Mark Hamilton – Cause and Effect

Mark Hamilton talks about replacing stagnation with exhilaration and helping go from value producers to value creators.

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  1. Will Blanc says:

    The purpose of life is to prosper and live happily, man was born to create. Stagnation forces us to loose these amazing motivations and leads us off of the path that human beings were meant to embrace. I believe that once the suppressive ruling class is removed all men and women will walk that path to unlimited creation, live happily and prosper in health,wealth, peace and love.

  2. Saintura says:

    The twelve vision party is what giving me hope. Thank you Mark Hamilton

  3. Naida Disla says:

    I completely agree with you Mr. Hamilton. I think staying stagnant has caused many to feel there is no way out. I was one that felt that way for many years. Thanks to your teachings I have become a value creator and will continue to move forward in my success.

  4. Rosa Lerblance says:

    Cause and Effect video takes me back 2 and half years before I received the
    trilogy books. I was in a stagnation rut not wanting to get out. I was a mess
    mentally and physically with no desire for the future. I didn’t think about
    my future at all until I one night on the Friday night call I was giving my
    integration on the chapter we read. As I was talking I mentioned my plans
    and what I was planning on doing. The mentor interrupted me and said you
    know Rosa you have never mentioned your plans for the future. Right there
    and then I knew the cause and effect was working. I have continued to excel
    little by little but I know now where I am going in the future and what I what
    out of life. Thank You NEO-TECH/NEOTHINK

  5. Karen Lorraine Venn says:

    Thank you so very much, Mark Hamilton, for bringing me out of a violent depression; without you, I don’t know what I would’ve done. You’ve helped me so much, & your books continue to help me, help myself

  6. Michael Sholty says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for your thirty year works defining Neothink. For those who do not understand your literature I can only say I am grateful that I have been fortunate to have been given the chance to study your works. I have found by having studying the Prime Literature, I have found that my buisness problems are not as difficult to solve. The tools that you have given us are amazing and I have been successful with thier use. Thank you

  7. Luiza Nogueirra says:

    To Mark Hamilton Thank you!
    My life is better because of you ,Thank you for helping me become a better person.

  8. David Dorce says:

    This is a powerful quote it’s taken me five minutes to learn a life time to master. To be at cause rather of effect… To take your life by the horn so to speak… Great job Mark so grateful for these lessons…

  9. Lisa Newton says:

    I discovered Neothink, or Neothink discovered me, at a time when I was truly feeling that stagnation, that endgame type of emotional bottom that can quickly become a slippery slope to despair and depression. Through the teachings of Neothink and Mark Hamilton, my entire reality shifted to one of discovery; taking that same old game and turning it on its head until you make it work for you. Thank you, Mark Hamilton, for helping to change my life! So, although my life didn’t instantly change on the outside, like in some fairy tale where you wave the magic wand and the mice turn to horses and the pumpkin becomes a beautiful coach, my life did change ‘on the inside,’ because how I thought about myself and every little thing around me changed. Neothink for me was a game changer in much the same way as when someone is watching a soccer game but doesn’t know the rules…then they learn the rules and it becomes more than a bunch of people chasing a little ball around a field. In much the same way, Neothink has replaced the old mental/emotional paradigm of stagnation in my life with new excitement, a new direction of intent, interest, fun, and drive. What a wonderful gift!

  10. Mr. Hamilton’s revelation is truly a 2012 year old secret of the
    CHRIST ESSENCE.the teachings of JESUS is the essence of
    Mr. Hamilton’s revelations. how fortunate are we to have read his
    books- the CHRIST TEACHING revisited in the 21st century of the
    modern man age. truly JESUS must be tickled pink to to see his chosen
    ones evolved into GOD kind and likeness

  11. This video had no audio and could not comment on it! On to the next one my dear friend!

  12. Dagolivera says:

    CAUSE and EFFECT, also is the Process to Curing Aging.
    The CAUSE are: #1- DEPOLITICIZING Civilization; #2- Replacing the burden of life with THE EXHILARATION for LIFE.
    The EFFECTS is: only one, the amazingly PHYSICAL CURE to AGING.
    Only throughout Neo-tech, Neo-think and T.V.P. is possible to reach.
    I am so grateful with you Mark, and especial gratitude to your great dad Dr. Wallace, whom live won’t be forgotten.

