming and I had so much ISP that I was unable to comprehend Objective Reality. So I agree with you Mark that mankind is flawed and we need this Prime Law in order to eliminate Initatory Force and people can then prosper.

    • Dennis Stageright says:

      The Prime Law the 3000 year old secret that Mark Hamilton explains would be one of the Greatest un-wrapped secrets to be revealed to society in which would unite the nations, the people, therefore, creating a whole new world within itself.A world of peace, hope, love advance security, unhindered technology, and the most luxurious life we could ever imagine and experience.With Mark Hamilton’s creations in which I also now personally call his 3-heirloom packages my Magical Bible’s I have learned the power to vastly integrate, integration is an unlimited source of knowledge and power.I now realize that the government has been, and is continuing to enslave the masses-the people by projecting the illusion of the “Need for the Rule of Hierarchy’s”.When the masses learn and discover their own power and how to integrate their world around themselves, in which they will learn from Mark Hamilton’s Neothink most amazing literature, then they will no longer support the illusions that the government use to control and persuade us. In just giving it some great thought while Mark was speaking in the video, I realize another secret that is.In fact what the masses, the anti- civilization does not know is that in actuality the government fears the masses that is why they must use the illusion for the “Need of Hierarchy’s” in which the government uses this Illusion as a powerful weapon to control the minds of the people-the masses.Why do the Government use the Illusion “Need of Hierarchy’s” as a weapon against the people? Because if we are simply concentrated on external Authority’s that being the Government, Religion, other influences that we allow to greatly control our lives then we eventually forget about ourselves.When this has happen their weapon-the Illusion used by the Government, they then have won, and we have lost.However, when one learns and discovers a whole new better world exists which happened to me upon reading Mark Hamilton’s honest and powerful creations, you then start to look within and ignore the external authority’s that you have allowed to guide your life.And once this self discovery is made and you begin to see pass the Illusions,one of the most amazing thing happens.You begin to soar like a Bonafide God & Goddess.You begin to see that the power was in you all along but suppressed, bound, and hidden purposefully by the Governments weapon-the “Illusion”. A perfect example is: A farmer tells his son to go up the hill to the well to fetch some water, so the son grabs two pail’s and journeys his way to the well.He quickly fills both of the wooden pails with water, then he returns to his father with the water.Because the journey took a lot out of him the boy goes inside his house to rest.While going in the house he unknowingly discovers a sink, and quickly feels bamboozled.
      Well I just wanted to add this, and would like to thank you Mark Hamilton for your creations, I can never get enough of my Magical Bibles which are honest, powerful, and rewarding.And I can truly say that I am grateful for the tool to integrate, it is a powerful tool that I can not live without now.
      As for alike Neothink members and non Neothink members stay strong, motivated-a must, and focused for we have already won this battle and nothing can stop the Neothink World from blooming which will make all of our lives a success and freed.But I say don’t wait for it to be fully established, work on your Friday-Night-Essences master them along with the building your mini company for sure you will gain more power &knowledge. And continue to stay mind protected from neocheaters, and from the Illusions, that being the government their useless political parties, religion, along with other influences for it is nothing but poison to keep you bound from finding the God or Goddess from within. For man or woman I say that to.
      Love you all, Happy New Years, and take care.

  297. Gregory Klatt says:

    The Prime Law being the 3000 year old secret would lift this Nation into Prosperity. I’m unable to see it just yet but I can feel it. Right now in this Anti-Civilization the Government is consumed in their lust for Power and I agree that they will do anything to keep their current status. I believe they are so consumed in their lust for power that they wouldn’t know Objective reality if it hit them. I know this because I was once caught in my own Subjectivity of which I come to term it as ISP, meaning Internal Subjective Programming. And upon being in that deep ISP State of Mind I remember when I was confronted with Objective Reality I failed to see it. So I agree with you Mark, man is flawed and the only way for mankind to prosper is the Prime Law.

  298. The “…-…. Discovery” manuscript, inspired me a few years ago, and you yourself are an inspiration in my life, Mark.
    The sooner the whole world practices the Prime Law- the better!

  299. Maria C Rodriguez says:

    Every time I watch 3000 years Old Secret video, I want to be a super hero to help Mark Hamilton to push away the initiatory forces. But I know that all of the Neothink Family and The Prime Law we will have success.

  300. Daniel González says:

    Thank you so much, for you share and reveal a 3000 years Old Secret. The Prime Law is the most power tool for the man of Twenty First Century, and for the Civilization of Universe.
    Now, I can believe is possible,to change the anticivilization world; for WEALTH,HEALTH and PEACE

  301. ernest boma says:

    Your Honesty and Visionary Integrity is self evident with the promulgation of the Prime Law.
    Now educating the general population to see and accept what would liberate them is the
    PUZZLE within the SUPER PUZZLE.
    Thank you for inviting me into your world.
    As I await for creativity to give me what to contribute to bring about Miss Anabelle’s world, i say again THANK YOU Mr Hamilton. ernest boma

  302. Adam Huntley says:

    The 3000 year-old secret being revealed is perfect for a prosperous and truly free world. It must be; to be worked over and over again for 3000 years, on and on to our present day and tomorrow. I have a small story I want to share that relates with what you said about protection and initiatory force:

    Approximately eight months ago a terrific friend of mine was forced on – through initiatory force – by man-made agendas. Although he is doing well now, with a lot of help through our support and love, he realizes his situation effects those who do love him, as well as effecting his day-to-day honest business practices.

