Mark Hamilton – Excitement of Introduction Meetings

Mark Hamilton describes what is necessary to create excitement at Neothink Society introduction meetings.

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  1. Rosa Lerblance says:

    Excitement of the Introduction Meeting- I sure do remember the first
    introduction meeting I had on member services. I starting talking about
    Neothink and what it had done in my life as I talked about how it changed
    my life I was getting more and more excited as I listened to myself. It was
    so great to be able to give back! Thank You NEO-TECH/NEOTHINK is

  2. Karen Lorraine Venn says:

    Thank you for starting Clubhouses for our society; once I get my Clubhouse going, my Intro Meeting will be: Me as the Health & Wellness (my birth, hips, feet/legs, my surgeries, leg braces, learning how to walk (8 yrs old), my asthma, why we moved to a dryer climate, my last surgeries, my depression; the Literature: Miss Annebelle & why I relate to Sally’s mom (asthma) & why I relate to Jasmine (my Grandmamma); TVP: gonna go through The Prime Law; Business Alli9ance: why Corporate is taking over & why some are closing/going out of business; also events, both web sites, the free calls & what I’ll start with on my 2nd Meeting
    I’ll be stimulating, not educating minds

  3. Pete Zerger says:

    People need this information; they just don’t know about it.

  4. Steve says:

    Remember: Stimulate Do Not Try To Educate

  5. mr.hamilton i just want to say thankyou.and the tvp party is the onley way forpeace and love for mans hope.

  6. Rita Marie says:

    Dear Mr. Hamilton
    In regards to your visions..
    Why not turn it into a real plitical party????
    Your response will be greatly appreciated…
    I am willing to take full positive force in supporting your vision
    Can you please contact me a.s.a.p.
    Rita Marie

    • Lisa Newton says:

      Hello Rita Marie,
      Great to hear from you! I’m one of Mark Hamilton’s mentors, Lisa, and I was happy to hear how excited you and your children are about Mark Hamilton’s videos. He has many excellent videos to watch, and also amazing written material. In fact, his videos are an offshoot of his Neothink Literature. I’m certain that you’d really love his writing, and find it very inspirational, educational, and exciting. But also, I wanted to let you know that he does have a political party already! It’s called, “The Twelve Visions Party,” after a vision he had about how to give all people the opportunity once again to become their absolute best, live freely and abundantly, and return our country to its original proud, powerful state. We even have a Twelve Visions Party (TVP) presidential candidate, Jill Reed, who is currently touring the country meeting people and getting our name out. It’s an exciting time! We’d love your help and support in any way you’re able to give it. Please check with Jill Reed and her aides to see what you can do. There is a button to click on the right hand side of the site for the Twelve Visions Movement to get more info, and also Jill Reed is on Facebook, so contact her there, too. Congratulations on coming aboard, Rita Marie, and say hello to your wonderful daughter for me, and tell her she has an admirable ability to Envision! Hope to meet you some day.

      • Rita Marie says:

