Mark Hamilton – Exciting Creation Cycle

Mark Hamilton explains how an integrated mind pulls together thoughts and knowledge creating a puzzle picture. You join a rare club called “Creators”.

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  1. Juanita Heckel says:

    Neothink is not a religion or a cult! Neothink focuses on the business, science, art…. A real place to let your Creative Driven Mind Happen! Thank You Mark Hamilton

  2. Karen Lorraine Venn says:

    Thank you, Mark Hamilton for creating values & stimulating us to create our own values, as individuals; as an individual creating values, I’m also finding how enriching it is for me, when I see others view my creations. Now that’ I’m getting more & more out of the shadows, I know I can share my creations, as well as my knowledge, through my Clubhouse with others; but no matter what, I know I’m here to create & help me, help others create their own values. & I love creating my own creations, no one has even thought of & each of my creations are unique; & can’t be replecated

  3. Rosa Lerblance says:

    I remember the first time I saw a puzzle picture. I was so excited to finally
    realize I was integrating the knowledge. I wanted to learn so bad so I could be
    a part of the Neothink family. I wanted to belong. It was on the Friday
    night call we didn’t read parts that night we listened to an audio that was taped
    a few years ago with the panel and mentors pretending they were at the beach
    having a good time enjoying the beach and company. They all did a great
    job making me believe they were at the beach. When it was my turn to
    give my integration I started by saying ” When I saw this video I felt like
    I was there myself ” Elaine stopped me and asked ” Rosa why do you call
    it a video it’s a recording ” I didn’t know what to say I was embarrassed
    until Elaine said to me ” Rosa you just saw a puzzle picture ” I was so happy
    as Bill and Elaine were very pleased to hear my progress After the
    call I cried as I knew I was learning what the mentors were teaching.
    I was so afraid I was going to get kicked out of the Society as I was taking
    too long learning the knowledge. My tears were of Happiness just knowing
    I was moving forward with my studies. Since then I have had many
    puzzle pictures they come often. I now know how to have puzzle pictures
    and I put the puzzle pieces together to complete the puzzle picture.
    Thank You Thank You Thank You Mr. Mark Hamilton for my new
    lease on life.

  4. Lisa Newton says:

    The ‘club’ called Creators is definately where I belong!! And truth is, it is where All the human race belongs…reminds me of that old Star Trek episode where Spock, Bones, and Captain Kirk went down to a planet on which they had God-like powers. We all live there now! It’s as if we all can see colors but live in a cave, so when someone tells us about the beauty and wonder of colors, we tend to disbelieve. Well, boys and girls, time to come up into the light, see and Believe!

  5. Through the mental proces of the neothink society by studying its literature which is reffered as cassandra,s secrets, the exciting creative circle will fill in every walking moments. Integrated thinking can lead you to be in the club of creators. Integrated mind pulls together thoughts and knowledge creating puzzle picture that has never seen.

  6. Richard Crookshank says:

    This present ac mantality does’nt want anyone to create anything worth while.Boy are they going to be shocked when T.V.P is voted in, and we start creating values for everyone on earth.

  7. Gregory Klatt says:

    It is Truly Amazing how that works and all it takes to start the proccess is Insight to the Appearances.

  8. Neothink Concepts/Secrets, create values/things, that did not exist before!

  9. tyrone burch says:

    I have experience in my life real growth in my mental and physical being. I know the finances will come because all i want to do now is create. Thats where the true fulfillment of ones self becomes evident and all the toys and rewards will surely follow.

  10. Russ Creamer says:

    This is mine kind of club. The more creators the better.

  11. Russ Creamer says:

    I love this. Thank you Mark Hamilton.

  12. Russ Creamer says:

    Everone is ment to be a creator.

  13. Lila Bennett says:

    I have learned the processes that jump my mind into putting together pieces of the puzzle in several areas into a whole–>Neothink. At times these several areas come together to form an even greater puzzle, an expanded bigger picture than I have seen before–>Breathtaking views. The exhilaration felt, then put into action in the areas I am drawn to is such a satisfaction, and fulfilling feeling with which to work alongside with others to create new areas of purpose in a better civilization whose aim is honesty, love, and service that is without initiatory force or negative limitations on our population’s happiness and creativity!!!

    Love, Lila Bennett

  14. David Viens says:

    Because of Neothink, I am seeing more and more of what I am capable of. You can TRULY be, do, or have ANYTHING you desire!! Thank you Mark Hamilton for the Neothink Society and The Twelve Visions Party!

  15. Renee Maira says:

    I am so honored to be in the club of creation. Thank you Mark Hamilton and the twelve visions party.

  16. Craig Booth says:

    Integrated thinking towards value creation, I have always said Knowledge is power, when we apply the principles that Mark talks about we begin to progress line upon line precept upon precept, it brings new meaning to life, to a value creating life one filled with happiness and excitement, it truly brings self satisfaction and gratification.

  17. Daniel Drumm says:

    Creation makes the mind expand upon the knowledge and draw upon different pices of that knowledge. A person has accumulated knowledge throughout their life times and when this all comes together and forms a picture that has never beeen seen before it just plain wonderful.

  18. Thank you for that, Mark. You are a great Mentor.

  19. Debra Domino says:

    The Integrated Thinking process of NeoThink makes conceiving, believing, and then achieving possible in situations that once appeared to be impossible.

  20. Ralph Merritt says:

    Mark, your valuable insights into the creation cycle are always welcome.
    Value creation is always more fun and stimulating than just maintaining the status quo.

  21. Hans Hansen says:

    Using the priciples as mentored by Mark Hamilton, I’ve learned to eliminate all fear, resulting in the removal of all the firewals that prevented me from downloading knowledge. Through integrated thinking and gaining new confidence there is nothing one can’t acomplish with the disciplines of neothink. It’s a quantum leap!

  22. Leslie Ruff says:

    Let your mind see the pictures-remember we are all geniuses in something!

  23. Rufus Wheeler says:

    Good Job,Mark Keep the society mentoring!!

  24. Eric Allart says:

    Nice website Mark. Great to see all of the links and see you reading out some of the testamonials. It is good to see so many people grasping the Neothink concepts and putting it all together into the Big Picture.

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