Mark Hamilton – In Search of The Human Touch

Mark Hamilton discusses how the Neothink Clubhouse workshops and mentoring programs are the human touch that has been missing.

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  1. Barbara says:

    Clubhouses are wonderful way to meet people build relationships, to learn and feel connected together in happiness and in Neothink Society….
    Thank You Mark Hamilton

  2. Judith Curless says:

    The Neothink Society clubhouses are the greatest place to share with other like-minded members the creative and life-altering values and concepts gained in the teachings. As we each work individually, then in small groups, then collectively on the larger picture, we are the puzzle pieces of a completed puzzle that is growing larger every day to bring about a better and more transparent world with Neo-Tech and Neothinking. And if there’s not one near you right now, there are more evolving daily as we continue to grow. You have never shared a more compatible and dynamic relationship with other people in your life! We help and support one another and we have a lot of fun doing it!

  3. Will Blanc says:

    Lets give America what it really wants. Health wealth peace and love, all delivered through the workshops and the clubhouses featuring the human touch. Thank you Mark Hamilton, for giving us these wonderful nuggets of gold.

  4. The Twelve Visions Party
    Vision one: Become The Person You Were Meant to Be

  5. William J Kyle says:

    Thank you mark Hamilton, I do agree with you concerning the club Houses, we have our club hose in phoenix for 11 years and I have been going to this club house for the last 6 years and really enjoy all the different people I have met and love them all. I love the Neo Think Society

  6. Rosa Lerblance says:

    In Search of the Human Touch. These video reminded me of my first clubhouse
    meeting. It was such a wonderful and welcoming experience for me and my husband.
    I had never met strangers that were so kind and friendly they went out of the way to
    make feel so at home. Coming from a dysfunctional home it felt good to be treated
    like family where you belong. I was hooked on clubhouses and information was so
    rewarding to hear.

  7. Barbara says:

    Meeting each other in clubhouses the knowledge. the energy level the getting to know like minded people like yourself is awesome … Thank You Neothink Society. Thank You Mr Mark Hamilton and your dad Dr Frank R Wallace .

  8. Karen Lorraine Venn says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for motivating me & helping me to move forward; now I’m getting a Clubhouse together, in my area & can’t wait to have my 1st Meeting, which will be my Intro Meeting. Also, I’ll be able to get together with like-minded individuals to help each other out & help them find their Friday Night Essences

  9. Michael Sholty says:

    I am in the process of retiring my small farm into the C.R.P. In doing this I have use Mr. Hamilton’s business ideas to plan this action. I would like to go to a clubhouse but I do not drive any more except for tractors. I use the clubhouse calls,emails,and personal calls when I need directions. In the future I hope to use trains,planes,and buses to go to meetings.

  10. Pete Zerger says:

    Clubhouses are a safe. fun, friendly place to meet. !!!

  11. Steve says:

    The 1st Neothink Business Expo will be on Saturday June 11th, 2016 in New York City.

    This will be a dynamic workshop helping our Neothink Society Member goes toward full integration through The Neothink Business System

    Whether your are starting or building a business, or, developing/ building your personal life, this Expo workshop is for you.

    Plan to join us. Contact me, Steve “Digger” Fagan at my website and fill out the Free Consultation submission form. and submit the completed form. I will personally follow -up.

  12. I feel so much love in these videos! I will be opening a clubhouse here in Canada. I am in the process to open a clubhouse here in New Brunswick,Canada with the help of my dear friend Rita. One step at a time! No need to jump with both feet is the only way to go!

  13. Alan Cleal says:

    To be in a position to impart one’s valuable knowledge of neothink principles onto another, while carrying responsibility, rewards the mentor with a sense of great personal satisfaction. It is via such nurturing that each clubhouse, leading to the wider neothink society, will grow.

  14. Stephen Lanzel says:

    Mark, the shortest more important thing every said. One of the best. The human touch is as important as the heart, to anyone. To reach out, to others with, the human touch can also, touch your heart, as well. This is a must for any clubhouse allowing everyone to grow. To realize the human touch is more then a touch, it is, in everything, we do.

