Mark Hamilton – Help for Human Mentoring

Mark Hamilton explains how to help and mentor new clubhouse members.

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  1. Carlos Davila says:

    The highest love is the one that gives us exact understanding n that show us that theres room for everyone on top,igniting a fire in our hearts n soul so we can keep growing n make our life n the world around us a better place to live. Thanks for this gift Mr Hamilton.

  2. Rosa Lerblance says:

    Help for Human Mentoring. I remember Mr. Hamilton said on the level
    meetings in order to get a person’s attention tell them what Neothink has
    done for you. It works every time. They start listening to what I say and
    ask questions. It a wonderful concept.

  3. Karen Lorraine Venn says:

    Thank you Mark for starting Clubhouses for members to meet, talk & be able to learn, face to face; because I believe that’s what’s needed

    For anyone living in Placerville, El Dorado, Diamond Springs, Shingle Springs, Cameron Park, El Dorado Hills, & wants to meet face to face, have a problem with the Literature, or just want to talk, please email me at the e-mail address below; also, if anyone living the Sacramento Valley who wants to get together, please let me know & I will meet up with you & talk. I am creating a new Clubhouse in my area: Foothill Neothinkers of Northern California & can’t wait to meet new members in my community & talk about Neothink

  4. Michael Sholty says:

    I feel I must listen and learn from the East coast mentors in develop the skills to start a clubhouse along with Jill Reed’s guidance. The reason for this logic is the fact the constitution was born on the East Coast.

  5. Pete Zerger says:

    New York/New Jersey are leading the way in program development. !!!

  6. Shirley Lowe says:

    I live in south central Kentucky, are there a Man-God church that I may attend? I am curious.

  7. Clubhouse in construction here in Bathurst, New Brunswick,Canada! I am presently reading the Neo-Tech World and will keep my concentration on the essence of business such as tracking reports,physical mouvement,essences meeting,etc!

  8. Stephen Lanzel says:

    This is so true, to be able, to share such a great value, for life, an to enter react with others, to lift them, to integrity thinking with honesty, would only help each other. This is what I’ve been wanting for, an I know other would, too. Thank you again, Mark.

  9. Stephen May says:

    Thanks Mark Hamilton! You’ve been an awsome mentor!

  10. Join the Neothink Clubhouses, Join the Twelve Visions Party! Join TVP, TVPCA.

  11. Dagolivera says:

    WoW! The Club House is the CIVILIZATION of the UNIVERSE forming on Earth.
    UNPLUG the anticivilization and conect helping others leap from value producers to VALUE CREATORS. Is a great experience.

  12. John Mager says:

    Mark Hamilton
    I know this is what people want, They want hope and a reason to express and share that hope. I believe this because this is what I want. The want, of the completion, of the Twelve Visions Party has such a strong motivation on my consciousness, that it shifts the want to a need. It drives me to take a much stronger interaction. To mentor as I have been mentored to. Mark remained committed to me as a mentor even when I did not respond promptly, or at all. This is of the Greatest valve to me, as it should be to all people. Thank you Mark.
    John Mager

  13. Liz Szarka says:

    I long to see Neothink Society Clubhouses spread throughout the entire the U.S., helping to usher in new Members and spreading news of the Twelve Vision Party and Mark Hamilton’s teaching and mentoring. No cause is as worthy as this one, for raising up our country and it’s people to where it/they should be – thriving in wealth, health, peace and happiness….

    • Dagolivera says:

      I like your post,Liz, and I always look forward to going to thriving in wealth, health, peace and happiness, like you want.

  14. Adam Huntley says:

    This is so true! We had two individuals at our Clubhouse here in upstate New York so stimulated from the presentations that they wanted to present something as well. The participation we experience with everyone teaches us as much as us teaching new members. I know I personally have benefited greatly from the human mentoring we share, and it has changed me in more positive ways every time we get together!

  15. Gregory Klatt says:

    Clubhouses and Mentors gives that Synergistic Advantage.

  16. Marcia says:

    So supremely invaluable is HUMAN LIFE! I’m honored to be apart of The Neothink Clubhouse(s), with like-minded members who sees the bigger picture, which is the value of HUMAN LIFE and the importance of spreading this mental image, till it becomes contagious, LIKE A WILDFIRE, spreading throughout the hearts and mindsets of others, here on blue planet earth. The value of HUMAN LIFE!

  17. Max Frank says:

    I can’t wait,for Neothink and the twelve vision party to spread in all state of USA,and in all country. without this America and the whole world will never change to a peaceful me i already change the name of America to Emerica,(the Emerging of the new peaceful world.)

