Mark Hamilton – Protection Only Govt / Rule of Law

Mark Hamilton explains to Neothink Society and Twelve Visions Party members how a protection only government can make all the people wealthy including the poor.

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12 Responses to Mark Hamilton – Protection Only Govt / Rule of Law

  1. Karen Lorraine Venn says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for wanting & creating a Protection Only Budget for all to live peacefully & happily; also9, with The Prime Law & the Protection Only Budget, we all can live the life we’re meant to live & become the people we are meant to be

  2. Rosa Lerblance says:

    Protection Only Gov’t means everyone will be protected including the poor
    and everyone will have the opportunity to be Wealthy Healthy and Safe.
    What an amazing beautiful world that will be in the C of U. Happiness!!!
    Thank You Mr. Mark Hamilton for your all your visions.

  3. The twelve visions party and the rule of law is all godmen and godwomen need for peace, wealth, love and honesty throuhout the never ending universe.

  4. Russ Creamer says:

    For the first time in history all people will live in a rich world fully protected.

  5. Richard Crookshank says:

    The laws of nature will be understood, exsplained,and controlled by the rule off law,taking power away from flaw filled man and forever protecting every single person in the world.

  6. Protection only government-rule of law is healthy to human consuption, that is the only purpose mankind need to blosom to riches and prosperity. We the neothink society and the tvp members are to learn and implement the PRIME LITERATURE in full force. So that mankind would esperience the great wealth and posperity that awaits its citizens in the neothink world.

  7. Gregory Klatt says:

    The Prime Law vs Rule of Law. We know what the Rule of Law has done. And it is great what the Prime Law can do for this Country as well as the World. What I’m getting to is this, it has to be the Prime Law in the Constitution. There are no in betweens. Those of us Visionaries know this and others will know this by way of the Clubhouses and TVP Movement. As enough people get to know that the Prime Law is what this Country as well as the World needs and very well wants, thats when the shift will happen. Realizing this fact that in the Roman Empire back in history, those in Power knew it wasn’t the one who Rules that made one Powerful, but it was the people that made him Powerful.

  8. The Prime Law, as a way of living, in the Twelve Visions World!

  9. Tamara Krashna says:

    The visionaries saw what our forefathers saw that all people will be wealthy, with the pursuit of happiness. The Prime Law only brings us back to what the Constitution stated originally by our forefathers. So let embrace and vote for the Prime Law. Let our geniuses soar like an eagle as they were meant to be.
    Thoses who find that this is their Friday Night Essence Run TVP I’ll see you there

  10. Russ Creamer says:

    The Prime Law is the Supreme Law.

  11. Russ Creamer says:

    The purpose of human life is to prosper and live happily. The Prime Law will let this happen.

  12. Russ Creamer says:

    The Twelve Visions Party with the Prime Law in place will be unstopable. We need this new life on earth.

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