Mark Hamilton – Stimulation

Mark Hamilton tell us about the different forms of stimulation.

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  1. Bob Larsen says:

    Interesting … focusing on “value” brought out the “sale” … excellent point!

  2. William J Kyle says:

    Yes indeed mark I believe that we should always show people what the society has done for us rather than do as I say not what I do

    i love you

  3. Rosa Lerblance says:

    Stimulation When I started member services I remembered Mr. Hamilton said on
    a level meeting when you talk to someone about Neothink tell them about what
    Neothink has done in your life. I started using the advice right away and it worked
    every time. I still use it when I talk to a new member on the phone. Excellent Advice!

  4. Barbara says:

    Thank You Mr Mark Hamilton for your Neothink Literature ,Neothink Society, Twelve Visions Partyall this are extraordinarliy stimulating it changes ones life,heart and soul pure love for life and everything in it……Love to all…

  5. Karen Lorraine Venn says:

    Stimulation can come from anywhere, or anything; Sharks Hockey, for example, stimulates me, but so does other things, including my costuming, dressing up in my costumes, creating my Fairy Wings as well as my other crafts; other things that stimulate me are: cooking, baking, travelling by train, touring & taking videos U& photos that no one would think of & showing off my costumes, by wearing them at conventions. & yes I do enjoy them

  6. Pete Zerger says:

    Stimulation happens everywhere – Disneyland, the beach, a campfire, even around the kitchen table. !!!

  7. Max T.Frank says:

    When we discover our child of the past,we are what we call the true essence,we know and become aware of,how important time it is,and how fast it comes and goes.

  8. John Mager says:

    thankyou for being my mentor. It took me a while to step up. But I Am here actively because you touched my child of the past. You stirred something inside, a forgotten part of me that at first seemed like a dream, that I was afraid to wake from. I had a unreasonable fear to embrace this passion, I thought it would fade away. So I thought I would do this alone. I was wrong on both counts as here we are.
    I also see this secret of touching the inner child as and incredible sales technique. Again thank you Mr. Hamilton.

  9. Mark McConney says:

    Just signing to these nuggets leave an impression on me listening give me a undescrible feeling

  10. Dagolivera says:

    NEOTHINK have a solid structure for grow up, and the enlightement is magnificient POWER.

  11. Liz Szarka says:

    We know that when we have rediscovered our child of the past, we have uncovered the missing piece of our lives that – like the open-mindedness of a child – makes all things possible for attaining pure unadulterated happiness in our lives and in this country. I rediscovered my child of the past through the literature of Mark Hamilton….

  12. Adam Huntley says:

    Stimulating those urges from the child of the past is where true values take hold; competitive creations with maximum exposure brought forth through business. Causing that natural marriage between business and one’s urges touches my core values I am experiencing. Thank you, Mark, for this example proving how effective stimulation really is.

  13. Gregory Klatt says:

    A persons true Essence is in the Child of the Past.

  14. Mickey Baker says:

    We All need Stimulation!Wealthy,Heathy,PeacefulStimulation!

  15. Dagolivera says:

    The true stimulation are into the three heirlom; wrotes by Mark Hamilton. Whith them, I steady, increase my energy, and open to the New World, new mentality, the life and history,even religion. Thank you my mentor.

  16. Russ Creamer says:

    The letter I got 3 years ago touched me. I wanted to live MY life. So here I am now. I am living my dream because I am on My special journey and I love it. We all are special pieces to this Magnificent puzzle.

  17. Pat Stanfill says:

    Mark Hamilton, I can relate to this video as you have brought our the childhood memories that were buried deep inside of me for which I thank you. Pat

  18. Marcia says:

    I Never Thought The Prime Secret Would Hurt So Good!

    Mark Hamilton is the founder of The Neothink Society which contains the PRIME SECRET(known only to members of The Neothink Society)

    Mark Hamilton’s Prime Secrets are”the sweetest tabus”that YOUR Ruling-Class leaders DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT! Why do your ruling-class leaders want to keep the Prime Secret hidden from YOU? “It’s because people who know and use the Prime Secret rise up past their peers, straight up to the wealthy elite class”.-Mark Hamilton The Prime Secret gives me”so much pleasure”, here’s why it hurts so good. It”hurts”that the ruling class could be so dishonest, wicked and evil to highly-guard secrets, secrets that could save the lives of this whole world, secrets that could bring Wealth, Health and peace to the world! It hurts that the greedy Ruling-Class are the ones to blame for many sufferings seen all through out the entire world!
    It feels”so good”because Mark Hamilton so honestly and bravely, broke the rules of the ruling class by revealing the PRIME SECRET to you. To find out more about the “PRIME SECRET” please go to

    • Dagolivera says:

      Hi Marcia,this in addition to your great comment.
      During my life I’ ve had my own conclusion, but with “Neothink Society”
      I win stronger ideas, concepts and knowledge. Thank you so much to every Members into Society, and especial gratitude to Mr. Mark Hamilton.