  13. Adam Lohr says:

    Both good causes for good effects.

  14. Eliminating the Ruling Class, is a good Ideal type, Perspective of the Twelve Visions
    Party. Having the Cause, and Effect, as a Paradigm Shift, is an Event to be Actualized!

  15. Liz Szarka says:

    By means of Mark Hamilton, his literature, and his Neothink Society, we awaken to realize that where we once strived to achieve value productivity – we can now trust ourselves even further…being at cause and not being at effect…achieving value creation. And the beautiful thing is that the spire or pinnacle reached in our individual value creations is not finite and terminating at the top – but in fact then reaches further out into the universe of infinite potential…. Liz Szarka

  16. Adam Huntley says:

    Without the Twelve Visions Party, there can never be exhilaration for life, and creating values for society would be challenging to say the least. I’ve been studying the first Vision of the Twelve Visions and I’m honored to present the material at our Clubhouse tomorrow here in upstate New York. Thank you because I’m going to incorporate the cause and effect relationship now into my presentation. Thanks again!

  17. Gregory Klatt says:

    Switch from the Cause and Effect of Neo-Cheating and Anti-Civilization to Integrated Neo- Thinking and Civilization of the Universe.

  18. Russ Creamer says:

    After reading Mark’s literature I knew how important it was to go from value producer to value creator. I love Mark’s literature and his videos. His teachings are magnificent.

  19. Dear John Finlayson,

    Please Stay with us!, that is, the Twelve Visions Party, and you will discover that this organisation has got the solutions that will eventually solve the USA’s problems, and the rest of the world’s problems!
    Keith Tipping

    ( United Kingdom member )

  20. Mickey Baker says:

    Anticivilization is the Cause and (CivilizationOfTheUniverse) is the Effect!

  21. Only the TVP can give us a push from value production to value creating.

  22. Max Frank says:

    By removing the ruling class from us,and discovering our Friday night essence we
    will never operate in automatic mode anymore,(same routine everyday)We will only survive if we use the survival mode.Thank you Mark Hamilton

  23. tyrone burch says:

    the cause of the twelve visions party, to me is alive and well because of the ineffectiveness of the anticivilization to create a better world for everyone. Not just for the purpose-less ruling class of scavengers that destroy the true value creators. Twelve Vision Party supporters lets change this world so we can evolve into what we are meant to be.

  24. Lisa Newton says:

    This video makes me think of how I’ve seen so many children, both in my tutoring and just around–friends’ kids, in malls, on the streets–who are already feeling and experiencing this stagnation you’re talking about…such a crime–it’s truly criminal, for this ruling class (elitist bastards!) to be actively trying to dampen all these vulnerable children’s enthusiasm and zest for life, to stomp on them and destroy that creative Spark of Life before they even have a chance to truly experience it. How dare they think that their petty little thievery and greediness could somehow weigh in as more important than thousands, millions, billions of lives destroyed just so they get to walk around covered in their little ‘better-than-thou’ shrouds…the absolute egotism and egocentric-ness of it simply boggles my mind…are these people also genetically stamped for narcisissm, as well?

  25. Maria C Rodriguez says:

    Cause and efect is the best reality I ever heard. All the pieces of the puzzles fell together to a wonderful life you want to be.

  26. Daniel González says:

    Cause and Effect is like action and reaction. Thank you for your gift, Mark Hamilton.

  27. Richard Crookshank says:

    Everyone who has read the prime literature will be the #1 at there job and more inportant, quite that job and create values to change the world, just as Mark has, now that is something to shoot for.