    I know that people become aware more of this truth (the 3000 year-old secret) when it becomes real and is “too close to home” or “in their own backyard”. But if it has not been for an individual, it soon will be. Coming together in unity with a common direction – any political opinions, any religious opinions – is what we need.

    Thank you, Mark, for the Clubhouses, the consistent mastermind meetings, for, and for revealing the 3000 year-old secret.

    With love,
    Adam Huntley

  303. Mark,
    Let me just say first off Thank You for allowing me to serve on the Twelve Visions Party as the Northwest Region of the United States of America as the Vice Chairman. Thank You Mark. Also thank You to the National Comittee for seelcting Me as well. Thank You everyone. I know that I am always learning more and more every time I watch this extra special video. I remember when I first saw this video in Oregon in November of 2010. I remember seeing You there giving a presentation of something that was truly a special treat for Me. Others agree with this. Now, we are in the process of depoliticizing America. This is a big huge job for us all. You have benefitted us and empowered us as our mentor. I have seen much and have done much with my life as is. I am 27. I also know that I still have much to see and much to do with My presious life. There is so much I do not know and I feel and amd stimulated to learn all the time. When I am learning I am happy. When I am creating I am euphoric. When I reflect on all that I am blissfull. Once again, thank You Mark Hamilton for creating this eternally special piece of information on this 3000 Year Old Secret Video. I have already shown this to my 14 year old apprentice and he LOVED it. He even has a printed copy of The Prime Law on his bedroom wall. I am very proud of him already and I just know he will spread the word of our Twelve Visions Party more and more. Now, I am going to show this to as many people as I possibly can.

  304. Pervin says:

    Hi Mark,
    Thank you for you reveal a 3000 year old secret. Almost everyday I listen to this secret. I wish every one listen to your your voice of 3000 year old secret, not only in this America, every where in this world. So people can understand where are we living and after know this secret where are we going. Thanks again. I love you.



  305. Robin Newwman says:

    You Mark, are truly an inspiration to us all. Thank you Mark for your continued efferts to raise our country to the next level. And thank you for the 166 nuggets that will help me in taking control of my life. Your voice gives me comfort AND I THANK YOU MARK FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING. WITH LOVE ROBIN

  306. Matt says:

    It will be a beautiful day that day.

  307. Mickey Baker says:

    Our Honest to Goodness Friend,Mr.MarkCoolHamilton!FreeYour(Mind)AndNeoThinkYourWayThrough(Life)Wealth,Health,Peace!SpreadThe(Cheers)!

  308. Claire Racine says:

    A secret revealed to enlighten and awaken your inner knowing of truth.
    Initiatory force is the Prime Evil which is opposed to life.
    The Prime Law is the essence of law which enhances and uplifts life by protecting each individual life.
    The value of creation within each individual life is priceless.
    Life is the most precious resource on the planet which all other resources should be used to protect.
    The Prime Law will unleash man from “The Rule of Man,”setting him free to bring his value to the World.
    The Prime Law says “live and let live,” life, now. Not in pain and poverty, but by being who you are, feeling extraordinary everyday, in wealth and abundance, doing what you love to do, as you chose.
    Initiatory Force begets more initiatory force, insanity, degredation and poverty.
    The Prime Law begets patience, tolerance, understading and love of your fellow man.
    Thanks Mark Hamilton.
    You have made the right path to follow an easy choice for every conscious
    living being in the world.
    We need no other rulers.
    Simply, allow the Prime Law to Rule to bring great Wealth, Health and Peace into all of our lives.

    • David K. Longoria says:

      I have just completed the video of the 3000 year old secret. I am looking forward to completing the other 165 nuggets. Greed and the law of man have totally controlled the people of the U.S. and the world. With the addition of the “Prime Law” to the consitution as an amendment, we will do away with initiatory force; which will only improve the life of all by bring Wealth, Health and Peace into the lives of all people.

  309. Robert Martin says:

    I have been saying for years; what if the Bible had been written by someone like
    Stephen King or Dean Koontz, and someone had read it, and said to himself; this
    would be a great way to control the people and make a lot of money by collecting
    10 % tithing like it talks about in Molokai. I wonder if they realized the monster
    they were creating? The Prime Law must be initiated and placed into effect quickly.
    Life is too precious to go on as it it has been; with wars and disease, to be losing
    millions of lives per year.

  310. Christopher Wallace says:

    I agree whole heartedly! Right now, we see the world coming apart in front of us. Countries bankrupt form failed liberal policies. anti business climates everywhere. here in the USA our own government ignore the Constitution. As the cycle Mark refers to is happening in front of our eyes. This ,Neothink, is the answer.

    • Patrick & Terri Rasmusson says:

      Yea, it does seem as if the Globe is falling apart. It is enough to concern anyone. I would like to do something about it, what about you? Can you help make a party to add an amendment to the constitution of the Prime Laws? Neothink Society will be the Society that ends up saving the Planet, not just one continent, THE ENTIRE PLANET.

    • Patrick & Terri Rasmusson says:

      Christopher? Are you related to Mr. Wallace?