        Lisa.. I am blown away by all this… To my surprize, My x-father in law
        knew Frank W. very well. Myself I am Canadian but was married to an American
        for many years.. I actually remember meeting with Frank W. in Palm Beach FL
        when my ex-mother in law past away….
        No wonder when I saw Mark’s vid (3000 year old secret) for the first time
        I felt a powerful force going through me…. almost like the Universe was yeilding
        to me…. not knowing at all who Mark was, after seeing his vid .. I took action
        on contacting a toll free number and spoke to a girl called Lesly in the US….
        The Name Frank W. was mention which sounded so familiar but couldn’t put the
        puzzle together she then had someone here in Canada contact me, and now connected with the only member in the city I live in. I am very fortunate to have borrowed the Neo-Tech scriptures…. I’m looking foreward to start reading it…
        Ah man…. now that I know where Mark Hamilton is coming from…..
        I hope that no one will underestamate Mark…. his vision is not at all fiction…
        Quantum Physics is evedent of that… in his Vid Mark mentions our present
        dimention and the new dimention… the new dimention has actually been in
        exsistance through infinite intelligence through thought Matter… this explains
        why the brainwash ability has been hidden from us….. Mark knows all this…
        As everything become clear to the people we will realize that we know where
        we came from before coming to this 3 dimentional world, and we chose to
        come here knowing it was a world of contrast….. the people must realize that
        the reason we all go through pain or contrast is to know who we really are…
        As we go through contrast we subconsiously shoot out desires of what we realy
        do want… once we become consience of this, true freedom begins to happen..
        We will not focus on the contrast but focus on our desires…. so you see..
        happilly ever after does exsist …. Mark knows all this….
        The people must not fight for their rights ….. resistance will feed on those who are trying to control them…. we must release all resistance to close the gap to allow
        us to enter the next dimention…. the next dimention only consists of pure positive
        energy… we have absolutely nothing to worry about…. it will happen naturally…
        the governing bodies will naturally disappear….. meaning they will remain stuck in
        their own dimention….. we have absolutly nothing to worry about… the power
        that one holds in this beleif is more powerful then 10 million of these governing
        bodies put together. The universal forces has now begun to yeild to us ……
        this is all good….. we no longer need to die to pass on to the next dimention…
        it will come natural with our consience mind as we align with the feel good
        vibration…… and I’m sure that Mark knows all this …. a secret that was held from us
        …. a secret that is so so simple which we will reprogram ourselves as to remember
        who we really are … where we came from… and our purpose for being here…
        we will remember that we did not come here to save the world but to save ourselves
        …. the only purpose we came is for joy , prosperity, abundance and having fun as natural creators……… all we need to do is get out of the way of our own contrast that
        again when you feel bad just think of the oposite which is what you really do want…
        It’s so so easy … you will never fear negative emotions again…. they are just a guide
        …. as long as you don’t stay stuck in it you will live in powerful freedom….
        In other words .. we were all born here with an instuction guide… our emotions within
        our physical appearatus… life is so so simple .. just follow your instuction guide to life..
        if it “FEELS” good do it keep thinking it… if it doesn’t “FEEL” good stop doing it… and think different thoughts….. if we don’t listen to our guide “emotions” life will be very
        confusing to us….that’s all .. not bad .. just confusing…. so you see these governing bodies do not even know this powerful simple secret… they hold no power they are
        living on default versus knowing the real powers of the universe…. they will keep coming back to their own dimention over and over again until they realize they were born with an instuction guide to this world….. as we vibrate into our own alignement
        with our source energy or some will call our greater part of us our vibrational intelligence wich is connected through our emotions to guide our thoughts…. we
        will realize that unconditional love for all man kind will release all of our resistance
        witch is the secret to close the gap to enter our next pure positive energetic creational
        dimention…. it’s easy to do… these governing bodies all have this powerful source
        which is pure positive energy ..we can call it pure love…. and the bigger part of them
        “thier source” loves them as much as our higher source loves us… the only difference
        between them(gov) and us is that they are disconected from their own universal force
        (source) and they are stuck managing their own lives on pure default…. which is evident that nothing good will ever come out of their action….. so you see they are powerless… stuck in their own creation to control us….. due to their lack of knowlege
        of their own self control…..
        Again… I cannot stress enough… please do not try to change a world you do not feel good in …. due to must embark into it in order to try to change it…. but their is alway freedom of choice…. and their is no such thing as bad choices just inappropriate
        The key is to “create” our own new world… we are natural creators…. we did not
        come here to change a broken world…. we came to create….
        but if you do chose to try to change to past.. have fun doing it…. cause you are in no
        danger at all .. the contrast is just an illusion to make you realise what you want and to realise who you are …. meaning the feeling of emptiness and negative emotion is just a guide to make you realise that whatever you are doing is not who you really are….
        that all it is … it can’t kill you… cause if you die you just don’t die only return to
        where you came from before you you came hear and you’ll just keep coming back
        repeating the past until you keep banging your physical appearatus little head in the world your trying to change until you discover your instuction guide which tells you
        So now we know that we can easily create our own new world..well actually it’s just been waiting for us…
        Now what is so incredible about Mark Hamilton that we will soon realize is this:
        Ok.. we know where we came from… we chose to come here in this dilecious world of contrast. to play … have fun… our physical appearatus is just a small part of us in
        this 3 dimensional world…. our bigger part of us is energy souce which made an
        agreenment with us what it will be guiding us through our emotions….. and so on..
        So it is evident that we are powerful enough to create our own reality, to manifest our
        own world through thought… we are our own god through universal force…
        which means infinite worlds through every individual
        Now what Mark Hamilton has done here is created a new thought a different new creation, anew strategy….. I’m not talking about just a new invention or new technology but a new strategy at a higher level..
        Not only that we created our own new world but to connect all our worlds together..
        with his vision… can you imagine the positive powerful new manifestations we can create if we connect together??? All we want can manifest so very fast!!!!
        All the wealth we want ( by wealth I don’t mean that cheap looking little pieces of
        paper produced by the federal reserves) we can create our own wealth…
        once we get rid of those cheap looking little peice of paper(it has no fashion statement anyway LOL…) hey !! we can create unlimited wealth…. unlimited inventions… unlimitide joy….. unlimited beauty…. unlimited creations of new world…
        and we will not be forced to stay in this world .. we’ll have the freedom to go back and
        play in the world of contrast again if we chose and then return to freedom again…
        free will of our chosing….
        What we are all coming to realize here is that a bad apple has created these peices of paper… it was a plot to create poverty to control … money doesn’t create wealth
        it was a plot to eventually create poverty…. can you believe we actually almost started
        to believe that we counldn’t live without these little peices of paper???
        OMG… this is so so so funny… as powerful as we are, we actually almost thought that we could be controled by a little piece of paper….. Oh my .. this is halarious!!!
        What is even more amazing to realize here is this..
        OK… ok get this here…lol… So, “one” bad apple has created destructuction by being trapped in his own contrast ….. all it took was just one phsychotic criminal…lol
        just one ..that’s all … so get this.. with our new world .. we not only have “one” good
        apple but soon to be millions good apples with the same connected vision….
        Can you see the powerful unbeatable positive force that we hold here?
        Gov.. feds… vatican…. so called secret society with old news… they are all powerless
        in our new world.. they can’t even enter if they wanted to….
        Can you see here… you have nothing to worry about ..

