Love Has Been Hijacked

As the Twelve Visions Party moves into office, Mark Hamilton talks about the love of mankind with the Twelve Visions World. The Neothink Society is driving the Twelve Visions Party.

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9 Responses to Love Has Been Hijacked

  1. Karen Lorraine Venn says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for telling about the lost of love, due to the `Social Good’; with our society we have today, there isw no real love, only pretend. But once we have the Twelve Visions Party in place, both love & reason will return & will have The Age of Reason once more.

  2. Rosa Lerblance says:

    Very true Mr. Hamilton Love Has been Hijacked. In the AC world I see
    everyday the people surviving in poverty and selfishness which consumes
    their everyday life. Women dressing up or not wearing enough clothes to
    enhance their self-esteem only. I used to worry too much about Jim paying
    too much to attention to this women. Until I learned about the Forces Of
    Nature I read how it effects mankind and how Love Has been Hijacked.
    Jim and I have read this particular subject a few times and have discussed
    it in full detail. Women now a days don’t want or need Pure Love in their
    lives they want satisfied self-esteem. I choose not to worry about other
    women any more as I love myself the way I am and feel Happy and
    contented where I am and where I am going.
    Thank You Mark Hamilton for teaching me to see the illusions the AC
    puts on all of us.

  3. Randall Magley i.e. Harmonica Man says:

    Yes it seems that everywhere I go there is some fool talking about the chain of command in the workplace. What people don’t realize is the fact that everyone can have good input and ideas into a business to make things better. False entitlements do not deserve credit for the work of the little guy. This illusion must be dealt with head on if good integrations are to make things work. And all credit must be earned and not stolen.

  4. Richard Crookshank says:

    The laws of the universe have been hidden and surpressed from everyone for far to long, when people discover the true they will start to live again.

  5. Marcus Savage says:

    I’m seeing the connection of the clips in this series…this is very useful, much needed information. There’s nothing like forward progress.

  6. Our love has been stolen from us, puting our heads together, causing fear and panic so that we will feel nervous at all times and becomes useless, and submit to their bogus livelihood, for them to feel big and have total control over us. That is their hidden agendas, Soo called supreme commanders. They will pay every crime commited to mankind.

  7. Gregory Klatt says:

    Yes, and it filtered down to many people. I still to this day get totally boggled when I hear people speak of Love in various situations. And then I would wonder how they got such a Warped idea of what Love really is.

  8. Join the Twelve Visions Party!
    Bring back the Arts!

  9. Russ Creamer says:

    The Neothink Society is the society of REAL love.

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