  311. Rex Coker says:

    Life’s journey will enevidably lead us all to the same place in the time continuim. How each of us come to those conclusions is entirely up to their education of enlightenment and self discovery. When a person becomes conscious in their new found thinking. The world takes on new meaning and importance. We are drawn to each other through love for life and prosperity. The values then take on new meaning as well. For it is then we see the purpose for which each of us is here on this earth. That purpose is to create and move forward as we prosper. Never to stay land locked in one stagnate position of life but to live it with the passion it so deserves.

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for bringing out that passion in me to bring value to all that feel the same passions I feel too.

  312. Issa says:

    Hello everybody.
    My name’s Issa
    To start this I got to say that joining the Neothink Society and the TVP founded by Mark Hamilton it was and still and will be the best thing in my life, the integrations that I’m in is indescribable and the readers will not feel and understand this until you out there involve and allowing your self in , in order to realize and discover you ability to create and to be happy to realize you own ability to lead your self and to live the life you meant to live, and truly it’s priceless, you need to know that your life is yours and our business here in the Society because we complete each other, your value creation is for and mine/our is for you.
    We’re a happy family and you deserve to be among like mended people for you to get away from the created illusions and stagnation around you.
    I said this before and I’m saying it know once you discover your true creativity and happiness and live the life you meant to live you can never go back.
    Our mentor Mark Hamilton and his family dedicated his/their life’s to humanity to see beyond the created illusions and start seeing the true me/us.
    I’m lucky and want to have you all be like me/us happy and healthy and soon will be very wealthy and this’s the propose of the TVP (twelve Visions Party).
    is to Make All People rich Including The Poor.
    Thank You

  313. Robin Newwman says:

    Thanks Mark, for the creation of The Neothink Society, The Prime Law and The Twelve Visions Party “The Worlds” first none ruling class, none political governing body and what greater place than the Uniteds States to bring to a free people. Also since reading the Prime Literature and opening my mind to the power of creation I have become fasninated with the possibilites of man. Much power MAN HAS yet we fail to see the power of CREATION that man has brought to us all. Thank You Mark

  314. Kathy Woodhouse says:

    I have already spent my time attempting to spread the knowledge of the 3000 year old secrets and the wonderful vision for the future of mankind by putting our website on the back of all my homemade holiday cards. I was always very crafty. I taught myself to do many things and have many doctors they all received a card as well and 50 friends I am hoping a few of them will glance at the website address and where to find Mark’s wonderful videos. I have been listening to the short messages over a period of days it takes time for me to figure things out on the computer but each one of them has given me a taste my future and the calls I have been connecting with so many wonderful people on Thursday night and learning much. Again thank you Mark for all of your vision and for sharing your fathers visions with us. Also thank you for all of the 166 Nuggets I have been watching them and sent them to a few of my friends
    and wished them Happy Holidays.

  315. Jim Hairston says:

    thank you Mark so much for all the time invested and have learned so much and it keeps getting better with this way of thinking! you a great follower of your dad! aprreciate you bith along with you mom and brother!

  316. Dear Mark Hamilton,
    A new world of peace and abundance is overdue. I admire your efforts to let people know the ingenious business ideas, which your father and you have formulated. They have helped me break through a block I thought I could not overcome for lack of knowledge, yet knowledge emerged by following your suggested schedule! Thank you and your Dad!
    As for change, I have a different approach: by peace and understanding alone. In my new book, The Book of Consciousness, I formulate what Consciousness is, and that ties into religion as the ancient ones have recognized it. It presents new aspects of how science works, of Consciousness, religion, understanding the Bible and neurosis, the mind, the unconscious, positive magic and God. May be you like to inquire at Xlibris, Book Number 66327, 1-888-795-4274. I think some of the thoughts in The book of Consciousness could be a valuable addition to your great ideas!
    Many blessings and thanks! Bara

  317. HARRY BERGNER says:

    Great words of wisdom!!! Keep it up you have our support

  318. Dr. Bara H. Loveland says:

    Dear Mark Hamilton,
    A new world of peace and abundance is overdue. I admire your efforts to let people know the ingenious business ideas, which your father and you have formulated. They has helped me break through a block I thought I could not overcome for lack of knowledge, yet knowledge emerged by following your suggested schedule! Thank you and your Dad!
    As for change, I have a different approach: by peace and understanding alone. In my new book, The Book of Consciousness, I formulate what Consciousness is, and that ties into religion as the ancient ones have recognized it. It presents new aspects of how science works, of Consciousness, religion, understanding the Bible and neurosis, the mind, the unconscious, positive magic and God. May be you like to inquire at Xlibris, Book Number 66327, 1-888-795-4274. I think some of the thoughts in The book of Consciousness could be a valuable addition to your great ideas!
    Many blessings and thanks! Bara

  319. Mickey Baker says:

    Lead us Into The(CivilizationOfTheUniverse)!MakeThe(WorldGoRound)For(All)OfUs!

    • Patrick & Terri Rasmusson says:

      The World will continue to go around, it is the human factor that has to be changed and the ruling class and how they decide. I believe in Mark! We all need to.

  320. Alvis Parchment says:

    Thanks for sending me this update on thePrime law Mark, this is of course real nuggets to focus on; all the best in your undertakings and i wish you a happier New Year!