  15. John Mager says:

    Hello Mark and Nepthink readers
    This human touch is so important to be included and mastered from both sides. One; to have a support line to turn to, and two; this leads us to reach out to others who have that searching empty look. We can pass this on In the light and manner that Mark has so graciously Mentored us. His constant commitment to continual enlightenment is truely what everyone wants. This is the human touch you have shared with me.
    John Mager

  16. Anna M. Ianacci says:

    Hi Mark,
    Sometimes i think so much about the past and how it has stayed with me morning, noon, and night and as specially in my dreams. My memories of Astoria are my beacon home and I’m trying to stay on task, even if it seems like I’m distant, I’m not. Everything we want is on my mind all the time. Its an unstoppable force that drives me to be who I am supposed to be, and without you it could have gotten lost.
    Love Annie <3

  17. Liz Szarka says:

    “The human touch” means so much more as espoused by Mark Hamilton, his Neothink Society, and his Twelve Visions Party….It means the ulitimate: guidance, acquistion of self-leadership, infinite potential in value creations, happiness, prosperity, health, wealth, and peace…all achieved honestly and upheld via “The Prime Law” of “No initiatory force,” as found along with other guiding principles throughout Mark’s writings and literature….

  18. sherman yates says:

    Hello Mark,
    I have much to say and I really do not want to reveal the secrets that have been given to me over the past 40 years. I have no trust whatsoever in the integrity of man and I have many justifications. I have recently (2002-2003) very important inventions stolen from me through a patent company (Invent Tech) and now Blackberry, Ipad and E-Books are reaping creating earnings not for the original purpose. I am not one of those people looking to become the materialistically wealthy icon. No; not by any means. I am, however, dedicated to the constant vigialant focus of rescuing the planet and the inhabitants from certain disaster due to selfish material greed generated by mystical manipulations of those who insist upon establishing Dark Age idiotic concept full of pride and death dealing respect. Life is about honor and dignity, the essence of all understanding without political confirmations. The Prime Law is about living out the essence of our creed not the proliferation of coersive conduct. I have begun a path of humble involvement that will see the future of man evolve into the stream of wealth that dishonesty would never tolerate. These, truly, are the last days for the promotion of selfish ideals without value driven context. For all Christians confounded by Dark Age mystical rhetoric, this is the true meaning put forth in the Book of Revelations: the installment of the Prime Law and the TVP. To begin anew requires a new system of commerce and that can only began with a new system of farming. A system that offers our planet, our Earthly Mother the rest that is needed from all the past centuries of deadly rape and dishonor.