    • Russ Creamer says:

      I think a lot about this. What will our world look like 5 years from now? Or 1o years from now? Or 15 years from now and beyond? I smile to myself as a vision a perfect world where everyone is young. Thinking about this gives me energy. I feel good.

  18. I feel proud and chest-out to have MARK HAMILTON as a mentor, And faithful neothink leading members to guide me into the C of U. We are fortunate to have this wonderful SOCIETY OF SECRETS and its club houses. Its yours enjoy with full vim.

  19. Pat Stanfill says:

    I can understand the importanance of mentoring and thank you Mark Hamilton for mentoring me and still you are there for all of us. You are truly a great teacher. Now it is our turn to go forward and pass this on to anyone who ask for it.

  20. Richard Crookshank says:

    Mark; your monthly essance meetings helped beyond words could descibe, it’s so wonderfull to be apart of changing history, to take the ranes you have given to us, fantastic opportunity

  21. Russ Creamer says:

    We need these clubhouses in every city. Which will happen.

  22. Gregory Klatt says:

    The Human Touch and Mentoring is important. Those new members in the Clubhouses are going from ” Jobs of Labor”to”Jobs of Essence”. So they need and want help in this Essence of Neothink and they will deeply desire that Human Touch. To be with like minded Neothinkers that can Teach and make them feel like their in the C of U.

  23. Robin Newwman says:

    When I FEEL the Mystisicm creeping back in on my life I think of you Mark

    • Russ Creamer says:

      Robin, I do the same thing. I also remind myself of who I am and where I am going. And I don’t forget where I came from. Then I get very excited and think on how good the future is!

  24. I remember this one too. YES! The Neothink Society Clubhouses are a mandatory MUST. We gain so many wonderful and priceless eternal values here. I know I have and still do to this day. I am enjoying helping my fellow Neothink Brothers and Sisters who need help and mentoring those advanced members too.

  25. Neville Stieler says:

    As a new member just starting out on level 1, I find that life will be totally diferent to what we know now and I can,t wait to have it happen. How wonderful it will be. Thank you Mark for all you are doing. Neville.

  26. Join a Neothink Clubhouse, and become part of the Twelve Visions Party!
    Live the Life you were meant to Live!

  27. tyrone burch says:

    i would like to know more about others that want to join the neo-think society. how can i gain members without letiing too much information out?

  28. Juan Hermoza says:

    Would anybody tell me, if there are a Clubhouse in the Tampa area?
    Please let me know via e-mail.

    • Lila Bennett says:

      Juan and Any Member, you can call Member Services: 1-800-2336 for clubhouse information and leave your name & phone # and they will get back to you within 24/48 hrs….Love, Lila

  29. Russ Creamer says:

    The clubhouses are a must. I see why we must build many of them.

  30. Henry Flower says:

    I stand in awe of the drive, energy, good will, and humanitarian efforts of Mark Hamilton. He and his late father realized that the negative philosophy of Plato under which all the world is suppressed, if allowed to continue, would climax in the destruction of mankind or to a world much like “The Dark Ages”. He offers a reality- based, real workable plan to free civilization and unleash a prosperity explosion that the world has never seen. As a child and young man, I often wondered why our rulers were so mean and selfish. Mark made it clear that forced- backed societies, without “Prime Law” was the cause of all the grief and mental illness/ sadness in our lives, and was totally unnecessary. Thank you Mark for being who you are, a great human being that cares about all others, and wants to change the world to a much better place to live forever in peace, prosperity, and romantic love.

  31. Maria C Rodriguez says:

    We have extraordinary leader in The Club Houses, they know The Literature of Mark Hamiltom, and how to help the people that is in need. I am so proud of our Leaders because they are 100% for us.

  32. Russ Creamer says:

    Soon there will be Club Houses every where. This is a awsome way of doing things. I see many people becoming students and Mentors. I think this is awsome when people are both. I am going to enjoy being both. Thanks Mark.

  33. Lila Bennett says:

    Speaking to those who do not have a Clubhouse near them, there are other ways of being mentored if these have to be sought: New Members can talk with older Members via the phone, personally between each of them, since we all do recognize this wanting the human touch. Member Services will also talk w/Members and answer questions and integrate w/these Members: Call 1-800-480-2336. E-mails and Conference Calls can round out the picture of access to Members. These alternative ways are vitally important to those who do not have close Members to see and experience, but want this close contact…The Neothink Society is open in many ways to give a warm Welcome to any desiring to know more!!!

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