      • Marcia says:

        “Those who choose The Prime Secret win stronger ideas.The Prime Secret is the “winning concept” and full of knowledge wich The Neothink Society contains”.
        with love

        • Dagolivera says:

          Hi, Marcia. Absolutely, also I win greatest concept throughout “The Prime Secret” into The Neothink Society. Thank you for your comment and help.
          Love you, Dagolivera.

          • Marcia says:

            Yes Dagolivera,
            All NTS members, including I win greatest concepts throughtout “The Prime Secret” into the Neothink Society. I’m eternally grateful to Mark Hamilton so much for”The Prime Secret which The Neothink Society contains which is why I Never Thought The Prime Secret Would Hurt So Good!!
            with love,

          • Marcia says:

            Mark, I never thought The Prime Secret would hurt so good. You are continiously deeply blowing my mind. You can’t imagine! You are a most precious gift from the universe. This the universe has made very clear to me. I had visions about all this in december 2006 and here I am, 2011. Wow! Universe if this is not your master plan then vision me out otherwise keep visioning me in!

          • Marcia says:

            In response to my comment ” I Never Knew The Prime Secret Would Hurt So Good”
            For those of you who would like to know more about The Prime Secret “WHICH IS” the greatest concept, contained by The Neothink Society and which Dagolivera “clearly” in her statement above “finally” also agrees with please go to

          • Marcia says:

            Mark Hamilton
            “You are and will always be a supreme gift from the universe”.

          • Marcia says:

            “Thank you Mark Hamilton for The Prime Secret which is the supreme concept”.

      • Marcia says:

        I’ve just visited the website
        and just by going there The Prime Secret Hurts So Good And Even Deeper!
        The Prime Secret Neothink and Prime Law/Neothink Self-leadership System are supreme concepts which The Neothink Society Contains. To become a member of The Neothink Society go to

        • Dagolivera says:

          Thank you Marcia for your comment.
          I think THE PRIME LAW is the highest moral to protect and preserve the SUPREME VALUE in THE UNIVERSE -HUMAN LIFE.
          Nowadays, is THE MOST IMPORTANT TOOL to fix Amarica and the rest of the World.

          • Marcia says:

            Thank you Dagolivera.
            THE PRIME SECRET HURTS SO GOOD AND EVEN DEEPER!!! Thank you Mark Hamilton for The Prime Secret, Prime Law and Neothink Self-leadership System, which we all can benifit from.

          • Marcia says:

            Thank you for liking my comment. For this particular comment, “like a child at play I had fun being creative”.

  19. My first book ever within the society since 1999 was THE BOOK, When i recieved this manuscript, I kissed it and something passed through me, and felt i am embarking upon a journey of no return. I felt stimulated and sweet sensation within me, there i knew this book can change lives.

  20. Maria C Rodriguez says:

    Mark Hamilton give to the human life a lot of estimulation, like The Twelve Vision Party, Miss Annabelle’s Secret and all the secret meetings, telecomferences, club houses and much more is settled up for us also to get a gret stimulation. You are the best Mark Hamilton.

  21. tyrone burch says:

    Stimulation is needed for advancement. Advancement of careers, romance, money, etc. all come from the positive stimulations that occurs in life. Ex. a man after a certain woman will only chase her if she stimulates him a certain way. Careers are stimulated by the values that are created. To summarize stimulations are sometimes the motivational driving force behind most peoples actions.

  22. Lisa Newton says:

    This method of touching someone deeply enough that it stimulates their child of the past is powerful. I can see how that salesman on the ship could touch your thoughts and memories of your children and make you desire that reality for yourself. We’ve all experienced it, but it’s so much different, now that I understand the process. You touch someone just right, and your product will seem cheap at virtually any price, long as they can meet it!

