Mark Hamilton – Two Different Ways of Thinking

Mark Hamilton talks about the two different ways of thinking. The traditional way or the Neothink, integrated way.

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  1. Karen Lorraine Venn says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for telling us 2 kinds of thinking as well as a creative driven life; also thank you for creating such wonderful work & rescuing me from myself

  2. Rosa Lerblance says:

    I am grateful I’ve learned the integrated way of thinking my life has changed for
    the better. The new change taught me how to have Discipline Thought and
    Control of my life and mind. It opened a new world I didn’t know existed.
    I am finally happy with myself my life and my family. The sense of peace
    and security will stay with me forever.
    Thank You Mark Hamilton for my life now.

  3. Lisa Newton says:

    Such an important discovery, realization, epiphany to have, that humans have two different possible programs, or thinking styles available to them. And of course, the Powers That Be, or PTB have always crammed the following or bicameral mode down people’s throats, i.e., do what we say–or else! Now, Mark’s teaching everyone who’ll listen how to think–that’s what I call it–learning how to think rather than simply disgorging once again previously digested material that someone else has decided is what you ‘should’ know, learn, remember, care about. Until one can truly think for themselves, they are never truly free.

  4. The bicameral way of thinking which is the animal mode of thinking is very dangerous business for mankind, it is the course of all kinds of stagnations and suffering in this anti-civilization. The conscious way of life is on going process for human progress, it can be developed to the highest into the NEOTHINK MENTALITY, and that is the way we were meant to be. Wealth, health and peace belongs to this type of mentality. The twelve visions party and the neothink society has made it possible for us into this situation. Thanks to LORD MARK HAMILTON. Brave Guy.

  5. Richard Crookshank says:

    All forms of mysticism is following something other than yourself, come on sleeping beauty’s wake up, the new life awaits just for you.

  6. Gregory Klatt says:

    Thinking in the past based on the Following Mode of Thinking, I see now that at first there’s that deceptive sense of security but it very quickly gets boring and stagnate. But the Neo-Think Mode of Thinking brings increased Exhileration.

  7. Russ Creamer says:

    We NEED to cover the earth with Self-Leaders.

  8. Integrate the following mode, into a building block, into a Self-Leader puzzle, that
    will snap together that Something More/the life your were meant to live!

  9. Russ Creamer says:

    Only a small percent of the people use neothink. Try to imagine 100% of the people useing their minds for value creation! What a beautiful life to live in. That is where Mark Hamilton is taking us.

  10. Russ Creamer says:

    When everyone starts using their minds more it will be a very unique life to live in. I love using my mind. I love it when I see someone else using their mind. It is just a Fantastic wonderful thing.

  11. Lila Bennett says:

    I know all of us, considering myself among us all, have done our best living our lives throughout the years, perhaps making mistakes that landed us in hot water, or emotional pain. Many of us are like-minded “Searchers” who have been looking for a world free of ultimate dishonesty, and those who would take advantage of us. We have striven for honesty in our lives, and to be “clear” in our aims and goals. This whole process has been made even clearer and more powerful as we gained back our own Self-Authority, and sorted our way among the blockages created by dishonesties in those we had associated with, lived with, and worked with, etc., gaining the self esteem and confidence that We are truly finding our way to becoming the person we are meant to be, and already started the life we are meant to live. This is an exhilarating feeling, especially as creativity rises within us to higher and higher levels!

    Love, Lila Bennett

  12. Craig Booth says:

    Neothink – what does it mean “A new way of thinking” think about where you are at in your life, are you in that same old routine rut? put there not so much by personal choice but more from circumstance? You have bills, obligations, perhaps a family, what ever your situation may be, do you find your self thinking if only I could ………? This is exactly what Mark Hamilton is teaching in his books he shows us how we CAN, and its really quite simple, you don’t have to change jobs, take a chance at starting your own business, go out on a limb just waiting for it to break and fall to the ground, simple change the way you approach things starting with your current situation, step back examine what you are doing and what is going on look at things from a different angle, make a few minor adjustments and start down that path to value creation and self satisfaction and life fulfillment, Neothink, a new way of thinking, and everyone can do it, Mark simply points out the process and shows us how. The life you were meant to live is there just waiting for you to find it.