  321. paul dombrow says:

    i think your videos contain valuable information as a Neothink reader i can understand the principles you are setting forth.
    but i think until the Neothink discovery is available in public bookstores & is not held back.the hundredth monkey principle.will not take effect.the masses have been hypnotized,to such a degree.that for a mass awakening to occur this knowledge needs to be in full view of everyone.
    your videos have very low views.not to criticize.but if i could suggest the nts members or the society itself post these videos & others like as video responses to Ron Paul videos ,Alex Jones,prison planet,info wars etc.

    with less than a year to need every bit as much exposure as Ron Paul.if he had fair coverage by the media.he would have won by a landslide.

    with your links to G.I.N.& Kevin Trudeau.who i would say was the celebrity in the neothink information booklet i know that a mass awakening can your father carried Ayn Rands work to the next have taken neo tech to a much higher level.and now is the turning point.just as your father predicted the parasitical elite are now in there finale feeding frenzy i can see Zon from cyberspace all over you tube.but i fear that if the Neothink information is kept in the background instead of the foreground more lives & freedoms will be lost.

    i let myself get wiped out by not seeing what the Prometheus of our time. Dr.Wallace Ward was happening in our own time.until i can mention Neothink Mark Hamilton the prime law etc.and be able to get the reaction of mentioning Ron Paul The Constitution.the neo cheaters that make up our political corporate empire the puppeteers that control the politicians & media spin for Neothink to come out from behind the expose the neo cheaters.behind have fought a brilliant intellectual war.staying out of sight n’ raising awareness to the these evil humanoids that steal our lives away and waste the valuable years of our lives away in unknowing slavery.

    please come forward with more videos explaining in more detail for those who are unfamiliar with the Neothink principles,& release the original Neothink information for public consumption.head your fathers warning of the new dark ages.if the ruling parasitical class runs it’s course to completion.then Neothink will rise again through a gorilla is the time while the ruling class is being held in the light of cyberspace.before they take over the net & control the information the feed us.

    without a single shot.this intellectual revolution can be won.the great paradigm shift also predicted by your father.the value producers -call to revolution,we shall terminate the parasitical-elite class.this was in ZON 2000 the first communique to the planet earth from the civilization of the universe.this predicted the end of the elite class by 2000.instead.they have totally bankrupt almost the whole world while gaining total control of the planet.
    while i can see great progress away from the bi cameral mind of the past.i think Neothink’s failure to be released to the public has held back this victory & made it a much harder fight than necessary.with government being almost in total control of everything.maybe i am wrong and the people have to see the almost total annihilation of the world.before they stop believing what they’re being sold.

    thank you for all your great work-Paul Dombrow

  322. Visualize, the Global Empire, becoming real, and you still cannot integrate, the
    Thought, the Secret, The Prime Law! ‘No problemo’ You may still become a
    follower. Are you a self- leader? Visit Join the TVP.

  323. Douglas Grounds says:

    Thanks Mark you can count on me to spread the word of the 12 visions party and this ol world will surely turn out for the better.

  324. Vincent Gonzalez says:

    Dear Mark.

    thank you very much, for taking me on this great journey of riches and prosperity .
    we are moving forward with the twelvevision party with speed, we are bring in our community to promote the Twelvevision Party .

    I am honor to be part of this histrical move of bring in The Prime Law into light for all the people not only in The United State Of America, but the Whole World well follow once the American People turn to The Twelvevision Party to make all the people riche encluding the poor.


    Vincent I. Gonzalez

  325. Frederick H. Spoerl says:

    Mark, I agree with what you are saying yet the first problem to overcome is religion. Following is a essay about that problem:

    Peace on Earth, Goodwill toward Men, or the way to bring real peace on earth

    We tend to hear these familiar words around the Christmas season which come from Luke 2:14 in the bible. Now wouldn’t that be great if that were the way all thinking loving people of the world would act toward each other.

    The world has listened to religious philosophies for thousands of years and it hasn’t worked. It’s impossible for it to work as all religious philosophies are based on faith. Accepting any supernatural beliefs on faith has no credence on what is reality, truth or fact. Every person that claims to have faith in their particular god or gods sees them only in what their minds can comprehend. It is impossible for any two people in the world to come up with exactly the same vision of what his or her supernatural god or gods looks like, acts like or where they exists. In order for anyone to have supernatural beliefs, their mind has to conjure up something in which they can possibly imagine to be real or true. The mind of a Christian may envision god as a nice looking man with an white flowing robe perhaps translucent and heaven as a place where everything is perfect, yet their description of god and heaven would be different than any one else’s in the world. The Muslim martyrs would have many different ideas to the virgins they would have in paradise. Would they all be 14, 40 or 80 years old, would they all be beautiful or average. Every Muslim will have a different idea what Paradise will be like and no two of them in the world will have the exact same vision. There is nothing wrong with having supernatural beliefs as long as people believing in them don’t invalidate other peoples beliefs and don’t harm or intimidate others that don’t believe like they do. Every person’s personal view of their particular religion, though general in some respects is different from another’s which is why we have thousands of different Christian sects and thousands of different religions and turmoil amongst them.

