Mark Hamilton’s Prime Law Removes All Illusions

Mark Hamilton, founder of the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party, discusses how the TVP Prime Law removes illusions.

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20 Responses to Mark Hamilton’s Prime Law Removes All Illusions

  1. Karen Lorraine Venn says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for explaining about The Prime Law as well as it’s removal of illusions of government; also, thank you for The Prime Law & what’ll have to offer, once in place

  2. Rosa Lerblance says:

    The Prime Law Removes all Illusions how true. It will put everything in
    perspective which the members will recognize right away. The AC will
    slowly see the creative change for the better.
    Thank You Mark Hamilton for creating a beautiful world that will bring
    us Happiness and lasting peace.

  3. Pete Zerger says:

    Justice is blind.
    However, the PRIME LAW raises the bar — to Black and White. !!!

  4. Twelve Visions Party, Prime Law, the new Integrative Level, the New Horizon!

  5. Philippe BAYONNE says:


  6. Maria C Rodriguez says:

    The Prima Law emerge with more power, and in this time The Prima Law is going
    to stay forever. We are expecting a better honesty life. Thank you Mark Hamilton.

  7. Richard Crookshank says:

    We have the power to change this world forever.

  8. Gregory Klatt says:

    With the Prime Law used as a Tool then there will be no Illusive Blinders.

  9. Lisa Newton says:

    I love this particular video. I love the absolute clarity, sincerity, succinctness of it, along with the honesty shining through, making it clear that with the Prime Law in place, we all will understand what is correct or not.

  10. Since I become a member of Neothink Society and Twelve Vision Party, Our Prime Laws is the One and Only that will Cut through Madness and Darkness that we can see through out the world, were government after government are slowly lossing power and their corrupt way of managing the country and service to the people. I move from the Cook Islands to New Zealand when I was only 14 years old and served in New Zealnad Regular Army at 15 yearls old and left the Army in August of 1984 to get a better life in Australia which I am now living. I have seen both party of government abuse their power to get what they want by force and miss treat the people were they where suppose to look after. Last year Federal election and State election has now put both party on notice. The blue Party is Liberal Party which only look after the rich and business people, and The red Party which is the Labour Party suppose to look after the poor people but either side has abuse office and miss treat the people for so many years were money and resource of the Country was not manage well.

    If we have our Own TVP Party All Over The World which I believed will out vote the two main party that have for decade of being In and Out of Government will Never Ever get into Office again. I truely believed that our Prime Laws will put Honest Politician in Office that will manage well the country resource and service to the people which we will see and Brand New Era of Wisdon and Wealth and Health being Created and nation become more interest in peace and not War and Femine. That why government try to stop our Founder Mark Hamilton in becoming a Saviour to Million of American who is looking for a better Life and making sure that their family’s are okay and they got jobs and Food to put on the table every day. I love our Prime Laws as I mention it is our Secret for every time you read and re-read it you will over come by it power. Keep Up the Good works Folks. It took me 4 days to go through the golden Nuggets and it beautiful.


    Ignatius Akaruru

  11. The prime law is like a mighty jet fighter, It can penetrate through any opstacles and illusions that blocks the progress of mankind, with the prime law, you wear the helmet of life, very sure and safe, Thanks for this wonderful tools.

  12. Russ Creamer says:

    Thank you for this Prime Law which makes life simple and clear.

  13. Claire Racine says:

    Dear Mark Hamilton,
    Thank you for the wonderful, truthful and life-changing values I have received from you.
    I no longer view life as a spectator, and a follower. I am now a participant and a self leader.
    The Prime Law will change the world to the safe, healthy, and wealthy place where all may live their dreams, be of great value and truly live the life we were all meant to live.
    You always have my eternal gratitude for the spectacular values you have created and continue to create for mankind every day. Thank You, thank you, thank you!

  14. Alan Cleal says:

    The prime law will simplify the current unnecessarily complex maze of man made ones. An innocent individual can easily become overwhelmed by these, often if not always to the benefit of the ruling class.

  15. Russ Creamer says:

    The Prime Law is short and sweet.

  16. The Prime Law, is a Great Insight for everyone to Integrate.

  17. I love the Prime Law! It will govern man.

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