  13. Linda Mokeme says:

    “In every adversity there is a seed for its equivalent good”. Having the Neothink Mentality gives me enormous advantages in every situation I face. Neothink is an idea whose time has come! Thank you so much Mark Hamilton.

    “Let this mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus” Read and apply the information in the Neothink Society’s Multigenerational Manuscripts to acquire The Neothink Mentality.

    May you never be the same!!!

  14. Daniel Drumm says:

    Do not follow but lead. If you do not who will?

  15. You will become a brand new person with neothink.

  16. Marcia says:

    A burdened life is not the life mankind was meant to live.
    Mankind deserves to live an “extraordinary” life.
    Mark Hamilton’s Neothink Movement and Neothink Literatures
    turns oridinary individuals into “extraordinary” individuals.
    His TVP Movement turns an ordinary world
    into an “extraordinary” world.
    Neothink makes that “extraordinary” difference!
    Many geniuses are born through Neothink!
    There’s no telling how far this “Civilization Of The Universe” will go
    once that “Neothink Mentality” in each of us grows!
    “Neothink”….”THOU ART WORTHY!!!!

  17. i have being associated with the neothink society as far as i can remember for 10 yrs and has being a self living experience,an educational self growing and motivetional,degrees of upbringing to the need to say anymore, and i beg you to do, and accept, our journey that we have as neothink warriors that we are, to the finishing end. as this savotages evils, no words to descrive them think that we are blind or maybe death thanks Manny enriquez

  18. i have been associated with the Neothink society as far as i can remember for 10 yrs and has being a self living experience,an educational self growing and motivetional,degrees of upbringing to the need to say anymore, and i beg you to do, and accept, our journey that we have as neothink warriors that we are, to the finishing end. as this sabotages evils, no words to describe them think that we are blind or maybe death thanks Manny enriquez

  19. Gary Carlyle says:

    So cool to see so many people I have interatcted with before here. 🙂

    I dont have much to add that has not been said already, so well ,by other’s.

    I think it is time to bring this baby home.

  20. After being exposed to Neothink, Intergrated way of thinking, you will see life in a whole new way. The neothink way is essential to an of your desires whether financial, spiritual, health ect… For the short amount of time I’ve been a neothink member, I’ve witness self growth into being a leader. It can be a constant battle but with the help of the oustanding group of family in neothink you will grow in so many areas that it is mind blowing. Thanks to Neothink for helping save my life.

  21. Yon Cole says:

    I remember the exact moment when I gained the enlightenment and was liberated from ALL external authorities. That all important realization came while I was reading Mark Hamilton’s multigenerational manuscript made available to me through the Neothink Society. Mark Hamilton really has accomplished what is described in the video above -> a step-by-step, turn-key system for THE MASSES, that allows ANYONE to almost effortlessly flip from a following-mode mentality into the invincible Neothink Self-Leader mentality. And the proof that it works is EVERYWHERE! Just today I was on LinkedIn and was looking through the “People I might know” and so many of the names were my fellow Neothink Society Brothers and Sisters, and next to so many of their names, were titles like: OWNER, CEO, PRESIDENT, FOUNDER, … – People who go through this program RISE TO THE TOP in whatever form of value creation they choose for themselves. (And rather than simply take a course of lease resistance… WE ACTUALLY CHOOSE THE LIVES THAT WE WANT FOR OURSELVES!)

    The Neothink Society has been, by FAR, the greatest educational value that I have ever experienced. For less than the cost of a single college course, ANYONE can rise from nothing to heights of incredible mastery. And what a gift to be around so many incredible people who are doing it.