    Thousands of years ago everyone thought that the earth was flat and that lightening, thunder, volcano eruptions were a threatening messages from some supernatural being. We now know that was not true and all of these occurrences are from natural causes, yet some of the fundamentalist religions still believe some of these are acts of their gods. In most cases science is slowly transforming the mind of man from superstition, to reason, logic and common sense.

    In order to have lasting peace on this planet, first all countries governing body must never dictate or express opinions about any supernatural beliefs. A countries main responsibility is to the welfare of its citizens and to protect and defend its subjects from other countries and themselves. There must be a complete separation of church and state in our country and other countries of the world. Theocracies must end. All countries representatives have to eventually do away with any reference to supernatural gods, praying to them or promoting their existence, they must eventually fade away along with the ancient superstitions of the past in order to have any lasting peace. We as a country must get rid of any reference to god in our motto and our pledge. We must search for more secular minds to run our government and never allow an elected official to subject others to any supernatural beliefs in any government house. These religious beliefs should only be expressed in the personal form, never endorsed or promoted by the government. Most people and our elected officials have an R (Religious) button that is always in the back of their mind and subconscious influences their judgment. This has been witnessed by them trying to legislate their form of morality on others enacting such laws as, no liquor to be sold Sunday, laws against prostitution, printing “In God We Trust” on our money, changing our motto and pledge to “One Nation Under God” in, prayers before congress meets, chaplains in our government and military.etc. There is no way we can or could ever legislate morality. We have tried that with liquor, drugs and prostitution and it hasn’t done a thing, it only made those products cost more and filled our prison with a lot of non violent prisoners, not to mention the cost and time to enforce these morality laws.

    The world is caught up in a religious matrix, controlling enormous energies, wealth, and time into the controlling of the masses through one form of religion or another. Most of the countries in the world are afraid to stand up against this corrupt religious matrix that has controlled the world for hundreds of years. The fear of this religious matrix has filling the coffers of the corrupt few plus costing millions of innocent lives through needless wars and conflicts

    The question is, do the countries of the world have the courage to denounce this controlling influence and announce to the world that enough is enough and they will began to establish complete secular countries eliminating any and all reference to imaginary gods, deities and the like. This will be a brave venture to take as most countries have invested hundreds of years and billions of dollars enforcing this control to insure the beliefs in these imaginary deities and it becomes almost a difficult task to admit that they have been wrong for so many years. This of course has to happen in order to have lasting peace on this planet. It would be hard to imagine a leader of any country telling the Pope he is believing in an imaginary god, that there is no scientific evidence of an historical Jesus and telling the Muslims that there is no evidence of a Mohammad riding a winged horse to heaven. Let’s hope this happens at some time in the near future as it must in order to bring lasting peace on this planet. There have been approximately 109 Billion people that have lived on this planet and not a one has ever come back from death to tell of a god, heaven or hell.

    There should be a new group of united countries. The group should be called the United Secular Nations. No theocracies can be a member. If a country wants to keep its 8th century theocratic mentality, fine, leave them to their own demise. They will either have to accept the modern world or stay in the Stone Age. We should never have any military or embassies in any of these theocratic countries. Visitors to these countries would enter at their own risk. Eventually the isolation of these barbaric countries, their citizens will say enough is enough and the country will implode upon itself.

    Frederick H Spoerl

    • Claire Racine says:

      Good insight Frederick. Live and let live.
      Man has sought the ‘source of creation’ since the beginning of time.
      It is time for man to look into the mirror of his very being to identify that source, and take total responsibility within himself for his own creations.

    • Patricia C Meek says:

      Thank FHS,

      I am use your comment to show hearing people, naturally I am Deaf-Hearing Impaired Person, not able to hear, what Mark H~ A Wonderful Video. I Thank You for this longest comment I am around 3-4 years of NT Member … I complete agree with you, Wink ! Patricia C. Meek

  326. Frank Carrillo says:

    Mark Hamilton’s discertation on the Prime Law can be much more clarified on Reading Msr. Bastiat’s “The Law” which was written in 1850. It is a treatise on liberty which was way ahead of its time. He defined liberty and stating that “Justice is to prevent injustice from reigning.” Food for thought.

    • Claire Racine says:

      Yes, The Prime Law is the very essence of “Justice For All.”
      Injustice, agenda law and flaw -filled man’s imperfect opinion cannot
      stand against it.
      Injustice cannot reign against it and neither can the rule of Man.

  327. Russ Creamer says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton.

  328. mary hall says:

    I agree completely. Since the first published book I received. Mark H. you speak the truth I have known all my life. As a speak with people today, they can not conceive the world without social security. As they ask, What will happen when I have worked so hard to retiree? I remember in one book that the money would be paid in a full sum. Have you ever seen blank eyes? Their are many obtacles to conquer but I believe it is possible. One dimension is ongoing in the general population. How do we get past the impossible to the possible? Love your messages, they are truth. History supports if people are curious enough to go to any college library. Thanks for listening and have a great holiday, everyone.

