Valid Blame – You Can Change It!

Successful people do not blame others. Mark Hamilton explains how there is valid blame toward the ruling class.

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10 Responses to Valid Blame – You Can Change It!

  1. Karen Lorraine Venn says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for telling about how the Anti-civilization blames others & how we can change that; thank you for describing how the Ruling class is different from us by your example. We need to change The Ruling Class, by showing them how to take full responsibility to full accountability, then take action

  2. Rosa Lerblance says:

    Feeling the whole world owes you for having a miserable childhood is wrong.
    That was me. Yes the AC mentality of the people around me growing up but it was
    up to me to do something about it. I felt everybody was at fault. They owed me.
    I don’t think that way anymore. The world made me feel see and think with the
    bicameral mentality and mysticism didn’t help it any. I am so grateful I see and
    feel the true reality of life and how it makes me feel brand new.
    Thank You Mark Hamilton for all your visions that changed my life for the better

  3. Pete Zerger says:

    Action, above all else, is the way to move away from the AC toward the coming Civilization of the Universe.

  4. donald miller says:

    The problem with society today is everyone’s been brainwashed to believe we could never change what for so long has ruled man! but( we the people) stands for all of us as a whole.people from all walks of life,color and religion. together as a whole can change our god given world and give all people happiness,love and wealth in which we are all entitled. we all breath the same air,cry the same tears and bleed the same blood. so i hope the world is listening to the cry for change that is what we all desperately seek. Its so sad that in the world we now live in we still see people starving when there is plenty of food to go around,there are plenty of empty homes for the homeless to live,and yet our hired officials continue to sell us a bunch of illusions in place of our hopes and dreams for all man kind.we’ve given our government enough time to show us change and they have failed!!! so change needs to come from (we the people) united together as one people to work together towards peace, happiness and prosperity for all.

  5. Richard Crookshank says:

    Picture for at least 30 minutes everyday of the person you intend to be, and then eventually transforming that picture into reality through practical service, gossup and mysticism must be ignored to be productive and free.

  6. Gregory Klatt says:

    Rock on TVP

  7. There would be no valid blame in the neothink world, bcause each and everyone would be rich including the poor, but in the ruling class, there would be valid blame, the anti-civilization has no connections in the C of U, Their illusion is to let someone suffer and poorer. For them to feel big and in control. So there should be always someone to be blamed.

  8. Russ Creamer says:

    I know we are still in the Anticivilization. It’s hard for people to rise up. As for myself I except full responsibilty for what happens to me.

  9. The Anticivilization is a Criminal Empire, that controls the Country, at this time!
    They need to be Condemned/Eliminated. How do you blame someone that has
    no Heart?

  10. I can’t love, honor, respect, cherish and thank you Mark Hamilton enough, for your POWERFUL mentoring. I’m forever grateful.The child of my past and something else, “magically enchanting” has a strong hold of me! Indescribable bliss!!

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