  28. Stanislaw Luczywek says:

    Thank You Mark Hamilton. I believe that existing America become Hamilton America.
    If we do analysis the social-political systems on the Word from Primal-Commonwealth to Capitalism, we see that always People was looking for better and righteous one.
    Socialism and Communism there was experiments for create better system then Capitalism. Everybody knows what happened with this kind of experiments and why.
    I understand that every next new social-political system may to come into being on the basis of highly developed in this existence. There is truth that in America is exist
    this one. You are right to choose America, the country where You can create new America, Hamilton America as a pattern for every country of the World. I see You
    have good program. The program is almost done. I am 73 years old person and I understand there is already begin very important and good process.
    Thank You Mark and thank you everybody who is interesting in Your process and deeply think of it.

  29. Russ Creamer says:

    Mark, your teachings are Magnificent! Thank you.

  30. Gregory Klatt says:

    Cause and Effect. I love it Mark Hamilton. Getting each Individual Motivated and finding their Friday-Night-Essence and having more in life-Wealth, Health and Peace. And eliminating the Rule of Man with the 3000year old Secret-The Prime Law. I got another FNE as soon as I Identified and Acknowledged my Inner Child. While Iwas always focused on what is another FNE, 3months ago I realized my Inner Child holds that answer so I then focused on my Inner Child and when I identified it and acknowledged it in my everyday basic routines, I then knew it was always there and then at that point the other FNE was revealed to me. Soon I felt how Important it is for everyone in this Nation and the World to do the same. Oh the wonderful Sense of Self they will feel and with the Rule of Man eliminated and the Prime Law in place, this Nation and the World can have Wealth,Health and Peace Forever More. Mark Hamilton, you and the Prime Literature has help me greatly just as it will for all People.

  31. Brandon White says:

    Cause= Sinking the B.O.A.T
    Effect= Make all people rich… including the poor!

  32. To day I see the future as it will be as we the TVP stand togather to make a change. As we understand what we have to do bring back to all the people around the world wealth good health and happiness.
    Thank you Mark Hamilton for all you do.

  33. John Finlayson says:

    I agree in theory with Mark Hamiltons ideas, but dont see a practical way of accomplishing it – I refer to his 3000 year old secret. Yesterday, two robbers killed a Woburn, MA. police officer, while trying to rob a jewelry store on Washington St., where Eve an I travel on weekly. My question is: Could it have been prevented? What was their real motive? If they where in desparate need of money, they could have robbed anyone in the dead of night, repeatedly, on an as needed basis, and in such a way that they might never be caught. If their motive was greed, and just a quick get rich scheme, that takes planning and a lot of luck to carry it out successfully. I dont think we the public will ever get to know the real motives behind their actions. I agree that we live in a very imperfect world, and I do wish there was some way to improve on it. If Mark Hamilton has a practical, step by step way to accomplish this goal of riches for all, I am all ears. It would solve so many problems for us in the USA, and the rest of the world too. Lets wish for a Happier New Year for one and all.

    • Marcia says:

      John I too agree with Mark Hamilton’s concepts. An effective way of accomplishing Mark Hamilton’s ideas is found at The Twelve Visions Party National Committee Website. Here Mark explains why we need a new political party. If that does’nt help then you can direct all your uestions to the TVP National Committee. All this can be done by visiting
      I hope this helps,
      Your Neothink friend, Marcia

  34. Happy Holidays Mark Hamilton and to the Hamilton Family. Thanks for the gift which I cherish dearly.

  35. Jill Reed says:

    I know that having learned to “See through Appearances to the Essence of Things” to “have honest power in life– indeed” and I am grateful to this man for helping me to see the cause and effect and to have an even happier life than I had before. Thank you Mark Hamilton.

  36. “End the Rule of Man, Launch the Wealth of Mankind”

  37. Russ Creamer says:

    Thank you again, Mark.

  38. Doris Tongo says:

    Cause and effect is a principle that motivates us to deal with the prime literature.
    Thank you Mark.