    I have within the confines of my spirit a system of farming that is complete for the advancement of systems necessary for future planetary growth. I have had several not so trustworthy. I was just interupted by a customer of great import. My e-mail address is a clue to my insistence of price reductions, especially for those in rehabilitation mode from drugs and alcohol. Unlike food net and the food bank, I will never give food away to the multitudes and weaken their resolve. I seek to get it and reduce the price by 75%. In this manner they save face and increase the humility factor within their Hope structure. Now, this new system of farming has been presented to the President several times; once even before he became president. The last presentation was to the National Democratic Party and all I have heard is: “It probably won’t work.” Mark, I am certain that I can lincense this new system with ADM and get a lucrative check each month for more than a few million, but that is not the goal. My goal is to establish a commercial and industrial base that is free of any government entanglements that exists within a republican form of government: a 2700 year old farce for producing chaotic decay. You have written me several times to encourage me concerning my abilities at knowing future trends. I do sincerely Hope that you are sincere because 40 or more acres of land (a football coliseum) will see the production of 4,000 to 40,000 acres of organic produce x 3 annually. The construction matrix is unlike anything that is currently in use. I will use the “Git Sang” design to complete the bi-pyramidal frame for construction of a new system of producing more than enough organic food to compliment the appetites of all of earth’s inhabitants at unbelievable low pricing. This is the essence of my e-mail address. I have synergized the non-profit sector; combining all three types to keep the current government out of the way of technological progress. I am not looking for any kind of government support except for it to uphold all the laws that protect non-profit institutions and that includes the governments now in place worldwide. I know you will keep this secret, Mark. This is for eyes only today and if you were serious about your statements about me then it is time for all Neothink Members to come to this challenge. You will not know the irrigation and transportation until you affirm this commitment. I do not have time to triffle with doubts as to the value of ths approach to TVP. I am more than certain that you will see how this approach keeps producing more advanced technological concepts; for instance: All the forest where applicable worldwide can and will be protected from ever being destroyed by raging fires. The prescription grows from this new system of farming. I need to get this new system installed so that other countries will purchase the knowledge and the license to utilize my non-profit fund raising products that will become the collateral for TVP operation capital. I do hope for a meeting soon, very soon. I have to rescue my 13 year old daughter and my 11 year old son as well as my 44 year old daughter and my two grandsons. I have worked on this since 1969 and I have no intentions of giving up on a dream that I have already seen come true. There are many, many more witty inventions that I receive daily. I read about a guy in 1968 who invented a polymer he called “boron.” I think Time Magazine. A single thread could support an entire house. I knew he had the answer for stopping the rape of this planet. He was the chemist for Dupont. Later I researched and discovered that that polymer was transferred to Acme Chemicals in Pennsylvania. We talked and I suggested racket ball or tennis rackets. I did not want him to know what I really had on my mind because the importance was great, very great. It was this new system of farming and I new I had to protect it. I had not gotten far enough on design and development. What is this new system you wonder? You know who the gentleman was, he is your dad. Little did I know that it would come to this day. You see, in 2001 I received a little book in the mail and I followed up by purchasing the big book. But by skepticism pulled me away from completely reading that book and it ended up in a storage shed in Fremont, Ne. I was working at Walmart at the time and I must say that after reading that book again this time I relized that I had made tremendous strides from janitorial to grocery stocker to candy wall rejuvinator and them to cashier. I introduced procedure that cleared backstock and caused management to install candy satellite staions throughout the store. A disgruntled assistant manager, however, decided I was a threat to her position and when I returned from vacation, my procedures were no longer allowed. I quietly took a years leave of absence and never returned. I had developed an instrument that posted prices of all merchandise worldwide because of Walmarts price comp policy. I realized that this could also be the answer to security for wireless communications and the avenue to Totally Green practices where the need for paper for printing would be completely discontinued. I lost the communications and e-pad idea to Invent Tech out of Pennsacola, Florida. I mailed registered copies to myself and placed them in a safe deposit box. The price compter was the most important item and even though it was tried during this Xmas season, it did not gain attention because I never intended for it to move until I was ready to use it. You see, it operates just like the magic jack. So, why would I ever trust anyone with the solutions that are given to me? Now my motto is as it use to be: “Put up or Shut up!!! Another guy got a patent on a transportation system that came from this new system of farming. He, however, did not understand that I was the only one who understood the future necessity. By mere circumstance I happened to browse the internet for Michael Kroll’s website; a patent attorney in NY that I had contacted in 2000 after I got the answer to my irrigation system. If you go to that site and type in agriculture you will find that the invention has nothing to do with agriculture and for the neocheater to suggest that system of transportation in the ocean, proved that I am rather good at misleading cheaters. The oceans are becoming more volatile each moment. President Obama has mentioned new systems but he does not have a clue. The other night he mentioned a new transportation system and I realized that he had read what I sent but little does he know that it will be some time before the transition can be installed to support such a system. I will completely explain these statements when we sit at one table and inaugurate the new system of farming. Today, I have an invention that will see the employment of Zytel in ways that will make everybody happy from the house to the sports arena. Ask me and I will tell you to get ready to breath a lot easier because all that dirt and all those dings will not causse discomfort any longer. I love you, my brother and all that can see that you have been given a very difficult, and most rewarding task. Ain’t it nice when a plan comes together!!!!

