Mark Hamilton – The Creative Life

Read as Mark Hamilton explains that creation is your human essence, which separates your from all the other living things.

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14 Responses to Mark Hamilton – The Creative Life

  1. Karen Lorraine Venn says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for telling us about creativity & Friday Night Essence; without creativity, we stagnate…& none of us wan t that

  2. Rosa Lerblance says:

    Very true Mr. Hamilton my mind has to be thinking about all the calls and
    all I’ve learned on the calls. It keeps my mind sharp as I reflect on the lessons
    I’ve heard. When I’m not on the calls I am either posting or talking to a member
    or reflecting on numbers keeping my mind disciplined thought and controlled.
    Thank You Frank R. Wallace Mark Hamilton and Family.

  3. Downstream Focus/Creativity

  4. Creative life make you feel good, creativity is something design for we human beings and puts you to the edge of millionaire status quo. creativity fuels your romantic love relationship to be sky-rocket. You will always feel happy in every areas of your life.

    • Patrick & Terri Rasmusson says:

      We have the third largest Blizzard since 1967 the year I was born. In Illinois they have many streets not plowed and many things shut down. I-80 is shut down for a 60 to 70 mile length. There is a lot of snow to be plowed and hopefully everyone remained safe. We have an American Red Cross etron Microlink FR160, which needs only to crank a handle, no batteries needed nor electricity. It is state of the art renewables, and even has a solar panel if you don’t want to crank the handle, yet the handle is for the days there isn’t sunlight. Also is can charge a cell phone or other adapatable devices that need to be charged from a USB connection cord like a cell phone. Homes and Businesses can use the same tech’s in building homes and other buildings. I wish everyone the best. Do know there is love in the air with Neo-Think Society and from both of us to all of you. This is the time of creativity, when the elements of Earth over power man, and causes man to think of his own wel fare a little. The City of Joliet is doing the best they can , the best to be expected so is of all others in the surrounding communities. we are doing what we were made for primarily in such conditions, “survival”. The human nature is known to survive, that is what we do, and we create and design to make things better for us all is such conditions. especially with the ones you love, and with all of the very creative persons all around me and everyone else.

  5. Richard Crookshank says:

    Wake up everyday knowing with satiisfactory service and thinking of the person you want to be, know the power you have and use it. it will come back to you.

  6. Gregory Klatt says:

    The way I found to get one of my FNE’s is by Identifing and Acknowledging my Inner Child( Child of the Past) and it was at that point when my FNE was revealed to me. And when that happened a few months ago I started on a Downstream Focus thats ever increasing.

  7. Good Video! A very good stream of consciousness, and level of Integration!

  8. Russ Creamer says:

    We are ment to create.

  9. Russ Creamer says:

    Create and live a good happy life. Thank you Mark Hamilton.

  10. Russ Creamer says:

    I notice when I start a project that is all I think about. And I notice I am happy doing it. I don’t stop till I am done. But I don’t wait long till I start another project. The human mind is ment for creation. Find something that makes you happy and find your purpose.

  11. Renee Maira says:

    Create or die !!! I finally got the message after reading and following the Twelve Visions Party and Noethink creators. People think: There is just something missing or not right in my life and I do not feel happy when physically and in life in general things should be great. What is my problem people will ask?? There is a little voice inside telling you that you are more than this!! Just think about how you felt as a child the laughter and fun you had playing and making up stories to play. Thank you Mark Hamilton I have a new story to play and it is going to be even MORE FUN than the ones of the past.
    Find your down-flow and then
    Live in the moment!!!!

  12. torie says:

    when i am working on a piece of music, I have this unsatiable feeling of exhilaration. i dont want to stop and i can keep working on it for hours and hours, yet it only feels like it had been one. i love this. and this is when i know i am in my essence, laser like focus with a feeling of flight. i can keep going and going and going…. it never wants to end. i could live forever.

  13. Kay Samalin says:

    “Never wants to end”. That is exactly correct. I do not want my excitement for life to ever end. I know I have many value creations in me to give to society. Mark Hamilton is reaching out to all with his montoring skills to show all of us the road to peace, wealth and happiness. The Twelve Visions Party will eliminate the ruling class and we will never stangnate again.


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