  39. Russ Creamer says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for taking us from stagnation to exhilarating.

  40. Alan Cleal says:

    I think that the ruling class has always endeavoured to suppress the people into value production as opposed to creation. This has been accomplished via their methods of perceptual (as opposed to conceptual) teaching, leading to roles in specialized careers. The individual then sinking deeper into stagnation and resignation is the end result of this. However, neothinking can free everyone into hitherto unimagined realms of excitement, fulfilment and happiness.

  41. Pat Stanfill says:

    What a few words that have a most powerful meaning. The TVP is our step into a future full of genius that will cure cancer, MS, polio, colds, flu, and every imaginable health problem. Just imagine, your parents living healthy, your brothers and sisters, your children, your grandchildren, your friends. That takes care of Health. Then there is Honesty. Every time you talk to anyone, you know that what they say is the Truth. Then there is Wealth, everyone will be wealthy that includes the poor and middle class which will no longer exists. And also pure Love. Enjoyment beyond your wildest imagination. Mark Hamilton has the key to learning about EVERYTHING! All you have to do is read. We all are Neothink (New way of thinking) So get on the band wagon and lets go to the future. Pat

  42. Munich Dresden says:

    Mark Hamilton’s Neothink will reveal to the world how people like you and others who are reading this were blinded and fooled by corrupt bureaucrats to give in to the law of flaw-filled man as a rendezvous to fulfill they selfish needs, you will cry and regeret, but the sigh is worth it, and you will later realise of how much more you can do, could have done and how much more you can do for others in soceity. The ruling elite will get whats coming their way, these poeple must be seen past the oligarch bureacratic puppets and be finally revealed as “the few the weak”, because they are very lazy in all aspects of their life, the current wealthy ruling conttrol the worlds financial systems and they do not care about humanity, neither will they give you any money. Once the Prime Law becomes a legitimate legislature, all the neocheaters will be brought to trial and everyone will be given the privilidge to become rich and wealthy and free of the current uncurable diseases in the world.

  43. Munich Dresden says:

    The Twelve Visions Party abd The Prime law will replace all forms of corruption at all levels, for those who feel threatened, dont be, because everyone will be taken care of just like how a toddler and a newborn her parents love and protection, the same will aplly to the most vulnerable people of society those who have forever been ignored by selfish corrupt bureaucrats.

  44. Munich Dresden says:

    A creation driven life will truly help a person overcome their mysticism and this will eventually fill them with the euphoria that truly lasts and lasts as soon as one keeps on creating to become a value producer and creator.

  45. Ehab Krishna says:

    Very excitingly scary, becuase imagine being a toddler in a word filled with Vampires.
    lost and unfound, that was the past, todays world is far behind according to its current developing state, nothing has change much because of mysticism one must think in an Aristotlean way than in a Platonistic way, Neothink will help you think the morally correct way, and you will be surprised of a person that you can become and already are.

  46. Hoza says:

    This is it, what the world has been waiting for, the dream has become a reality, even though my teachers in school scorned me for writing poorly, i have become a beter person, thanks to Mr.Hamiltons Great Neothink literature and Essence of life.

  47. TC MKHABELE says:

    By replacing stagnation with exhilaration is the most powerful form of REPLICATING the value producers to value creators as we all know that the human mind is meant for creation,A creation driven LIFE.

  48. Erik K.Dzordzordzi Esq. says:

    Yes truly slowly Neothhink and the Twelve Vision Party will Save humanity. We are always standing by first improving ourselves DAILY in other to save the world. There no better and greater service to oneself than to serve the world and humanity. Those who knew the secret will trust you Mark Hamilton thank you for lifting us up.

  49. Adam Huntley says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton.

    The cause is evident. I have learned the purpose: depoliticize America. Without these heavy regulations, all industries would be free to soar beyond our wildest dreams! In order to do that, the other part of the “cause” is to really dig in deep, and replace those huge burdens of life we experience from time to time with something much better. Which is the exhilaration for life we can discover each and every day. What a cause worth focusing on!

