Welcome to Mark Hamilton’s Neothink Society

Mark Hamilton discusses how the forces of Neothink are emerging. This will be a powerful drawing card when the great technological evolution begins as influenced by the Twelve Visions Party and the Prime Law.

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37 Responses to Welcome to Mark Hamilton’s Neothink Society

  1. Karen Lorraine Venn says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for helping me break totally out of my shell & into something Powerful; also, thank you for helping me bring out my child(ren) of my past, to help me become motivated again. As I’m breaking free from my mysticisms, the more I free myself, from whatever’s blocking me from becoming the person I know I’m meant to be

  2. Robert Larsen says:

    There are some points on Neo Think … Neo Tech, I disagree with, but, the literature and talks does make one “think” outside the box … one can not ignore it (especially in today’s corrupt political and some of the corrupted religious leaders as well) … one has to take the leap, eventually, into “leading oneself” – that’s what I get from Neo Tech (also, the logic, rationality, science, business format integrates one’s thinking).

  3. Rosa Lerblance says:

    Thank You Mark Hamilton for all the videos I have seen you in. It makes it
    much better to see you explaining the knowledge. I never get tired of
    listening to you speak. It has been an honor to have been studying your
    knowledge for 3 years and will continue to do. I LOVE YOU, SIR.

  4. Mark Wolford says:

    This is getting interesting. I am bound for life, to NeoThink. Nothing can compare.

  5. Dawud Mustafa says:

    In studying the neotech literature Iam amaze at Dr.Wallace Mark integration and how it predict the future is fur beyond any thing that I have read before in any literature Mark talk about the Nov 3, 1986 watershed moment in the history of neotech and the trap that was set up that unleash a business titan that can never ,be touch again, Agent of gun and fist attacking the NTP company I&O how their attacks was to destroy value but instead they step into a trap that set off the War of two Worlds Good and Evil, advancing neotech to the next level in their master plan Neothink this pull the cover off of the neocheaters completely then came Mark value production of forward moving literature that elevates the ordinary man and woman to a mystic free conscious. (Neothink) This has the open ended power to shape and then control the present to reliably predict and then profitably control the future. Thanks to you Mark Hamilton for the twelve vision world.

  6. Eva says:

    Everyday I am totally amazed with the results I experience since learning a new way of thinking and seeing things differently. I feel very fortunate to be a part of Neothink. I would suggest to anyone who is seeking “That something MORE” to join. Thank You, Mark Hamilton for the Prime Literature. I now see and think in such a way that my life has limitless possibilities.

  7. I want to live the prime law NOW!, with my parents, brothers and sisters and all people in this earth. Tired of people believe they are more than me, lead, command in what must to be my personal decisions and choices. I want to enjoy the freedom, the wealthiness, happiness in this life. The PRIME LAW is the law that guaranty the protection without coercion.

  8. Pete Zerger says:

    Medical breakthroughs will be demanded once the geniuses are freed.

  9. neopatty says:

    We have come a long way in our quest to find our Friday Night Essences. Now more then ever before is a time to bring forth the genius each and everyone of us have inside. I am honored to be a part of this new way of living. It has taught me to think for myself and to go forward when faced with adversity. Now our founder and teacher has given us each the opportunity to bring our way of life to the masses. Brilliantly executed at a time when political and other systems are failing and people are searching for the new and improved lives they were meant to have. Thank you Mark Hamilton and every person who is on this fantastic journey. Put on your Big Kid Armor and let’s bring in the Civilization of the Universe! We can do it. Love, Patricia

  10. Dorislea says:

    I need help, I need someone to talk to me one on one. I am a very anxious person and I need some to talk to me who will understand me. Doris in Love

    • Dorislea says:

      Please, I hate to have to beg. But it is important to have some one contact me. I love my meetings, but I still need a one on one meeting. Sorry fellows but I would like a female mentor….

      • Doris DeBord says:

        I want to change my email to only you can excess, please send me some help???