        Mark Hamilton is Clever!!!

        Rita Marie

  7. Rita Marie says:

    Dear Mr. Hamilton
    My daughter’s questions for you..
    Do you believe in unconditional love for all man kind?
    Do you believe in releasing all resistance is “the path” to TVP?
    I have a beautiful daughter, she’s 11…Eve-Alexandra.. she loves you
    and believes in you. She wants to share your message to all her school
    friends and to all her internet friends across the globe….
    I also e-mailed your link “3000 year old secret” to my 23 year old son.
    He was blown away by your video.
    I accidently found my daughter’s Christmas wish list.. It said “One day I want to meet
    Mark Hamilton and give him a hug”
    Just thought I’d share this with you.

    Please let me know if there is anything we can do for you at this end.
    Rita Marie

  8. mrs,sheila carrick says:

    r. Ernest Baldwin has died and he has many of your books what would you like me to do with them. Do I sell them or do I return them and get some money for them or what. He said before he died that I had to go on the internet and put the books on that as they are expensive and worth a lot of money. I do not want them as they are no giid ti me. What do you wish, Mr. Mark Hamilton

  9. Dagolivera says:

    Introduction Meetings, also integrate and share knowledge.
    With Neo-Tech World every day our mind would rigorously integrate knowledge to create values that never existed before. And remember, “KNOWLEDGE is POWER. BUT CREATING NEW KNOWLEDGE is SUPER POWER”.

  10. Liz Szarka says:

    The best way to improve upon the values that we have realized from Mark Hamilton through his literature and the Neothink Society would be to share those values with new ones, right from the start at the Introduction Meetings in the Clubhouses. We need to share our positive, energetic excitement about our ability to honestly change our world and our lives….

  11. Lisa Newton says:

    I’ve never been to a clubhouses meeting in person, but have participated in phone meetings, and have had the joy of meeting other NT people in other contexts. It is so supportive and exciting, so different from any other type of group, that there really is no comparison. So, yes, this certainly is where the value begins, the value of connecting with other like-minded people, and similar minded in such a massively unprecedented way, through the heirloom packages, through our learning how to apply NeoThink in our lives and realities, and also in our joyful ‘reunion’ with people who seemingly we were just hanging out with yesterday–though perhaps we’ve never met before today– there’s such a deep connection between us. Oh, FYI Mark, my home internet connection is out, so I’m here doing this at the library! I’ll continue to do it often as possible till that’s fixed.

  12. Gregory Klatt says:

    Introduction Meetings are about telling about having a better life by way of Stimulation.

  13. Mickey Baker says:

    I`m (Honestly)Telling (You)I hate GovernmentForce!I can use it too.Get back (Uncle~Sam)!

  14. Lila Bennett says:

    Mark and Everyone,

    I am so happy to announce that my State has a Clubhouse Coordinator at last, who is moving forward and been well received by potential Members. I am backing him up as I have the time, and will offer my home as a meeting place if needed!!!

    We will have those Introductory Meetings as we meet each other and share personal stories. I am excited….I will continue with the Global Clubhouse meetings also.

    Love, Lila

  15. Marcia says:

    I feel like I have a second chance at”life” to bring real honest changes to my life and the world. “Through The Neothink Clubhouses we can be born all over again”. Being reborn again reminds me of the birth of a precious new born baby-IT’S EXCITING!!!
    I thank the universe for the birth of you Mark Hamilton and for “little Markie” (child of the past). A big hug to you….

