Part 1 – Mark Hamilton’s TVP National Convention Speech

Mark Hamilton gives the keynote speech at the first Twelve Visions Party (TVP) convention held in Chicago, Illinois. The convention drew Neothink Society members from around the United States.

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11 Responses to Part 1 – Mark Hamilton’s TVP National Convention Speech

  1. Vicente San Martin Jr says:

    Twelve Visions Party sounds Good but not so sure about the People who are running it Like the Chairperson Makes me ? a hole lot

  2. Karen Lorraine Venn says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for presenting that to us, back in 2012; & it still means just as much today, as it did back then. Making everyone rich, including the poor is what this society strives for; & we all need to do our part to make it work

  3. Rosa Lerblance says:

    I will attend my first national TVP meeting in Sept. I am looking forward to it.
    Not only will I get to meet all the mentors and other members but I will get more
    familiar with The TVP as I am an officer for the state of Arizona. The Forces of
    Nature is a subject that I first learned in my journey with Neothink. Once I
    understood how The Forces of Nature effected Jim and myself I began to see
    things different around me and my family. I have learned so much
    Mr. Hamilton from your Genius Mind it over whelms me.
    Thank You Mark Hamilton for choosing me to be in these world I live in now.

  4. Patryk Jarczynski Neo Think member says:

    Will we everer win this battle

  5. Erik Greiner says:

    This was the deepest and most informative clip I’ve see so far. For me it was the final piece of a section of this puzzle.

  6. Richard Crookshank says:

    We have been taught the laws of nature marketing secrets, we must use it, we must not talk about politics and sticking to the PRIME-LAW will trump anything they throw at us.

  7. The Chicago national conversion is a wake-up call to all citizens of this planet earth, to stand on our feet to recist the ruling class from the system. A word to the wise is enough, Now is the time to uphold the good news of LORD MARK HAMILTON and the TVP and make use of it.

  8. Gregory Klatt says:

    Its about a little at a time moving people from the”Something for Nothing Mentalality”to the Rational, Honest Reality that it takes Knowledge and Effort. It takes the New way of Thinking, Neo-Think.

  9. David Clulee says:

    This video is a brilliant example of integrated thinking. Mark brings a number of elements together into a cohesive puzzle picture that draws us inexorably toward a stunning but disturbing awakening – a “eureka moment” or a ten second miracle where illusions are ripped away and things begin to come together and make sense. The parasitical ruling class are masters at deception; black hat neo-cheaters who skillfully manipulate language, the judiciary, financial markets and the media to dishonestly and forcefully extract and redistribute value from the producers and creators. Modern day Robin Hoods pursuing their own urges for power and prestige, crusading at our expense.

    All the world over, politicians and the parasitical ruling class take our hard earned money through force backed regulations and the ‘fear factor’; billion dollar budgets, guns and laws that create the illusion of a powerful and menacing presence in and throughout our lives. This extracted wealth is creamed off by the ruling class and the rest is used to fuel and support their dishonest ideological agenda that includes protecting the status quo. These masters of deception appeal to our deep rooted but misguided ideas of altruism – craftily foisting on us through the instrument of guilt the requirement to sacrifice by claiming this as a ‘natural human condition’. Guilt is the joker in the pack that trumps the uninitiated masses into zombie like compliance because deep down it just seems right that we should all ‘give up some of what you’ve earned’ for the greater good? And what is this greater good exactly?

    It is interesting to observe that the things “rulers” pursue for themselves, quite apart from power and prestige are fine wine, culinary delights, fashionable and flashy clothes, exotic travel, fast cars, attractive and desirable women, illicit substances, designer houses, horse racing and high rolling, fame, fortune and fabulous lifestyles which satisfy every whim, fancy and deep biological urge known to man. Governments have never been accountable for their use of our money because they are not required to produce a ‘bottom line’. Without Neothink and the Prime Literature, the trajectory of the rule of man will lead us even further into a deep catastrophic era yet it will not be the politicians or the parasitical elite who will suffer.

    We are in serious times where the battle lines are drawn between the machinations of dishonest parasitical elite on the one hand and the consciously directed leap into self leadership and integrated thought which is where wealth, health and happiness can be found for the honest value creator and producer. Thank you Mark Hamilton for your decades of disciplined controlled thought throughout which you have doggedly pursued your goal to collapse the disease of mysticism.

  10. Russ Creamer says:

    This speech has great teachings in it. Thanks Mark.

  11. Russ Creamer says:

    The Twelve Visions Party is the new WINNING party.

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