    Of course, the ultimate “effect” of this glorious “cause” is finding the physical cure to aging so that we can live forever prosperously on this planet, and throughout the Universe. Thank you again Mark Hamilton for your timely words that will help launch the wealth of mankind in our lifetime.

    With Love!

    • Joan Raymer says:

      Stagnation happens when we have no active plan for our future – just following others day in & day out. Wake up! With MH’s teachings & thinking for ourselves (self responsibility) our lives take on meaning. We know why we are here. Then our lives really move forward. We know why we are here as we strive to help others Society. We can even Cure Aging!

  50. Tim Sensing says:

    Mark, that was beautiful message on cause and affect it is time for the ruleing class to be replace, with a government of law not man. The prime law!!!!

  51. That was brilliant MH… In a sense, Mark stands out like a John the Baptist being a forrunner to the world that the lord is here. But more on a larger scale. His words stands out as a call for life asking each and everyone of us what choice or side will we choose as a human race PERIOD. Life or death, with his choice being life and thats real… keep it up Mark.. your the greatest!

  52. William J kyle says:

    a very truthful statement mark, we must eridricate the ruleing class in order to launch the wealth of man kind. this is exactly the way life should be, you keep up the good work Mark we always love you.

  53. Marcia says:

    Beautiful cause and effect video! The”Exhilerated Value Creation” way of living, causes lives to move forward, not backwards. “Eternal bliss” and “prosperous life” are the effects(sweet rewards)of living a value creative lifestyle, the life that you were meant to live. Oh what sweet rewards!!

  54. The Twelve Visions Party, eliminates illusions that cause the stagnation in value
    producers, and stimulates value creation potentials, for Wealth, Health, and Prosperity!

  55. Cheryl Jones says:

    Hello World!
    My name is Cheryl . I am a 4ft. 10in. 52 year old woman that is now a Laid Off Autoworker!!! For years I welded GM (General Motors) frames together, the Hummers, Colorado trucks, and Canyon trucks for the Shreveport, Louisiana GM plant.
    I am an ordinary person just like you. My husband and I live in a small town (pop. 2,099) in Northeast Texas, in our doublewide mobile home on a 100ft. x 100ft. lot. Our children are grown and we have a beautiful German Shephard named Zeus.
    Throughout the past 25 years I have watched Cororpate America tighten their belts by eliminating jobs in their workforce. Therefore, adding more work to the laborors, which includes me. And now, with all our jobs gone, we have been totally devastated – no jobs – no health insurance – now living with our parents or relatives – living on the streets – unemployment ran out – no money – no end in sight!!!
    I am here to tell you there is an end in sight!!!!!
    Mark Hamilton’s literature has shown me how to see through the Matrx of Illusions that the politicians and regulatory bureaucrats have thrown upon us through their laws and regulations. They have been taking our rights away from us one by one and covering it up with their illusions through the media.
    The Prime Law of Protection and The Protection-Only Budget capture the beautiful original intentions of the Democrats and the Republicans while removing the lies, tricks and powerplays. In many ways, the Democrats and Republicans have become the same: their drive for political power has replaced their original good intentions. When in power they are both spending away our country’s future, sending us into mind-boggling debt, bankrupting our children’s future. Soon there will be nothing left, if we stay with those two old parties.
    We ordinary people are totally suffering!!!!! The Twelve Visions Party is here to reverse the rising rule of man and its destruction of Our Government and Our Country!!! All of our wallets are suffering severely under the rising rule of man in America!
    In 2008, We The People voted for the politician who promised to Change the path that America is on, economic deterioration! We are still on that path of economic destruction! The Twelve Visions Party is the only Party that can truely put America back on the right path, economic growth and stability!!! The Twelve Visions Party knows how to bring our jobs back to the US, where they belong!!!!!
    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It’s time for WE THE PEOPLE to take OUR NATION back from the politicains, bureauceats and journalists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So, when I vote in 2012 I SAY:
    NO to the Demacrats
    NO to the Republicans
    NO to the Tea Party
    YES YES YES TO THE TWELVE VISIONS PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WE WILL become Proud, Prosperous, Loved and Happy Americans Again!!!
    We will do this with The Twelve Visions Party!!!
    So, every chance you get, listen to Mark Hamilton’s speeches, watch his video’s and read about The Twelve Visions Party!!! And you will be able to see the Matix of Illusions too!

