Mark Hamilton – Negativity

Mark Hamilton talks about the human nature to discuss negatives and gossip. Mark Hamilton explains this as he mentors to members of the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party.

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  1. Rosa Lerblance says:

    Mr. Hamilton is right Negativity is brought on by stress. Before I came to the society
    stress was a regular every day thing for me. In my world positive thinking didn’t
    exist. I really didn’t know what the word positive meant. Of course gossiping
    comes from thinking negative and I did it all the time. Thank You Mr. Hamilton
    for opening my eyes to the truth.

  2. Karen Lorraine Venn says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton, for bringing this subject out in the open & to the surface; because, we’re not taught to talk about negatively & we need to in order to move forward. Also, negative thoughts bring out negative emotions; however, positive thoughts brings out positive emotions

  3. Claire Racine says:

    Who and what do you listen to?
    I have found that people who talk about other people, are time wasters.
    People who talk about beneficial ideas and value creation are not time wasters, but are uplifting and will enhance your life.
    Some amout of stress is necessary for survival in this anti-civilization.
    It is how you handle and look at these problems which make the difference.
    The integrated and creative mind will always seek and find beneficial solutions to any problems or negativity in their environment.
    Attack the problem itself, not the people involved and you will be aiming at the right target.
    Look for altered or missing data obscured by idle talk and you will clearly see the cause of the negative stress and eliminate confusion and frustration in your attempts to solve the situation.
    Be the cause of creative solutions and you will create positive and beneficial effects around you.
    So, who will you listen to, now?
    People who talk about other people or people who generate creative solutions to make life better for all?
    Thanks Mark Hamilton, my life gets better each day that I listen to you and the positive and beneficial things which you offer to eradicate negativity and stress from my life.

  4. Nadean Hayes says:

    It helps to see where and the WHY of negitive thought – this bicameral mind info really gives you a deeper understanding of the root cause. Thanks for the info. šŸ™‚

  5. Lisa Newton says:

    I can see what you mean by “get all those negatives out on the table,” thereby clearing the air and being completely honest. Personally, I think this is absolutely necessary to emotional, mental, physical, and community health. To do otherwise is like everybody trying to ignore the “bleeding rhinocerous in the corner of the room.” It takes more energy to pretend not to see something, or not to notice it, than to just acknowledge and deal with it. But that’s where it gets problematic. I find most of the time, people don’t note something, deal with it, and move on. They get stuck somehow, like an old vinyl record with a scratch, going over and over that same old thing. That’s when it starts to get toxic, to me, is when they’re not really seeking an answer or an understanding, but rather, simply wish to belabor it, for whatever reason. ‘Clearing the air’ works as long as you utilize that as an opportunity for understanding, creating more closeness as a result.

  6. Marcia says:

    Negativity creates a mentality of limitations!
    Adapt a”Neothink Mentality”which has no limitiations!

  7. Gregory Klatt says:

    Well it does make since to get the negatives out in the open (Rationally) than to hold them in. All that does is cause grudges to build up. Still on an Individual Note though is to figure out what is causing the stress and with DTC, a Rational Resolve can be established.

  8. Negativity is the root cause of the politicians, clergemen, and all neocheaters, they duped us on every areas of our lives to confuse us, and pore negativity unto our foreheads and live us to suffer in silence frustration, and lead us to gossiping mood, pain, fighting and all kinds of negative aspects. So that the ruling class will feel big and rule our lives. Do not worry the suffering masses, The neo-tech wedge would bring them all to justice and pay for thier crimes.

  9. tyrone burch says:

    Negativity breeds envy. Envy breeds jealousy. Jealousy breeds hate. getting the negatives out of your system will bring better feelings to everyone if it is joined with understanding that talking about negatives is only a waqy to move forward and not get stuck in the conversation.

  10. Richard Crookshank says:

    Mysticism is the cause of all negativity and gossip,engage in no transaction which does not benifit all whom it affects.

  11. Lila Bennett says:

    Pretty good synopsis of problem solving: Get all the negatives that have come up in a situation up front and discussed since this is what will soften resistance or erase it in finding a solution to turn this situation around into a positive end result!!!

    If inner resistance to certain factors is present, this will interfere with our opening the mind to seeing the situation from a new perspective, and being able to work with it to a successful conclusion…
    Love, Lila

  12. Gregory Klatt says:

    Much can be said of Negativity but you summed it up on a bottom line statement. To deal with my own Negative moments I identify the negativity and using DTC I then ask myself what is really bothering me and what can I do to change the situation to get a Positive outcome.

  13. Relieve Stress/Integrate reality

  14. Pat Stanfill says:

    This is a really great subject. In fact one of my favorite. I learned through my own thoughts at a very young age, that we are in a world of choice. Everything has two sides. Left and right, back and front, good and bad, positive and negative and so on. The only time this ends is with death. There are no more choices in death for the living. We all have the choice to go negative or positive. In doing so think about what the negative will create for you and others and what will the positive create for you and others. This makes it your choice. My daughter said * It is easy to go bad and hard to be good if you want to be popular. She was confused so I explained this to her and ended with, What do you want to live with. Now Mark Hamilton has given you a map to follow so the choice is up to you. Pat

  15. Marcia says:

    Choose Positivity! Lose Negativity!

  16. Marcia says:

    Mark Hamilton, his Neothink Books , Neothink Society and TVP are the most positive
    creations that I’ve ever come across. “Negativity comes from those who attack Mark Hamilton. These negative people, with negative thoughts are harming themselves. These same people can improve their lives and get more positive results through Mark Hamilton, his Neothink Literatures, Neothink Society and Twelve Visions Party, which is available now, just in the nick of time. The timing is everything and life is so short. Make the right choice. Choose Positivity!….Loose Negativity! You’re worth it!

  17. Doris Tongo says:


  18. TC MKHABELE says:

    Honesty is not automatic. It always requires explicit,conscious effort. Being honest is hard work…very hard work.If in stress,one is not aware of the concentrated effort required to be honest, that person is probably not being honest. At that point, he or she can easily plug into effortless MYSTICISM. For with MYSTICISM, a person can automatically rationalize out-of-context scenarios to avoid the effort required to understand reality and solve one’s own problems.

    The only way to eliminate NEGATIVITY,DISHONESTY AND GOSSIP within ourselves is to avoid BUBBLES OF MYSTICISM.

  19. Russ Creamer says:

    One place where you find a lot of negativity is the work place. I found out that the more I show up happy and saying funny things the more people stop complaining so much. I work very hard in making people feel happy. I love seeing people smile and laugh.

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