Mark Hamilton – Interpreting and Dictating The Law

Mark Hamilton tells us about the Prime Law removing man from the process.

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15 Responses to Mark Hamilton – Interpreting and Dictating The Law

  1. Karen Lorraine Venn says:

    With the Prime Law, we are honestly free individuals; without the Prime Law, it’s still the rule of Man
    Thanks Mark Hamilton

  2. Rosa Lerblance says:

    Very true Mr. Hamilton the TVP and The Prime Law need to be in place before
    man can be removed. The Prime Law and TVP will reign and we will
    have a better world to live in. We will be Happy and wealthy forever!
    Thank Mr. Hamilton for all your visions that will come true,

  3. Mickey Baker says:

    I really hated most people until I heard Of MarkHamilton`sNeoThinkSociety!Who can (You)Trust when everyone`sACrook!RevolutionCallingYou!NeoThinkThis!Their really is (Honest)Integrated(Friends)WhocareAbout(Life)AndThe(Values)TheyBring!

  4. The rule of man is to interpretate and dictate the law, and is the cause of all evilish agendas, the flaw-filled man. Nature is in the process to spew all of them out, just as beblical Jonah and the Shark, When the flaw-less man takes charge to implement the prime law who would be against us, The prime law would absolutely remove all satanic agendas of man in the process. Their days are numbered.

  5. Richard Crookshank says:

    Looking for 100.000.000 people to vote for real freedom anyone in, thats our job.

  6. Gregory Klatt says:

    With the Prime Law in place there will no longer be any Interpreting or Dictating the Law. These days though, there are those that Dictate the Law, which only means they are announcing,” I Interpreted this Law to now mean this and you better obey.”

  7. I am with the rest of the members, there is only one way to dictate the Law is put in force the One and Only “The Prime Law”, which is a fare law for all as it does not discriminate people and business and it stop politician become corrupted and instead they will serve the people and Country a full term with a clear mind to make sure all are happy, healthy, prosperous in life with guide to give all and individuals the opportunities to make life a better place for all to live. As I have mention in my testimonial that if all government around the world adopt our “Golden Prime Law”, we will have peace and harmony among nation and trust between people and nation as this will stop country from promoting violence against others that can not defend itself and property. Business wise will BOOM many many times as people are more happy and State or Federal government will have more money to fixed or serve the people like schools, hospital, factory, more staffs like teachers, nurses, policemans, Army,Navy, Airforce, to defend country, fireman, ambulance officers, churches, shops, library, that build state and people, without this type of service the country dies. There is only one way out is ” The Prime Laws”.

  8. Russ Creamer says:

    I can hardly wait to see Twelve Visions Party on the ballot. It will be a Happy day to vote instead of a unhappy day. It will be a day of celebration.

  9. The Prime Law, sets in place Twelve Visions Party Dynamics, to actualize

  10. Russ Creamer says:

    This is so easy to understand. Remove man from making the law and everyone becomes rich. Thank you Mark Hamilton.

  11. Tim Sensing says:

    I love this one. The essence of TVP is not the candidate it’s about a government that operates under one law.(PRIME LAW) Without the temptations of man.

  12. As I sat down at the computer today remembering that I voted yesterday, I thought I would share with you my ideas about how voting via an empty TVP® option made me feel.

    I voted by mail yesterday…..doing so left me with an empty feeling…..I would have loved to see the words Twelve Visions Party® on the ballot and could not find it.

    As I read through the continuous political agenda driven initiatives that could only propel the current political corruption further, thrusting in deeper into the suppression of American lives, I sighed and voted for green party candidates.
    It is a hope that we the people will someday regain our self values, our self-worth, by standing up for our right to live life happily without fear of governmental control.

    The Prime Law votes for the civility of mankind in honoring the rights of ALL individuals to live their lives unhindered by flaw-filled corrupted elite politicians.

    Maybe someday people will become the individuals they were meant to be. Change starts in the heart; we must change our hearts so that we can again believe in our abilities, especially each of our own talents which, when unhindered by societal political driven suppression, will trust us into the person we were meant to be. Happy, Healthy, Free, and Prosperous.

    Maybe next year I will have the ability to vote for my freedom when I see a Twelve Visions Party® on the ballot. No more, Same Ole, Same Old.

    Elaine –

  13. Russ Creamer says:

    The Prime Law will govern man.

  14. Marcia says:

    The Flawless Prime Law, The Fundemental Law Of Protection And Of No Initiatory Force, Is”THE RULE OF LAW”……It Speaks For Itself!

  15. Daniel Drumm says:

    Why are their poor? The earth provides everything that is needed. The division of the people into certain catagories is just an illusion. As unification of the human race spreads across the globe poor will become a word that was used in the past.

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