  16. Pat Stanfill says:

    When I first met my NT brother in his club house, I did not shake his hand, I gave him a big hug. At later times he made the comment that you could feel the love in the club house. That is the greatest feeling there is. The greeting is a one time chance to the rest of your life. Thank you Mark Hamilton for my first time greeting. Pat

  17. tyrone burch says:

    I am looking for neo-think members in Detroit. I am willing to start a clubhouse at my house to get together with like minded individuals.

  18. Lila Bennett says:

    Though I am not in a physical clubhouse, I do cyber with the Global Clubhouse Meetings every other Sunday and am active in discussions when I have something of value to contribute. The freshness and passion of connecting via cyberspace (Phone) remains for me, while keeping each contact open to this fire of connection on all our Teleseminar Calls=you never know what will come out of each of them that is uplifting and utterly stimulating!!! We each are REAL, and are learning each other and ourselves from the inside-out!
    Love, Lila

  19. Late 70,s it was revealed to me through a prophet in one of our morning devotions in the church, You will embark upon a journey that would someday change the world, said the prophet, In 1983 came a revolution in which i was invited to be a member of the Defense committee(civilian) to preach and defend the motives of the revolution to the masses in Ghana, I was exited and thought, the revelation that has been revealed through the prophet has come to passed, but that was not. To cut a long story short, In 1999 i received my first invitation from MARK, and went through series of Neothink literature for 10 years, but could not recognized i was on the journey that has been revealed to me some years back, 2010, I received another invitation into the inner-core, i put the letter aside and thought it was too much, There i had a dream of my late prophet, WAKE UP OWURA, NOW IS THE TIME, THE JOURNEY TO CHANGE THE WORLD HAS STARTED, I woke up in the middle of the night with heavy sweat and the following morning responded to the call as a member of the Neothink Society, Since i joined the NT Warriors and be in the village, I am more than happy to meet my fellow NT Warriors. UNSTOPPABLE IDEA SYSTEM, Good job MARK.

    • Lila Bennett says:

      Owura, this makes goose bumps/hairs stand up, Sir. Your story is very powerful, and I am privileged to read it!!! Love, Lila

    • Lisa Newton says:

      Wow, that is a powerful story…Thank You for sharing that bit of yourself, especially as it pertains to what we’re doing here. I am also someone who has had realities (future, currently unknown, past mysteries, disparate pieces, etc) revealed to me through dreams and visions. When they come, it’s always clear that this is not just some ordinary ‘junk dream,’ as I call an average, ordinary dream, but rather, a vision or peek inside the curtain to aid understanding for a very specific reason or outcome. It’s always very special when they do come!

  20. Richard Crookshank says:

    Yes 5 years ago when first invite came from Mark, truely did wake up the child of the past, a feeling not felt for years, after reading first book it set a fire off, one that i never knew before, this other way of thinking that is parallel to the masses could have a chance to change the world forever. fantastic.

  21. Gregory Klatt says:

    Oh yes, I can feel it. The Synergy of Clubhouse Members excitedly talking to new members who are excited about the new journey they are about to take.

  22. Russ Creamer says:

    We are changing the world!

  23. This is true. What I have found personally that when I share the knowledge I already have, I make more room for more knowledge to come in. Aside from that benefit, I gain, personally, that happiness that comes from helping other members through My mentorship with them.

  24. tyrone burch says:

    I would like to get into more details about starting a clubhouse in my area. I feel like helping the twelve visions party is my fne. im constantly drawn to the heirlooms, the radio show, and my monthly level meetings. i just feel like i havent been doing all i can do to move our society forward.

    • Just focus on what You CAN do with what You already have. Then keep on using the Power Approach taught in the heirloom packages My brother. In doing so You will find what You CAN do BEYOND what You CAN do Now. In My experience in using that piece of knowledge known as The Power Approach, I find such quality answers that what I thought I could NOT do became so irrelevant that I am constantly focused on what I CAN do and what I AM doing. Start small and You will become better. I believe in You Tyrone…

  25. Richard R. San Antonio Tx says:

    Nt will truly Change this world .
    Thank you Mr. hamilton

  26. Clubhouse meetings generate values, and stimulation to become the person, your were
    meant to be!

  27. Alan Cleal says:

    I am looking forward to the day when I can be part of a physical clubhouse, this would give me the opportunity to discuss the heirlooms with other like minded people. Each owner of these books has their own unique story to tell.

  28. Maria C Rodriguez says:

    I had the most amaizing time when I was taking my journals with Mark Hamilton.
    I remember how focused I was listening to the more wounderful thing from
    my mentor. I would like to live that moments again.

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