        • Patricia C. Meek says:

          Hello, Doris DeBord…
          I came by to copy Mark Hamilton Vlog (Videos) and found your post oh my heart goes out to you, ha.. and I am female and Deaf/Hearing Impaired Person and I have a good friend name is Juanita Heckel, She is hearing and I will like for you to call her, phone number is 1-702-521-3170 or email is nitariv200 @ yahoo.com but both together between @ and you can be reach her… and in case email me at patriciasvisions @ gmail.com will love to be hearing from you soon, Wink!

  11. Doris DeBord says:

    Mark Hamilton I am missing on my special meetings. Since I am having finical problems I have been banned. Really upsets, I am trying so hard to straighten things out. If I do not hear from you I will persume I am no longer welcome. Love can not be judged by how much money one has. I am willing to pay what you ask for when I some how resolve this proublem. I love and believe in you, I just wish you did me…..

  12. Adam Clough says:

    Dear Mark, I was recently found by you and at first I was hesitant as I was so used tou be “screwed” for lack of a better word… The friends that were not friends, the system that held me down when it was supposed to bring me up. but since first contact I feel I am empowered with my natural spirit… I suffered a TBI in a sense brought more knowledge and strength, the ability of love and awareness of truth … Bless you. I am on board… thank you for realizing my true potential… TVP To a better world, and unity instead of trying to survive man’s current duality, where a human is only worth whats in his wallet… Love Peace and prosperity of the new era.

    Be well šŸ™‚

  13. Clifford Zuniga says:

    The time for the Twelve Visions Party is now. The picture for a better tomorrow can start today, collectively we can make this happen.

  14. Lisa Newton says:

    The Sleeping Giant…the people. A study was done with young chimpanzees and human children that showed the human children were more likely to continue doing things the same way they’d been originally taught–even after a new, more effective and simple way was shown–whereas the chimp kids quickly grabbed the new way and ran with it. I extrapolate from that that it is our very minds, this magnificent difference which makes us–us–that can also go against us, because of fear especially, to cause us to hold back, to fear change. But when the people awaken to the fact that our current life is a cruel lie, designed to hold us back and even sicken us and our families, things will change!! And it is NT which is going to help enlighten the people, and strengthen all our hearts so we fall in love with life again, and have a chance to fall in love with our true life partner in an atmosphere of exhilaration, growth and anticipation, so we get to keep that love deep in our hearts forever.

  15. Ruth says:

    The Neothink truth is truly the path for all who will listen its the realty of all that is ,

    also the root of the secret that can bring about the health for the mind, as Mark -Hamilton in the video declare and the twelve vision world,

  16. Richard Crookshank says:

    Dearest Mark; please don’t underestimate the power and energy that you have started, you are backed by millions of awake people that will see this historic mission to the end.

  17. Gregory Klatt says:

    I have been seeing some signs too.

  18. Good Evening to All of my Fellow Neothink members, Twelve Vision Party, Neo-Tech Warriors. We have very bad floods here in Australia Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania. It was very sad watching people got caught out by the rushing waters were towns cars and building, boats, bridges, CBD business area all flooded and lives were lost. It very sad when you are on the other of the country looking at the T.V. and seeing things happen break your heart. To me this all happens due to poor managements by FederalGovernment and State Governments, and Local Government in were they settle people in towns and area were they know it always gonna be flooded but did nothing to improved were the water flows until it too lates. All Governments put money ahead of people and that why lives were lost as they see revenue first not well plan for safety of the towns and people. I see the same thing in U.S. were towns or State that always have Tonado that take place almost on daily situation keep building houses that becomes like missiles when they hit towns that what killed most people because of the way the building was made and no one from the government try to improve what type of building they should build in area that are dangerous. To me the Only Way Out is to have members from our Twelve Vision Party in government then things and people lives will be 100% better as then we will have the best people in place that will build our towns and State to best ever Level where Safety is a Must for All living mankind and animals, there will be proper planing and proper managements to Public Funds and Service and Security for the Nation and Country. Like wise I also live in Neothink World and has never look back,as now that I have received my business certificate from our Justice department I am now ready to Rock and Roll.


