Mark Hamilton – Living The Creative Life

Read as Mark Hamilton how the two major tools pull your mind from the nonintegrating mode into integrating value creation.

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18 Responses to Mark Hamilton – Living The Creative Life

  1. Karen Lorraine Venn says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for explaining what 10-second Miracles are; also, a Creative Driven Life, using numbers

  2. Rosa Lerblance says:

    Very true Mr. Hamilton I don’t want my new life to stop. I’ve tasted the pleasures
    of the C of U and I want to continue having Happiness and Pure Love and Pure
    Honesty in my life. It makes me feel so good inside to know I have peace
    of mind and I feel safe when I go to bed.
    Thank You Frank R. Wallace Mark Hamilton and Family.

  3. Millard Delvison says:

    I have read the books you sent me and I have applied them to my job. Now I sit in the chair of the top a management position and control all in my section. It is not enough. Because of the color of my skin someone was brought in and I was told to train them to be my boss. It is very unfair. Being the intergrated thinker I am I have pooled all my thinking power into the a book that has many secrets of my favorite hobby. Art. This hobby has been my quest since I was 6 years old. Although I aquired a scholarship to College in this subject I could not complete the degree due to hardship in my family. I never gave up aquiring the knowlege to be a fine artist and I have reached that penicle long ago, I was just not discovered yet. This book has many illustrations from the journey that got me to this point and I have saved all notes that pertain to this subject through the years. Mark, I will comend you for changing my mind and giving me the idea to think like this. Unfortunately I do not have the resources to publish it.

  4. Living the life of creativity is something designed for we human being, but the ruling class has twisted and turned what we suppose to earn and given us fake mentatlity, so that they can always play slave masters over us and feel big. But nature has justified the conclution and spewed them out naked to review their bad deeds. Nature has given us someone like LORD MARK HAMILTON my main man, to lead THE TWELVE VISONS PARTY by given us the SUPER tools of NEOTHINK SOCIETY to eradicate the fake ideas of the ruling class, and pull our minds from nonintegrating mode into integrating value creations. What a wonderful world it could be. Mark, you are GENTLEMAN.

  5. Richard Crookshank says:

    The tools have been given to us, time now to follow Marks actions and duplicate it, new members don’t have a clue of the secrets we have been handed.

  6. Gregory Klatt says:

    I’m thinking of a Child thats Playing and he’s having So Much Fun when Mom says, Its Getting Late, Its Time To Come In Now, and the Child says, Oh Mom Can I Play Just a Little Longer?

  7. Number values, create integrated insights, and dynamic successes, when integrated
    in proportions, of common denominators.

  8. Russ Creamer says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton. Numbers show us the way.

  9. Russ Creamer says:

    This is Fantastic! Everyone will what to live this life.

  10. Maria C Rodriguez says:

    The Creative Life that Mark Hamilton is teaching us, this video is of great value
    for all people. I am always inviting everybody to join us to become a value creators in this civilitation.

  11. Carol Lombard Clark says:

    I was so inspired ever since I was first introduced to the Neothink Society. One year ago after reading many of the manuscripts I ventured out to 14 countries and did a life
    long dream of making a movie about war , the effects of war and sacred places to heal.
    I never in my life would have ever thought it possible to that however if it were not for
    the inspiration I received from Mark Hamilton and the reading material I was sent I may have never completed such a task. I am looking forward to the movie completion and see what comes next…. Thank you so much Mark …I appreciate all that you do.
    Carol Lombard Clark

  12. torie says:

    “- when you live the creative life, you become the life that never wants to end”. I am experiencing this now thanks to Neothink and all of Mark Hamiltons Literature. Thank you thank you thank you

  13. Melvin G Cornwell says:

    The value of the teaching in this vidio is not measureable, it is the only way to build a progressive life leading ro self sastifaction for ones efforts. To be of value to mankind one must produce more value than he recieves thus he becomes a value producer and the rewards are sustaining. Mark Hamilton is on the money for sure.
    Melvin G Cornwell

  14. Marcia says:

    When you see through the eyes of a child the world seems brighter. Adults can feel exhileration they once felt as a child by creating something brand new, never seen before. Your FNE and Ten Second Miracle are the extraordinary tools that leads to an exhilerating journey that never ends. A journey of no return!

  15. This is one of so many efforts by Mark Hamilton to reach into the hearts of people and show them their value as individuals, and their purpose in life. As I watch this remembering when I first went through these mentoring videos I realize that it truly is an example of REAL value creation.

    Mark is exampling how REAL value creation adds value to the lives of all who come into contact with a person that is living their life through their value creations. This creates, in turn, the exhilarating movement into making their dreams their realities. Become who you were meant to be! Find the joy and happiness of your Inner Child. Thrive!

    If we inspire children not with faith to accomplish their dreams and desires in life, they will accomplish nothing; if we teach them they are dependent on others for all things, then we are teaching that no man can change his own destiny, that he is moved as a machine, a mindless mechanism that simply functions through life following the directions of others. In teaching children this, we will make nonentities of them because they will not show their selves as individuals through their individual creative talents.

    On the other hand, if we inspire them that they can accomplish all, it will grow upon them, and finally, they will believe that they do have within themselves the ability to become creators, value creators of their own destinies.

    Mark Hamilton must be a beautiful person to make as his value creation the sharing some very valuable and beautiful instructions to all through his books. Thank you!

  16. jpbaker says:

    Moving from the value producing, routine rut type existence into the value creating mode is the difference between a boring life and the exciting life every human is meant to live.
    Mark Hamilton has nailed down the key concept that truly frees the individual to achieve lasting success and happiness.

  17. Kay Samalin says:

    Living the creative life Mark Hamilton has shown us gives excitement and purpose to our lives. I look forward to getting up in the morning to express my purpose of bringing creative values to everyone I can.


  18. Doris Tongo says:

    Living the creative life was very helpful to me. I was taught by Mark Hamilton to become innervative and to use integrative processes in order to do miraculous things in very short time spans.

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