Mark Hamilton – Relationship and Deep Value

Mark Hamilton talks about looking deeply into any of your values. Mark discusses these deep values with your relationships.

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  1. Karen Lorraine Venn says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton for explaining the right brain, left brain differences & how they relate in some way; it’s nice to hear this & listen to this often

  2. Rosa Lerblance says:

    It is so nice to hear you say to tell the spouse you love him when the discussion
    is tensed. Before you’re teachings my instinct was to defend myself when he
    accused me or said lies about me. Your advice really works because I tried it
    and the discussion becomes friendly. Both of us are in the Neothink mentality
    I am a student of NEO-TECH/NEOTHINK and he learns from me as I am
    living by example. Thank You Frank R. Wallace Marl Hamilton and Family.

  3. Sometimes we have to forgive, and forget, or just start new. What ever, with
    Neothink, that affair will justify, itself!

  4. Lisa Newton says:

    So true, that sometimes it’s all too easy to forget the love that lies between you and your lover, your spouse, your most important person…people let the stresses and strains of life push between them and their loved one. Then later on come the regrets. And I feel what you’re saying is so valid, Mark, that often all they’re really needing is some deep level reassurance that they are still important and needed. Unfortunately, people often don’t know how to verbalize these kinds of feelings, or even recognize in themselves what they truly fee and needl; instead they act out their insecurities and relationship doubts, all too often to the detriment of the couple. But if either person can be patient and continue to be loving in those difficult circumstances, then they can pull through those tough times with an even deeper love, a deeper trust and understanding…the kind of depth of love that we all can only hope to find. I feel that it’s when a couple gets to that point of commitment, passion, trust and love, that you really reap the bounties of Love. May we all find that in this lifetime!

  5. I view love in terms of an acronym, (Life Offering Value exchange). When thinking with respect to anyone or anything, there is the sense of appreciation, valuation and pleasure. From this view I realized that ultimately, all things in existance, is expressing love in one way or another.

  6. When ever you felt loved in your relationships such as, your family, co-workers, close-friends ect, You will feel sence of security within your own self and it fuels you to sky-rocket everything you does. Also integrating clujsters emerges for you to move mauntains(project upon project) When ever looking deeply in your value creations as a genius of society, then you will feel total love in your relationships, while living the live you were meant to be, such is neothink world.

  7. Richard Crookshank says:

    When first falling in love we see 10 values they have, after 2 years we start to see the 10 faults that we all have and only look at the faults and break up, only to go through the same thing again and again, learn to love the one you got.

  8. Gregory Klatt says:

    In this Anti-Civilization it is easy to get caught up in the stresses perhaps not getting close and even not saying I Love You enough and soon enough the Values are misplaced by being so stressed.

  9. Well Relationship and Deep Value, I have been married for 22 years had been through some up and down times in life but we manage to pull through as I always make joke when things are bad and never let it worry me. To me it vey simble, if you dont’s love your wife then your house and foundation will break, once is broken it can at time be fixed but it depend how much damage was done. I have seen it in my life with my own family what love can do, Love is beautiful when things are working, Love is unbearible when thigns goe’s wrong. You can see the pain it cause, but when you are deeply in love then your marriage and house hold is strong, as the saying was your love for your wife is your rock as they always mend and fixed things out, they look after your house hold and family.

  10. Russ Creamer says:

    Practice the art of love. Enjoy and love people just because they are them.

  11. Very good integrations, and insights!

  12. Russ Creamer says:

    I notice my relationship that I have has grown many times since I have been a neothink member. Things are so easy. Everything is a joy. Thank you Mark Hamilton.

  13. My experience with good and bad relationships, led me to read the
    prime literature. I am so thankful I found the prime literature. The literature showed me what love can and should be. May we all find love.

  14. Clarence Lyles says:

    Dear Mark, I understand the basis on the relationship concept, But I have a problem you see I am married but did not marry my wife because I loved her but to keep from being alone. I know someone may say ” then why are you still there after almost 11 years if you don’t love her”. Well I do care about her and she ask me all the time when will I give her my heart. Well like I always say she is my mans-wife not my gods-wife. I can’t afford to live on my own right now. Alot of women in my culture uses this vessel called child support instead of allowing a father to be a father. And with this vessel it tends to dismantle a man instead of constructing him. There are no support in alot of relationships today because of society’s view on life. I have dreamed of my future gods-wife and met her. But because of my present situation I am deprived of happiness and joy. I don’t know what to do, because if I tell her how I truly feel then I will be asked to leave and right now I have nowhere to go or any maney to take care of myself or assist her with the raising of our children. I am trying real hard to make a living out here but my past is hurting me and you have to jump through hurdles to prove that you are no longer who you once was. Please I ask you what am I to do?


    Clarence Lyles

    • Quite worring about the How and How much you have to Love
      and follow your self auto servomechanisms to guide you thru.
      Love the people and let the people in your life love you and start
      enjoying love and life. We only get so much time for love.

  15. Maria C Rodriguez says:

    When the topic is about relationship, I don’t have influence to anybody . When I love somebody I do love deeply and forever.
    Thank you Mark Hamilton for remind me this love. I want to give this love and the feeling of my right brain will be happy. .

  16. Bobbie H. says:

    When I started reading the literature it was so rigth for me.I begin intergrating with other member and shortly after that I started spending much time away from my wife. Not seeing the proplem that I myself was creating. But after seeing and listen to the discussion on relationship and deep value.I must admit it was a struggle. Change can be diffcult. But I really listen to what Mark was saying and it made a huge differ in my marriage. Thank You Mark H.

  17. Bob lamarre says:

    To Mark,
    You are right about our concerns in our relationships should be of deep values to us.Without them how could we continue to create anything else in our lives.

  18. Renee Maira says:

    Thank you Mark Hamilton. I am so blessed to be able to lesion and here that right brain thinking. Sometimes the left brain will try to convince the right side that the other person is not really in love but you really know it is the illusion that the left brain is sending the right and when you see that and pull the plug you start to fall more love. When you turn that illusion off that is when you fall deeper in love with your self and the other person.
    Love and be loved

  19. Linda Mokeme says:

    WOW!!! What a timely review of this Neothink mentoring program with Mark Hamilton! Yes!!! It is just what the doctor ordered. After living a lifetime of being a loser regarding love acquiring the Neothink Mentality has finally empowered me to finally know how to love. The song “Love Makes A Woman What She Is” has resonated with me for the majority of my adult life.

    Thank god this is the beginning of the beginning!

    Mark Hamilton you are “simply the best”.

    Linda Joy

  20. Doris Tongo says:

    Thanks for the discussion on values Mark. I believe that you are addressing values that are eternally necessary. The people I work with every day address values that are focused on trust, family preservation, infrastructure building and unity for all.

    • Claire Racine says:

      Relationships should contain value for all individuals involved.
      When you create value for someone you care about, you bring love into
      their lives. They are real to you, for who they are and the values they create
      for you and others around you.
      Reflecting that value back to those you love by constantly creating the relationships is what will enhance and continue those relationships.
      If the relationship was worth creating, in the first place, then it will be in the best interest of all to constantly create it and deepen the values everyday.
      Communication, touch, and gratitude for what the other person brings to your life should never be witheld from them.
      Create it, create it everyday, in every way, and it will bring you pleasure and happiness into your life.
      Always do it for those whom you love, and ultimately do it for yourself.

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