Mark Hamilton – Remove Flaw-Filled Man With The Prime Law

Mark Hamilton discusses how the Prime Law will remove all imperfections.

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10 Responses to Mark Hamilton – Remove Flaw-Filled Man With The Prime Law

  1. Karen Lorraine Venn says:

    Well said, Mark Hamilton & thank you for reading that to us

  2. Rosa Lerblance says:

    Very true Mr. Hamilton, all flaw- filled imperfections will be removed
    and protection and peace of mind Happiness and Pure Honesty will
    reign. Thank You Mr. Hamilton.

  3. tyrone burch says:

    The obliteration of the anticivilization is not coming fast enough for me. Ill do what I can to help the TVP win this war.

  4. Russ Creamer says:

    With flaw-filled man out of the picture a honest world is created.

  5. The twelve visions party, we have the tools to end the rule of man and lauch the wealth of mankind, the flaw- filled men have hidden agendas and easy to be corrupted, setbacks, suffering and pain. But the prime law can lead us to wealth, health and peace.

  6. Richard Crookshank says:

    We have the tools and knowledge to trump anyone in this AC we live in now,we must be aware of thier tactics and provide proof that T.V.P is the only answer to terrany.

  7. Gregory Klatt says:

    When the Prime Law is in place then Flawed mans Power and Greed Agendas becomes totally impractical and unbenefitial. There will only be Creating Values for self and others to achieve Wealth, Health and Peace for all people including the poor.

  8. Russ Creamer says:

    I look at the Prime Law like it is the Golden Key that unlocks the door to a very bright future.

  9. Robin Newwman says:

    Thanks Mark, as I continue to integrate my mind with reality and the Prime Law I can honestly see why “the” 3000 yr. old secret has been conveniently with held from society. I now understand the reasoning of the political structure and the Latin word democracy. Within the Prime Law there is Saftey, Happiness, Wealth and The Life We Were Meant To Live. If my wish will come true, it would be by decree, that every man woman and child instill in their life The Prime Law, in which I believe is heaven sent.

  10. The Prime Law filters-out the illusion of the self-serving corrupt Politicians.
    That of the Social Good!

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