  19. Adam Huntley says:

    It has been so exciting watching our own Clubhouse here develop! We have had many people come to the meetings, and many more make an effort to be there every week. Now THAT has been VERY stimulating for all of us! What a perfect time. 🙂

  20. Thomas Hamilton says:

    Yes I agree that teaching is the best way to spread the word of the Neo-Think, but
    we should start with the younger generation(children) before they get contaminated with the exterior world.
    We also have to think global, I mean try to spread the word in diferent languages.

  21. Gregory Klatt says:

    It’s also about the Physical Contact and Comunication, not just the books and reading.

  22. Marcia says:

    So undeniably powerful is human touch! Members of the Neothink Clubhouses humanly bond through the sharing of honest integrated thinking. The Neothink clubhouse workshops and mentoring programs are the gateways to bring God-mentalities universally.

  23. Russ Creamer says:

    The heart is very important to the human body. Neothink Clubhouses are important to our Neothink Society.

  24. Marcia says:

    Excuse me, DI-VINE NOT DE-VINE!

  25. Marcia says:

    Mark Hamilton I wonderfully commend you for your powerful self-leadership!
    How does it feel to be touched by Mark Hamilton’s powerful mentorship?
    Mark Your devine touch will take this world far beyond the stars
    far beyond the wonders of the deepest part of space.
    Mark you’re like a blazing comet, blazing your trail
    to that prosperous and immortal ‘Twelve Visions World”/
    “Civilization Of The Universe”

    • Marcia says:

      When I became a member of Mark Hamilton’s Neothink Society, I had access
      to the most beautiful members-only, highly-guarded secret Neothink meetings website. At this secret Neothink meeting website, I began attending online monthly meetings with Mark Hamilton as my own personal mentor. During these monthly online monthly meetings my mind began absorbing the most mind-blowing, highly guarded secrets, that my mind had ever received. Being personally mentored by Mark Hamilton himself was an experience I shall treasure forever. Mark Hamilton’s literaures and Neothink Society has enriched my life so much and has given me a birds-eye-view on knowledge I was never aware of, knowledge of life. Some of this knowledge would turn out to be”forbidden knowledge” that “POWER RULERS” don’t want YOU to know about! There are priceless values and great life advantages that”POWER RULERS” greedily, want to be kept hidden from YOU, from the world! If you’d like to find out more about these”HIGHLY GUARDED SECRETS” become a member of The Neothink Society, you can. Go to
      The Neothink Society can make an honest and powerful self-leader out of you. The Neothink Society has made me see the world and life in a whole new light. Mark Hamilton’s Twelve Visions Party Political Movement, is the guiding light to lead this lost world, out of the dark and into the happy and prosperous world that this world was honestly meant to be.

  26. Max.Frank says:

    Without Neothink we will still lost,without human touch,nobody will know about
    Neothink touch,with Neothink touch we will never put sign anymore, by the road say’s kids first,waiting to be happen,and never and always never happen.and without Neothink still will never happen.tell the person next to you about Neothink and the person tell the next-one,about Neothink.

  27. The places that can unite the people in search of human touch are NEOTHINK CLUB HOUSES, MENTOR PROGRAMS and the LEVEL MEETINGS. These are the engines that fuels Neothink armies to forward march.

  28. tyrone burch says:

    I was once incarcerated for a time and i know the harm that true lonliness and isolation can cause. The physical and emotional distress is unexplainable. To physically be free helps ease some of the past hurt, but the mental anquish was something that i had to deal with quietly because no one could understand that type of darkness. It was only Mark Hamilton and neo-think that allowed my mind to become free and ease that anquish. I think that dealing with like-minded individuals will really let me escape my longings for the human touch that i didnt have during those years. Thanks again Mark.

