Mark Hamilton – Benefit of the Doubt

Mark Hamilton explains the problem with envy and how it should be treated.

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13 Responses to Mark Hamilton – Benefit of the Doubt

  1. Rosa Lerblance says:

    There is a phrase I used to hear when I believed in the AC world Don’t
    judge a book by it’s cover give them the benefit of the doubt. I’ve learned
    how true that is. I’ve learned to spot the illusions when approached by
    someone from the AC. Mr. Hamilton’s knowledge is very valuable to
    me and use it every day. THANK YOU NEO-TECH/NEOTHINK

  2. Karen Lorraine Venn says:

    We shouldn’t judge people, unless we’ve walked in their shoes; we all should listen to others, then decide for ourselves whether they’re being honest or not. Then we should question what is being said, but not grill or judge others, unless that’s what we want done to us, & vise vera

  3. Liz Szarka says:

    My life is what I make of it and because of that fact – I know how important it is to give someone else the benefit of the doubt when the question of someone else’s possible envy may arise. Chasing after or monitoring others means that one isn’t focused enough on self-improvement, advancement, pathfinding, and happiness building. Don’t let anyone – even yourself – steal your dreams! 🙂

  4. Gregory Klatt says:

    I agree. Sometimes it may seem like a person is being Irrational(for instance) when thats not the case, and to be quick to Judge would be a disaster.

  5. Marcia says:

    An Honest integrated Neothink Mentality is”conscious”, has the ability to reason, has no need for envy and gives others the benefit of the doubt.
    A Bicameral Mentality is”unconscious”, lacks the ability to reason, mental clarity is clouded by illusions, which causes envy and does not give others the benefit of the doubt.
    Mark I love your God-like mentality!!

  6. Lisa Newton says:

    I am so happy to hear you say that we must be cautious and slow to judge, lest we lose someone who perhaps just needs a little support or encouragement, in order to see and realize their own particular strengths and special gifts. Once they are re-focused upon what they have to give, and how much they have to offer, then suddenly it becomes clear that there’s no need for envy–they’ve already ‘got their own,’ so to speak.

  7. Enviness is a very strong negative force that bring setbacks and anxiety to oneself, Honesty and effort is also a very strong positive force that lead oneself to happeness and prosperity, Enviness should be rejected and choose integrated thinking.(neothink)

  8. tyrone burch says:

    Thats why listening is so important.

  9. Richard Crookshank says:

    Everyone has potential to achieve great things, if they are told they can.

  10. Lila Bennett says:

    Because we are human, we might see similarities in others, and we might think we can walk in their shoes to imagine what their particular plight is…However, we are so unique, all at the same time as Humanity, we cannot really know just what and why a person is feeling whatever they are feeling, apparently envy in this case.

    Since we cannot really know what is behind a particular behavior, it is gracious of us if we can leave room for the benefit of doubt concerning judging them and their behavior…Treat Others as you would want to be treated, ie. the “Golden Rule” per se’.
    There is more likelyhood of finding out what is bothering that person by adopting this approach…This allows for integration to occur on both “sides” of what might be a problem….
    Love, Lila

  11. Gregory Klatt says:

    Envy is Subjective, are what I phrase as Internal Subjective Programming (ISP) and from an Objective State of Mind or practicing DTC-Discipline, Thought and Control and encountering someone that’s being Envious then its just a good person that’s just caught up in his own ISP at the time. On that said then one would only need to find out whats really bothering him/her.

  12. Envy is negativity. Love is positivity. One can either choose to be negative or positive. The greatest power on earth is love, love, love, everlasting love!

  13. Fully Integrated Honesty, creates a Character, with no vices!

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