Mark Hamilton – The Twelve Visions Party Is Real

Mark Hamilton explains why the other political parties or candidates cannot do what the Twelve Visions Party will do.

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17 Responses to Mark Hamilton – The Twelve Visions Party Is Real

  1. Karen Lorraine Venn says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for telling about the Twelve Visions Party & how that’s gonna help society; also, thank you for explaining it a bit better, so we too can achieve our goals & dreams

  2. Rosa Lerblance says:

    We are going to become unstoppable. That sounds exhilarating to me.
    The Twelve Visions Party is unique in it self. Protection all the way.
    I believe in The Twelve Visions Party and The Prime Law that is why I
    signed the contract to be an officer of Arizona.
    THANK YOU MARK HAMILTON for teaching me to feel safe for the
    first in my life.

  3. Pete Zerger says:

    It’s the REAL DEAL — The Twelve Visions Party — and the time is now.

  4. Lisa Newton says:

    Once people realize that with the TVP, they are ‘allowed’ to think, feel, and be who they are, and have their own beliefs intact with no outward pushing to become what someone else thinks is ‘correct,’ and that what the TVP says and promises is not bs, not rhetoric, but simple, honest truth, then people will embrace the TVP with open arms and support it completely! More and more are the deep political pockets, and deep political moral morass exposed as the scams and lies that they are–just rhetoric spouted to get people on’their side,’ with no quams as to reality or fantasy, with no problems on their side as to actual intention of ever standing up and making all those promises real…quite the contrary! Typically there is no intention of EVER fulfilling these promises, as if the Public is a bunch of recalcitrant children and they are the type of parents who’ll promise anything just to get them to brush their teeth. Well, enough of that. Time for the TVP, and treating people like they matter, and like promises matter.

  5. Richard Crookshank says:

    Imagine no Gov. interferance, and what will happen.

  6. Alan Cleal says:

    Career politicians have frequently throughout history duped the populace via one form of enticement or other. However, such pledges rarely have a honest basis and are therefore usually just a vehicle used to garner support.

  7. Gregory Klatt says:

    I understand what you mean about the momentum begins.

  8. Russ Creamer says:

    Yes Mark, everyone I talk to knows the Political Parties are not real. When people find out about the Twelve Visions Party it will be unstopable. I already see the Twelve Vision Party as unstopable. It is what it is – Unstopable!

  9. No polical party or its candidates can not do what the TVP can do, The answer is very simple, The TVP hold enhancing power ever on earth, The idea systerm whose time has come, The TVP have the skills and technish to curve the economy, The tvp have the prime literature to amend the US constitution what the founding fathers missed. The TVP manifesto is wealth, health and peace, The TVP,S main aim is to end the rule of man and launch the wealth of mankind, Our style is to free mankind to be happy and prosperous. These are the qualities TVP have and others do not own.

  10. Russ Creamer says:

    We can and WILL do this! The unstopable TVP. It’s VERY REAL!

  11. The Twelve Visions Party/Prime Law is perfect as a flawless gemstone. The bonding of TVP/Prime Law with government and nation will take America into a real and new, inconceivable Twelve Visions World bl-bl-bl-bl-bliss!!! That wonderful, marvelous “CofU”. I Love you Mark Hamilton.

  12. Knowing that the Twelve Visions Party, is Real, break the Anchors, and eliminate
    the Deceptions, Dishonesties. and leave that Path of Least Resistance, that leads
    nowhere. Join the TVP, and push the Movement forward to its determined,
    Destination. A Real Value!

  13. Claire Racine says:

    The Twelve Visions Party is our stepping stone to Freedom for each individual citizen of the world. The Prime Law, will keep us all free from initiatory force, politics, and others ruling our lives. It will end poverty, crime and war. It will raise to the heights the most valuable resource and safeguard it, each individual value creator will create and end, scarcity, physical and mental disease, and conflict on Earth.
    If you are looking for Heaven and found the TVP and the Prime Law, it will definitely serve to create all the happiness and love man wants and deserves.
    Let the Prime Law RULE.

  14. Maria C Rodriguez says:

    I am standing for The TVP, way to go TVP we are many to support TVP
    I love TVP.

  15. Russ Creamer says:

    This is so true. If people do things just to see themselves in the spotlight it isn’t a good reason at all. The TVP is very real and very unstopable. I’m for the TVP. Thank you Mark Hamilton.

  16. Russ Creamer says:

    I love the unstopable TVP!

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