  329. edward george says:

    mark its a fact thank u very much

  330. Craig Booth says:

    They say big things come in small packages, this message is short, yet it carries the most powerful element for happiness and success, it is so simple and true, why then does man continue to allow them selves to exist in a suppressed state? Why does man continue to over look and ignore the one thing that would bring them what they are searching for, happiness, prosperity, wealth, not just monetary wealth, wealth of the sole, yes “The purpose of human life is to prosper and live happily” isn’t that what we all really want? As Mark tell us it is possible, it is obtainable, it is simple, and it is up to us, yes “we the people” to accomplish it, the Twelve Visions Party is the vehicle that will carry us down that path of accomplishment, prosperity, real happiness, real wealth, thank you Mark for your insights, your leadership, your strength and genuine concern for mankind.
    Craig Booth

  331. Otto Beasley says:

    Hello Mark,

    Thank you for your mentorship in the NT principles. With this wondeful knowledge, I will enjoy a Holiday everyday of my life.

    Peace Out!

  332. jesse says:

    It is time to rewrite what is wrong n make it right people greatness is at hand here me now stand up be not afraid now the time is now

  333. Thank you Mark, For such a wonderful revelation and gift around this point in time as the CHRISTMAS AND THE NEW YEAR apprroaches, Mark you are “OWURA” That is your gift in returned(meaning, LORD) Indeed we were all blind folded, Zombie type bicameral mentality, Thank you once again MARK, This three thousand year old secrets, Which is THE PRIME LAW will surely lift us from our sleeping sacks to the highest of WEALTH, HEALTH AND PEACE. Happy Hollidays.

  334. Pat Stanfill says:

    The more I hear the 3000 year old secret and live in the A.C., the more I long for the prime law to become real to all of us. Just think about the beauty of our world after the prime law is THE LAW. No more rule of man. Thank you Mark Hamilton for introducing us to the 3000 year old secret once again. It is time for all people in our world to know it and apply it. The TVP is the key now. Pat

  335. Zuzana says:

    I love all your ideas and everything you teach as.I’m so happy to get invitation from you Mark.As many people say -I was looking all my life for the truth and you opened my eyes. You save my life and my family. Thanks with love Zuzana

  336. Warren S. Rock says:

    I love you Mark Hamilton. You are like the “STALLION” who seaches for greener pasters then leads his herd to the greener paster and watches over them while they eat. Unlike the “WOLF” who preys on the weak and old, then gorges by himself until he has had his fill. Then his “wife” and cubs can eat.
    Just imagine if all leaders were like you. Everyone would live happy and properous lives.
    Love and Enjoy the winter solstice,

    • Claire Racine says:

      Thanks Warren,
      It is easy to love someone who always loves you, cares about you, and seeks to protect you. Mark Hamilton has never failed to do that.
      The Stallion, powerful and wise does not need initiatory force to lead.
      The Wolves are a classic example of the ruling class, who use initiatory force to
      control. because they are lacking in wisdom and true leadership.
      Sometimes, seeing the true nature of things, in nature, can reflect upon our own nature.
      I love you and the wonderful viewpoint you have.

  337. DINAH says:


  338. The teaching of the TVP offer the the most common sense approach to government , Prime law is a major political development in the 21 century ,it will free man from the path of self- destruction and world wide economic collapse,Mark Hamilton is a man of great courage to come forth with these secrets knowing that the establishment will use any means to try and stop this movement .Just like they tried in the past to stop the development of Neothink . We are now witnessing the dawning of a global civilization
    beginning with America .the ultimate move will be the civilization of the universe,thanks NT , the Ghetto Philosopher

    • Claire Racine says:

      Well said Arthur.
      The Truth has been obscured for far too long.
      Integrated honesty will always overcome lies.
      Once you are aware of the reality, you can no longer be
      misled by “illusions.”
      They will all disappear along with initiatory force as the Prime Law moves us
      into the reality of a new dimension of life on Planet Earth.

  339. Russ Creamer says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton. This is so easy to understand.

  340. Henry Flower says:

    Again, Marks message is so clear. We have all been lied to/ deceived by the power people of government, so that they, not the governed people, would have wealth, health, happiness, and romantic love. They usurped our lives/ rights as conscious humans, in exchange for their lust for wealth and power. As a result they created poverty/ stagnation for all others. “The Rule of Man” creates the negative side of Platonic rule by initiatory force. Prime Law IS THE SECRET that they kept from us. No one likes to be deceived/ lied to. It’s time for the human race to evolve into a sane world that harbors the conditions for the life we were all meant to live.

  341. Hi, my name is Ralph.
    No one wants to know that they are Deceived, or Fooled, and sometimes many
    do not even believe that this Evil, can be perpetuated on them,
    through the Illusion of Mysticism! Mark Hamilton, as the Great Mentor of the
    NTS, deserves to be Complimented, on this Integration, and Interpretation, of the
    Twelve Visions Party, . I believe the Prime Law, to be the Freedom
    that was once Promised to each Individual, along with Individual Rights. With this
    Illusion revealed, and a Made Determination by Mark Hamilton, as to where the
    Twelve Visions Party is Directed, Each individual may use their Volition, to Choose
    the Twelve Visions Party, for the new Party, the new State, and a Bright Future!
    No one needs another ‘Blind Alley’ Join-in with Mark Hamilton, The Twelve Visions
    Party, is here for you! Claim you Gifts, and Rewards, Wealth, Health Prosperity!