  56. Ruth says:

    I agree you Melvin Gormwell there is always the cause and effect in areas of our life

    with the politic of to day the deceit and illusion only through the writing of Mark -Hamilton can we see,only the twelve-vision -party can bring real change.

  57. Richard Mabe says:

    I have discovered my learning/creation essence to be a favorable effect caused by a renaissance mindset. Thank you Mark Hamilton for helping me to unlock my potential and to realize that its ok to find happiness in my multi-faceted energy vibrations. I only need to surround myself with geniuses to move my creations forward while allowing my mind to work freely.t

  58. David Knox says:

    I have become far more acutely aware than ever before of the direct link between the way we think and the cause and effect principle. There is a cause for every effect; it is an inescapable part of our everyday lives. And what greater cause exists than our own thoughts – along with the feelings, moods and attitudes they generate? To hear Mark Hamilton speak on that subject is something I deeply appreciate. He has played a major role in helping me identify the real cause behind every effect that has played a part in my life. He has helped me grasp the importance of developing the kind of mindset that will literally transform our lives, producing the most positive and powerful life changes we could possibly hope for. Cause and effect is everywhere. It has produced a world trapped in illusions and enslaved by a ruling class bent on control. We don’t need illusions! We don’t need external control! What we do need is to be free to live our lives as blissfully happy, prosperous and creative individuals – with each individual living a life over which he or she exercises complete autonomous control. We shall have that! There is a cause for that too, and we are learning exactly how to activate it. Thank you, Mark Hamilton, for the invaluable part you are playing in that learning process.

    David Knox

  59. Lila Bennett says:

    Cause & Effect are such important concepts. We are creating all the time, and it is important to choose how we use our energy, on the Causal level, to create more of what we want, or clump up our energy on the level of Effect, which has already been created which we may not be pleased with, spiral down and thus create more of what we don’t want. We need to recognize where we are in this identification process, catch ourselves if we are going in a direction we don’t want to go, and rectify our stance.

    Not saying this is what everyone sees when they consider Cause & Effect. This is just what I have learned from my viewpoint from Mark Hamilton’s writings, Neothink, and my working with the Neothink Society and Twelve Visions Party, & Prime Law!

    Love, Lila

  60. Jeff Arneson says:

    For me it has been easy to get distracted by negative thoughts in my daily routines. I am now committed to grow with all the wonderful individuals involved. Thank you Mark Hamilton, such a wonderful breath of fresh air… Exhilarating!

  61. Maria C Rodriguez says:

    I am exciting with The Cause and Effect to go toward The CU hand to hand
    with TVP. I feel proud of my mentor Mark Hamilton.

  62. Erik K. Dzordzordzi Esq. says:

    Time has come for ALL of US to continues our warrior duties to our fellow human being even if there are asleep. The is the call from Mark Hamilton of the NeoThink Society. I owe him a great gratitude for waking me up all I do do to thank him is to wake up others. I will stand by you at all time. We await you the TVP taking us all including our oppressors if only they will want to change too. Thank You all Mark and all those working on this great cause for human freedom, Liberty and human happiness ….

  63. Craig Booth says:

    What a great video, Cause and Effect, when we stay on the positive side of things we get positive results, Value creation is a positive concept that will only produce positive results, and when we have positive results to our actions it creates real happiness and true prosperity, isn’t that what we really are seeking in our life?

  64. torie says:

    There is a great surge of creative energy when one begins working with their Friday Night Essence. Downstream, streamlined focus as well, helps to power blast through situations and allows the continuation of the creation process until the project is complete.