    Like so many, my heart simply overflows with GRATITUDE for Mark Hamilton and the members of the Neothink Society.

    – Yon Cole

    • Claire Racine says:

      Yon, You are so AWESOME!
      Neothink indeed does allow you to live the creative and successful life
      we were all meant to live.
      I am also very thankful to Mark Hamilton for giving us the way to acheive this
      through Neothink. He has given us an amazing life, which others simply dream about, and which we live and experience.

  22. Ralph Merritt says:

    Stepping up and becoming a self-leader is a much more exciting way to live than to be in the standard following mode and reacting to one’s environmental circumstances.

  23. CT says:

    There’s never been a time where the need to think for ourselves has been so great.

  24. Fiona J says:

    Read his books. Some of the most powerful information ever in print.

  25. Tom says:

    There’s never been a more relevant time for people to start to think for themselves.

  26. Hans Hansen says:

    I’ve been involved with neothink and Mark Hamilton for only 3 years, but at the age of 63, this is the most enabling concept I’ve ever learned. To be a self leader, to take full responsibilety for myself has resulted in an inner peace and joy, never experienced before. Thank you Mark Hamlton and neothink.

  27. Whade Tufts says:

    There is no stopping this bell once it’s rung, … very soon ~ by the honest Geniuses of society! Get ready, … fast! For they have vowed not to wait any longer for their right to EARN everything they ever wanted, unhindered from now on.

    Feel it? All around us throughout society, life seems suspended ~ as if about to ‘snap’ awake as freedom asserts itself! Everything you ever wanted to earn for yourself, way back when you were 10 yrs old, but has been restrained from you by whatever force, threat, or coercion ~ is now about to become yours!

    Am I going to be swept off my feet by suddenly having everything? Thanks to the Neothink Warriors & various Twelve Visions Party mentor programs, every well-coached citizen can soon get prepared to accept unhindered responsibility for the self-led life of theirs and their children’s unhindered dreams.

    Thank you Mark Hamilton; your beloved work is simply unparalleled.
    Thank you TVP; your passionate mentorship work, albeit just begun, is already unparalleled.
    Thank you Warriors, for the brotherly love we all share permanently for ‘Life-Indeed,’ without timidity.

    ~Whade T.

  28. Leslie Ruff says:

    We all need to get into an integrative thinking mode; enough of the following mode. We were created with wonderful brains and it isn’t wrong to use them.

  29. Kjelene Magnell Bertrand says:

    Mark gives these amazing tools to bring you wealth, health and peace to your blah life. I can always rely on my dear friends of Neothink when I am frustrated with the crazy world around me. I have met so many wonderful people who think of like mind as I do…these people I now call my family. I encourage all who are reading this to join the Neothink Society where wealth, health and peace is the goal of ours for mankind. You can be part of the real change! Political, Spiritual, Business, Arts, Wealth and Health…it’s all here for you and me!! Join movement at

  30. james treadwell says:

    This is a refreshing and eye opening movement that I endose,as your late dad has stated our brain has been hard wired to follow using left brain mostly.Now with neo-tech we have the knowledge to access both left and right in a metrix of intergration. With a direction of honest thought discipline then control into the 21st century. Without mark’s and same page material the masses are soo lost,not dumb just a lack of knowledge!After a couple-three yrs.of reading this grand metrix ,pieces are coming together word apon word,this so important stuff will eventually lead you down-stream to a free life.So let yourself dream and imagine a brighter future,you have the free-will to do so.I’m a worrier of what is good and right and pure and honest,we are the captains of our life.The tipping-point will occur we will be free but we endeaver to have no person left behind so spread the truth,welcome to the 21st century the aquarium age let’s be apart of the bringers of a new dawn and peace!