  342. TC MKHABELE says:


  343. Ruth says:

    This wonder full 3000Year secrete bring the clarity for all to see this is the beauty
    of the prim Law and is takeing the place where it belong and will always be, in the on going cause of the Twelve Vision Party and Neothink Society.

    Thanks to Mark Hamilton founder and creator.

  344. George Lo says:

    well I just found about Mark Hamilton and Neothink, I think more people need to know about him, I’m not from US and I’m amazed, the whole world need the Prime Law, not only the United States. Well I think Mark should put subtitles on his videos so more people can understand what he says using a dictionary.. and we can put more people into the prime law who have the “seed” to look into theirseves.. I can translate this video to my language if Mark wants to. Every man should know these jewels!

    • Marcia says:

      George Lo, When I first found out about Mark Hamilton and Neothink, I too didn’t understand until I got to know Mark Hamilton, his Neothink Literatures, Neothink Society and TVP better. You said you just found out about Mark Hamilton and Neothink. Those who know Mark Hamilton needs no explanation about this beautiful video. I’m glad I got to know Mark Hamilton because those who get to know him better will get understanding. Anyone can address their uestions to The TVP National Committee Website at George I agree when you said this whole world needs to know more about Mark Hamilton and these beautiful jewels. The future lives of this entire world is”worth” getting to know”all”about Mark Hamilton.

      • George Lo says:

        Marcia, I never heard of him or the Prime Law before but I grow up different from a lot of people around me seeing how the government and law injustices the whole world. So believe it or not, I don’t need to check his other vids to understand what he’s talking about but I will make sure to check out his other videos, cause Twelve Visions seems like a good movement and it’s sad how we never got to know about it. We need to spread the word about Mark and more people like him. Peace

        • George, I am also not from the United States, I am from Southern Africa, what i would like to share with you here, is the great wealth that the Prime Law would bring to the masses of people like you and i around the world , the Prime Law once implemented, it will firstly eradicate the rule of man such as the corrupt ruling class cartel and expose them to the whole world. The Twelve Visions Party of the United States would implement the Prime Law there after there will be prosperity almost instantly, because the euphoria of human creativity will arise and there will be simultaneous medical and technological advances, aging will be cured, all the disease currently in the so called “third world” countries will be eliminated. LASTLY initiatory force will be forbidden.

          heres the Prime LAW:

          *The purpose of human life is to prosper and live happily.

          *The function of government is to provide the conditions that let individuals fulfill that purpose.

          *The Prime Law guarantees those conditions by forbidding the use of initiatory force, fraud, or coercion by any person or group against any individual, property, or contract.

          Article 1

          No person, group of persons, or government shall initiate force, threat of force, or fraud against any individual’s self, property, or contract.

          Article 2

          Force is morally-and-legally justified only for protection from those who violate Article 1.

          Article 3

          No exceptions shall exist for Articles 1 and 2.

          -Regards Dr.Almas Nambabi

          • As soon as the Prime Law becomes a legislature of the U.S Constitution, that will bring about change to eradicate the ruling class, CHANGE in TVP language means eradicate the ruling class and Make all the people rich including the poor. How do you make all the peopl rich? By simply getting rid of the ruling elite of oligarchs and bringing the inoovative wealth creationss to the public poor through the great replacement program.

        • Marcia says:

          George Lo, You misunderstood me. I honestly said, others can get a better understanding of what Mark Hamilton videos are about , by getting to know Mark Hamilton better. Others can get to know Mark Hamilton better by reading his masterpiece Neothink Literatures, becoming a member of his beautiful Neothink Society Movement and supporter of his amazing Twelve Visions Party Political Movement. It’s so worth it! Mark Hamilton is the unifier of the world and brings together all people of all classes. To get a better understanding of what Mark Hamilton is all about, others can visit these beautiful websites. To become a member of The Neothink Society go to
          For more information about The Twelve Visions Party Movement and The Neothink Society Movement go to and
          To order his latest book Wealth, Health and Peace call
          George, even though we are miles apart, a warm welcome to you, happy to have you be a part of this beautiful Neothink family.
          Your Neothink friend,

        • Marcia says:





    • Claire Racine says:

      Dear George,
      You got it!
      Please DO translate into your language. Send it to the National Committee for
      approval though, before you do anything else with it.
      That would be a wonderful gift of creation for all of us.
      Please contact our committee members at : and they will help.
      Love you.

  345. Marcia says:





  346. I was overwhelmed by Mark Hamilton as he revealed to the world a 3000 year old secret kept from civilizations for thousands of years, when i first saw his Video on youtube i was blown away by the information i was recieving. I have managed to post his video on my site and my facebook page, as i came across this site via google i have managed to post somwthing here.
    I should quote” the rule of man is responsible for poverty”, and “flaw filled man is imperfect and creates flaw filled” legislature” , I agree fully and i do believe the Prime Law is the answer to prosperity and well being for the masses of the other groups of vulnerable , underpriviliged people.

    -Dr.Almas Nambabi

    • I must add and say that Mark Hamilton, the founder of Neothink reveals to “sane, error prone humanity” that regular human beings such as people with dead end jobs, blue collar workers, soccer and hockey moms, ob-gyns, and students can become “creative thinkers” with Neothink, and this can only be done when sane humanity gets rid of their “mysticism” if they still demand help from external authority, the secret that they don’t realize is that the ruling class which is the “external authority in my writing here simply is the true enemy of sane humanity, with class struggles and civil unrest, this goes way beyond the fundamental purpose of protection against force and threat of force, instead of governments protecting their citizens against “external force” they simply inflict that force against them –sum all this up you will have flaw filled man controlling, flaw error prone humanity.

