Mark Hamilton – Our Essence as Human Beings

Read as Mark Hamilton describes your essence as a human being.

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14 Responses to Mark Hamilton – Our Essence as Human Beings

  1. Rosa Lerblance says:

    Our Essence as Human Beings is to create. Our minds will go into stagnation
    if don’t we will die. I want my mind to create and my Essence helps do it.
    I know I will live forever and my mind will be creating all the way.
    Thank You Mr. Frank R. Wallace Mark Hamilton and Family.

  2. Essence of value creating is the essence of human life and it can be discribed as human being, the twelve visions party through the neothink society has given us the signal to use our integrating minds to create beyond the capacity of our human nature, to the next level of human mentality called NEOTHINK. Division of essence is the next stop for mankind.

  3. Richard Crookshank says:

    By the time we are in our 40s we have been told NO at least 1 million times, we are all zons, what ever you think good or bad you get, believe in your can do be or have anything you want if you work for it, holding No doubt of it’s forthcoming.

  4. Gregory Klatt says:

    Our Passion to Create Values and Products is our inborn nature as Humans,our Essence- Create. Its our natural driving force to continuously improve ourselves and our lives and thats by Creating- Neo-Think.

  5. Join Neothink, The Twelve Visions Party! To become the person, you were meant to be,
    and live the life, you were meant to live!

  6. Russ Creamer says:

    How wonderful it will be when everyone is busy creating. We are creators.

  7. Lila Bennett says:

    I find that what Mark Hamilton says is the essence of Human BEings is absolutely true…We are meant to be Creators. I have come to FEEL myself in this new BEing to rise in respect even to myself as I come to create even more values (Artistic/writing abilities). I KNOW this same Creator ability lies within all I meet, and I approach even strangers from this stance of respect for the LIFE within each.

    I have essentially been this way in regarding those I meet, work with, love with, etc. for most of my life, yet this new love and respect for what I find within myself has even risen my approach to others! I do appreciate this opening in myself. It is a great feeling!

    Love, Lila

  8. Russ Creamer says:

    What a awsome feeling that comes from the inside out. Discover for yourself. Thank you Mark Hamilton.

  9. Rhonda says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for taking us beyond the appearance and into the essence way of thinking.

  10. Kay Samalin says:

    To be a value creator is the purpose of human life. It is the essense of life. We are meant to soar high and live life with excitement, with love for ourselves and everyone. We should be bringing riches to everyone. We must all join together to bring the teachings of Mark Hamilton to the world. We can do it with the Twelve Visions Party.


  11. Doris Tongo says:

    Mark Hamilton has allowed me to understand through this discussion that I am a servant of God and I am one with God, as a Pastor, and this is the character that I was born to be, this is the character that I was meant to be.

  12. Bobbie H. says:

    As one look down stream to fine there friday nite essence. You will fine great value there for the world and yourself. Mark Hamilton teach this in Neothink literature. Thank you , Mark

  13. The Value Creator is what everyone should be.What a wonderful world it is when everyone is a creator!

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