    • james treadwell says:

      Thanks to the internet and Mark’s and same page stuff all things in parrellel with neo-tech,and riding down-stream will happen.The material breaks down non-sense.You will begin to see the what is of things the grand controling lie of the super elite-class,you know the ones keeping all the secret knowledge.Enough is enough let’s take back our minds and start develuping and expanding our minds thru neo-tech thinking.Let’s roll.

  31. larry Johnson says:

    I am a neothink man that has integrated the teachings of mark Hamilton into my daily life. This new way of using the mind allow each individual to breakout of the following mode and become a self leader that takes a 100% percent responsibility for every area of one’s life. everday will be a new adventure, a creation driven life that will have you smiling and having fun in life. your mind will become a integrating machine with power to have whatever you want in life. think about it, what you got to loose ? absolutely nothing you will gain powerful knowledge that will change you. to love yourself and all of mankind. your purpose in life will become clear to you as you discover the person you was meant to be and the life you was meant to live.

  32. Gavriel Shaw says:

    After reading your books for over a decade, it’s great to now see you producing videos. Neothink and Twelve Visions Party is an idea whose time has come.

    • Whade Tufts says:

      Yes Gavriel!

      I have begun to leave my computer running, and to stop in regularly along in my day, to look in on what Mark is so lovingly expressing to us, whatever chance I may get. These interludes focus me to reflect on what I am accomplishing in the wider picture as I go thru’ my workaday, and the redirecting insights I get from those moments is often considerably original & performance enhancing.
      ~W. Tufts, Canada

  33. Anthony Gottschalk says:


    • Yon Cole says:

      Anthony, you’re right, the integrations and principles that allowed Mark Hamilton to create his literature are “way above most people’s heads” – but not because they are hard to understand, but because they are so strikingly absent everywhere else. How many people actually want the masses to understand, to do their own thinking, to opt-out of the established authority structures? Public Education conditions people to crave the security of a job and direction provided by external authorities. College is designed to convince undergraduates that they know nothing that that before anyone really understands anything they need to go through a Doctorate program, and then they are just at the very beginnings of understanding, and there will always be people who know it better. The professions depend upon the masses not knowing how to stay healthy, how to care for their teeth, how to navigate the law, how to purchase a house, how to be happy, how to fix the plumbing, how to meet code, how to install their electronic equipment. The clergy depend upon the masses being afraid to explore spirituality on their own and discover their own answers to the supreme questions through honesty and reflection. The more individuals are able to do for themselves, the less they will need these external authorities. But already we are seeing shifts, more and more people who could position themselves as External Authorities ARE instead positioning themselves as advisors that assist individuals in becoming THEIR OWN AUTHORITIES; instead of giving ‘the answers’ they give ‘how to think about the issues’.

      Mark Hamilton’s ideas undermine all bogus self-serving authoritarian ego-driven pundits. And FINALLY, for the FIRST TIME IN HISTORY, people – ALL THE PEOPLE – are encouraged and empowered to begin the process of INTEGRATING ON THEIR OWN.

      Mark Hamilton’s system is built on principles of honesty and empowerment that are terrifying to anyone dependent upon their apparent ‘expertise’, because as people come to understand the frauds that are being perpetrated against them these pundits fear the guillotine.

      But what they don’t realize is that we have no intention of hurting anyone. Unlike them, we don’t need vengence. All we want is the opportunity to keep growing and prospering unimpeded by their machinations designed to block the progress of anyone who would try to rise to higher heights. Their control systems will be quietly and effortlessly dismantled, they will either evolve or simply disappear in irrelevance and obsolecense, something that is happening already.

      • Renee Maira says:

        Yon you said it nicely and your right the last thing we want to do is hurt anyone. Our goal is to teach people the things the masses have tried to hide from us in FEAR they lose control not knowing that would be the best thing to happen. The opposite of fear is love. I choose to love. Thank You Mark Hamilton

  34. Michael Coleman says:

    That about sums it up nicely. Intergration of ideas and facts often leads to new breakthroughs. It is simply amazing how many people do not have a college degree, but have an amazing plethra of knowledge.

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