Mark Hamilton – Discover Your Life’s Passion

Mark Hamilton tells you to discover your life’s passion.

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21 Responses to Mark Hamilton – Discover Your Life’s Passion

  1. Rosa Lerblance says:

    I discovered my passion in life is to know and feel happy and have peace of mind
    Neothink taught me the true meaning of Happiness and peace is overwhelming
    for me. There is no words to describe how I feel about Happiness and peace
    of mind. I never had it. Everyday I wake up grateful to Mr. Hamilton for the
    opportunity to feel happy from now on.

  2. Karen Lorraine Venn says:

    I believe my passion is sharing my knowledge & what I know with the rest of society; thanks Mark Hamilton for helping me rediscover my passion & begin sharing it with others

  3. Marcia says:

    “I’m passionate about things I love which includes Mark Hamilton, his Neothink books, Neothink Society and Twelve Visions Party, which I’m eternally grateful to the universe for”.

  4. Gregory Klatt says:

    Have, Be and Do what you want in Life.

  5. Lisa Newton says:

    Yes, everyone has it–passion–even if they’ve forgotten it, or what makes them feel it, or how to access it…it’s there! My Passion in Life, so many passions in my life, so many reasons to feel passionate! I’m passionate about passion, I’m passionate about love, I’m passionate about devotion, and faith, and friendship, and understanding and comprehension. I’m passionate about art and writing and people and beauty and fun, about horses and fish and dinosaurs and oceans, birds and sunsets, recycled everything, and lilacs and roses and dancing, nontree papers, and exercise and plants and trees. I’m passionate about strength and intelligence, delicacy and elephants, animals and honesty. I’m passionate about healing the environment, freeing people’s minds, private islands and beaches. I’m passionate, period. Scares some people, but I like it! And, of course, I can be mellow, too. Good to have balance, y’know, mine just tends to fall farther over to the passion side. Probably most people’s would, if they’d dare to feel it, all the way down, and not hide just cuz it might hurt a little sometimes, too. Kids are like that; they don’t cop out and not feel–one of the cool things about’em!

  6. Lila Bennett says:


    Passion is intrinsic, meaning generated from within an individual, and is an energy that runs the World, that faction that is focused on! Passion is expressed as an exhalation of essence, it will happen just as naturally as breathing does. We, as individuals, need to look at ourselves sometimes as observers, so as to see ourselves with fresh eyes in order to have a hand in directing the creations of this passion, ie. in order to own our own creativity and its driving energy!

    Love, Lila

  7. Russ Creamer says:

    Before Neothink I didn’t know what I was missing. Discover what you like to do that makes you Happy.

  8. The friday night essence, be part of mini-day, power-thinking team and discover your passion of life which is the value creating.

  9. Richard Crookshank says:

    If your not learning new knowledge your dying.

  10. Russ Creamer says:

    Discover your passion. Become happy and creative.

  11. Gregory Klatt says:

    Passion is people who Create Values for themselves and others in order to Enjoy Life and the Pleasures of Life, Wealth, Health and Peace.

  12. With child-like passion(s) of fully conscious mind(s)
    something extraordinary happens
    a miracle(s)
    for all to enjoy.
    Thank you Mark Hamilton for your ingenious creations!!!

  13. Russ Creamer says:

    Passion people are creative.

  14. Maria C Rodriguez says:

    Passion is the key for all you do in The Neothink Word, that means that all your soul
    is in the integrated thinking.

  15. Ruth says:

    Ralph i agree with you integrating power truly create a wonderful life including

    the Passion to live as the value creator you were ment to bee.

  16. Ruth says:

    The Neothink Society that as brought this great change to my life giving peace and the
    Answers created the transition i needed.
    Benign with the Prim Law Health Wealth Peace thanks to Mark Hamilton

    Founder of the Twelve Vision Party,

  17. Ruth says:

    Finding our friday night essence and living that passion as Mark Hamilton
    decrib in the video create extreme happiness the Twelve Vision Party and Neothink

    Society by Mark Hamilton as given my self and many others to see that vision from
    the burden and stagnation placed by the rule of man.

  18. Russ Creamer says:

    Passion People are very motivated.

  19. Ruth says:

    This is the most happy life one can know that no matter who you are finding your

    passion and living it out create that joy for living as the value creator you were

    ment to be.

  20. Ruth says:

    Yes Ralph I agree with you discovering your passion Stated in the video by

    Mark-Hamilton Motivates one the integrating power that will create wealth.

  21. Your Passion, once discovered, motivates the integrating power, to generate wealth,
    and a newly created sense of life!

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