      • Another side entity of “flaw filled man” would be the neocheater , this one is similar to a very deadly pathogen, or “cancer”, this pathogen spreads mysticism like a raging disease , and this happens when they lie to you about benefiting from “higher authority” , the evil thing that they are doing here is simply downgrading the human potential of integrating, blocking and limiting your ability to become a self leader and a self led thinker, a sane human being would have to say no to mysticism and say no to all neocheaters, especially the most “influential ones” they are similar to hepatitis A, B and C. They must be ignored at all times because they do not care about human life The Twelve Visions Party is the Answer and the cure to the neocheater pathogen

        -Dr.Almas Nambabi

        • Why Current Politics and Politicians Fail?

          Today’s politicians fail to meet most of their people’s needs, the same people who elected them into office, I hate to blame those world leaders for not meeting their citizen’s needs in real time-according to Princeton University Professor Dr. Julian Jaynes he revealed in his award winning lifetime achievement of “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind(Houghton Mifflin), he reveals that around 3000 years ago the human’s guidance system was controlled by nature just as any other animal. With a large two- chamber brain, which is the largest by far for all animals, the human increasingly evolved language. He increasingly communicated through talking, which was the most effective system for communicating. Therefore, he thrived in growing civilizations. Political action today primarily refers to the tricentenary “bicameral tendencies” which were used and still control “guide” certain world leaders today as revealed by Mark Hamilton in the Neothink manuscripts.

          -Dr.Almas Nambabi

  347. Russ Creamer says:

    I will live by the Prime Law.

  348. Thank you Mark Hamilton for the clear and concise video about this new diminsion
    that the world is waiting for. The deminision which will liberate mankind and bring wealth that the world has never known.

  349. Geneva Branham says:

    Great video Mark it is sad that this secret has been hidden from us for 3000 years.

  350. Alan Cleal says:

    Many people already sense or can even identify with what Mark says in this video. However, I believe that it was necessary for him to record it in order for this important principle to be brought into the public consciousness.

  351. Russ Creamer says:

    Every time I watch this I smile. I feel like the Prime Law is a beautiful key to a beautiful future. Thank you Mark Hamilton.

  352. Lila Bennett says:

    If you are able to do this: Say there is a window in front of you…One that looks out onto the World we live in…and you are able to get a clear view on how things are going in this world, how people are interacting, how family life is occurring, how business is conducted, how cultures around this world are interacting, and so on…What is it possible to see? Can you visualize, conceptualize, “feel” the difference the Prime Law would make?

    The individual is FREE from all force by others and by Gov’t, free from all threat of force, coersion, etc. of any kind on any part of his/her life areas of involvement. The individual can evolve at their own pace, finding their talents and abilities and developing each into fulfillment without anyone, institution, or gov’t interfering with each’s progress. All peoples are for loving and encouraging and stimulating the Life within to blossom as we all are meant to…Feel THIS…

    What would an enlightened world look like through this window, expanding out from the individual? Civilization can be made up of individuals who have come together to bond in agreement to how to achieve the best life possible, in peace and safety, and sharing everything…Abundance would cover the management of Earth’s resources, exchanges between individuals, or masses of individuals around the world to see that ALL have access to what is needed, and there are no poor or downtrodden left on this Planet…Each can excell to their utmost best fulfillment of their “promise” within. Humanity would have the ease of selecting the finest path to literally becoming a civilization of the Universe! This is just something that could be seen through that “window of opportunity”!!!

    • Lila,
      That was beautifully stated. I’m looking through the same window and I see it all……freedom from gov’t, threat of force, coercion of any kind, actualization of our individual talents and abilities. I want it all. I see the dream of our lives becoming a reality of love.
      Milca Fortier

    • Claire Racine says:

      You are awesome Lila!
      When we all agree to continuously create that picture, it will become a new reality around us in which we can live.
      We should communicate that opportunity to everyone we meet.
      Secrets are for those who have something to hide.
      Allow the truth to be known, take down the illusions, and realizing the new dimension of Wealth, Health and Peace will actualize very quickly on Earth for all people.
      As the Prime Law lives in our minds and hearts, we will no longer need “rulers”.
      We will take responsibility for our own actions and creations.
      That will set us free.

  353. Maria C Rodriguez says:

    The Prima Law takes America back with no initiatory force. It is beautiful to hear Mark Hamilton to say how marvelus life is waiting for us.
    Thank you Mark Hamilton for creating a wounderful future without ruling class.

    • Maria,
      Bring on the Prime Law, freedom from the ruling class. Let us all become who we were born to be, living the life we were born to live, thanks to Mark Hamilton. Thank you is not enough, I need and want to help you my friend.
      Milca fortier

      • Kathy Woodhouse says:

        Mark Thank you for these very powerful words. Your words and the books I have been reading are an inspiration in my life. I now have hope after being ill and not able to work for 18 years that with my training and readings that I will rise from my despair and become the person you have allowed me to believe I can be now be. Thank you.

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