  29. Lisa Newton says:

    Yes, I can see how important it is that “the human touch”be a part of what people get at Neothink and in the clubhouses and meetings…and how this aspect will only become more important as time goes on, because this is what people need, this is a big part of what’s missing in our culture, in America! In large part, America has lost her heart, and along with it has been taken her soul, if you will. This was the place where individuals had a new chance, where the lost, the poor, the downtrodden could take refuge and build a happy, successful life for themselves. Now, these illusions and invisible chains woven by the ‘puppetmasters,’ the elite, have replaced true gold with dross, are giving the masses bread and circuses instead of fulfillment of heart-felt dreams. So now, as people become members of Neothink, and as the TVP becomes a powerful movement determined to return our mislead country to her original greatness, people need–require–that personal touch, that reassurance that they do, indeed, matter! If an infant is not cuddled and touched–even if otherwise cared for and fed–it dies. That is how powerful the need for “the human touch” is within the human psyche. The Powers That Be have disintegrated our human bonds as much as possible, the better to mislead us and cloud our vision of the truth, and sell more refrigerators/heaters/houses and other stuff (oh, you don’t have your own? Pity!). The concept of ‘divide and conquer’ is one they have a firm grasp on. We will help people return to themselves, rediscover the truth within, and remember that something artificial can never hold as much value as something that is real…and they are what is real.

  30. Maria C Rodriguez says:

    Club Houses is the most interesting reunion with friend. I like to hearing from others member opinion about Mark Hamilton literature and always we are agree in our integration, And live the life I want to live. With integrated honesty.

  31. Roy Harris says:

    Hello Mark Hamilton, I’ve been a member of The Neothink Society for I think better then two years,I know I need to get to my local club house,I know I have a lot to offer and this year I plan too! Addmiting one of my flaw’s is procrastination,
    although I’ve studied much, there is so… much more I can learn. Since being involved with NT it has been the “CAPSTONE” to my years of seeking hidden knowledge!
    There are attemps to imitate but NT IS THE REAL THING!
    Thank You so much.

  32. Pat Stanfill says:

    When I received my first invitation letter to check out the Neothink Society, I did not want to share anything with anyone for fear that it was a sham. But as I really studied into this (over a year) I began to long for a connection to other members. I made my first telephone call to a member that I got off of my web site and he turned me onto a clubhouse nearest to my house and I made arrangements to meet with him. He invited my husband and myself to have lunch with him at his home. We went there and had good conversation and I told him I would like to volunteer to help him with his clubhouse and he accepted. That was the beginning of a wonderful partnership. I told him no matter what happened, I will always consider him my partner. After that I involved my self with all of the members that would accept me. (All of them have). What a beautiful, hugh, growing, family I now have. Thank You, Mark Hamilton One of your many soul mates, Pat

  33. Richard Crookshank says:

    It’s my life long mission in life to help people change thier lives, Neothink and T.V.P is my calling , clubhouses everywhere I see, and want to start, once trained and qualified to do so.

  34. Russ Creamer says:

    Mark, I agree. The human touch is very important. I understand that we need Neothink clubhouses. It creates a family of happiness.

  35. Gregory Klatt says:

    I see what you mean by the Human Touch. Neothink is something they have never experienced before. So when the People is in contact with Neothinkers in the TVP Clubhouses they will feel Stimulated and Inspired. They will experience those who achieved what they always longed for but didn’t know what or how.

  36. Listening to Mark Hamilton’s contributions, and reading the comments from members of the Neothink Family,is helping me to feel more connected. Thank you Mark!

  37. Mary Winston says:

    Hi Mark, Happy New Year, I have looked at the videos and loved them, thank you.
    You are going to change America & the world will follow.
    I love the human touch, Mark Hamilton &the TVP will make history,
    P.S. I am moving on Jan 15, will be out of touch for a week or so, I have sent you 3 emails, (all returned, recipient unknown)
    Please tell me who to inform re new address. sorry I know this has nothing to do with the above, but you said you read all comments.
    Lots of love Mary W.