    Ignatius Akaruru

    • Glenn says:

      My manuscripts have been taken from me, by whom I’m not positive. I am fairly sure they have fallen into the wrong hands. My life has been a living disaster! I don’t know if my communication is now being mom tered

  19. Hi Mr Hamilton, It is a pleasure for me to write this post to you in order to tell you what I think about your books and your video. I have read your books and heard your video, you did a good job, you make me like reading, but you have sent a lot of letters to me and you have promised me to see many new things in my life. I can testify to you, I see nothing new, the only thing I can tell you, I develop intellectualy which is a benefit for me because I have learnt a lot of things from you , so I give thanks to you , I give thanks to you. I do not have time to do what I need because every morning, I must get up at 3. 30 am in order to go to work and come back at 6 0r 7 pm, I am like a slave. My family is in Haiti, I spent everything I had to take care of it. Since 1999, lived in one room which I rent from somebody’ house. I have a daugther name, Elizabeth, she came here after the earthquake, she slept in my room for six months because I did not have money to pay another room. now the situation becomes bad and worse day by day in Haiti so I can’ t go back to Haiti and now I need to live with my family for the rest of my life. I would like to moove out from the room where I lived since 1999 to apartment which has 2 bedrooms so I can ask my wife to moove with my children from Haiti to here, but I do not have money to do that. This is the reason, I am writing to you Mr Hamilton in order to talk to the members of the society and ask them to support me in this situations. What I want to tell is to ask the menbers to help me according to their heart, according to their possibility by lending me, not by giving me, I said by lending me or borrowing me some money, I said according to their heart and possibility in order to rent an apartment which has 2 bedroms and create a little business which can help me to survive, to sleep, to have fun with my family, to have time for reading, for rest, ect. Please Mr Mark, talk to the members for me, I promise you, I will give the money back to every one who would help me, I promise you again, I will do it joyfully.
    Here my address and my email address:
    Efenor Alteson
    Ave serrant
    Delray beach Fl 33445
    Phone: 561-860-5469

    • Hi Efenor,
      My name is Ralph. I want to direct you to the Twelve Visions Party.
      Maybe you can find a Clubhouse in your state. http://www.tvpnc.org is the web-site.
      Contact a member here, for they are self-leaders, and can help lift you, to become who you were meant to be. I do not have all the answers, or can
      help you moneywise, because I myself have a Family to deal with. The Party
      has contacts, to help you create the time, and money you need. They also
      have Top Leadership, if it is a Money Vehicle that you are looking for!
      Know that Poverty, is a Big Crime, and see the value that is taken from
      you everyday/your Value! Join-in the the TVP, http://www.tvpnc.org for Big Time
      Changes! Good Luck, my friend!

  20. Yes indeed, THE NEOTHINK and geniuos of society are emerging in a full force, In directives of the TWELVE VISIONS PARTY, The great technological evolution will begin to influence the people by studying the PRIME LITERATURE. There we will esperience THE NEOTHINK WORLD, Full of inspirations.

  21. Russ Creamer says:

    This is great teachings.

  22. William Birmelin says:

    This is valuable information Mark is teaching us. If the people don’t take the information in and integrate it into what is happening in society today, they need to review the information again. This is really valuable information to get our country back from the evil ones who are trying to destroy us ,the people of the United States . We are indebted to Mark for bringing this all together and waking us up and pulling us together. Now is the time to make our moves. Let us all be strong for Mark. Thank you Mark Hamilton

  23. Russ Creamer says:

    This is so amazing! I love the picture of Happy people everywhere.

  24. The TechRevolution starts with a TVP, President, and also the Prime Law!

  25. Alan Cleal says:

    A great many people are already disillusioned with traditional politics as they realize from experience that things generally never really change for the better, regardless of which party is currently in power. In order to draw support from an often duped voting public, politicians frequently make good sounding claims or pledges which in reality are of little or no value. Only a sea change of the world’s political landscape will rectify this
    situation, which I believe can only arrive via the Twelve Visions Party.

  26. Maria C Rodriguez says:

    I live in the Neothink word and I feel authentic evolution in all my thougths.
    I truly believe in the forces of The Neothink is the only way to go The Twelve Vision Party.

  27. Russ Creamer says:

    The Twelve Visions Party is the awsome Party that will lead us to the Twelve Visions World. I will see my family, friends, and neighbors living a happy, wealthy, and healthy life!

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