Mark Hamilton – Playing as An Adult

Read Mark Hamilton discuss the idea of playing and releasing you from the years of absorbing guilt.

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19 Responses to Mark Hamilton – Playing as An Adult

  1. Rosa Lerblance says:

    How very true Mr. Hamilton! When I first heard the phrase Playing as an Adult
    I thought there is no such thing. I remember the first time I actually realized
    I was playing like an adult and I had so much fun. I love it and wanted to play
    again and again. I felt happy at that moment. I never had that feeling as a child.
    Thank You Mr. Hamilton!

  2. Juanita Heckel says:

    Thank You Mark Hamilton for the video of the 3000 year old secret……… It really is time to forget that SILLY plato world.

  3. Karen Lorraine Venn says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for helping me bring back all my Children of the Past (4yrs-10/11yrs) & motivating me to looking into my child of the past of help

  4. Dagolivera says:

    The great vigor, this is the description of Ninth Vision. Think in pictures, seeing in pictures and like a children never lost thrill for life.

  5. Lila Bennett says:

    All the jobs I have ever had were enough for me, and I never volunteered for anything. I always just allowed others to do those things that came up to be done. All my work experience has involved responsibility to the max. The only time I volunteered was to write letters to congresspersons to request that my place of work NOT be shut down due to lack of funds=Our VA was not shut down after all, so at least I participated. Now I find that there is a lightness of heart in whatever I do, since I am exploring other facets of my self in this phase of life, that still does involve the nurturing of mankind, present and globally, and it is all on a volunteer basis! What a change in perspective, LOL….

    Love, Lila

  6. Gregory Klatt says:

    I’ve felt that at times when I was playing as an Adult,all Guilt dropped away of that task at hand.

  7. Lisa Newton says:

    Playing…Working…interchangeable ideas, when our reality is in alignment. And it’s so funny, like you say, Mark, the villains on movies are so often the businessmen. But, of course, that has also been a reality sometimes, like in the 1800’s when child labor was common, and ordinary workers were worked to death on 10, 14, 18 hour shifts. And currently, Big Business and Big Pharma are our new business criminals. But it’s so true that all the good business people who are out there trying to help people, and raise up humanity, are often denigrated for their efforts, like Henry Ford, and Hill, and so many others who wanted to use their money and power for the greater good. But playing is the natural way of things. That’s why children love to help adults do things, and as long as nobody tells them, “ugh, this is work–you don’t wanna do this!” then they feel good about it. Play as work, work as play, it all opens up our hearts, minds, spirits, and raises our energy vibrational levels. Now we’ve gotta dig out all those internalized ‘no’s,’ and ‘stop that,’ and ‘be serious’ type critical comments from our psyches, so we can replace them all with, ‘good job at playing!’ and ‘wow, awesomely creative!’ The library’s closed today, so I’m over here at the Starbucks! LOL!

  8. Julette says:

    Greetings Mark
    As I listen to you discusing the idea of Playing as an Adult, it bring’s me back to when I was a Teenager and watching a movie, (I believed called “kick the can”) Where Senior Citizens were playing a game called kick the Can, as this old man kick the can outside his resident, He became a little BOY, his clothing became too big for him, when he went to the door, the others did not recognize him, except for these large oversize clothing that he was wearing. At first they taught he was a silly child, other seniors recognize him and decided to go outside and play with him, as they play KICK the can about the place, they all became children again, about the age of Miss Anabelle’s Children. Unfortunately for one senior who refused to participate, he stood by and watches the other’s. When all the adult’s became children again they all run down the Road. As this one senior watches them as they happily run down the road, he began to kick the can aswell, but, it was too late, as he kick the down the lonely road, he looks like a crazy old man who has escaped from a looney house.
    I am ready to kick the can with the rest of the Children/Adult’s right into the future with Mark Hamilton Neothink and TVP.
    Thank You Mark.

  9. tyrone burch says:

    Preach On Mr. Hamilton. No truer words have ever been spoken.

  10. To find your friday night essence to establish your own business is a play of creative mind as an adult. Neothink provides the tools.

  11. Richard Crookshank says:

    TV sucks really bad, no one will ever make me feel guilt ever again, or tell me NO 800.001 times again, I see clearly now the bullshit is gone.

  12. Gregory Klatt says:

    Its sad how we were made to feel guilty. But not anymore.

  13. Playing!, and knowing what to Play, is important as an adult. And to become a

  14. When I’m playing creatively, I feel like I could play and live forever. It’s a powerful and exhilerating feeling, to be in command and control of one’s own creative playtime. I strongly believe in playing as an adult which is why I need to play more. There’s no time like fun time.

  15. Russ Creamer says:

    I plan on doing a lot of playing and a lot less TV.

  16. Russ Creamer says:

    I have notice I watch a lot less TV than what I use to. I would much rather read your Prime literature. Which I still do every day. I also notice my love for myself and other people has grown many times. I feel very good knowing who I am. Thank you Mark Hamilton.

  17. Russ Creamer says:

    I am becoming more and more like a child every day. Thank you Mark Hamilton.

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