    • Lila Bennett says:

      Mary, please call Member Services at 1-800-480-2336 and leave a message, and they will get back to you within 24/48 hrs…
      Love, Lila

      • Mary Winston says:

        Hi Lila,
        Thank you for the info. Do you have an email address for this number. I am in Sydney, Australia and I don’t know what state the number is for. Thanks again.
        regards Mary

  38. I rmemeber when I first viewed this. I it was unclear to me as to WHY You said what You said in this video. Now I am realizing MUCH better WHY this is the case. I have been fulfilling My role in this extra special and quite frankly FUN job. I am doing more here than I ever did previously in My entire life than I did before in anything else. I wake up knowing that I am going to become even better. Now this is deffinitely a major piece of the world as we know it today. I see many BILLIONS of Neothink Mentors bringing the Human Touch to blanket the entire planet and beyond eventually!

  39. Michaela says:

    Hi it is with great exhilaration and appreciation in the “discovery”of mois. By the time Mark Hamilton sent out the pertinent “information” I personally was going down the infinite “rabbit” hole of despair. I was losing faith with the “lost”human connection-race. Inevitably,the chord of non-conformity was awakened!! Carefully the Neothink Society’s I
    nsight blossomed. Hope is restored.I always felt the common chord of integrity remained however faint,struggling beyond the muck of society today. Our joined Essences connect the puzzle of connectivity inherently restoring our Value. Our lives hold worth! Our passion united carry the change we ARE! Our children have a future they have an inherit birthright of creation,a freedom to be co-creators of life. Free of blinding control.Free to compliment integrity,honesty,passion of their/our Essences,to follow their highest joy while bestoying a bridge of the “same”for their children as well. Being the shift the necessary change which is occuring now! Thank you Mark,Frank and all of you brave souls who dedicate All you are for All we are !How awesome is this! Ps return to the basics, anyone in my arena up north in Alaska?? Let’s create this to be k! Love genuinely given and received. Warm hugs across the board.Thank you! Michaela

    • David K. Longoria says:

      The Neothink Club Houses are an excellent way to meet face to face and bill relationships that are for a lifetime. The exchange of ideas opens a world of new knowledge.

  40. The Neothink Clubhouses, brings Rewards to those who participate, and Value
    to the Society.

  41. tyrone burch says:

    Looking to join or help start a clubhouse in detroit or in the detroit area.

  42. Join the Neothink Clubhouses, for that Something More!

  43. Russ Creamer says:

    The Neothink Family is awsome!

  44. The Clubhouse scenario sounds very exciting, i would like to join in you r Clubhouses and be part of the excitement, so that we can share ideas and knowledge as sane, honest human beings, nobody else unlike the Neothink Society does that. It knowing of what i just read on this site it seems to me that we do have alot in common.

  45. Alan Cleal says:

    I think that it is of great importance to stay, or perhaps that should be feel connected with the wider Neothink Society. You will remain both excited and motivated by interacting with the wealth of activity that takes place on our various internet forums and conference calls. The joining of a physical clubhouse is the icing on the cake.

  46. Russ Creamer says:

    Neothink ClubHouses are very important. It is a big part of people coming together in Happiness.

  47. Lila Bennett says:

    For those who do not have a Clubhouse near them, there ARE options: I attend the Global Clubhouse Meeting and participate in the discussions. Also, I do talk with new Members who have many questions and who want to discuss their integrations they have made since their entrance into the Neothink Society. Our Neothink Society website also offers responses to any Member who posts questions and integrations, new Member or “old” Members. Our Conference Calls offer the same outlets for ANY Members. I have found that friendships and closeness do develop through these alternative avenues, since our hearts and minds are open to each other. Working on projects with existing Members offer exciting exchanges on current developments within the Society and TVP.

  48. Maria C Rodriguez says:

    I like very much my monthly meetings in the club house. I enjoy The Neothink Family, because we are a family full the creativity, love and intregate honesty.
    We are happy together, it is really nice to be there every month.

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