Mark Hamilton – Twelve Visions Party Contract.

Mark Hamilton explains how the TVP contract will be used.

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  1. Karen Lorraine Venn says:

    Well said, Mark Hamilton, & thank you for creating such a Powerful contract; we need it & need it badly, if we’re gonna survive

  2. Rosa Lerblance says:

    A mentor on one of the calls said most of the members that signed the
    TV contract don’t understand what they are signing. Very true! I did
    not understand the contract but Jim read it and liked what he read.
    I signed it the first time because I wanted to give back to Mr. Hamilton.
    If I had to sign it again I would sign it because I believe in it and
    understand it better.

  3. Mickey Baker says:

    Let`s Get (Free) Now!With The TwelveVisionsParty!I`m tired of hearing were (Free)!We know were not really (Free)!Never did or could believe it!

  4. The “Prime Law” is most definitely an integration to my life. Daily, I have encountered those who oppose the idea of a truely orderly society, and daily I remain determined to continue my pledge to uphold this fine document. This is a reality that I am witnessing every day.

  5. Russ Creamer says:

    I understand the Prime law and the purpose of the TVP contract to protect the people and the TVP. I am living by the Prime Law.

  6. I pledge in the name of the twelve visions party, i Owura would uphold and defend the the good name of the tvp, and to ensure the implementation of the prime law to be effective,make all the people rich and the world a better place to live. That is my pledge as a warrior.

    • Patrick Benedict Rasmusson says:

      I am so happy the you had dedicated your life to the Neothink ways of life and thought. I would love to express thanks for your thoughts of Neothink Society. The fact the ways of life and how Neothink members think are so real they are life and Global changing, then it might be a good idea to turn on the TV and view some of the events taking place that result in the efforts of Neo-Think Society. I had given a dedication to Neo-Think Society as well, and have ties with the Society that are very deep rooted and go back in my heritage to the original Illuminati. It is a well protected very powerful Society. In fact our Society is the most powerful on Earth. I do my share of work in my contacts to places to make life viable to the Prime Laws. Also, I written to my State Senator requesting information of how to Amend the Constitution, which the Amendment would be the Prime Laws. They had sent me a form already to fill out and mail back to them. The form was too basic and didn’t have specifics in the form. So I written back, via first class mail and explained to them again, “I want to Amend the Constitution and need to know the correct steps in doing so.” I don’t want a form that is going to be rejected from it’s basic form. I need to know every last sentence and every last way to apply to Congress and the Senators in Order to Amend the Constitution. Plus, I would send Mr. Mark Hamilton a copy of the form before I send it in. In my statement, NEO TECH SOCIETY is going to reign as the most powerful society on Earth, and the last needed Society that WILL change everything for the better for every man woman and child and even the Earth that needs a little help from us humans. My family is my bloodline which is NEOTHINK SOCIETY! I back fully each and every man and woman in our Society. The Globe IS changing for our benefit, and the reason is because we are making the changes the entire global civilization needs to survive and to grow into the limitless potentials of anything you can imagine. If you can imagine it, it can become reality. One point I wish to express to you, and other readers, I gave Mr. Mark Hamilton full copy rights to anything I write anywhere. That is so it is in compliance with Society and so we can benefit from some of the great writings I had to offer. Yet, too he knows I am seeking to make wealth as well, and am seeking investors in some of my inventions, and do have plans to write novels. Also, I wish to express I wanted to come up with a bridge design that would be different from all bridges and that would compromise the compelling thoughts of the mind. I have to say Mr. Hamilton beat me to it with the skywalk bridge. To describe how and why it was made would take a hundred pages or so of why a bridge like that was made, one very real point is to understand your fears as it has a glass bottom. Each bridge on earth is made for different reasons, The Sky Walk Bridge designed and built by Mr Mark Hamilton will never have a successor. It’s art form and it’s ability to make a person think really is one quest of it’s design, and I bow down to Mr mark Hamilton and the great thinker he is, PURE COLD HARD FACT! We in Neothink Society, those that were hand selected from being unique or a little different or just from being honest or very bright, with us Earth and human kind has a future. VERY TRUTHFUL! And, my abilities with the Society has a foot hold that is very strong. And those who wish to progress with Society, do try to be creative in everything, it is one of the most fascinating things of the mind. Never limit your ability to think or what to dream of. We do run Earth. That is how powerful we are in Neothink Society, and we are making Earth a place that is building in such a way … (well, just watch, in time you will see the very truth of Neothink and The Neothink Warriors, and which is a place everyone on Earth would want to be in as we do listen and do respond, and we do intentionally remain creative). If you can think, dream, and own emotions, you’d love top grow with Society as thought and knowledge folds by 100 times each and every day. We are the Now and the Future, and we offer what every man woman and child on Earth needs. And… for you and the other readers, * when you get the chance to send Mr Mark Hamilton a nice card in the mail, do so. He is a great man, and does deeply care of each of Neothink members. I am that much of a believer in Neothink and Mr Mark Hamilton, I did give him copy rights of everything I write no matter to whom or where, and give him the rights to modify for the better any of the writing that I write. One day I will explain why. Too, I hope we is at my wedding the day I get married to Terri. I wish he could be the best man. Terri was a rare find, and am so in love, in in your ventures in life when you find love don’t be afraid to tell the Would about your love. Terri inspired me as we all have those that inspire each and every one of us. And she is the person that also helped me buy my second heirloom packages, and she and I make a great team. And each and everyone of you in Neo-Think Society, remain in love and stay in love and lift up and hold and protect that value of love, it is a very beautiful thing to have, love also meaning what love is intended to mean the feelings of emotions inside one being, sorta as how a child loves their parent. Be of good cheer, and make your triumphs as great as each and every one of your lives are. I am on your side, you should all know that. Thank you for reading my letter. Sometimes the letters I write are a little bit too long. It is a bliss from within, and a bliss because of Mr. Mark Hamilton. Build! And, Build your dreams, and never limit yourself. And, let’s all build together and make our circles a bit larger until we circle not just earth yet also the Universe above.

  7. Russ Creamer says:

    I live by the Prime Law.

  8. Richard Crookshank says:

    I Richard Crookshank pledge to let go of all ideas and opinions of Gov. because my new job of bringing fourth a protection only Gov. will have to be taught to people over and over, they will have to understand, that this policy will bring fourth real freedom they want and need.

  9. Gregory Klatt says:

    Because man is Flawed a contract is needed so when its signed it binds the person(s) to honor the Prime Law and conditions.

  10. Russ Creamer says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for the Twelve Visions Party contract which I Happily signed. The Twelve Visions Party contract will protect the people and the Twelve Visions Party.

  11. With the Twelve Visions Party, Prime Law, Determination, and Dynamics, it is
    possible to eliminate the illusions presented in the existing establishment. Do not
    be a victim of it. The Twelve Visions Party Contract, serves as a guideline for
    Visionaries to participate, and see the Direction of the Party Ideals, and Dynamics
    to bring forth the Success of the TVP.

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