  65. Daniel Drumm says:

    The process for unification has begun. The cause and effect is a good video. The video is short and straight to the point.

  66. I love your “cause and effect” theory. In the world today, it seems sometimes impossible to put things out in truth and beauty and not be slammed for it. For years I kept doing this and wondering why ill things kept happening to me. I always thought good things happen to good people. Not true. Upon receiving NeoThink, after reading the book, immediately all neo cheaters were swept out of my life. I’m new and they are still going. I’m making transistions in life which seem impossible to keep up with, but I am. Just as quickly as the neo cheaters are swept out, those who uphold and create value are entering. I appreciate all that you do, Mark Hamilton and the Neo Think Society!

  67. larry Johnson says:

    to have a creation driven life give one such pride in knowing that you have added value to society. Mark Hamilton writings show you step by step how you can create . that ability is in each and every human being on planet earth.

  68. Melvin G Cornwell says:

    There is always cause and effect in all area ‘s of life and living, in politics the cause is apathy, indifference and guilibible voters and non voters. The effect is destruction of our way of life for future generations, It’s time for a change, the Twelve Visions Party can meet that change. Thank you Mark Hamilton.
    Melvin G Cornwell

    • Robert L Garcia says:

      I agree with everything you say. And would like to add that at this point in my spiritual vision for the future, Mark Hamilton has been “chosen” to spearhead the political arm needed on this planet during this shift of consciousness to a higher level. In my opinion, it coincides with the relatively recent reintroduction of, “Religion of Light and Sound” which after 5000 years of persecution and having to go underground, is again being taught openly since 1967. Paul Twitchell, the American founder dedicated his entire life and traveled to the four corners of the earth succeeding to glean kernals of scattered truth. The panorama exposed for us to gradually see by dedicated study staggers the imagination too as Mark Hamilton’s manuscripts also did for me.

  69. Mack says:

    Cause and Effects is one of my favorite video snippets.

  70. Debra Domino says:

    The Cause and Effects from the ruling classes can be easily amassed by regular people and can create an adverse force among neothinkers who may be trying to remove stagnation. That’s where repetition and integrations of Mark Hamilton’s literature can be valuable resources to help deter those forces, so that exhilaration can be anchored by many layers of momentum to produce unstoppable forces of energy. Then this repetition of energy forms the transformation that can catapult into the Twelve Visoons World of shielded dimensions totally secured from the suppression.

  71. Doris Tongo says:

    As members of the Neothink Society we will continue to prevent repression and stagnation and bring about rebirth, renewal and reincarnation of a God like people. I give thanks to Mark Hamilton and the Twelve vision party. I will stay motivated and active in this process of revelation.

  72. milly says:


  73. Bobbie H. says:

    The removal of the rule of man (Elitism) will bring real change to American.You and I will experience love,happiness and prosperity like none ever. Only the Twelve Visions Party can make that a reality.

    • Kay Samalin says:

      The rule of man must be replaced. And we will replace it under the mentoring of Mark Hamilton and the creation of the Twelve Visions Party. With the TVP we will depolitize America and then the world. I find this journey very exciting.


  74. I like the Premble of the Prime Law. The purpose of human life is to prosper and live happily!

  75. Anany says:

    Life is meant for creation, and this is how i discovered this through Mark Hamilton’s lessons of Neothink, the best in the world today years ahead of our time, anybody can imagine how life perfect would be if one truly discovers their essence through their motivation to create and this can benefit them with great rewards such as earning millions of dollars, it can really be done, i do.

  76. Hans Hansen says:

    My father was a happy man who made his living building and creating values for others. On his death bed at the age of 90, I asked him what his favorite thing in life was. He answered in one word. “Work”! I didn’t understond at the time but now many years later through Mark Hamilton’s lessons in neothink, I’ve come full circle to realize why. My father’s work as a creator was his essence that he could reflect on and feel good about. He had found true hapiness. The only responsibility in life!

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