  23. THE FINAL PART OF THE NTPIS BOOK 3 of 3 TRILOGY-The part when even men can cry, this helps a human being live a better life and refrain from hurting others, as most people do they vigorously yammer against the perfect-grown innocent hurt of others and this also gives those same victims psychological negative breakdown abuse and bad cholesterol. But this great faction story really, brings back that innocent heart of yours from childhood and really plugs it into your adulthood. Once you earn that preciious synergy of innocence- you shall never break apart no matter what people say, – There is no other book that i know of does this -Mark Hamilton is an Ace-he literally cracked the emotional code of uncontrolable human psychological emotions,
    Those psychous– emotions in this case can be managed accordingly.
    Much respect for Miss Annabelle-who tried to educate the kids and was later interrupted, wow this one really got to me and i could not stop. The anti- civilization is too negative and it keeps on being on getting negative, -its like its job to be negative.
    but the positivity here remains strong and stays forever-The hapiness here is everlasting.

    • Dagolivera says:

      Hi, Nambabi.
      I like and approve your comment.Miss Annabelle is a fiction story could be realistic. Also Mark Hamilton is a great writer.

  24. Lila Bennett says:

    It seems when we are deeply touched, these are usually stimulations of our Heart…In the Miss Annabelle volume, there were many such stimulations, such that even men have reported that they cried numerous times, as I did myself. The bridge between ourselves and others in our civilization will be an emotional stimulation, an acknowledgement of our common humanity and wishes for a better life, not smothered into submission for the monetary return only, as in the past for many of us….’Others leading lives of quiet desperation…’ if the truth be known.
    I am so thankful that I was stimulated to find my own happiness in a new life!!!
    Love, Lila

  25. Richard Crookshank says:

    Even though we have learned more than 95% of the world population, we are now master salesmen or woman, if you truely believe in something you can sell anything if truely excited,and the how does’nt matter, thats why we have a C.E.O his name is Mark.

  26. Gregory Klatt says:

    Stimulation in its Natural, Honest and Rational form is the driving force of all people especially children. It’s when we get caught up in this Anti-Civilization and the Impressionism and Socialism( just to name 2 of them) that we lose touch with our Natural, Honest, Rational Stimulation. But Mark Hamilton and his Literature and the TVP Movement helps people to shed that A/C programming with the Stimulation of the Clubhouses of which causes them to want that Inner Child Stimulation back. From there they Play/Work to have the Life they were meant to have. Wealth, Health and Peace.

  27. Russ Creamer says:

    Love is a good stimulation.

  28. Robin Newwman says:

    Stimulation IS the key. I practice it on myself when feeling low.

  29. Would You just take a look at Mark Hamilton’s face before You actually play it again? See how happy he looks. Look into his eyes. Money is definitely a major type of stimulation that captures most peoples immediate attention. So does sex obviously. I know they do for Me. But more important than that is children. I have always loved children. In fact, recently this past week I was at a new years/housewarming party with my 14 year old apprentice and his neighbor was there. She had with her her 1 – 1 1/2 month old daughter. As I held her in My arms I became on fire with love more than ever before. I just imagine how close My daughter and Myself will become. When I watched this video again, this short clip versus the full length video, My Child of the Past began giving Me that all to familiar and emotionally moving stimulation know as love… Pure Love…

  30. Claire Racine says:

    True value is wealth. The genius inside each individual and the values they will bring us all is Priceless. As value creation increases, and value exchange moves rapidly through the population, all benefit, all become wealthy and live like Millionaires.
    True Love and and common purpose to benefit all, is the true value which the TVP and the Prime Law offers to Mankind. Worth more than “money,” it has endless value to create happiness, self fulfillment, and allow all to make their dreams come true and live the life they were meant to live. Thank You Mark Hamilton.

  31. Mark Hamilton, his Neothink Literatures, his Neothink Society and Twelve Visions Party, is by far extraordinarily stimulating. There’s noone, nor nothing else on earth like it! Mark you’ve stimulated my heart, mind, body and soul beyond human expression/comprehension. I’m in Neothink bliss!!!

  32. Sometimes stimulation, reveals to you that something more. It is for you
    to Integrate, and actualize!

  33. Russ Creamer says:

    People needs true stimulation.

  34. Maria C Rodriguez says:

    Love is the most wounderful stimulation that I now. When you feel love you five senses are stimulated, nothing more counts.

  35. Russ Creamer says:

    Take money out of the equation and find true stimulation.

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